CA Ne Ki Mast Chudai

Hi dosto mai Adit aap sabhi ka ISS me swagat katra hu, mai Assam ka chote se sahar Rupai Siding ka rahne wala hu, meri age 23 saal hai .Mai Ek CA ka student hu. Sex me ,mujhe kabhi itna ruchi nahi tha. Mai hamesh padai me busy rehta tha kabhi kabar dosto ke sath sex ki baat kar liya karta tha . Kuch dino pahle mere sath kuch ajeeb sa ghatna hua jo mai apke sath aaj share kar raha hoo.

Aunty Continues To Be Mine

This the Continuation of my story Aunt is mine now…. .It happened shortly after I returned from Reeta aunties place , my dad was in business trip for one month and mom been to my village for one marriage. As my exam was near so aunt was asked to stay with me until my parents come back. On that night when she went to sleep with my mom as mom was suppose to go next day she kiss me goodnight but I hold her tight and smooched her on lips . It seem to go on forever, and when it was over she was blushing red.. I just knew I did not want it to end.

Introduction Of Lust In My Life

Hello to all readers and it’s my first time writing my story and it seems very difficult to express wholesomely how I felt but, I would try hard to let you all know that sometimes things happen just without any reason or planned.

Uncle Ne Chod Kar Satisfy Kiya

Hi friends, mera naam Pinky h aur main Delhi ki rahne wali hu. Aaj main apko apni ek aur chudai ki kahani bataungi kaise uncle ne mujhe chodkar satisfy kiya. Ye ek real sex kahani h. Main apko apne bare me bata du. Main bahut sexy hu aur mujhe chudwane me bahut maja aata h. Mujhe dekh kar ladko ka lund unki pant mein khada ho jata h. Aur main bhi apni colony me sabhi ladko ko aur uncle ko apni chuchi dikhati hu. Mujhe bahut sare ladke line marte h aur main bhi bahut sare ladko se chudwa chuki hu. Aur main daily chudwati hu, kabhi hotel mein toh kabhi apne ghar mein ya office mein, to kabhi boyfreind ke ghar mein. Mujhe chudwane mein bahut maja aata h.

Wrong Turn

“Frank, you nitwit,” his exasperated wife Millie exclaimed, “you took the wrong turn, now we’re hopelessly lost!!!” Frank slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark! “Now what,” Millie groaned, “well, you’ve done it again, now we’re never going to make it to the reception on time, I told you to get directions, but no, you had to try it on your own, now look where we are!!!” “Oh, shut up, Millie,” Frank retorted, “don’t worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road i’ll stop at a service station and get some directions!!!” He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse. When both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground!!! The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off, leaving Frank and Millie stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley!!! “Are you all right, Mil,” Frank asked!!! “Oh, god” she moaned, “it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket!!!” After helping her to her feet, Frank offered, “We gotta find a phone and call the police, let’s go!!!” Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, “I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a while,” and seconds later, the middle aged white couple was surrounded by a group of young black thugs!!! “Ya know what,” one of them stated, “you’re in a lot of fucking trouble!” “Bring’em along,” ordered a tall muscular man of about twenty, “and if they give you any trouble, cut’em!!!” “W-where are you taking us,” Millie sputtered, as one of the gang grabbed her by the arm and fairly pulled her down the alley!?!” “Not far,” one of them replied, “in fact, were here,” as he kicked open a pedestrian garage door and threw Millie inside!!!” The rest of the gang soon followed, accompanied by a stumbling Frank!!! The door was quickly closed and someone turned on the lights revealing a club house of sorts, with a few old chairs, tons of empty beer cans. Along with a smattering of drug paraphernalia! “Whadaya wanna do with them, Rom,” one them asked the obvious leader!?!” “Well,” he replied with a sick laugh, “I think I wanna fuck the old lady here and show her hubby just how it’s done!!!” “F-Frank,” Millie begged, “y-you can’t let them touch me, please stop them!!!” “Now see here,” Frank began, but was brutally cut off by a hard shot to the mouth and an admonition from Rom, “Now, shut your fucking mouth, I won’t fucking tell you again, got it?!?” With blood spurting from a split lip, all Frank could do was slip to the floor and nod in agreement!. Rom quickly turned his attention to Millie, who stared in disbelief at her injured husband!!! “Okay pretty lady, you came into my ‘hood, so I must assume that you wanted to meet me up close and personal, am I right!?!” Millie slowly began backing away as Rom moved towards to her, as the horror of the situation finally sank in!!! “N-now you stay away from me,” she ordered in a stern but shaky voice, “t-this is illegal and you know it!!!” “Uh oh,” Rom replied with feigned fear in his voice, “I-I hope a cop doesn’t come in and arrest me, don’t you boys!?!” The garage rocked with laughter at the sinister joke, but all at once his voice turned hard when he said, “You ever been fucked by a brother, bitch!?!” Still backing away she replied, “Now you keep away, or i’ll scream!!!” Rom looked at one of his buddies and remarked while shaking his head, White bitches are so fucking stupid, they don’t know that is over even when it’s over!!!” Taking once last step, Millie was abruptly stopped by the garage wall, and a second later Rom was pressing against her!!! She struggled to move, but he was strong as an ox, so he easily held her in place with one hand, while grabbing her dress by its front collar and giving it a hard rip downward, tearing it away and leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties!!! “Whoooeee,” someone whistled, “look at those titties, the bitch as got some fucking guns on her!!!” “Yeah,” Rom replied softly, “look at them titties,” as he grabbed her bra and casually tore it off her like it was so much wrapping paper. Millie’s big boobs swung free, and in the cool dank air, her nipples immediately stood at attention!!! “Hey, bitch,” Rom said while kneading the big knockers in his large hands, “you gonna take off those panties for me, or do I gotta rip them off too!?!” From the other side of the room, a small voice came from the corner and said, “P-please leave her alone, don’t hurt her, please!” Rom turned around and spat to one of his men, “Take that piece of shit and shove a cock in his mouth, that’ll keep the little cunt quiet!!!” “No, no,” Frank pleaded, but it was useless, a big black pecker was soon pressing against his mouth and forcing his lips apart!! “Look, cunt,” Rom crowed, “your bitch husband is suckin’ some dick, and that’s just what you’re gonna do,” as he pushed her to the floor in front of him and pulled out his big thick black satisfier!!! “Okay, bitch, open wide for daddy, that’s a good girl, do a good job on daddy’s dick for him!!!” The garage was filled with whoops and hollers from the other members of the gang as both Rom and Jake got their big peckers sucked by the fifty year old couple!!! “Hey, Rom,” one of them yelled out, “the old guys got a hard on, I think he likes suckin’ cock!!!” That remark was met with regales of laughter by the gang, but a wet tear slid down Frank’s cheek as he sucked the big pecker and watched his wife of thirty years orally servicing the young black stud!!! After several more minutes of sucking, Rom ordered, “Okay, now it’s time for a line up boys, get out the mattress and let’s all have some fun!!! Rom dragged Millie by the hair over to the old cum stained mattress and threw her down roughly face first and at the same time said, “Him too, lay him right next to her!!!” The gang formed a line of four each, one behind Millie and one behind Frank! Rom dropped to his knees behind Millie and pulled her ass towards him, until his erection was pressing against her now swollen pussy lips! A big dicked gang member did the same to Frank, only in his case, it was Frank’s virgin ass hole that was about to get fucked!!! “On three,” Rom said, “one, two, three, now, give it to’em,” and with a mighty shove, his thick black pecker rammed its way deep into Millie’s dripping pussy, causing her to orgasm within the first three strokes!!! Frank, on the other hand, didn’t have it quite so good!. His ass hole had never been penetrated, and as the thick freight train like cock bored into him, he screamed in pain as the black jack hammer pounded away at his tight virgin hole!!! Over and over they got fucked, Frank in his ass, and Millie in her pussy!!! Even though she was totally repulsed, Millie’s pussy betrayed her with a series of blinding orgasms courtesy of the hard thick peckers that filled her now aching cunt!!! After awhile, the pain in Frank’s ass was slowly replaced by a sense of fulfillment that he had never before experienced!!! All at once he could see how a woman was at times almost desperate to have a penis inside of her, as his own cock had turned hard as a rock, openly displaying the devotion he was feeling towards the thick black invaders!!! When they were finished, both Millie and Frank lay side by side, stunned into utter submission, and with a torrent of cum oozing from her pussy and his asshole!!! “Well,” Rom opined, “we’re just about done, but for a last little fling, we want you to fuck your whore wife for us, Frank, show us how you make the little tramp scream, climb into the saddle and ride that hot little cunt!!!” When he didn’t move, a hard smack pierced the air, as a leather belt bit into his ass cheeks, causing him to yelp in pain and scramble on top of his shaken wife!!! It was unreal, but true, even under these circumstances he was fully erect and fucking Millie like there was no tomorrow!!! He began grunting as his nut sack tightened in anticipation of his ejaculation, and incredibly. Millie was panting hard and approaching an orgasm of her own!!! Both of them stiffened at the same time, while their genitals wrenched together as a mutually satisfying orgasm pulsed between them, and it wasn’t for a few seconds that they felt a sprinkling of hot wetness dousing their bodies!!! “W-what’s that,” Millie stammered, “is it raining in here!?!” And it was, in a way, as all eight gang members had taken a place around the fucking couple and circle jerked themselves to one last cum, all over the unsuspecting love makers!. Now drenched in cum, both Millie and Frank were getting prepared for more humiliation, when all at once the lights went off, a door opened, and a shuffling of feet could be heard exiting the garage!!! Just before the door closed behind them Rom’s voice could be heard through the darkness, “Now you take care of her, Frank, you got one might fine fuck doll for a wife, seeya around, kiddies!!!” Both of them were holding each other close and just glad at being alive, when Frank said, “And he’s right, you are a fine little fuck doll!!!” “Oh, Frank,” she said softly, “let’s get the hell out of here!.

Sucked Into Incest – Part XVIII

The mystery aunt left my side unable to bear my thrust on her hole through her bums by my tongue ,leaving me in the lurch with my desires about playing on her body full, being incomplete, and my cock refusing to calm down , thus stood rock hard throbbing with a peculiar sense of burning sensation and my instincts said that it needed hole to sooth.

The Masculine Stranger

I am from Trivandrum district in Kerala . I have always been a bottom gay since I could remember and completely neutral towards females. I always want to become a woman and get the real love of males. I would like to be plowed by masculine men. Since I fear public abuse, I always hide my temptations towards men. I act straight always so that none could ever find the gay in me.

Poonam Aunty Ke Nange Friends

Hello friends well mera naam bunty(badla hua) hai age 26 or mein ek achhi family se belong karta hoo maine aapko meri ek reall story likhi thi (sweety bhabhi wali jisme sweety bhabhi khus ke husband ke saamne mujhse sex karti hai) aapko yaad hoga well frends us reall story pe mujhe aaplogo ke bahut comment mile aaj mein aapko meri ek nayi or reall story bata raha hoo ye bhi bilkul true story hai or ek ek word sahi hai aap log aapke comment mujhe [email protected]

Being A Boytoy For A Married Lady Cum Colleague

Hey all, my name is Kumar and I am gonna tell you an incident that happened about a year ago which lead me to become a boytoy. This happened while I was employed in an MNC in Bangalore. I had to share my cubicle with this amazing lady named Prerna aged about 31. She was married and had a son of about 4 years. Even though she had a son, I can’t tell you how perfectly maintained she was. She was the perfect figure of 36 – 32 – 36 and she had the ability to excite any guy with her amazing smile. Ever since the day I saw her, I had hots for her and I made up my mind to get closer to her.

Gulami Ki Surat – Chapter 1

Yeh meri sex story hai, mein Raj, naam toh sunahi hoga. College mein meri mulakat pehli baar Simran se hui, woh duniya ki sabse khubsurat larki lagi mujhe, uska ass aur boobs dekh mein pagal sa hogaya, laga jaise ki mein jaise jindagi bhar unhe chumta rahu.

Apne Lover Se Chudi

Hi, mera naam Pinky h aur main delhi ki rahne wali hu aur call center me job karti hu. Main apni sacchi sex kahani batane ja rahi hu. Kaise main apne lover se chudi aur main abhi bhi sex karti hu bahut logo k sath aur main apni sacchi kahani apko bata rahi hu.

Girlfriend Satisfied At Club And Home

Hello friends,I am studying in my final year engineering in Mumbai and this is my story that happened 6 months back with my girlfriend at a club in Mumbai. Let me first Describe her, she has wavy brownish hair, brown eyes, fair complexion somewhat tanned which is hot, 32B size breast, a tight ass and long legs. I have a fetish for legs and hair so this is what got me attracted to her. We were studying in the same college and slowly and gradually became best friends and then started dating.

An Indian Hotel Sex Incident With A Horny Girl

Hello, fingering ladies. This is Harish, age 24, from Coimbatore. I respect your feelings and your tasty parts in your lovely body. But, I don’t want to spoil your mood. I am sharing my recent incident with a horny neighbor happened in a hotel at Cochin. Send your feedback and opinions to me at [email protected]

Dream Came True

After reading thro’ so many sex stories. I thought I will share one my encounters with a mysore aunty. Before starting off with this let me make it clear that this post is not to malign anyone’s character or to hurt anyone’s feelings. If you find this provocative PLS let me know and I am open to any comments. It all started after almost year settling down in Bangalore with a good job with a dream company. Working 5 days week, partying out on weekends and again back to work. Work was getting hectic and life was without any fun apart from the weekends with lots of beer.

Sex In Kerala – Part I

“Common Renu. This is not getting anywhere”, I said desperately. “Hehehe. Wait honey. Let me finish mine and I will help you out”, she said, laughing out aloud. It was our term break. I was spending one week at my best friend Renu s grandmas place in Kerala. I had never been to Kerala before and jumped at the chance when Renu had invited me. The place was really beautiful. The house was very big and built in an old traditional way. Her family was really large and because of the holidays a lot of relatives too had come over. Everybody was real friendly and I liked everybody rather instantly. There was a festival kind of atmosphere around the house.

Bhabita And Anjali Banged Hard – A Hot Group Sex Story – 2

Hope you have read the hot group sex story of Bhabita and Anjali in the previous part. After Bhabita Ji and Anjali bhabhi had a hot fuck by the guys, they went back to the house. the guys also returned to their falt. But the guys invited the women to the fuck party that night. Both Anjali and Bhabita felt very excited about the feast they would have that evening. But before that, they wanted the pictures the guys had which they would use to blackmail them.

Sonal Bhabhi Ko Pregnant Kiya

Hi everyone mera naam Mahesh he and meri age 21 years he. Me apne mummy-papa aur bade mummy, papa, uncle aunty bade bhaiya aur bhabhi k sath rehta hu. Mere bade bhaiya bhabhi 37 – 36 years respectively he and jab meri bhabhi sadi kar k ayi tab me 7 sal ka tha bhabhi 22 yrs ki thi meri family mujse bahut pyar karti he kyoki me sabse chota hu. Jab bhabhi ki nayi nayi saadi hui thi tab vah muje amusement park le jati thi, school chod ne aati thi in fact voh meri mom se ek step niche thi mere liye.

Asha Aunty Ki Chudai

Hello friends,mera naam Shankar hai aur main Amritsar Punjab se hu. Ye story meri aur mere aunty Asha jo ki mere uncle (father’s brother) ke baare me hai. Agar aap logon ko pasand aaye to aap feedback de sakte ho meri email id hay [email protected]

Sucking Sister In Law Milk & Cousin Sister Pussy On Same Day

After finishing my college I went to my native village to visit my uncle family for a month break. At the age of 22 I was coping up with a break up from my final year and I was looking for a change of lifestyle. My uncle has 3 children, one elder brother, sister – Deepa and teenage younger – Ramu brother. My elder brother got married and he is working in Dubai. My sister in law Veni is 2 years elder than me and got a 10 month old baby; even though Deepa is 2 months elder than me and she always control as an elder. I reached uncle home and it’s been a week and everything was going normal. I grew up with my cousins and we discuss most of the things. On the first few days itself I told Deepa about my break up and she was too worried about me. I visited my village after 2 years and Deepa has grown up looking beautiful. Things were normal and one morning I went to take bath in nearby river. I had to finish my morning works before the bath and was searching for a bush to sit.

Meri Cousin Lover

Hi its sirjil from hyd hi to all iss readers, its first my story so please cooperate with my spelling mistakes .and please mail me if u feel good ok my mail id is [email protected] main MBA passed huwa hun abhi abhi.main bachpan se hi yani 8th std se hi kadkiyon ko dekhta tha .meri Zindagi main, main ne abbhi tak 22 ladkiyon ke sath maze kiye hun ,sex nahi kiya bass kiss karna breast dabana.

Meri Chudai Ki Dastaan – Part XVI – Bahar Gai Chudwane

Main apni chudai ki jindgi bahut hi khoobsurat dhang se, jis tarah main chahti hun, usi tarah jee rahi hun. Jindgi me chudai ke siway bahut se kaam hai, bahut si jimmedariyan hai, par main khush hun aur mujhe garv hai ki main har kaam aur har jimmedari nibhate huye bhi hamesha apne pati se apni chudai ka bharpoor anand liya hai aur le bhi rahi hun. Is baat ka bahut sara sharey mere pyare pati ko unki samajhdari, salah aur pyar ko jaata hai, jinhone hamari pyar ki, chudai ki jindgi ko itna khoobsurat aur sexy bana rakha hai. Aap jaante hai ki ham dono ne hi pyar karne ka, chudai karne ka koi bhi mauka nahi chhoda hai.

The Lucky First Time

Hi, this is sam 27 yrs old from Mangalore. This incident happened 1 months ago.I work in Bangalore for a reputed software company. We had shifted our house to a new locality and I had come down on a month’s vacation to Mangalore. I used to go to my new neighbor’s house every day to read the newspaper.

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