Assassination Of Aunties Ass

I am 38 years old and I live in an area in Chandigarh which has a dense population of semi retired people away from my house, approximately one block away lives a lady around 49 years of age, whose husband had died while he was working in Canada. She would daily go for a walk along with her dog dollar’ a golden Pomeranian and at times while going to office, I would eye her and wish her by just bowing my head a little.

My Hot Brinda Aunt – Part IV

Hi all sorry for the long delay in posting my new incident as I was busy little bit. This is the other incident between me and brinda aunty, as you must have read my previous 3 incidents of how she got seduced and fucked by me. Please read those parts before you read this

Banging My Elder Sister

Hi this is Raj once again back with an exciting story how is screwed my own sister and took her virginity. I am raj living in Delhi. I am 6 feet tall with an athletic body and a well built body since I regularly go to gym and I have a well maintained physique and such a body that every girl will die for.

My Wifes Audition For TV Serial

Hi readers this is the complete version of the story “My Wife’s Audition For TV Serial” which I liked too much but was incomplete. I guess you all also wanted its completed version. So here it is. Please send your feedback at [email protected]

Hot Incest Sex Between Me And My Hot Mom

I had a lust for my mom since my class 12. Now I am a B.Tech student. This lust started when I got habituated to masturbation. I used to imagine her when I stroke my dick. Normally, she wears sarees. So I used to see her boobs covered with her blouse. I used to read hot incest stories on desi tales. Now, the urge has become more intense.

Maid Tired Of Her Husband

When I saw her for the first time I felt good she was hot but not so fair neither she was very dark she was thin whenever she used to sweep I sat on the bed and watch her. Usually during the holidays I would wake up a little late and when I used to sleep she would sweep the floor I used to see her from the corner of my eye I got a blur image of her every time. Later on I grew more attracted to her when I got to know that she had no children but was married her husband wasn’t able to make her pregnant I taught in my mind that I’ll help her getting pregnant (not seriously).

My Students Used Me – Part I

My heartily welcome to all the readers. This is my first story so please forgive me for any mistakes. Let me introduce my self first. My name is archana gupta, 21 year old from varansi. I am an engineering third year student. I am a sweet and sexy girl with asset size of 34-27-35.White complexion of my body makes it more charming. I belong to a very good family. I am a decent girl, very good at my academics and do not involve on any affair till last year. Last year an event happened which changed my life forever. In my family i have my parents and my younger sister pooja. My father and mother both are working they go to office at 9 am and come back at 6 pm. Only on sunday they stay at home.Pooja is 18 yr old and doing her graduation.It was my semester vacation and i was at my home. On one sunday my neighbor pushpa aunt came to our home as she is good friend of my mother. Pushpa aunt has one son jay and he was preparing for the engineering entrance exams. She talked about me and my studies as i was very good at studies she requested to guide her son jay for his entrance exams. As it was holidays and i used to get bore so i agreed to guide jay. So it was decided that in every after noon i will teach jay.

Indian Lesbo Mother-In-Law

This story narrates the story of a young pregnant indian bride who discovers her lesbian desires at the hands of her voluptuous mother-in-law, who seduces her into lesbian sex and wins her love as well as her body. I do hope that readers of both sexes enjoy it and i would really like to get any feedback that you want to share. My object in writing is to arouse readers and help them enjoy sensual satisfaction and it’s a great boost to know when i’ve succeeded. Do write to me, jon, at [email protected] Sita was 29. She had been married to her husband in her early 20s. It was an arranged marriage – arranged, of course, through the mother-in-law. She was a virgin at marriage and knew little of sex. Marriage had done little to enlighten her. Her husband was a dull and crude lover. He fucked her quickly and unfeelingly on their honeymoon and showed little interest in her arousal. For him sex involved minimal foreplay and certainly no oral sex. Sex for the woman meant submitting to the urgent but rather short-lived desires of the male cock. Being in the army, he was often away for extended periods. As a result their sex life had dwindled to a minimum and we would say that you were far from satisfied – if our naïve young woman had known what sexual satisfaction could be. Her husband had decided it was time for a child and after a few fucking sessions she had found herself pregnant. Now she was expecting a child her husband felt there was no need to make love to her and she was left neglected – at the very time that she found her sexual needs increasing. She began to play with her pussy alone at night as her husband snored, enjoying the sense that she was now with child. She enjoyed too the changes in her body – the swelling of her stomach, the filling of her breasts. She liked to spend time before the mirror admiring her feminine body and letting her hands explore her shapely form. Her breasts, a usually firm and rounded c-cup had swollen to a d-cup and she liked the weight and feel of her developing assets. New possibilities began to stir when she used to receive visits from a nurse – an attractive mature motherly character. She was nervous about stripping off for her, but having done so was quickly put at her ease. It seemed so natural the way the woman inspected her body and felt her swollen belly and when her hand smoothed over her breasts she felt a warm tingling through her body. She couldn’t stop her nipples hardening – though the nurse seemed not to notice. But most exciting was when she inspected our young woman’s pussy and advised her that before child birth she would need to shave her pussy hair. Here, she said, ill show you….and so the nurse skillfully shaved her pussy completely smooth for the first time. Time and again her fingers touched her pussy lips to improve access and the touch of her feminine fingers was so thrilling and so beyond what she had ever experienced from her hubby that she had to struggle not to start to expose her pleasure. For the next few weeks she greatly looked forward to the visits of the nurse, and to the shaving of her pussy especially, and after the nurse had gone she found herself going over events, and the sensation of her touch, as she stroked her pussy on the bed. So, when her husband informed her that he was going to take her to be with his mother for the last stage of the pregnancy while he was transferred north it was with a heavy feeling that she said farewell to the nurse whose cool feminine hands and gentle manner had come to occupy so much of her fantasy life. One afternoon in her new house, having enjoyed the rich lunch left for her by her mother-in-law, sita walked languidly to the bedroom set aside for her use and stood before the full length mirror. The summer afternoon heat was oppressive and her loose dress clung to her curvaceous body, beads of sweat running down her neck from her long tied up hair. Knowing she was certain to be alone all afternoon, seta took the lower hem of her full dress and peeled it up over her head, tossing it to one side. The sight of her exposed naked body held her gaze. Ever since her emergence into womanhood she had been fascinated by her feminine form: by her alluring curves, her tight swollen breasts, her slim waist which gave way to ample hips and smooth, gracious thighs. When he had first seen her naked her husband had compared her to the voluptuous statues which adorned some of the more notorious hindu temples and the comparison had secretly pleased her. But now a new transformation had worked its magic. Entering her ninth month of pregnancy her belly had swollen to almost unreal proportions, exuberantly extending from her young frame, giving her a sense of a glorious fecundity. She placed both her hands flat on her stomach and began to caress her tight smooth skin. Yet it was not her stomach alone that had gained a new fullness and weight. Her breasts too had become firmer, heavier, more pronounced. As her confinement approached so did she feel the milk engorge her breasts, the milk that would feed the appetite of the young life stirring within her. Sita cupped her right breast in her hand and loved the sensation of weight in her hand. She had always been fascinated by feminine breasts, had always made a point of taking in the shape and size of the breasts of any women she came into contact with. Secretly she had envied her mother-in-law her fat heavy pendulous breasts and wondered what it would be like to boast such a deep cleavage. At times she had even wondered what it would be like to caress such soft flesh and feel the weight of such heavy mature breasts in her hands. Caressing and massaging her own breasts she sensed some of the intoxication of that moment and was happy to think that her own breasts were developing a greater feminine fullness. Aroused as such thoughts and sensations were making her she felt that familiar ache in her pussy – the ache that had first been truly awoken, not by her husband, but by her gentle motherly nurse. Feeling the need to yield to her pussy’s claims for attention she backed slowly to the bed, slid herself up onto the cool sheets, propped her head up with a couple of thick cushions, and spread her soft thighs wide to expose her smooth pussy to the throbbing summer heat and her own slender fingers. After caressing first her large pregnant stomach, sita allowed her hands to slide over her thighs to the smooth soft skin adjacent to the lush folds of her expose pussy lips. First she teased herself by grazing her long finger nails over tender skin before yielding to her mounting desire by placing the palm of her hand directly upon her aching cunt. She groaned as she gyrated her hand against her soft flesh, loving the pressure of her fingers upon her stirring clitoris, which she sought out with her index and middle finger. As sita manipulated her pussy her thoughts reverted to the sweet, gentle, nurse whose practiced handling of her womanly centre as she shaved away her pussy hair had first awakened the slumbering depths of her passion. Was it wrong, she wondered, that it was a woman’s fingers and not her husband’s cock that had reached to these depths? Was she some kind of freak? Perhaps, perhaps…but as the combination of her own feminine fingers proving her clit and the vision of that tender nurse began to carry her towards the first of her orgasms she was in no state to assess her sexuality. As the orgasm surged through her pussy she emitted a loud groan as she arched her back from the bed and her swollen belly and breasts rippled with the motion of her contractions. Her orgasms always left her momentarily drained, and the exertion of straining her arms around her pronounced stomach only added to her exhaustion as she slumped back against the pillows, her arms stretching out above her head. Here she lay in a delicious post-orgasmic stupor, her mind imaging what her nurse’s maternal breasts would look like when released from their bra, when she felt a finger again begin to stroke its way across the length of her extended pussy lips. The sensatio
n was delightful and she smiled as she anticipated her nurse’s familiar caresses before she awoke with a jolt. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts and opening her eyes wide she was greeted not by the face of her sweet nurse but the face of her mother-in-law. Sita was filled with acute shame to think that her mother-in-law had found her in such a lewd state – naked on her bed, her thighs spread wide, her hands at her pussy. Indeed the acute embarrassment that engulfed her distracted her from what was, if anything, even more shocking, more startling – the presence of her mother-in-law’s hand on her own pussy! ‘mother….i…i…i was just lying down….i felt tired in this heat….i must have dropped off to sleep….i was just about to get up….let me….’ Sita tried to push herself back from her mother-in-law’s hand, but found her way blocked by the cushions. The weight of her swollen belly meant she could not easily role to one side. Rooted to the spot she froze again before her mother-in-law’s gaze and lay fatalistically, awaiting the rebuke she felt sure awaited her. But it did not come. In fact no words came from her mother-in-law. Rather, she stepped back a little from the bed, still holding sita firm in her gaze. As she did so she placed her hand at her hip and began, slowly, to unravel her rich green sari from her body. Soon her hips were uncovered, then her soft fleshy stomach, h

Banged Friend’s Hot Mom

Hello friends, my name is Sid and I am from Pune. I am 21 year old. This story is about me and my friend’s hot mom Neena. Neena aunty is Umang’s mom. Umang and I have been studying together since our school time. But now he is in B.Sc and I am doing my B-Tech in engineering. This happened last month when I got the chance to fuck this hot mom. I was going for a small trip to Lonavala and wanted to check whether Umang would like to join. So I went to his home that afternoon.

Gaon Ki 2 Jawan Larkiyan Ke Pyaas – Part 1

Mera naam Zishaan Chaudhari hai aur main ek 29 saal ka yuvak hoon. Main meri pehli sex story likh raha hoon. Yet baat tab ki hai jab main teenage mein tha. Ek din main apne khet ke paas ke chak marg ke kinaare baitha ganna choose raha tha ki mere gaon ki 2 jawan larkiyan Jameela (19) aur Geeta (18) wahan aa pahunchi. Geeta ne mujhse ganna maanga. To maine unhen haha kaha ki jaaker tor lo to. Jameela boli ki nahin tum mere saath chalo.

My Maid Showed Me Heaven

Hi everybody, this is a true incident that happened to one of my friends I made on this site and I just helped him with the finishing touches and to post this here. So continue reading and please post your comments.

My First Crossdresser Gangbang With Rahul And His Friends

Hi friends this is my first story ,my name is vicky and I am 25 year old slim cross dresser guy .This is the story of my first gangbang when 10 people used me like a trash fucked me like hell. First I like to define my body , I am a slim guy with no hair and boob size like a girl due to daily massage, I love to wear lacy panty, thongs ,gown,and all sexy female dresses,i love to take diffrent type of cocks in my sissy asshole.

Hot Manipuri Babe Lipika

Hi Banginboy is back here to share yet another experience with u all. Now this incident occurred back in August 2006, when along with my friends Sohail and Rajbir went to Shimla for vacation trip. Now in Shimla we three boys booked rooms in a hotel which was good and had several guests staying in it.

Re-Living The Happy Days – Part I

Hi all I am kichu (my pet name of course) I am a 31yr old from north malabar and now working in bangalore as a system administrator in an IT company here. I came across this site again after a long time, and this time I thought rather than being a passive reader I should share the happy days of my life with you all which would make me also to relive it. Since this is the first time I am writing and as I am trying to relive it please excuse me for making it long or mistakes in my writing. Even though I have put some cover to the names I am honest on the incidents.

Losing My Virginity

I was 18 years old when I lost my virginity coming across my maid servant’s father. Actually, I had no knowledge of sex. I was quite innocent that time. However, many a time I had seen my dad and mom doing something strange lying entirely naked on their bed. I had heard my mom’s cries in different tones as if she was terrified seeing some thing else, but I never paid keen attention towards her. I was the only child of my parents so they loved me very much and they did not let me sleep in another room.

Fucked An Amazing Russian Pussy!

Hey there readers, this is Rahul and I’m back with another real story which happened to me on the 13th April. A little about myself, I am a northerner residing in Bangalore. I am a footballer, slim, 5’9” tall and fair. My tool size is 6.5” in length and 3” in girth. I love experimenting on the bed but few of my favorites include, eating pussy, and extended foreplay. Any feedbacks on this story? Please write to me at [email protected]

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