Darjeeling Ki Anu Bani Randi – Chudai Kahani – 2

Hi friends. Main Anu. Hope apne meri pichli chudai kahani padhi hogi. Ye uska agla bhag hain. Ok jyada time na waste karta hua kahani par aati hu. Main ab Singapore sa laut chuki thi. Apne purane life main magar sab ab normal nahi tha. Pehla main apne husband ka chudai sa satisfy thi. Par jab je Risab aur uska 5 dosto na mujha choda ab mujha pati kafi nahi tha.

Masti With My Naukar And Neighbours

Hi this is Meghaa from Kolkata. I am 20 years old and my figure is 34-26-30 and i am not a virgin i lost it when i was 18 with my boyfriend. I am fond of showing my private parts to public even i have posted my nude pics in sites and given to people from social networking sites. Mein aksar bahar without bra panty jati hoon..Loose boobs ke saath! I have started doing this when i was 15 years old. Today i am going to narrate my story, that is how i seduced my male servant, jeevan kumar (23saal).The story begins….

Dewar Ne Sote Hue Choda

Hi readers ye meri frst story h agar pasand aaye to muje mails jrur krna [email protected] pr. Mera name nisha h or main punjab se hu meri love marriage hue but meri age 28 yrs h or main mere husband se satisfy nhi ho pati becoz vo nshe me ujag gye hain unka lann v chota hi h mera figure 34-30-34 hai or main sex k liye tarasti rhti hu ache ghr se belong krti hu isliye kahee bahar b sex k liye ni koshish kr skti but ek din jaane anjaane me mere dewar ne meri icha puri krdi… Garmi ki chuttiya hui thi or mera dewar(husband ki masi ka beta – piyush) chuttiyo me meri choti masi k ghr rhne k liye pass vaale town me aya tha bcz vha uski age ka uska cusn tha jaha uska dil lga rha …

Hot Tutor

I am Rahul, 21 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 3 years back. I was born at Hyderabad and I am Fair, Height 5.6 and a Smart Personality I was 16 at the time and struggling at school when one of my parents’ friends suggested a tutor for me. The tutors name was Jayanti she had just left University with become and was looking for a stable job. In the meantime she was taking tuition to bolster her finances. She was 23 and very fair had long black hair tied in a bun, was about 36B-28-38, Height 5.4 ft, She had attractive featured face with light green catty eyes and charming charismatic smile. She wore professor type glasses and dressed fairly conservatively with hardly any makeup. She looked more like a bookworm than a stunner. She was definitely very intelligent and was a very strict tutor. If I raised my eyes slightly out of the books she would instantly shout or beat me with cane. Under the hard exterior was a soft hearted passionate beautiful women. I dreamt of her regularly, her hair down her glasses off, her face made up, in a skimpy wet clinging sari with no undergarments instead of the stiff starchy serious baggy type salwaar outfits that she wore. I wanted her so badly I wanted to tell her how I felt but I did not have the guts.

My Aunty Love

Hi friends this is Prem a 25 yrs old boy, from Pune and this story is about how I fucked my dream anuty Vijaya. She is my dad’s friend’s wife she also stays in the same society which I used to stay. Vijaya is a typical Mallu girl with huge breast and ass of 33 yrs old mother of 2 kids, with a figure of 36 32 38 you guys can imagine how big her ass is and I had a great lust for her, from my childhood.

Mera Pados Wali Sexy Aunty Ko Choda – 1

Hey mara nam Rahul. Main New Delhi ka ho. Mara lund ka size 7.7 inch lamba hai ur 2 inch mota hai. Mhuje old aunty bhut pasend hai. Aur big boob wali ur unki tight bra mari kamjori hai. J batt ajj sa ek sal phale ki humre ghar pass doctor ki shop hai. Un ka shope par mara ana jana laga rahta hai. Unki biwi 55 age ki par vo bhut hi sexy hai. Iss kahani mai woh batane wala hoon jaise maine uss aunty ko choda.

Servant Fucked My Mom

This is a real incident happened some days back. I am a teenaged college student. My father is aged 57 and mother 45. We are living in a village nearly 30 kms from city. I am the only child of my parents. My father is a business man and a social worker who is always busy. He rarely sits at home and comes home late. Most of the time mother is alone at home. I sleep in my study room in the upstairs. One day I wake up in the night to get some water and went down to kitchen. I heard some soft sounds from my parents bedroom.

A Trip To The Memory Lane

My friend from Boyhood, live and work in a suburb of Toronto, Canada. We are like twin brothers. Even though we follow different religion. He is a big executive of a internationally based company. We talk to each other almost every week. In the meantime, I had to do a fellowship course, in the University of Illinois, USA, Springfield campus. In a summer holiday, he came to visit me with his family and insisted me to go to Canada with him. He said, he had a big surprise and gift for me.

Beautiful Fuck

She got home a bit late from shopping; the light on the answer machine was blinking. She put her packages down and pushed the red button. His voice came through the speaker. She smiled listening to his voice. “i see you are not home yet from your favorite pastime without me.” he said with a chuckle. “but, i want you to be ready by 8 tonight so you may have to hurry, it’s about 6:30 right now. Please dress to please, I will be entertaining tonight and you will be at my side, for whatever i choose.” she looked at her watch, damn it, it was it 7:15, shit, she would have to fly. The message ended with a buzz. She already had her shoes off and was shimmying out of her jeans. Heading to the bathroom, she turned the tub water on and checked her make-up in the mirror. Not bad, i can quickly repair it, she thought to herself. She stepped naked now, into the hot steaming bath. Quickly submersing herself in the hot water. Mmmmm she loved how it instantly relaxed her, calmed her. Reaching for her perfumed soap she rubbed the fragrant emulsion on her skin, checking as she did to see if she needed to shave. Her skin was silky smooth all over. She had shaved just this morning. Standing and reaching for her towel she blotted her damp skin. Her lotion in the same scent as her soap perfumed her whole body, followed with a quick spray of cologne. She would perfume herself before he arrived. She looked through her closet and drawers selecting just the perfect dress he wanted. She hooked her corset taking a deep breath for the last time tonight; shallow breathing for the rest of the evening. Her black and red corset left her breast bare, he preferred them this way for his use; she roughed the nipples adjusting the tiny silver rings through them with tiny “d”s hanging from them. Her owner’s markings. She quickly fixed her makeup, her lashes were long and black, a tiny bit of green liner reflected in her green eyes. A bit of highlighter for her cheekbones and a pale color on her lips tonight. Accentuating her eyes this time. She slipped on her black skirt. This skirt was slit both up the back and up the front, you had to look closely to see this but the openings were there for his use of her sex, both her pussy and ass at all times. She slipped on her shoes as the doorbell rang. She sprayed her perfume, a heady mix of vanilla and jasmine, all over her body. He was opening the door as she came out of the bedroom. The look on his face told her all she needed to know, he was pleased. He beckoned her to him with a flick of his hand. He kissed her deeply and pinched his nipple rings hard; she lost her breath in his; being in his arms kept her from kneeling or pulling away. He turned her around lifting her skirt, her skin still warm from the bath water; he could smell the richness of the perfume he had chosen for her on her damp skin. He led her to the couch without a word he bid her to lean over the back. She did so without question, she was his property.

Hot Incest Experience

Hi I am Sohan (name changed for obvious reasons). I am a regular reader of human digest and have always wanted to make a contribution myself. Here’s an absolutely stunning experience of mine that I would love to share with all you guys. I am 35 years old but I have been told, especially by my host of female friends, I look younger than my age. I am going to tell the story of my making gorgeous love with a niece of mine.

A Night With My Manager – Part 3

Hello, boys and girl. How are you guys? Hope you are doing good in your personal life and in your sexual life.Thanks, everyone who send me emails regarding my sex stories.Thanks for the everyone support and the desires to keep me writing.

My First Experience

Hi I m Harsh Dave, about me I m 25yrs old, reside at Jogeshwari, Mumbai. I m 5’10 in height, average in built and my cock is of size 8 and I think it’s a good size. I am very shy when I usually get introduced to any girl or lady. But after few meets I m very free with them. I feel I m very romantic, very hot kind of person as far as love, sex are concerned. There where many occasions when I got a chance to fuck a girl but b’coz she being a friend of mine I never wanted to do it but there where few ladies whom I really wanted to get for a fuck, but always hesitated or u can say scared. About them, few where slim and few were bulgy. But had no courage to ask them. To be honest I like bhabhi’s more than a girl, and that to with a figure 34-40 for breast, 26-34 for waist and 34-40 for ass. This is what I watch for and want to have sex wid. And b4 this incident I was virgin. B4 this incident I have tried to contact few woman 4m d site 4 sex who has posted their stories, but I got a bad and no response 4m them. Bad may not be the right word b’coz I think we are friend now, at least I think. And now about incident it took on 11-08-09. Yes its true, very recently.

How I Gave My Father-In-Law A Perfect Farewell Gift

Hi it’s me Ayesha again…I told you how my Father-In-Law(FIL) took advantage of me during my husbands absence and made me his slut in the my first submission. For the next three months, it was just passionate animal sex every day and night…..We used to download online books about Kama sutra and try different positions. We did all over the house- living room, shower, garden, garage, inside the car.

Sex With My Best Friend Turned Into A Call Boy

Hi, guys I am a follower of DT from 2004. It’s a wonderful feeling to read everyone’s experience and imagine that it’s your experience and masturbate. But today I am going narrate my own experience. When I started to read DesiTales, I never thought that one day I will be writing my own story, and the reason for that is I am too slim and on the dark side not that too dark but yeah you got the point.

The Pregnant Wife

I am going to tell you a real story about me. I am a 20 years old lady from Bangalore. I live with my dad, who is 39 years old now. He was married at his 18 and after a year I was born. My mom was 1 year younger than him. When I was 3 years old, mom left dad because of great misunderstanding between them. So my dad brought me up being both father and mother. He was just 22 years old by then and I can imagine how difficult it was for him to upkeep me.


I am a beautiful lady. I am writing this experience which I had. I hope you will enjoy it thoroughly and passionately. I am a lesbian and I have secretly desired to feel the body of a beautiful lady, as being a lady I know how smooth and soft the skin of a lady is. I am myself very beautiful and have a very smooth body. My best friend Monika is in Chennai (ADYAR). Sometimes we used to sleep together and cling to each other innocently feeling each other. But that was within a limit. We never really got into the act. We have seen the movies in which women made love with each other. It was fascinating to see women enjoying the body of each other. I used to have fantasy doing it with her. I went to Chennai to meet her one day and stayed with her for 2 days and of course we sleep with each other. So for 2 days she keeps her all the work aside and really I was very happy and to be honest liked the idea of living alone. – Ladies enjoyment. We immediately hugged each other with the same old josh with our boobs having a crush on each other. She have also developed very nice curves and have good material on her front and back,” I said touching her breast which made her blush. We both started preparing dinner and chattered on all topics for the next one hour. By that time dinner was ready. We decided to get fresh before having our dinner. Monika went to have a shower in the bathroom. She shouted to give her the towel, which she forgot, in the bedroom.

Another Love Story – The Gift

Hey, friends this is Sid once again. I will continue from where I had left last time. If u haven’t read that then please read Http://indiansexstories.net/another-love-story/2010/12/. . O.k. After the previous event my life changed completely. I became very popular got new friends. Overall my love towards Nikki grow day by day. I never used to celebrate my birthday. At 12 midnight she wished me. We continued talking. She was telling me about our programs today. She told me to sleep well today. I asked why. She said,” u are going to stay away the whole night next”.

Didi Ne Chudwaya

Hi friends this is my first story and its 100 % true mujhe lagta tha ki yaha pe mostly stories fake hoti hai but jab mere sath aisa hua jo maine socha bhi nhi tha to mujhe yakeen hua ki sari stories galat nhi hoti mera naam aman hai aur me pune me rehta hu meri age 24 hai and I work in an IT company ye story kuch saal pehle ki hai jab me engineering kar raha tha bhopal se. I’m basically from Bhopal uss samay meri age 19 thi.

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