Alone With Cousin

Hi, Indian incest lovers, this is my fourth Indian incest story. My previous stories were liked by many. So, this is my latest effort after some time. This happen just a few months before and after my engineering I got job in a strange big city worried me. The only assurance was that my uncle and aunt were there. It was a feeling at home away from home.

Wife Being Fucked By Colleague – Part 2

I am back once again. My name is Anil. I know u must have read my last story of my wife getting fucked by her own colleague. Now this is second part of the story. After seeing my wife getting fucked by her colleague Suresh i parted my relationship with her but we continued living in the same house for the sake of our daughter. If she comes to know she will be totally shattered. After this incident i started enjoying my life in a different way. I used to visit call girls have sex with neighbor ladies and I also enjoyed sex with my sil Priya several times. She had come to know about her sister Shipa adventure but all 3 of us decided to keep it the way it is and not disclose or even mention it anytime.

A Birthday For Jewel

Hello!! All ISS fans. As it seems that I have endless stories for u! Are u enjoying them or not??? There is another fucking and sucking story for u. as you all are aware of me that I am Abhishek , 18 male living in east Delhi. The story is not real. It does not match to any living being present on earth. it is made by me only for your enjoyment .if anybody having any questions, comments or anything to say about the story can freely mail me on [email protected] or [email protected] enjoy it dudes and babes. The story starts from here…

Happened In One Day

I work in Construction company in admin department. 27yrs old single woman 36-24-38 size. 5″ height and 50kg. weight. I have many hot stories to share but i am starting with this one which happen to me recently. My boss and me shares all relation of course after all that’s why i am here in this position earning 5 figures. I obey whatever he says (that’s the condition of job). To please him is the only duty i do.

My Hot Brinda Aunty – Part VII

Then suddenly one day I got call from Brinda, when i was i my native for holidays and she asked me  when will you come bala?”I said ” I will be back on sunday night aunty, why aunty?” she said “ok, nothing” and she disconnected the phone. Then i returned to my work place, on Monday after finishing my work i went and met brinda. I must admit she was glowing. She was in red silk saree, which was clinging on to her body, her curves were popping out.

My Sati

Once, a friend of mine working in Srinagar, wanted me to meet him at the airport while he came to Jammu on leave. He handed over a packet to me at the airport which was given by his boss to be delivered to the wife of his boss in the city.

My Marriage With My Son

Hello friends I got this story from my net friend Deepa a 42 years old housewife. She says the story is true. I found it very erotic. Please read it and rate the story. You can send your comments to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

Fucking Hungry Bitch

Hi, This is Aafaq. I am 25 Male from Jammu presently working in Kashmir, a beautiful valley with beautiful people. This is my first time sharing a story on ISS and I feel proud in doing so. Here it goes:

The Experience In Rain With Tuition Girl

It was Monsoon time and there was heavy rain for most of the days with little time to see the face of the sun from behind the dark clouds. Ana and me were in same physics tuition and she was very close friend of mine from almost class 6 standard. I had never seen her in the way to have any relation with her other than friendship. But i admit that i was wrong and with the few experiences that i had this was no doubt the innocent and best. Ana was 5 ft 3 inch fair black haired girl with figure not so attractive. Her breast size was however 34 even at that young age. She had a bit of fat but not obese or bulky. It was good to look at her but she was not a mesmerizing beauty as some describe in stories in here. Real world always has something lacking i guess.

Girlfriend Ki Mast Chudai

Hello dosto, aaj mai aapko apni pahli sex kahani batane ja raha hu. Mera naam Ramesh hai hoshangabad district se hu. Aap logo ka jyada time kharab na karte huye apni story pe aata hu. Ye story meri or meri girlfriend Niharika ki hai. Uski jitni tarif karu kam hai husn ki malika hai.

Screwed By My Two Friends

Hi this is Sam again hope you liked my first story “fucked by 3 guys in cochin. That was one of de wonderful experiences I had, I got lots of response on my yahoo and planetromeo too I am “virgo4423” on manjam. Now I am gonna tell u about one more group sex experiences which I had though I didnt want to do it but it happened the story goes like this.

Swathi – My Uncles Daughter

If you know to handle a women in bed, then you will know to handle anything in this world. Words said by me, when I was praised by her in bed. Lol. Satisfying women in bed with lust is not much interest than satisfying with love and lust, I am karthik age 25, 8 inch lovable monster working as an engineer in MNC working in Mumbai & basically from Chennai. Here to write my first story & experience which shown me what women and life is. Bit lengthy but worthy.

Hot And Horny Married Woman Ishita – Part II

Hi ISS readers, this is Atul once again with the second part of how I chatted with Ishita, a sexy and horny married woman and led her below me. I am sure that my reading fans must have read my earlier story Hot and Horny married woman Ishita and I am also sure that they liked it. So here I continue with the second and concluding part.

Vaah Papa Kya Lund Haa Tumhraa

Hi! Mera Naam Vinod haa par mee apnee nickname Suckhot01 (mail id: [email protected]) se apnee nett dostto (hot gals ) see chat kartaa huu. Voo apnee chudeeyee kee story mujhee brief mee batatee haa ferr mee us chudeeyee par ek story develop kartaa huu. Meree saree stories sach haa readers manee yaa naa manee ye un par nirbhar kartaa haa.

Meri Sexy Mausi Ki Chudayi With My Mom

Hallo doston. Kaise ho ap sab. Main aapka pyaara sunny meri kahaani me jyaada tar chudwaane waali ladki ya aurat apni bahut hi kareebi hoti hai. Jaise ki meri masi, sister, bua aur meri bhabi. Es baar mein apni ma aur uski bahen, yaani ki meri mausi ki chudai ki yadein apke sath share kru ga. If any hot lady and girl wanna chat mein or meet me, so just mail mein [email protected].

Thand Ki Rat Me Romantic Chudai

Bat aj se karib 2 sal pehele ki h meri shop pe 1 bhabhi aaya karti thi waise unhe sirf bhabhi kehena galat hoga bcs vo thi to hur ki pari rang 1dum gora jaha se pakad lo tamatar ki tarah lal pad jaye height around 5-3 bilkul smooth nd silky bal jo nagin ki tarah leherate the..Jab frst time dekha to aisa laga bahut bhari maal h hath ni ane wali lekin kismat ko to kuch aur h manzoor tha aur ha uska figure bahut maintained tha pure marwadi thi ab isse age aap logo ko kuch batane ki jarurat h ni reh jati frst time mujhe acchi tarah yad h vo clutcher lene aayi thi then uske bad humari mulakate badhti rahi kabhi kabhar dophar me aati thi to ghanto baten hoti uske husband navy me the jo sal me sirf 2 bar ate the air jab aata tha banda to bechari kahi jati h ni thi vo apne pati se khush ni thi bcs vo janwar kism ka insan tha uske ghar me uski sasu reheti thi bas humare milne k 8 months bad uski sas chal basi vo ghar pe akeli rehete hue bore ho jati thi ye bat

Maid Number 1

Hello friends, I am going to share with you a story of my sexual encounter with the maid in my house. Her name is Bharati. It was 4 years ago when Bharati first came to my house. I had recently moved to Bangalore for my job and I was looking for a maid. As I was staying alone and was just 22 years old at that time, I knew that it would be difficult for me to get a female maid, as they don’t normally work in a house of bachelor. But I asked the watchman of the building and he told me that there was a widow who would not mind working for me as she was in need of money. I told him to tell her to see me as soon as possible.I clearly remember my first meeting with Bharati. It was a Sunday afternoon.

Girlfriend Ki Hot Chudai

Hi, Friends,I am raj, 21 years having brownish complexion ,average body ,height is 5.7 n a 7 inches tool (lund).. Mujhe sex ka bht shauk hai.. I resides in Delhi near by pitam pura.. Any gal or bhabhi near by pitampura wanna enjoy sex with me can mail me at [email protected] I promise to keep it secret..

Banging Soniya – Part 1

This is Raj and currently live in US but this story goes back to when We were living in Pune and unlike other stories this story is a legitimate real story which you will know once you finish reading. My parents are hard working govt employees and are very strict in upbringing. Me and my Elder sister Soniya hated our parents right from childhood as they never provided what we need and always forced us on studies and nothing else.We never had respect for our family and we never had this brother sister feeling as we always fought for something or the other and abused each other a lot.

Wrong Turn

“Frank, you nitwit,” his exasperated wife Millie exclaimed, “you took the wrong turn, now we’re hopelessly lost!!!” Frank slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark! “Now what,” Millie groaned, “well, you’ve done it again, now we’re never going to make it to the reception on time, I told you to get directions, but no, you had to try it on your own, now look where we are!!!” “Oh, shut up, Millie,” Frank retorted, “don’t worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road i’ll stop at a service station and get some directions!!!” He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse. When both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground!!! The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off, leaving Frank and Millie stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley!!! “Are you all right, Mil,” Frank asked!!! “Oh, god” she moaned, “it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket!!!” After helping her to her feet, Frank offered, “We gotta find a phone and call the police, let’s go!!!” Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, “I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a while,” and seconds later, the middle aged white couple was surrounded by a group of young black thugs!!! “Ya know what,” one of them stated, “you’re in a lot of fucking trouble!” “Bring’em along,” ordered a tall muscular man of about twenty, “and if they give you any trouble, cut’em!!!” “W-where are you taking us,” Millie sputtered, as one of the gang grabbed her by the arm and fairly pulled her down the alley!?!” “Not far,” one of them replied, “in fact, were here,” as he kicked open a pedestrian garage door and threw Millie inside!!!” The rest of the gang soon followed, accompanied by a stumbling Frank!!! The door was quickly closed and someone turned on the lights revealing a club house of sorts, with a few old chairs, tons of empty beer cans. Along with a smattering of drug paraphernalia! “Whadaya wanna do with them, Rom,” one them asked the obvious leader!?!” “Well,” he replied with a sick laugh, “I think I wanna fuck the old lady here and show her hubby just how it’s done!!!” “F-Frank,” Millie begged, “y-you can’t let them touch me, please stop them!!!” “Now see here,” Frank began, but was brutally cut off by a hard shot to the mouth and an admonition from Rom, “Now, shut your fucking mouth, I won’t fucking tell you again, got it?!?” With blood spurting from a split lip, all Frank could do was slip to the floor and nod in agreement!. Rom quickly turned his attention to Millie, who stared in disbelief at her injured husband!!! “Okay pretty lady, you came into my ‘hood, so I must assume that you wanted to meet me up close and personal, am I right!?!” Millie slowly began backing away as Rom moved towards to her, as the horror of the situation finally sank in!!! “N-now you stay away from me,” she ordered in a stern but shaky voice, “t-this is illegal and you know it!!!” “Uh oh,” Rom replied with feigned fear in his voice, “I-I hope a cop doesn’t come in and arrest me, don’t you boys!?!” The garage rocked with laughter at the sinister joke, but all at once his voice turned hard when he said, “You ever been fucked by a brother, bitch!?!” Still backing away she replied, “Now you keep away, or i’ll scream!!!” Rom looked at one of his buddies and remarked while shaking his head, White bitches are so fucking stupid, they don’t know that is over even when it’s over!!!” Taking once last step, Millie was abruptly stopped by the garage wall, and a second later Rom was pressing against her!!! She struggled to move, but he was strong as an ox, so he easily held her in place with one hand, while grabbing her dress by its front collar and giving it a hard rip downward, tearing it away and leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties!!! “Whoooeee,” someone whistled, “look at those titties, the bitch as got some fucking guns on her!!!” “Yeah,” Rom replied softly, “look at them titties,” as he grabbed her bra and casually tore it off her like it was so much wrapping paper. Millie’s big boobs swung free, and in the cool dank air, her nipples immediately stood at attention!!! “Hey, bitch,” Rom said while kneading the big knockers in his large hands, “you gonna take off those panties for me, or do I gotta rip them off too!?!” From the other side of the room, a small voice came from the corner and said, “P-please leave her alone, don’t hurt her, please!” Rom turned around and spat to one of his men, “Take that piece of shit and shove a cock in his mouth, that’ll keep the little cunt quiet!!!” “No, no,” Frank pleaded, but it was useless, a big black pecker was soon pressing against his mouth and forcing his lips apart!! “Look, cunt,” Rom crowed, “your bitch husband is suckin’ some dick, and that’s just what you’re gonna do,” as he pushed her to the floor in front of him and pulled out his big thick black satisfier!!! “Okay, bitch, open wide for daddy, that’s a good girl, do a good job on daddy’s dick for him!!!” The garage was filled with whoops and hollers from the other members of the gang as both Rom and Jake got their big peckers sucked by the fifty year old couple!!! “Hey, Rom,” one of them yelled out, “the old guys got a hard on, I think he likes suckin’ cock!!!” That remark was met with regales of laughter by the gang, but a wet tear slid down Frank’s cheek as he sucked the big pecker and watched his wife of thirty years orally servicing the young black stud!!! After several more minutes of sucking, Rom ordered, “Okay, now it’s time for a line up boys, get out the mattress and let’s all have some fun!!! Rom dragged Millie by the hair over to the old cum stained mattress and threw her down roughly face first and at the same time said, “Him too, lay him right next to her!!!” The gang formed a line of four each, one behind Millie and one behind Frank! Rom dropped to his knees behind Millie and pulled her ass towards him, until his erection was pressing against her now swollen pussy lips! A big dicked gang member did the same to Frank, only in his case, it was Frank’s virgin ass hole that was about to get fucked!!! “On three,” Rom said, “one, two, three, now, give it to’em,” and with a mighty shove, his thick black pecker rammed its way deep into Millie’s dripping pussy, causing her to orgasm within the first three strokes!!! Frank, on the other hand, didn’t have it quite so good!. His ass hole had never been penetrated, and as the thick freight train like cock bored into him, he screamed in pain as the black jack hammer pounded away at his tight virgin hole!!! Over and over they got fucked, Frank in his ass, and Millie in her pussy!!! Even though she was totally repulsed, Millie’s pussy betrayed her with a series of blinding orgasms courtesy of the hard thick peckers that filled her now aching cunt!!! After awhile, the pain in Frank’s ass was slowly replaced by a sense of fulfillment that he had never before experienced!!! All at once he could see how a woman was at times almost desperate to have a penis inside of her, as his own cock had turned hard as a rock, openly displaying the devotion he was feeling towards the thick black invaders!!! When they were finished, both Millie and Frank lay side by side, stunned into utter submission, and with a torrent of cum oozing from her pussy and his asshole!!! “Well,” Rom opined, “we’re just about done, but for a last little fling, we want you to fuck your whore wife for us, Frank, show us how you make the little tramp scream, climb into the saddle and ride that hot little cunt!!!” When he didn’t move, a hard smack pierced the air, as a leather belt bit into his ass cheeks, causing him to yelp in pain and scramble on top of his shaken wife!!! It was unreal, but true, even under these circumstances he was fully erect and fucking Millie like there was no tomorrow!!! He began grunting as his nut sack tightened in anticipation of his ejaculation, and incredibly. Millie was panting hard and approaching an orgasm of her own!!! Both of them stiffened at the same time, while their genitals wrenched together as a mutually satisfying orgasm pulsed between them, and it wasn’t for a few seconds that they felt a sprinkling of hot wetness dousing their bodies!!! “W-what’s that,” Millie stammered, “is it raining in here!?!” And it was, in a way, as all eight gang members had taken a place around the fucking couple and circle jerked themselves to one last cum, all over the unsuspecting love makers!. Now drenched in cum, both Millie and Frank were getting prepared for more humiliation, when all at once the lights went off, a door opened, and a shuffling of feet could be heard exiting the garage!!! Just before the door closed behind them Rom’s voice could be heard through the darkness, “Now you take care of her, Frank, you got one might fine fuck doll for a wife, seeya around, kiddies!!!” Both of them were holding each other close and just glad at being alive, when Frank said, “And he’s right, you are a fine little fuck doll!!!” “Oh, Frank,” she said softly, “let’s get the hell out of here!.

Pleasure To Be Sucked

Hi…my name is Dhilu… well that 10000 is a special id of mine. well am a business man doing travels business… am married too… Though I had sex with many women, here I would like to share the cock sucked by a boy… this story happened 5 years back… One of my most memorable moments in my lifetime…

My First Fucking Sex

Mera naam Sahil Soni hai mai Delhi me rehta hu mujhe bachpan se hi sex karne ka bahot shok hai mai jab 1st year me aaya to mujhe dekh kar ek ladki aakarshit hui to mujhse bhi nahi raha gaya is se pehle mene kisi ke sath friendship nahi ki thi to mujhe alag sa lag raha tha mujhse raha nahi gaya or mene us ladki ko friendship ka offer maar diya kuch din baad humari dosti aur achchhi ho gayi hum dono college se bus me travel kar ke ghar jate the to mai uske sath bus me ek din back seat par beth gaya mujhe usake sath bethe huye bohat ajib lag raha tha mene thodi himmat ki or dhire dhire usake hath ko pakadane laga pichhe ki seat par hum dono hi bethe the to hume koi pareshani bhi nahi ho rahi thi mene dhire dhire usaka hath par touch kiya aur usaka hath dhire dhire pakad liya usako koi pareshani nahi huyi to mujhme bhi confiedence aa gaya or mene usake hath ko sehlana shuru kar diya usane kuchh nahi kaha aur woh mujhse baate hi karti

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