Sex With Teacher Aunty

Hello friends I am back…..I hope aapko “savita aunty “ k saath meri chudai ki kahani pasand aayi hogi..Anyways aaj main aapko mere 1st time sex experience ki kahani batane jaa raha hu.iss kahini ki shuruaat kuch iss tarah hain. main naya naya naujawaan hua tha.meri umar kuch 18-19 s hogi,main 10th std main padhta tha.maths main thoda weak hone k wajah se mujhe tution lagai gayi thi.hamare yaha par ek rule tha,k school teacher k pass tution lagane se acche marks milte hain,ek level tak ye baat sahi bhi thi kyu k hamari tution teacher k beti he hamari class teacher thi..

Fucking Friend’s Fiancee

Beautiful girls looking for sex can find me on [email protected] It was a Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch looking at sports and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Neha. Neha was super fine. She was about 5’6″ @ 55 kgs, dark brown hair, tan complexion, hazel brown eyes, a curvy figure with 30 double d’s. She had a sky blue halter top and white tights. “Can I come in?” Neha asked. “Sure, I said”… “Where is he?” Neha asked. I said “I have no idea but you are welcome to wait”. She smiled and sat down on the couch.

Sex With Sexy Chat Friend

I read lot of stories from this site and makes me to share my experience too with u all, hoping you will like it .This was happened to me one year before. She was my net friend, I will start from the first day we met each other. When I feel bore I used to find peoples in the chatting through yahoo. Through this only I get her friendship, she chatted with me in an male email id introducing herself as Shiva, then I said i am Murali ( Name changed ).

Seducing My Cousin Sister Ashwini

In my native, that is, in my grandma’s home there were three cousins of mine. Their names are Lavanya, Sudha and Ashwini. Lavanya and Sudha were looking like below average girls. So I don’t concentrate on them mostly. But Ashwini is a good looking girl and she is the only person jovial and close to me. I went to their place after a long time and I had a stay after a long time.

Fun With My Hot Maid

Hello all the readers of DT, I am Gaurav from NCR staying in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. This is my first time I am submitting a story. For all my gorgeous readers (females) who want to have a fruitful, just for fun nothing serious physical relationship please contact me at [email protected] One thing that makes me distinct from others are my pussy sucking abilities and long foreplay of x no of types that can simply take any women to another dimension and explore her totally unseen world of pleasure. Also since I am a working professional with a clean image thus I would keep things completely secret so that you could totally trust upon.

Lesbian Wild Cats

Hi gals this is chaitali once again presenting you one more hardcore advent. Last time i narrated you people how we gangbanged urvi and her sister. Urvi was now in our gang. We met for lesbians, routine group sex. She was always attached and attracted to my body, so was I. What I thought was that no other girl had creamy body like her. Until that day when she presented me before a Punjabi bitch, Tanya. Let me describe Tanya to you guys and specially girls. She is pure lesbian lover, she hates cocks. Though she takes cocks in her ass but according to her, girls who take in pussy are not real girls. She loves oral. She loves to suck cocks pussies, and she has specialty in playing with ass, she doesn’t care whether its ass of a girl or boy. Her body is like a Punjabi girl should always have. Tight skin, athletic curves, round big ass, 40 boob size, 34 waist and 38 ass. She looks like a tall lady wrestler or something like that. Last but not the least she is damn beautiful. God made her keeping all his works aside with patience as if he had to create a sex storm. Tanya’s father died when she was only 18. She said his uncle with his friends raped him when she was 20. Now she is 22. Urvi knew her as she was her neighbor. As usual I went to urvi’s place in my vacations as my vagina was itching for lesbian sex. Shivani was at home. And I was told 2 more girls were going to arrive. One was pretty and other was hiral. Priety and hiral both are sisters and are Gujarati. Shivani took me to tanya’s place where urvi was already waiting for me. I saw Tanya and I travelled seven skies looking at her face and figure. Looking at her I knew it was going to be a rough sex. Priety and hiral arrived. Priety was a cute girl with 34 32 36 figure and hiral was a bit fat 36 34 36 figure. Urvi told me that rajveer was going to come. As without him today’s session would be incomplete and impossible. The word incomplete was understandable, but impossible?? Rajveer arrived after 15 minutes till we sipped soft drinks to gather energy. Rajveer was too impressed by tanya’s body. He sat beside me and I was getting wet from the thought and anxiousness of what was going to happen. In fact I wanted to explore Tanya. Tanya got up from the chair and approached rajveer and opened his zip directly. She took out his cock which was semi erect by now, because the way Tanya approached was too hot for any man to control. She opened her mouth and swallowed the whole cock and moaned rajveer loudly. His cock was growing bigger inside her mouth. But Tanya was not at all interested to take out his cock. The cock was in full length now, rajveer was holding her hairs and she was taking it all down to her throat, though she was gasping but she was not leaving the cock. We all were impressed at this. I had never seen such a sluttish sucking in my life. I think rajveer was about to cum by now, because he was moaning louder by now. Urvi took me to the bed and made me lie. She made me undress and brought a rope. I was surprised at this. She said – lets get kinky today. I didn’t resist, and she tied my hands and legs apart to each corner of the bed. Suddenly Tanya got up and left rajveer. And urvi approached him. And tied him to chair. Even he didn’t resist at this. Priety and hiral were watching all these. Urvi undressed rajveer and made tied each of his legs to the legs of sofa and hands to the hands of the sofa. Neither me nor rajveer were able to move. I could only move my ass up and down. Urvi came to me and said- randi usdin bohot gand marva rahi thi aj dekhte hai kitna le paati hai tu. Urvi brought two toys, both were artificial penis with belt. Urvi tied one belt to herself and became girl with huge cock. These penis were bigger than natural penis, about 13 or 14 inch, and thick like hell.Hiral undressed herself and she too wore same penis. Tanya was still dressed, I was eager to see her body. My eyes were pounding .

Mom Forced To Fuck To Save Aunt

Hello friends. I am back with another story. As I said in the previous story I see these stories as an escape route from my desire for an incestual relationship. This story is just fiction which is being narrated by the son Ganesh.

Ultimate Sex With My Neighbor

This is vignesh from chennai and I am going to narrate a real incident which changed my life. This is a true story with 100% real incidents how things happened. This story is about me and my neighbour – gayathri. I am vignesh, age 29, married to my wife – priya with 1 year child. We got married 2 years back. We were a conservative brahmin family and we were living our life’s peacefully. Straight opposite to our flat, we had another family rajesh, his wife gayathri with a son of 5 years old. Gayathri was around 31 years of age. I was brought up from a very conservative family and I never had any girl friends before marriage and my wife was the only sex partner with whom I shared everything.

Namrata Becoming A Society Whore

Hi, I am Namrata I am 24 and live in Delhi with my husband Ashok in a housing society. I married Ashok 3 months back when my parents found out about my escapades in college. I was a big slut in college where I let everyone from students to teachers fuck me for stuffs ranging from class notes to good grades. Boys used to take me to the gents toilet at their wish and they all used to fuck me there.

Outing In Safari Park

Hi, I am already familiar with you all; I believe. Even then for new readers, it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Rajesh, an engineer in profession, 43 years old. I am happily married with beautiful Priya for last 14 years and we are blessed with two children. We stay in company accommodation; our neighbours are mainly from the same organisation, all family persons. By staying for a long time in same locality, we have developed good family friendship with few families of same status.

My Maid 2

Hi guys and gals am raj, back again to continiou telling my incident with my maid (baby) to you. After that sort of first day experience, our thought pattern changed for each other and we were looking each other as sexual partners. Though she used to stay fulltime in my place but we never let anyone have suspicioun on us. Just to remind u that my school holidays are not over yet, and at night when everyone used to be in deep sleep she use to give me views of her secret parts as she used to wear night gowns. She lifts up her leg and so the gown also gets lifted and the inner part was clearly visible while she was lying on the floor. I standing distantly avoiding anyother’s eye quitely hold my tool and rub it up n down outside my short, while she gazes at my eyes and my tool.

A Job Interview

Hi, I am here to tell a story about a village girl named Ranjitha. She was 23 and was very attractive. She had a good sexy body. By seeing her itself the guys will lick their tongue thinking of fucking her. But she was very calm and shy person. She didn’t want to expose her body to any other, that was clearly understood by the way she wears.

I Fucked My Busty Aunty

Hello ISS readers… I am kiran 23 years old living in Bangalore. I always had fantasies of fucking older woman. On the contrary, I remain as usual, always looking for and fantasizing about woman. I always desired for at least one woman in my life for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize woman sucking their nipples, licking their navel playing with their pussy & screwing them hard. Today I am going to narrate you my real and wonderful experience with this women whom I called aunty as she was very close family friend. (This is a real experience). This was about 1 years back when I was 22 years & she was 23 years elder to me .

Uzma – Part II

Weekend per main uzma k gher k bahir ja ker khara ho geya or dua kernay laga k Uzma ko koi pick kernay na aeay balkayh wo public transport use keray hsam tak main wahan pamphlets distribute kerta raha sham ko Uzma gher say bahir nikli or under ground station ki teraf chal pari or us ki dressing daykh ker tu shaed koi andha bhi apna dick kera ker lay khayr station k pass pohnch k wo khari ho gai main yah daykh ker hayran rayh geya k k wahan wo jis car main baythi wo mayray aik class fellow k dad kit hi wo log both rich hayn main isi waja say wo larka class main kisi say sidhay munh bat naheen kerta kaylin class main us ki sirf mujh say banti hay us ka nam James hay.

VP Madam Fucked Hard

Yeh Kahani tb ki hai jb main 12 th main tha mera school ek kaafi popular school ke jiske kaafi branches the all over india aur uska headoffice mumbai main hai,mere school main ek vice-principal sir the , kuch dino baad saare schoolon ka vice principal conference hua aur is baar us conference ke liye hamar school chuna gaya toh saare schoolon ki vice-principals hamare school main aaye jisme se kuch vp yani ki vice-principal aurat bhi thi.

Prostitute or Protestant

An Irish daughter had not been home for over five years. Upon her return, her father cursed her. Where have ye been all this time? Why did ye not write to us at all? Why didn’t ye call? Can ye not understand what ye put yer old mum thru? The girl, crying, replied, “Sniff… Dad… I became a prostitute.” “Ye what!!? Get out, ye shameless harlot! Sinner! You’re a disgrace!” “OK, Dad — as ye wish. I just came back to give mum this luxurious fur coat, title deed to a 10 bedroom mansion plus a savings certificate for $5 million.” “For me brother, this gold Rolex and for ye daddy, the brand new Mercedes convertible that’s parked outside, a membership to the country club, an invitation for ye all to spend New Years Eve on board my new yacht in the Riviera, and a new…” “Now what was it ye said ye had become?” says dad. The girl, crying again, “A prostitute! “Oh! Ye scared me to death, girl! I thought ye said a Protestant.

Romping With Housemaid Divya

I was studying while living with our family. We had a housemaid named Divya. She had worked for us for such a long time that she had virtually became a family member. Actually her mother was housemaid at our residence but she started employing Divya at an early age whenever she was not available.

Dark Temptation – Part II

Hi Friends I thank you for the overwhelming response to my previous stories, my mailbox is flooded with your love and that motivates me so please keep them coming here Is one more story from delhi boy I hope you will love it too, mail me your comments and requests on [email protected] this is part 2 and if your mails n other tings kept flooding in I will post more He kept looking at her in the rear view mirror, all the way home. Speeding way more than usual. He held my hand most of the way, stroking my thigh the rest of the time. But imagining her firm and supple body in our bed I had no doubt. At least, I know thats what I was thinking about.

Rajjo – My Fantasy(Part I)

The following is a part true, part fantasy erotic story. The main characters in the story are a girl called Rajjo, and myself. The location is a small sleepy town in India – Meerut. The time period is set in 1985 ~ 1995, the time when I was in the age of 16 ~ 26. Yes, as I mentioned before, this is partly true and partly fiction, and the reason I wanted to share this with all of you is because this is to date my major sexual fantasy, and I think if i like it, so will some of you all. The language I use below is hindi, as I think it brings out the real sexual tension in the story, as opposed to English which really cannot express it all. So read on and please write to me ([email protected]) to let me know if you enjoyed the story, as it will increase the pleasure of the fantasy for me!

Mera Sluty And Sexy Housewife Manjari

Hi, mera nam Kiran hai. Main desi tales ki stories pasand karate hun. Aaj main apako mere sexy housewife ki slutness ki storie batane ja raja hun. Meri age 29 aur mere wife ki 23 hai, hamare shadi ko 2 year 6 month huye hair. Ye kahani hamare shadi ke 2 mahine ke bad ki hai . Shadi ke do mahine humane bahot sex kiya aur maje liye . Mere biwi ka figure 32 30 34 hai wo bahot kamuk aur dikhane me hot hai. Mere wife ka name Manjari hai.

Savita Bhabhi Seduced By Her Servant

Ashok felt very sorry for Raju who hailed from his village. Since he did not have any job, he hires him as his servant. Savita Bhabhi liked him a lot from the instant she met him. He looked very young and charming. She thought that she could make use of his village innocence.

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