Sunitha Fucked By Vijay

I’m Sunita (names NOT changed) 30 yrs old female, married & I live in Mumbai. It was a warm day when my colleague introduced me to Vijay. I had joined this new office few days back & the reason we were introduced was that he lived very close to my house & could give me lift in his car. Vijay is 36 years old with sculpted athletic body & he was quite famous among females in our office & I was to actually find the reason for same. As for me; I am a malayali, reasonably good looking, very fair skinned and have a jutting ass, I always knew that people admired my ass. Those days, my husband was in a defense training camp & we would only get to meet once or twice in a month. I use to live with my in-laws. It was almost two months. I & Vijay had become very open with each other. Now he would to drop me till my building but before that we use to park the car in a row of bungalows & take lonely walks on streets every evening. Soon we started holding hands or sharing small hugs but never dared more than that. Whenever we use to share a warm hug, I use to come home, finish my chorus & immediately get in bed to finger myself to glory. Vijay had become my passion dream & I had heard so much girlie talk about his man-hood in office that I wanted him badly. Rainy season had started in Mumbai & on that lucky day it was raining like cats & dogs. On his way to drop me till my building, Vijay stopped the car some distance away from my building & asked me for a hug. We hugged for almost a minute & that even real tight. The mood in the car was passionate. My breasts were crushing against his muscular chest. My breath was catching up & my heart was out of control. My pussy was flowing & my panty was getting wet. Before things could get out of control I broke the embrace & thinking that we had reached my building, stepped out of car. Before I could realize that my building was still far, my clothes were almost completely wet. I immediately got back in the car. I was annoyed n shivering bcoz car a/c was on. He switched off engines & just stared at me. I was wearing light pastel suit & salwar. The suit was almost transparent & clung to my skin. My bra outline was totally visible & to make matters worse our hug, the rain & car’s a/c made my nipples stand out through the layers of bra & suit shirt. He had a huge bulge which was quite noticeable. As he told me later, that I looked every bit a sex goddess. His dick was straining his trouser front. I could not help but steal glances on his man-hood. To ease the tension Vijay jokingly asked me for a hug but I didn’t budge. I knew once I slipped into his arms there was no turning back. We sat in awkward silence with rain thrashing on car roof. Due to our body heat car’s glasses started frosting & for sure no one could see inside the car. All of a sudden he pulled me in his arms & planted a hot kiss on my lips. I was taken by surprise & protested but he grabbed my left boob & massaged it hard. I still protested & pushed him hard. Becoming conscious, he was too stunned on what he had just done. I had regained my composure & calmly asked him to drop me till my building. As soon as we reached my building I ran out of the car, my heart was still thumping in my ears. Every pore of my body wanted him. I turned back & saw him driving away. I had hardly reached the lift when I realized that my mobile, purse & house-keys were left in his car. As I came back to parking I found his car coming back. He must have realized that my belongings were still in his car so he had come back. Now it was raining even more heavily, I ran through the rain & slipped into his car & was again completely drenched. But he dared not look at me. We just sat there for few minutes but I did not move a muscle to collect my belongings. I asked him to drive back to bungalows, where we usually use to park the car & take strolls. Through out drive we both did not speak a word. As soon we reached the place, I gave him a kiss on his cheek. It was now completely dark outside & the only light was coming in was from a car stereo & dials. I looked at him & his eyes said millions of things. I took his hand & put it on my breast. He held it for a minute & then gave it a small squeeze. I slowly slipped into his waiting arms & hugged him tight. I raised my face & he immediately locked my lips & kissed me passionately. We must have kissed for eternity because all his clothes were wet due to hugging me. His hand was inside my suit & playing with my breasts. He took my hand & placed it over his bulge. It was enormous to touch. Vijay pulled the car seats down & pushed me down. While lying down he pushed his right leg between my thighs & separated my legs. His thigh rubbed at my love triangle. We kept kissing & fondling each other. We disengaged as his shirt was now completely wet due to hugging me in wet clothes. I slowly pulled my wet shirt off and he stared at my boobs; which are not very big in size but right size for my physique. Next instant he took off my bra & I was all naked above waist. Vijay placed his warm mouth over my now hard with anticipation nipples. Its must be great to suck semi hard, wet & chilled nipples, because I could see the look of mischief & twinkle of surprise in his eyes.

Attha Ranku

Ippudu nenu chepaboye story oka sexy aunty gurinchi.. adi evaro kaadhu maa attha, intha kaalam baita auntylani chuusi sollu karchesukune vaadini kani alanti booku maa intlone undhani telisi shock ayipoyaanu. Mundhu ga daanini describe chesthaanuage 41 5,2 height manchi body kuncham jaaripoyina sallu kanisam 2 inches ina lopaliki unde boddu chuudagane lechipoye sallu. Kanisam 38 untayemo raasiki laga, pindithe kanisam liter paalu vasthai antha pedda pedda baayalu

My Daughter Anu

Hey I am middle aged women in my early 40′s. I took divorce from my husband 6 years ago and since then I was living alone with my daughter. My daughter age is 18 and we lived in an apartment in Delhi. This is very shocking thing in my life few months ago we don’t have that kind of openness in terms of showing our body.

Meri Behen Ki Chadti Jwani Ke Jalve

Hi mera name sumeet hai main bhopal ka rahne vala hun ,vaise ham hariana se hain. Meri age 22 ki hai aur meri ek chhoti bahan hai raman jiski age 20 yr hai uska rang doodh sa gora, right gaal pe ek black spot aur face cut bilkul raveena tandan jaisa hai, uski figre 34-26-35 hai par height kam hai lagbhag 5 feet so aap imagin kar sakte hain chhoti height pe bade bade boobs aur gol gol chootad kitne sexy lagte hain , vo aamkar salwar suit aur tight chudidar pahnti hai jisme vo bahut sexy lagti hai. Vo college bus main jati hai aur shaam ko 5 vaje tak ghar a jati hai ab seedha story pe ata hun

Special Summer Vacation – Incest Group Sex – Chapter 13 – Desi Tales

Vimala then continued with general talk, how is the college lessons, the pressure of work and all those things. The conversation did not last there very long. “Is Jaya the bouncy hot mom and is it Vijay her son here ?” she asked. “Yes Attha, they are here,” I replied. “Man she is one hot potato, she is from Bombay and she can be a treat. Don’t you have the hots for her? Quite petite and buxom, unless she has put on weight”.  Vimala started back to the sensual chatting as if she wanted to have a group sex with both. “You are right Aunty, she is hot and dresses also hot showing the curves. Vijay looks like her brother” I replied.

Mere Dhokebaj Gf Ki Mom Meri Nayi Gf Ban Gayi

Hum log phone sex kartethe mager kabhi actuly nahi kiya ek din moka mila jab usake parents apne kamse gaon gaye 3 din ke liye tab use milane mai usake ghar gaya aur maine meri girlfiend ko usike ghar me choda lagatar 3 din o virgin thi us din se lekar lagbahg do sal tak jab bhi usake parents gaon ya kahi bahar jate the tab o mujhe apne ghar bulake chudwati thi use mere land kafi pasand tha aur shayd aj bhi hoga o use chuadyi ko yad karti hogi mujhe usaki gand marneme

Facebook Buddies To Fuck Buddies

This story is about Rajiv and me . I don’t really know who he is but met him on Facebook . He was out of town to study somewhere engineering recently came home for vacations. He was of my age group he was fun to chat with.

Shararti Randi Saheli Ke Yaar

Mera pati Vimal har mahine ek hafte ke liye toor par jata hai aur main bahut udas ho jati hoon. Vimal ek Manager hai aur usski income kafi moti hai. Vo mujh se 10 saal bada hai aur iss wakt 40 saal ka hai. Hmara koi bacha nahin hai. Iss bari meri saheli Nimmi ne mujhe poochha,” Kia baat hai, meri jaan kabhi hamare saath bhi wakt bita liya karo, tujhe aish hi karwayenge, essi aish jo kabhi tumne anubhav na ki ho. Roz roz ek hi khana kahne se tera ji nahin oob jata? Vimal bhai sahib to ek hafte tak aaiyenge nahin, tu ghar mein akeli kia karegi? Tujhe main bahar ke naye naye pakwan khilati hoon” Main hans padi, ” Kaise pakwan, yaar? Main ghar mein hi sare pakwan bana leti hoon. Agar tujhe kahane hon to mere ghar aa jana”

Unforgetable First Time

Hi my name is Ramesh and I was pleasantly surprised to find this site. I love this site now its gr8. I’m from Northern Kerala I am going to send this one in with the hope that it gets published. If it does please do respond to me and let me know what you think. I’m a whole lot older now and have been through a lot more since but this is my first experience ever. It happened when I was 18years.

With Loving Bhaiya Ajay

Hi, Huma comes with a hot bro sis incest story. I love you all. I am Malti Malhotra, sexy widow of 30 years, lusting for my brother Ajay who lusts for me in return. He is such a lusty fellow to whom I surrendered the day I turned a widow. We were poor and I married my late father’s friend Ashok, a rich businessman who was old enough to be my father. I worked for him as his secretary and he seduced me to fuck him.

Awesome Fucking Of Aunt Ekta

Here I am writing my experience of having terrific and lengthiest sex with my bhabhi Ekta. I was staying with my brother and Ekta. My brother had a business and I was that time into my studies. There was a huge age gap between Ekta and my brother. My brother was something round 38 and she was in her mid 20s. I was that time 19 years. There was actually a huge gap between me and my brother also.

My Past Years Gay Fucked Experience By My Cousin Doctor Brother

Hi myself shanu. I am a 24 years old pure gay bottom from odisha,india. I am very much excited to share my real sex life story to all. Please like and comment on my post when u like. My story revolves around my regular and daily sexual experience with my older cousin which is six years older than me and a doctor. I still remember that my cousin brother always use to take me inside his private room and use to kiss me, pinch me, rub my body with his hands etc.

Wife Fucked By My Cousin

This is the story of my wife rittu whom I got fucked with my cousin dimpy. I got married to rittu in 1996 and before my marriage me and my cousin dimpy who was 3 years younger to me was very frank with each other. In fact I taught dimpy how to mastubarate in our teenage years….it was I used to hold his dick in my hands and used to stroke his cock and he often used to cum in my hands. Dimpy also stated jacking my hard cock and in fact we used to rub our cocks with each other until we came together. We only used to pkay with our cocks and never did any sex anal. Once I blowjobed dimppys cock and he came in my mouth.

Mom, I Love You – Part I

It all happened in the year 1991. I was 21 then and now I am an established doctor in Kolkata aged 43. My mother’s name was Mala, a woman from village and was married off in her early 15 and in 16 she gave birth to me. But the bad luck occurred and my father died early. She had to go back to her maternal house with me and she raised me with very hard work.

Hot Milf Lisa Ann Ki Chudai India Me Kia

Chalo aab jyada time na lete hua start kerta hu. Jaisa ki aap jante ho mai bhut tharki type ka ladka hu. Or es se pahle 3,4 ladki or aunty or hot milf ko chod chuka hu. Aap stories bhi padi hogi. Or maza bhi kiya hoga. Ager koi nhi padha hoga to yaar mera pichala stories jarur padhna. Bhut maza karoge hilaya bina or chut me ungli kiye binnhi rah paoge promise.

Camping Gone Wrong – Part I

Aditya, wake up bro! my cousin, Radzz Radhika said. Her bosoms were right above my mouth and I could smell her perfume. The wake up-call was indeed intoxicating. She was wearing a pink top and a low cut jeans. She was not wearing bra as a result the outline of her nipples were totally visible. The denims were so low-waist that I was able to see her panty.

Truth And Dare Game Leads To Bed

This is continuation of my first part of the story. Please read first part also to enjoy most. Search with “Invitation of tea leads to bed”. We went to lake at evening. She had decided that she will leave for PG after it. But I was in no mood to leave her. She told me that she liked that I didn’t do anything forcefully at morning. But I was cursing myself that why didn’t I do anything as she has plan to leave. Just to try my luck I requested her that I would feel good if she can stay tonight and she can leave early morning. We will do a lot of chit-chat. By that time she was also enjoying my company. First she gave many excuses but finally she agreed.

Hotel Mein Ek Raat

Hi jaanu…mai abhi train may hu aur mere gaon jaa rahi hu. Pataa nahi kyu raat may train kahi ruk gayi hai. Isliye mai secretly tumhaare liye confession record kar rahi hu.

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