Kakoli – Part I

Ami kakoli. 25 bachar bayas. College sesh hoye gache. Maximum bandhabider I biye hoye gache. Ami baritei thaki. Biyer dekhasona cholche. Ami ektu echore pakai chillum – mane sex niye khub koutuhol. Bandhabider kach theke golpo sune khub uttejito hoye portam. Amar gayer rang khub farsa. 5 ft 6 inchi height. Roga noi. Majhari garan. Kola gacher moto uru. Mukhta sundar.

My Wife And Her Jija

I am Adarsh, twenty seven years old working as an engineer in a multinational company. I was married last year to 23 year old Neha who is very beautiful. She has a great figure 32B-26-36. Though the breasts are compact they are very shapely and compact. She has a milky white complexion and long hair. Neha is the third of three sisters who were all married and settled down in the same town. Our first night was ecstasy and we had sex several times. Neha was OK and appeared to be enjoying sex.

Awesome Sex While Sleeping With Aunt

Hi guys. This is Sunil from Hyderabad and I’m 22. This story was happened in December with my aunt who is 5 years elder to me and she hasn’t married yet. She is a sex bomb with stats 34-28-36. She is very close to me because she has seen me from my childhood. She always put her Hands on me and tempts me but I wasn’t interested in her firstly. But one day when I entered into her room she was playing with small kid in her bed so I also unknowingly slept beside her and started to play with that baby boy.

Sunil Ne Mari Maami Ki Chodi Moti Gaand Part Rd

Hello dosto ek bar fir main aagya apni mami ki moti aur khushbudar gaand ki kahani lekar….mera nam sunil he.Main moradabad ka rehne wala hun.Jaisa ki maine apni pichli story main bataya tha ki ye u.P. Ka ek chota sa bohot femous shehar he.Jise duniya pital nagri ke nam se janti he.Main apni kahani ka 3rd part aapke liye lekar aaya hoon.Aaj main 29 years ka hun. Aur aaj bhi aksar blue story padta hun.Aur muth marta hun apni mami ki gaand ke naam ki.Aur aksar blue story padata padta tha.Dosto ab main apni us sachai ko pura karne ja raha hu jo apne meri pichli story main pedi hi hai ki apni mami ki gadrai hui moti gand ko mene kitne salobad chata tha.Auo kis tarah se unke mote mote chutado me apni jeebh chala kar khub maze se unki gaand ke gobar ki khushbu sunghi.Wakai meri mami mote mote chutado ki malkin thi.

Meri Didi Ki Komal Chut

Hello friends, mera naam Viraaj hai or mai apne bare me kuchh batana chahta hoon, meri umra 20 saal ki hai, mere ghar me mai or meri do bahane, mom-dad sab milake panch log rahte hai. Meri chhoti bahan 12 vi me padhti hai or wo hostel mai rahti hai. Or meri badi bahan ghar se hi college par jati hai. Or wo kariban 2 saal muzsr badi hai. Mai sex story kabhi kabhi hi padhta kyu ki muze sex ka bahoot shokh hai or mai khud ko rok nahi pata.

Indian Lesbo Mother-In-Law

This story narrates the story of a young pregnant indian bride who discovers her lesbian desires at the hands of her voluptuous mother-in-law, who seduces her into lesbian sex and wins her love as well as her body. I do hope that readers of both sexes enjoy it and i would really like to get any feedback that you want to share. My object in writing is to arouse readers and help them enjoy sensual satisfaction and it’s a great boost to know when i’ve succeeded. Do write to me, jon, at [email protected] Sita was 29. She had been married to her husband in her early 20s. It was an arranged marriage – arranged, of course, through the mother-in-law. She was a virgin at marriage and knew little of sex. Marriage had done little to enlighten her. Her husband was a dull and crude lover. He fucked her quickly and unfeelingly on their honeymoon and showed little interest in her arousal. For him sex involved minimal foreplay and certainly no oral sex. Sex for the woman meant submitting to the urgent but rather short-lived desires of the male cock. Being in the army, he was often away for extended periods. As a result their sex life had dwindled to a minimum and we would say that you were far from satisfied – if our naïve young woman had known what sexual satisfaction could be. Her husband had decided it was time for a child and after a few fucking sessions she had found herself pregnant. Now she was expecting a child her husband felt there was no need to make love to her and she was left neglected – at the very time that she found her sexual needs increasing. She began to play with her pussy alone at night as her husband snored, enjoying the sense that she was now with child. She enjoyed too the changes in her body – the swelling of her stomach, the filling of her breasts. She liked to spend time before the mirror admiring her feminine body and letting her hands explore her shapely form. Her breasts, a usually firm and rounded c-cup had swollen to a d-cup and she liked the weight and feel of her developing assets. New possibilities began to stir when she used to receive visits from a nurse – an attractive mature motherly character. She was nervous about stripping off for her, but having done so was quickly put at her ease. It seemed so natural the way the woman inspected her body and felt her swollen belly and when her hand smoothed over her breasts she felt a warm tingling through her body. She couldn’t stop her nipples hardening – though the nurse seemed not to notice. But most exciting was when she inspected our young woman’s pussy and advised her that before child birth she would need to shave her pussy hair. Here, she said, ill show you….and so the nurse skillfully shaved her pussy completely smooth for the first time. Time and again her fingers touched her pussy lips to improve access and the touch of her feminine fingers was so thrilling and so beyond what she had ever experienced from her hubby that she had to struggle not to start to expose her pleasure. For the next few weeks she greatly looked forward to the visits of the nurse, and to the shaving of her pussy especially, and after the nurse had gone she found herself going over events, and the sensation of her touch, as she stroked her pussy on the bed. So, when her husband informed her that he was going to take her to be with his mother for the last stage of the pregnancy while he was transferred north it was with a heavy feeling that she said farewell to the nurse whose cool feminine hands and gentle manner had come to occupy so much of her fantasy life. One afternoon in her new house, having enjoyed the rich lunch left for her by her mother-in-law, sita walked languidly to the bedroom set aside for her use and stood before the full length mirror. The summer afternoon heat was oppressive and her loose dress clung to her curvaceous body, beads of sweat running down her neck from her long tied up hair. Knowing she was certain to be alone all afternoon, seta took the lower hem of her full dress and peeled it up over her head, tossing it to one side. The sight of her exposed naked body held her gaze. Ever since her emergence into womanhood she had been fascinated by her feminine form: by her alluring curves, her tight swollen breasts, her slim waist which gave way to ample hips and smooth, gracious thighs. When he had first seen her naked her husband had compared her to the voluptuous statues which adorned some of the more notorious hindu temples and the comparison had secretly pleased her. But now a new transformation had worked its magic. Entering her ninth month of pregnancy her belly had swollen to almost unreal proportions, exuberantly extending from her young frame, giving her a sense of a glorious fecundity. She placed both her hands flat on her stomach and began to caress her tight smooth skin. Yet it was not her stomach alone that had gained a new fullness and weight. Her breasts too had become firmer, heavier, more pronounced. As her confinement approached so did she feel the milk engorge her breasts, the milk that would feed the appetite of the young life stirring within her. Sita cupped her right breast in her hand and loved the sensation of weight in her hand. She had always been fascinated by feminine breasts, had always made a point of taking in the shape and size of the breasts of any women she came into contact with. Secretly she had envied her mother-in-law her fat heavy pendulous breasts and wondered what it would be like to boast such a deep cleavage. At times she had even wondered what it would be like to caress such soft flesh and feel the weight of such heavy mature breasts in her hands. Caressing and massaging her own breasts she sensed some of the intoxication of that moment and was happy to think that her own breasts were developing a greater feminine fullness. Aroused as such thoughts and sensations were making her she felt that familiar ache in her pussy – the ache that had first been truly awoken, not by her husband, but by her gentle motherly nurse. Feeling the need to yield to her pussy’s claims for attention she backed slowly to the bed, slid herself up onto the cool sheets, propped her head up with a couple of thick cushions, and spread her soft thighs wide to expose her smooth pussy to the throbbing summer heat and her own slender fingers. After caressing first her large pregnant stomach, sita allowed her hands to slide over her thighs to the smooth soft skin adjacent to the lush folds of her expose pussy lips. First she teased herself by grazing her long finger nails over tender skin before yielding to her mounting desire by placing the palm of her hand directly upon her aching cunt. She groaned as she gyrated her hand against her soft flesh, loving the pressure of her fingers upon her stirring clitoris, which she sought out with her index and middle finger. As sita manipulated her pussy her thoughts reverted to the sweet, gentle, nurse whose practiced handling of her womanly centre as she shaved away her pussy hair had first awakened the slumbering depths of her passion. Was it wrong, she wondered, that it was a woman’s fingers and not her husband’s cock that had reached to these depths? Was she some kind of freak? Perhaps, perhaps…but as the combination of her own feminine fingers proving her clit and the vision of that tender nurse began to carry her towards the first of her orgasms she was in no state to assess her sexuality. As the orgasm surged through her pussy she emitted a loud groan as she arched her back from the bed and her swollen belly and breasts rippled with the motion of her contractions. Her orgasms always left her momentarily drained, and the exertion of straining her arms around her pronounced stomach only added to her exhaustion as she slumped back against the pillows, her arms stretching out above her head. Here she lay in a delicious post-orgasmic stupor, her mind imaging what her nurse’s maternal breasts would look like when released from their bra, when she felt a finger again begin to stroke its way across the length of her extended pussy lips. The sensatio
n was delightful and she smiled as she anticipated her nurse’s familiar caresses before she awoke with a jolt. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts and opening her eyes wide she was greeted not by the face of her sweet nurse but the face of her mother-in-law. Sita was filled with acute shame to think that her mother-in-law had found her in such a lewd state – naked on her bed, her thighs spread wide, her hands at her pussy. Indeed the acute embarrassment that engulfed her distracted her from what was, if anything, even more shocking, more startling – the presence of her mother-in-law’s hand on her own pussy! ‘mother….i…i…i was just lying down….i felt tired in this heat….i must have dropped off to sleep….i was just about to get up….let me….’ Sita tried to push herself back from her mother-in-law’s hand, but found her way blocked by the cushions. The weight of her swollen belly meant she could not easily role to one side. Rooted to the spot she froze again before her mother-in-law’s gaze and lay fatalistically, awaiting the rebuke she felt sure awaited her. But it did not come. In fact no words came from her mother-in-law. Rather, she stepped back a little from the bed, still holding sita firm in her gaze. As she did so she placed her hand at her hip and began, slowly, to unravel her rich green sari from her body. Soon her hips were uncovered, then her soft fleshy stomach, h

Sex With The Hot College Girl On The Terrace

Dear all, myself Chinu from Konkan would like to share my experience with my hot college girl Nilima. (name changed) at her house terrace. About Nilima, she is a masterpiece with perfect curves. She used to wear skinny dresses so all the boys used to stare at her every time. It was a winter season and as usual, we were in the college with other friends too.

Brothers First Anal Sex With Sister Akanksha

Hi guys, please read the previous two parts of the story for better understanding. Now coming to the story. As explained in the second part, I again started playing with my sister’s pussy and this time she had an orgasm very quickly. As she was enjoying my teases, she became more aroused and let me do it harder, faster and in a wild way. She used to let out soft moans whenever she felt pleasure.

Chennai Boy And His Girl Friend

Hi. I am Kiran from Chennai. A regular visitor of this site, but I never really got the opportunity or the time to share my experiences with you all. I would like to receive your comments after you have read the story. My email ID is [email protected]


Dear ISS readers, I am a 25 year old man with a well built body. When I was 13 I experienced some funny things in my life. This story is the fact and the fiction mixed from those tender years. Dad is always busy with work and tours. My mom is a house wife. Papa generally goes on long tours. During those days, papa would inform my chacha living in a village to be with us, my mom and myself. Although this was the case since I am very young, as I grew up,

Sacha Pyar

Hi dosto yeh mere pehle story hai or mere jindgi ki sabse important mera naam sumit soni hai mai 24 saal ka hu or kafi handsome hu mai business kata hu muje aunty or bhabhi kafi pasand hai but is gatna k baad keval ek ladki se he sex kiya hai.woh bhi force k karan.nahi toh is se pehle mai ne kai ko choda hai.

Sex With Showroom Lady – Part II

Well friends again Rajan here with new story. Aap sbhi mere bare mein jante he ho. Fir bhi bta deta he handsome and good looking hight 5 foot.7 inch my dick size 6.5 inch and 2.5 inch mota hai. So main aap ko apni new story suna raha hu jo k ek bikes k showroom main kam krne wali ek lady k sath ho gya. Wiase to bike liye ko mujhe kafi time ho gya hai. Bt last week mujhe market mein achanak he wo lady mil gai. (sunita). Mujhe janti thi wo to kafi dino baad milne k karan hum waha bate krne lg gae.

She’s Willing To Give All

Dear Readers, Here is a new fantasy story about wife, hope you will like it. This is incidence of five years before, when I was 35 and my wife was at 30. I was working in a multinational company and was mostly on tours for company’s work. When ever I was away from my wife has to stay alone. She always uses to complain about her loneliness in my absence. There was a beauty parlour and Jim in front of my house.

First Painful Sex At Her House

Hello friends, how are you? I am Amit and love to share my first sex experience that happened last week. I am 21. A friend of mine introduces Pooja (name changed) on my birthday through Whatsapp. She was a yr older than me. We used to chat everyday especially at night. While talking I came to know that she used to stay at home alone between 11 to 6, as her parents were govt employees. So one day I asked her to met in a restaurant for dinner, there I met her first time. She was very hot with amazing dressing sense.

Social Network To Bed Work

Hello! DT readers, main rahul hyderabad se… Maine kaye stories padhi hai yaha to soncha chalo meri story bhi share karlu… ager kisi bhi female to sex chat karni hoy a milna ho private just e-mail or g-talk pe msg kardo, main hamesha online hi rehta hoo kyu ki mobile be internet open hi rehta hai isliye… g-mail (g-talk) :

South Indian Erotic Nights 5 Lab In Charge Kala

It was my second year; I used to work out every morning at the terrace of my hostel early in the morning. After college I would chat with my friends on phone or would flirt with my lovely Lakki or would study till dinner. I used to notice Lab in charge Kala Madam who resides in the adjacent block dedicated for Lady Staff hostellers. She used to wear a nightie and would come on top to hang her washed dresses to get dried up. Many times I’ve seen her in the terrace above her room adjacent to our terrace during the mornings and evenings.

My Gangbang Lesson

I am Anjali 25 yrs old. I got inspired from FSI stories . I wish to share my last sexual experiences with all in this community. My hubby is out of country. We got hardly a month for honey moon and all. I am fair 5.4 height 55 kgs. Bless me with broad buts. I always hear comments from boys whenever I walk. My breast size is medium compared to buts. Let me attach some of my look alike pics for explaining my body and figure

A Grade

Hi friends. Helloes to my fellow who says they r missing me. I was busy with works now days. Here is my new story, I had experience when I was in college. its was happy days in college when I met Savita ever since I could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and now as a senior she filled her bras out to a very full 36d. All this big tit flesh ran in the family, as both of her older sisters were d’s and her mom and two aunts were double d’s! It’s not as if they were big over weight cows either, the Wilson college girls while not thin were nowhere near hefty, nice and healthy is how her dad referred to her mom.

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