Foursome Fucking

My name is Kishore; I’m an software engineer by profession. I’m 32, happily married and doing own business in Delhi. My wife Renu is 28 and very beautiful. She is very aggressive and open in sex and has no inhibition. She never said no to sex in our eight years of married life. Let me also describe myself that I’m 5’-8” with my size of my LUND is around 8 inches when it erects.

Theatre Go-er

This is not my story but wanted to be treated as described in the story.. Please do send in your feedback and nu suggestion or contacts on [email protected] I’ve been dressing as a girl since I was a teenager. I’m now 28 and while I don’t live full time as a girl I handle it about 75% of the time. I’m 5’9” and weigh 140-45. My eyes are green gray, my hair is auburn today. I’m well put together and pass anytime I go out dressed with hardly a second look. And that extra large clit I have is seven inches when happy. I’ve been sucking cock and eating cum since I was eleven.

Seducing couple for swapping

This is Manoj from Kolkata to share my happiest moments of fucking with ISS viewers. I Got many replies from many couples from my last story, my mail box had almost became a database of couples. I got hundred of mails but only 32 are genuine couples, in which many were asking how to convince their spouse for swapping, so we tried to have an experiment of seducing a couple which was success. More over I think to enjoy sex is more important than to experience. As you know I am 32 years old and my wife Mita is 28 years. My Mita is housewife. My wife has got good features and a sexy appeal. She is 5’- 3”height, 36d”-boobs, 32”-waist, and 40” -buttocks sizes. Which attract men at the first sight and lovely buttocks.

My Big Surprise

I was at a wedding with my girlfriend last weekend when something happened that amazed and delighted me. We were partying in the hotel for several hours and drink was flowing freely. The atmosphere was great and everyone was in great form, really enjoying themselves. My girlfriend was looking really hot in a black silk skirt and a tight black top.

Sister And Her Friend With Me

We are a nuclear family of me and my elder sister and my parents. We live in a two bed room flat. My parents both are government employees and we are left alone since our childhood. Me and my Sister are very close to each other and we share everything since our childhood. The only difference between us is me having a dick and she have a samosa (pun intended). When she reached her puberty I mean started menstruating, there was a small gap of separation mentally and physically, she slept in our parent’s room for 10 days and back again into our room. I was pestering her happened to her and why she is behaving so tenderly. She said I will tell you tomorrow when our parents go to office.

Sex With My Long Desired Foreign Friend

Hi to all and I have read many stories here on ISS so thought why not share one of mine it is a real story. This incident happened about 6 months before. At that time and I was studying abroad. I met her some 3 years before through a common friend.

How I Fucked Manisha Hard – Part I

Hi ISS readers! I am going to narrate about myself. I am Anil (name changed for privacy) from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have a great body. I am 5 ft. 10 inches tall and have maintained a good structure. I have a thick tool of 7 inches long. Let me start the story right away.

Handsome HR On Joining Day

Hi guys, it was an amazing day in my life. I just entered the room where I needed to complete my joining formalities in the new company. The HR who guides and helps me in filling formalities entered the room. He was looking damn hot in his jeans and t-shirt which was tightly fit as he had a well-toned body. I felt like he was my dream boy. I could not even answer the question that he asked for my name. I was in shock for some time. I shook hands with him. Those hand were so soft. He started the process and while filling a form, I purposefully asked about a query in the form.

Vidhva Ki Masti

Hi I am Raj, this is my first real story. I am happy to write here because in my growing age what dream I have seen that came in true after many years in real. Now I am running in 21. The sex encounter happens with my sweet widow Meena Bhabhi before 15 days in Jan this year. I will tell you later keep control on your eyes please. She is now of 26 years, 5 years old than me, but steel looking so sexy though she is mother of 3 years old son.

My horny maid

My name is Vivek from Chennai. I want to share my experience which happened with our maid-servant about one month back which is 100% true. Believe me friends, I am not cooking up some story and posting it. Our maid`s name is Kumari. She is some 30 years old lady and she is a little dark. The key thing to be noticed in her is her boobs. She has very fat boobs. She always wears her saree below her navel, so her navel can be seen clearly whenever she bends for sweeping the floor or for wiping the floor. By seeing her back one can easily notice that she never wears a bra because she always wears see through blouses. Through my mother, I found that she was married two times and now she is living alone with her daughter. She has ditched both her husbands because of some family fights.

Anvesha Fucks Her Horny Editor

Anvesha was nervous, she had emailed her editor David the article she just finished. Best case scenario was him suggesting a few changes, worst case would be to get called to his office and be told what a useless writer she was.She wanted to avoid the worst case scenario as she was already running late for a date.

True Love In Goa And Unexpected Sex

Due to my writer’s block, I wasn’t able to write any new scripts lately. From the past couple of months I was really struggling to put pen to paper. I even lost a couple of projects because of this issue. I wasn’t ready to take any more. So I decided to go on a holiday, all alone and try to get my creativity back. By 5:00 pm, I directly went to the bus stop, bought a ticket and boarded the bus to Goa. It was a sleeper coach which had 2 berths combined on one side and a single berth on the other side. It was in the same for the upper berths also. I got a single lower berth at the far end of the bus. No one else still occupied the rest of the berths in my coupe. After 10 minutes the bus started moving. There was one more stop in the city before the bus gets onto the highway. I thought maybe the rest of the berths will be filled in the next stop. As I expected, a group of 5 girls entered the bus and got settled in my coupe. They appeared to be not of one age group. They looked between 19-26 years of age, but nevertheless each girl was hot in her own way. Being an introvert, I never looked at them. I was just in my own world thinking about my story which had to be completed within a week. By 10:30 pm, the bus reached a dhaba and stopped for dinner.

Mom, Me And No One Else

I’m an only boy and I recently turned 18. My parents are still married but I get the feeling that they stopped with me because there wasn’t really any sexual sparks between them. My dad is in his 60s and a successful lawyer but mom is only 37, having had me when she was 19.

Vidhi Bhabhi Ek Choudasi Choot

Hello, mera naam bunty hey, yeh meri dusri sachi kahani hey, jo mey likh raha hu. Mera bada bhai ki saadi hui 8 mahine huye hai, lekin vidhi bhabhi pregnant nahi hui hey. Mey 23 sal ka hu, mera bhai mujse 4 sal bada hey or vidhi bhabhi mujse ek sal badi hey. Mera bhai meri mummy ki tarah height chhota hey 5′-1″ or vidhi bhabhi puri 5’footlumbi hey, lekin dikhne me bahot sunder hey, medium bhari gaand bade bade 36D boobs. Do hapte me, mene bahot si daffa vidhi bhabhi ko apne aap apne bedroom me apne boob se khelta or chut to rub karte dekha hey, tub se muje meri vidhi bhabhi ko chodne ka dil hua karta tha.

My Caring Daughter – Part II

Have i had a dream? I sucked my own daughters breasts ? Squeezed my penis deep inside her butt. I touched my track to find it wet. Even if it was a dream, what kind of a sick freak i am?? The train was still moving and i checked the time. It was 4.00 am in the morning i was still figuring out whether it was a dream or reality, when i noticed my daughter was wrapped around me tightly and i had my hands on her butt and she slept breathing on my hairy chest. That’s when she woke up and asked me….. What happened old man?? Tired already. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my mouth, she kissed me carelessly getting more and more aggressive, i was little conscious as to what will happen if everyone around us wakes up and find us in such position.

Wonders With Sisters Friends – Best Threesome Sex

Hi, guys, I am Nikhil (fake name) I am 19 years old with 5.8 height and gym body with 6.5-inch dick and I am from Hyderabad. This is my first story in Desi Tales. I have been following this site since one year and inspired to write a story of my own. It is about the hot threesome sex I had which happened at the time of May.

Foreigner Ke Sath Sex

Hi dosto mera naam Renuka hai. Umar 34 saal hai mai regular story reader hoon. Maine bohat sari story padhi hai kafi achhi bhi lagi. Kafi dino se mai soch rahi thi ki mai bhi apni kahani likhu par dar rahi thi kaise likhu lekin aaj himmat ho gayi aur likh rahi hoon. Ye kahani 2 saal pahle ki hai. Mai ek widow hoon mere pati ki death 2.5 saal pahle huyi thi. Meri do ladkiya hai ek 10 aur ek 7 saal ki. Jab unki death huyi to mai housewife thi ghar ka sara bojh unpar tha unki achanak death ne ghar ka sab load muzpar agaya. Kuch din kat gaye 2 mahine ho gaye the mai ek job pe lag gayi thi. Jyada salary nahi thi par ghar ka gujara kar pati thi. Hum char log ghar pe rahte the mai meri do ladkiya aur meri saas. Saas bhi widow thi sasur nahi the unke liye bhi mai hi ek sahara thi. Mai ab unke liye beti jaisi ho gayi thi. Bohat pyar karti thi muzse. Sasur ki bhi death younge age mai hi huyi thi to saas ne hi mere pati ko padhaya unki parvarish ki thi. Wo muzpar kya gujarti thi wo janati thi.

Fun with Horny Men

Hi I am Lavanya 23 years aged with a well shaped body of 34, 28, 36, here again with one more erotic sex experience. I hope you have read my first experience story which I had posted almost six months back under the title “My journey from shy girl to sex slut” in group category. This is my second posting and this time with two elder guys in Delhi. I had been to delhi for a 3 day visit. The company had booked an A.C. room in a 5 star hotel. I got to delhi station at around 7 am and so much was the traffic that it took me 2 hours to reach the hotel in a taxi. It was too hot and during the travel I had been in top and jeans pant. I reached hotel by 9 am and it was a good hotel 3 stories and I got the room in the third floor. 303 was the room no. A room waiter showed me the way into the room and I was very much satisfied with the condition of the room. It has a nice smooth cushioned bed, sofa and a flat T.V. In bathroom also there was a tub. Quite a nice A.C. room. The room boy went after keeping my luggage inside. I went to have a bath and after taking bath I got dressed in one of my favourite pink saree with shades and handwork. I had worn a back open knot blouse which was very deep at the front. And as usual I had worn the back open lacy blouse without the bra. I prefer wearing the sari’s low hip so that my smooth silky tummy is seen by men and I can get certain attention when I walk in between them. After all the makeup it was around 11 am when I got ready and went for the official work and after finishing the days work I returned at 3 pm very much exhausted. I called the room boy. He came and as I could see he was around 35 years with a well built body. I ordered him to bring lunch. I was very tired and got freshen and I slept in the bed waiting for the food. After some time the room boy came in and was waking me up. Then he touched my hands to wake me up. I felt a hard hand touching my soft skin and hence I did not want to loose the opportunity of getting more touch of him. Hence I acted as if I am in deep sleep. He once glanced at my entire body from toe to head. I think during that survey he might have got the view of my navel in the sleek stomach and also the shape of my boobs in the blouse as the pallu of my sari had slide to the side. I was viewing him with a small stealth look from the corner of my eyes and I got the impression that he was enjoying whatever he was seeing as I noticed a big bulge in his pant. I didn’t get up and hence he slowly came close and pressed my shoulder and said madam, madam I said mmmm… lunch is ready madam. Now I got up from bed and as I took stand the pallu fell off my chest showing the entire body shape to him. I allowed him to view my cleavage and my tummy with navel for a couple of minutes, as I like teasing men, before putting back the pallu. I noticed a huge bulge in his pant and that gave me the indication of what’s its size may be. I was totally impressed with the view of what I got out of him and hence to seduce him more I started taking off the sari in front of him. I removed the sari completely off me and put it on sofa and was in just blouse (without bra) and petticoat (without panty) and also worn very low hip. He was not missing a single opportunity to have a glance of my body while he served food to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and started taking the food and as he was standing close to me, when I bend to take the food into mouth the blouse hang down to expose my round big tits to his sharp eyes. After so many months I found a horny male who I thought can satisfy my desires for the next 3 days. So in my mind I was planning to test him out. After I finished the lunch, I instructed the room boy that I am going to sleep and to wake me up at night around 8pm with dinner and asked him to lock the door from out side. As he went out I laid on bed and within minutes I went into sleep as I was tired of the journed.

My Teacher Blows Me

Hi to 1 and all my dear friends! This is Bipin from Mumbai and I am a 18 year old guy having height of “5feet 9 inch” and a good psyche and would like to share my true life story with everyone this story happened with me some 4 years back. Ok here starts my story as I was a bit weak in Math my mommy got me a good Math teacher. I will say about her she was a bit fat and had a nice figure and her tits were so big it was of the size of a football and her ass is also fat and big at 1st I felt bored during her Tuition’s then she came to know about it 1 day from my face and she asked me

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