Groping In Train

Dear Friends, This is Neeru here again with a very current event happened in my life. For people who don’t know me I am Neeru from Delhi. I am a house wife who feel like enjoying life at the fullest. I don’t want to loose even a single chance of enjoyment. My hubby is busy in his own world of money making and I am busy in my world with my group of friends.

Nirupana Hot Sex With Brother In Law – Desi Tales

I was scared to shit when Hari came into the bedroom. I was sucking the huge balls of Velu, our driver. Hari’s face was spitting anger looking at the hot sex scene. I tried to reach out the clothes and cover myself and started crying. I started shouting at Velu and told to my brother in law Hari that Velu forced me into this and tried to kill me. So I have to obey him.

The Beginning Of A Friendship

David was lost in thought as he walked home on his way back from college. Professor Jacob had given him an F in chemistry practicals again. David knew that the results of his experiment were accurate. But he couldn’t do anything about it. Professor Jacob has been intent on giving David a hard time ever since he caught David kissing his daughter. That bastard, David thought, how can he keep doing this? One more time and I am taking this to the principal!

A Twisted Day

I have received so many emails and messages from my readers, most of them requesting me to talk to them, or meet me, be their friends, etc. I do answer quite a few of them, and try to follow it up time after time. One such friend I found was Aditya a 32 year old fashion photographer from Mumbai. He was smart and witty during chats, and we easily became friends within 2 weeks on the internet. I had told him though, that I just want him to be a friend and not think of going beyond that.

Playing With DHL Delivery Man

I had never seen him before as a DHL delivery man although I get a lot of stuff sent by my office to my home address. Oh! Let me tell you that I have lately discovered this site and love reading true and fictional stories here. I enjoy writing true and fictional sexy stories and have started sending my write ups for publications sincerely hoping that some of these may reach you for your lonely time fun reading and enjoying.

Seafarers Tale

My name is Jack, better known to all and sundry as Jack the Rat, with another enthralling tale of my lusty adventures. I am a sea salt with years of experience of the high seas and the lowlifes that populate it. I have been at sea so long that when ashore I have problems walking a straight mile. Me dad was a second mate on board an old tramp steamer, and when me ma passed away, me dad took me into the service and left me brothers with an aunt in Bristol. Me aunt was a right river, and me brothers had a childhood any young boy would wish for. My own introduction to the world of high jinx amongst the riff raff of the ships, and ports was no worse than theirs. Just my selection of female talent was broader, so I bear them no ill-will. This tale starts off on a voyage around the Cape from Portsmouth running cargo, for one of the big trading houses. We had been out to sea, for months, calling on various ports, to drop off and pick up cargo. We had little shore leave, and none of me mates, were keen to share our meager pay with the wharf rats. The crew was fed up with months at sea on dry rations. The captain peeved at his wife for some petty squabble decided to put in at an East Asian port. Of course the crew was anxious to go ashore, but the packrat bided his time. From long experience I knew that the closer to sailing at high tide the better the hunting offshore.

The Rituals Of A Secret Society

It was my eighteenth birthday, a special day for me. This is the day when I would go to the city for the first time in my life and stay there for the next few years. My mother told me that my father would come and take me with him. I had only seen him a few times in my life. My mother also briefed me that I would be inducted into the trade of prostitution after a ritual tonight. I was thrilled that I would join the trade of the family, but was also deeply sad that I would be away from all my sisters, aunts, and especially my mother.

The New Office Intern

I’m 28 and old enough to know my desires. I’ve been dating for 11 years now, and I’ve had only 1 boyfriend but I wasn’t stupid enough to have only one partner. We both met in college, and in an instant I knew he was someone I’d want to be with. We had amazing chemistry.

My Sexual Exploration With Servant

Hi I am Manisha 25 year old. I am 5 ft 7”, 34D, 28, 36 and fair. This is my 3rd sexual experience apart from the sex which I am having with my husband. I had already posted my previous experiences by the name “the powerful experience of sex (part one and two). I had two memorable experiences with Sudesh and ramesh, first time was when I went to stitch a blouse and the second time when I went to take back the stitched blouse.

Deepa Seduced – Part I

Hi friend’s what can I do? I get half filled story which excites me I think it will be completed but its doesnt get completed by the real author. Anyway this too I am sending is not mine, It Belongs to one Deepa Patil as per what she chatted with me. I like it as it’s a first insect story that I liked, I hope you too will like the same.

Fucking Sexpot Ramya

I have been a regular reader of this site and enjoy the stories posted on it. I especially enjoy the stories written by women – somehow it turns me on to read or hear a woman narrating a sexual experience that she has had. Anyway, I am now posting a story based on my experiences during my college days as a hostel student. Let me introduce myself first. I am Arjun, single, 28 years old, working since the last few years. I studied in a premier institution in Mumbai and spent some wonderful years there. We had a big, green campus where students had a lot of freedom. Many of us had single rooms to ourselves, depending on the hostel block we were in. There were plenty of places on campus for horny couples to make out. At times we would take advantage of the laxity of the hostel wardens and boys and girls would spend the nights together in the hostel rooms.

Saying Yes To Boss

I am sharing my story for your pleasure. I’m going to tell about how I slept with my married boss. I live in Bangalore and work in a finance company as ASM I’m 5’10 and 26 of age, moderately buillt but quite attractive. I have an average 7.5 inches penis but pretty big balls that cums hard each time. My boss is 5’4, 33 of age, long dark hairs, huge breasts, well rounded ass and a seductive face; she always looked attractive and desirable.

Bang Bang With The Aunties

My Dads reluctance to my staying in a Hostel,was due to his worry that I might fall prey to the lures of drugs, women,since he would have no control over my selection of friends,unlike in school days. So,he arranged for me to stay with our family friends.Sujata aunty and Raghu uncle.They were our neighbours in Ranchi,when Dad worked there for three years and our families became very close and we kept in touch.One of their sons was studying in Australia and other one in Karnataka, staying in a hostel.

Fucked A MILF At Trekking Camp

I was on my way to the trekking camp by walk when I heard the mesmerizing lady voice from behind. I turned my head to see her. She was lean, fair skin, oblong beautiful face, wearing tight gray leggings and gray sweatshirt; her ponytail came out of pink color tennis hat.

Passionate Romp With My Chick Rhea

Hi friends,this is Animesh again.People who have read my stories..know that I am a professional football player with obvious good physique and height.Although I had my virginity taken by my neighbour Seema.I had sex with my long time girlfriend 2 years ago when I was 21 years old !

Cousin Sister Co-operated Well

My cousin sister’s name is Ankita and she would be around 17 years old then and I was around 22 years in age. The way it happened that she had just given her 12th board exams and had come over to our place to live for a few weeks. At that time I used to live with my parents. Ankita being in her teens was growing really attractive – she had a good slim figure and healthy pair of nice-firm boobs that would bulge like cute mountains out of her T-shirt. I had never had any intention of having physical relationship with her, however I had many times noticed her good body and had admired her cleavage several times whenever she would bend down while doing household work. She also had a reasonably good shape at her ass with a thin waist line. Ankita was a very warm girl with a very good nature. She liked me very much and often used to tell the other cousins in our family that she would like to have a boyfriend like me. But that was all kidding. I am sure she would have never thought of going physical with me ever until it really happened.

Losing My Virginity – Part I

Hi to all ISS readers again; To my new readers, these are all real episodes of my life which commenced at the age of 16. I am REKHA (born 1980), now 30 years old, fair complexioned and medium built (5’ 5″, 36-28-38, 56 kg, long black hair up to my buttocks), married for last 8 years (2002) with no children, and a housewife staying in Kolkata. My husband is in Dubai (job) and visits me every year for a few weeks’ vacation. I am a M.A., B.T. in English and I give private tuition in English up to Class XII in both ICSE & CBSE streams. I am staying with my parent-in-laws in their own 2-story house.

Looking for three some

It happened one year back & changed our lives. Let me tell you about my self. I am a happily married of 32 years old with good body 5’10” fair complexes, little bit on heavy side person with charming personality. I am working with an mnc as sr. Software professional. I am married to a conventional, good looking, sexy punjabi woman Tania. She is 30 years old with whitish complexion, she has volupotunes figure. She holds 40 boobs on her chest & her butts are most attractive part of body. When she moves in saree or jeans its treat to watch her from behind. In nut shell she has every thing (aage & peeche) to attract men (sometime women too) towards her. Some time she complains to me why men always talk to her boobs than to her.i just laugh at this by saying you have best boobs of the world every one has the right to appreciate the things in the world. Just enjoy their stares. She blushes… after six years of happy marriage with good double income, own house in second India silicon valley Hyderabad. All seems to be sign a perfect life. While our sex life was like of any working class couples sex on weekends & twice in year holidays to hills. Parenthood & going to malls was taking priority over watching blue movies together. Everything was getting routine & also getting bored. Somehow i felt my wife also loosing sex drive & never bothered for more innovations in the bed no matter how hard i tried. This was leading for more tension & frequent quarrels between us & i was getting frustrated. I wanted to do something new to spice up our life. I loved tania very much & never wanted to hurt her let alone betrayed. I could easily gone to prostitutes or go for an extra marital affair as i had many such opportunities both at work & neighborhood. But i wanted something mutual & sensational something which gives a fresh leaf to our love life. And swapping was the best remedy came to my mind. I knew it was the hardest thing to get a conventional middle class indian woman to get into swapping act…but i had made up the mind. This suited me morally also as everything shall be fair to her also plus it will give the zing thing badly desired by our relationship to survive. God is great!!He knows that i was looking for looking for other ladies.we had to go to nainital for marriage of her first cousin. We went upto delhi by flight and were picked up by an innova sent by tania’s uncle, the journey was fantastic and we reached the place by early evening. We drove into a huge kothi with big garden in the outskirts of the town; they had taken the kothi on rent near the bride’s locality. Tania’s uncle welcomed us and introduced me to both his son’s – elder one neeraj & younger one dheeraj who was getting married. Our luggage was moved inside & we were offered welcome drink, we were asked to freshen up and have some rest. We came down after that for evening snacks in the dining room and here i was introduced to all others – prakash uncle’s son-in-law, urmi their daughter, aunty, elder daughter-in-law divya who was neeraj’s wife and urmi’s kids. Even neeraj & dheeraj were there, & i observed that neeraj & prakash were like good friends. Though neeraj & dheeraj were very average in looks, divya was a beautiful lady of around 30yrs of age with 5′-5″ height and perfect curves, must have been 34d-30-38 body. I would say she was a stunner. We were taken around the house and the garden & shown all the arrangements for the cocktail party of the night. The ladies took tania along with them as she was very close to the family, to show the jewellery, clothes and all other things bought for the bride. I just roamed around the garden to spend time, as i being the son-in-law of the house was not supposed to work, i was more of a guest than relative i thought. Later in the evening we all dressed up in traditional dresses, i wore a shervani and tania wore a heavy embroidered silk saree. In some time the party reached its colors and there were people talking and having drinks in small groups. Tania got busy in meeting & talking to all her aunts, uncles, cousins etc after introducing me to them. I was just sipping my vodka and enjoying the drink looking around at the colourful crowd and the beautiful ladies in the crowd. People were in small groups and all were catching up with old friends, relatives, gossiping etc. I saw neeraj & prakash had opened their whisky bottle and sat in a corner laughing, joking n busy away from others. In some time the dinner was served, which i was eagerly waiting for. Being only a social drinker i just had two of my favorite vodka. After the dinner, i was getting bored & i told tania that i would like to go and have early rest as we had been thru a long journey all the way from mumbai and it was getting cold outside. She told me to wait till she found which room we were supposed to stay in. I saw her talking to her aunt, who discussed something with uncle and seemed there was some confusion. After 10minutes tania came back & told that our luggage was being shifted to 2nd floor room as neeraj wanted a room closer to prakash’s room as they wanted to play cards all night.

Ass Banged By The Senior – Part l

Hi ISS Readers. I am Shantanu (name changed) and this is my first post in ISS). I am a gay bottom from Bangalore. I am 5 ft 6 inches in height with a very feminine build. I have a 5 inch cock (when erect) and a plump ass and I have often been humiliated by strangers patting me on my ass in the bus, or by random boys groping my crotch in public. This story is a real experience of mine (my 2nd gay experience to be frank).

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