Bua Ki Nanad Ki Ladki Ko Choda

Hello iss readers mera naam Ansh hai meri height 6feet hai color wheatish hai aur body puri athele jaisi hi tough aur mera lund 8inch lamba aur 2inch mota hai. Mai aaj aapko apni life ki 1 sacchi ghatna sunane ja raha hu ye meri pehli kahani hai to asha karta hu ke aap sabhi ko pasand aayegi.

Married Blondie Satisfied

Nora my hot neighbor stepped out of her car in the parking lot of our luxury condo community in North Brunswick, NJ. I was picking up my mail from the mailbox near the parking lot. This happened so recently that its still fresh in my memory. First I saw her car door swing open, then her legs came out…they were so clean and silky…she was wearing a short black skirt and a blue top with a thin gold necklace and had her hair tied in a bun and black high heeled shoes. Now Nora is the sexy wife of John who works as a realtor. At 32 she is well endowed with perfect and a nice round ass. As she got out of the car with her purse and car keys, she looked at me in a seductive way and parting her thin lips…”Sid could you be a gentleman and help me carry the grocery bags home”. To be honest I am a bit reserved and have never said anything else besides “hi and hello” to John and Nora in the past. For a 34 year old Indian guy I am Fit, about 5’9”, nice pecks, fine biceps, short hair, sexy smile and 8 inches of brown cock that vibrates like a compass every time It senses Nora is around. Nora is about 5’6”, light skin, about 115 lbs, curvy neck, 36C tities and a flat tummy. She is someone to die for. So when she asked me for help, I said ok with just a smile. I was wearing my tan linen shorts, blue v-neck tight tee and my brown boat shoes. “John is out of town and I thought I could kill some time…ended up doing groceries…so many bags…can’t imagine I actually bought all these items”.

Blind Lust

Hi to all ISS friends, I am Vinay. I have been the great fan of ISS for more than year but I never took the courage of writing a real incident which has happened in my life. But today I want to unleash my boundaries and want to share my feelings with u. To start with let me describe about myself. I am Vinay staying in Hyderabad as proper. I am 5.10ht, 32W, 73kg, fair, nice big ASS with thick 9inch dick. When I was in 8th standard this real incident took place. I used to stay at my relatives house for my studies, there is small family just living next to us. In that family there was an uncle, aunty and a small boy. They were very close to our family and I often used to go their house to play with the boy. Like the days were passing in pleasant way our families became very close to each other.

Bua Ki Ladki Ki Gulabi Choot

Hi friend myself Saur from Varanasi I am 22 years old handsome guy.Aur aaj mai yahan ek story like aaya hoon jo ki mere saath last month October me hui mere bua ki ladki jo ki dekhne me gori hai uska name hai sneha height 5ft 3inc ki hogi aur figure to uska mast hai 32-25-30 mai jab bhi bua k ghar jata tha to use dekh kar mera lund khada ho jata tha magar kuch kar nahi pata tha.

Savita Getting Trapped

Hi Smita this is Savita just mailing what happened to me so you can understand what happens to a women when is taken in to a different world. I married Manohar who was small time worker in MIDC Pune and we come from a very poor family. I never used to wear bra too even after my wedding so my breasts are smooth and big after I had my first daughter. But that doesn’t mean I am so beautiful. I am 5.4 brownish complex and normal looking girl.

My Sexual Fantasy Comes True – Part I

This is true story about me and my girlfriend we are having a long distance relationship, she is in Pune and I am in Bangalore. We both met in Pune 4 years ago and then we gradually kept meeting each other and fell in love and then I shifted to Bangalore for my job and she stayed there to study further her name is Shilpa and I am Karan both name changed and I promise that except for the names, this is a real story.

My Best Friend’s Mom – Part III

This is 29th story penned under the name of Sultana Sinha. If you like, the story please say, so on my mail [email protected] or [email protected]. Hi, I am Chaitanya from Patna, doing MBA at Mumbai. This story is about my best friend Dayal’s mom whom I liked a lot but could not gather courage to talk to.

Encounter At Army Camp

A nudge and the glare from a red tinted flashlight woke Tammy from her restless sleep. A voice in the darkness whispered “Lt. Olsen. Wake up. It’s 0240. You’re on watch in twenty minutes.” “I’m up…I’m up” Tammy replied sleepily. This seemed to appease the soldier and she heard the sentry shuffling out of the tent. The young nurse sat up in her bunk and let her eyes gradually adjust to the low light. Pulling on her bulky green Army fatigues she smiled at how easy it was to dress in the dark when she didn’t have to worry about color coordination. She knocked her boots against a tent support to shake out any scorpions that may have taken up residence in the night. Once her boots were tightly laced against her slim ankles she made her way out and across the dark compound. Moonlight filtered through a low fog, giving the camp an eerie deserted look. The only sounds were the natural chirps and calls of the surrounding jungle creatures. The few people stirring were moving as quietly as she or sitting still at their posts. She nodded at a young soldier, on guard duty, who sprawled lazily against a low wall of sand bags with his M-16 resting in his lap.

Fucking Super Hot Ex-Girlfriend

Hello Desitales Indian sex stories readers, this is Mr. Explicit from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. I’m a 19-year-old athletic 5 ft 10 in tall and I won’t boast about my tool it neither too long nor too short but I do have the skills to satisfy those in need. This is a bit long story about having sex with my super hot ex-girlfriend, Avantika. which will comprise of both English and Hindi so just relax and enjoy every bit of it and forgive me for my mistakes if any.

My Fantastic First Time

Hi I am Siddu from north Karnataka ,this is the real story of mine , I was in 12th std ,unknowingly starting 2 months passed of ,I was studying well and for chemistry lab we were assigned a lab in charge her name Ragini she was pursuing her Msc in the same college she was really beautiful every guy in our college had crush on her and that was Saturday we had chemistry lab ,

Sunitha Fucked By Vijay

I’m Sunita (names NOT changed) 30 yrs old female, married & I live in Mumbai. It was a warm day when my colleague introduced me to Vijay. I had joined this new office few days back & the reason we were introduced was that he lived very close to my house & could give me lift in his car. Vijay is 36 years old with sculpted athletic body & he was quite famous among females in our office & I was to actually find the reason for same. As for me; I am a malayali, reasonably good looking, very fair skinned and have a jutting ass, I always knew that people admired my ass. Those days, my husband was in a defense training camp & we would only get to meet once or twice in a month. I use to live with my in-laws. It was almost two months. I & Vijay had become very open with each other. Now he would to drop me till my building but before that we use to park the car in a row of bungalows & take lonely walks on streets every evening. Soon we started holding hands or sharing small hugs but never dared more than that. Whenever we use to share a warm hug, I use to come home, finish my chorus & immediately get in bed to finger myself to glory. Vijay had become my passion dream & I had heard so much girlie talk about his man-hood in office that I wanted him badly. Rainy season had started in Mumbai & on that lucky day it was raining like cats & dogs. On his way to drop me till my building, Vijay stopped the car some distance away from my building & asked me for a hug. We hugged for almost a minute & that even real tight. The mood in the car was passionate. My breasts were crushing against his muscular chest. My breath was catching up & my heart was out of control. My pussy was flowing & my panty was getting wet. Before things could get out of control I broke the embrace & thinking that we had reached my building, stepped out of car. Before I could realize that my building was still far, my clothes were almost completely wet. I immediately got back in the car. I was annoyed n shivering bcoz car a/c was on. He switched off engines & just stared at me. I was wearing light pastel suit & salwar. The suit was almost transparent & clung to my skin. My bra outline was totally visible & to make matters worse our hug, the rain & car’s a/c made my nipples stand out through the layers of bra & suit shirt. He had a huge bulge which was quite noticeable. As he told me later, that I looked every bit a sex goddess. His dick was straining his trouser front. I could not help but steal glances on his man-hood. To ease the tension Vijay jokingly asked me for a hug but I didn’t budge. I knew once I slipped into his arms there was no turning back. We sat in awkward silence with rain thrashing on car roof. Due to our body heat car’s glasses started frosting & for sure no one could see inside the car. All of a sudden he pulled me in his arms & planted a hot kiss on my lips. I was taken by surprise & protested but he grabbed my left boob & massaged it hard. I still protested & pushed him hard. Becoming conscious, he was too stunned on what he had just done. I had regained my composure & calmly asked him to drop me till my building. As soon as we reached my building I ran out of the car, my heart was still thumping in my ears. Every pore of my body wanted him. I turned back & saw him driving away. I had hardly reached the lift when I realized that my mobile, purse & house-keys were left in his car. As I came back to parking I found his car coming back. He must have realized that my belongings were still in his car so he had come back. Now it was raining even more heavily, I ran through the rain & slipped into his car & was again completely drenched. But he dared not look at me. We just sat there for few minutes but I did not move a muscle to collect my belongings. I asked him to drive back to bungalows, where we usually use to park the car & take strolls. Through out drive we both did not speak a word. As soon we reached the place, I gave him a kiss on his cheek. It was now completely dark outside & the only light was coming in was from a car stereo & dials. I looked at him & his eyes said millions of things. I took his hand & put it on my breast. He held it for a minute & then gave it a small squeeze. I slowly slipped into his waiting arms & hugged him tight. I raised my face & he immediately locked my lips & kissed me passionately. We must have kissed for eternity because all his clothes were wet due to hugging me. His hand was inside my suit & playing with my breasts. He took my hand & placed it over his bulge. It was enormous to touch. Vijay pulled the car seats down & pushed me down. While lying down he pushed his right leg between my thighs & separated my legs. His thigh rubbed at my love triangle. We kept kissing & fondling each other. We disengaged as his shirt was now completely wet due to hugging me in wet clothes. I slowly pulled my wet shirt off and he stared at my boobs; which are not very big in size but right size for my physique. Next instant he took off my bra & I was all naked above waist. Vijay placed his warm mouth over my now hard with anticipation nipples. Its must be great to suck semi hard, wet & chilled nipples, because I could see the look of mischief & twinkle of surprise in his eyes.

Fucking Monica Bhabhi

Hi this is Raj, just turned 25. I live in Jallandhar. This is the story when I was in 12th standard. I was preparing for my boards and my parents had to go for a marriage in Amritsar for a couple of days in month of February. As I was alone in home, so my mother asked Rahul Bhaiya to sleep with me at my place as I study till late and it might not be possible for me to go to his place.

Honeymoon At Goa With Two Cousins – Part IIl

Hello people, here is the third part. Read the first two parts before reading this one, So I woke up the next day feeling better than ever! I was with two horny cousins (Shweta and divya) in goa in a single room. The only problem was that shweta didnt know about me and divya and divya was too possesive. I was stuck between them, trying to juggle both of them. This made me want them even more. Even though I had fun with both of them, I was still a virgin.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Part 40

Main subah 10 baje utha. Reshma bhi Gul ke saath soa rahi thi. Undono ko saath lipatkar sote hue dekh mera lund phir se khadaa ho gayaa. Main utha aur bahar nikla. Balcony se dekha toh Charon ladke aur Brijesh pool ke paas paas soa rahe the. Saamne beach tha aur woha koi nahin tha. Maine socha kyu na thoada ghum aon.

A Tale Of IIT Cock And Virgin Cunt (Unabridged)

Hi friends! I hope you all are doing well in your lives. By the way, I’m Ricky (my nick name) Mehra. As a matter of fact, I live in Belapur, Navi Mumbai and did my schoolings from Don Bosco School and St. Xavier College. After scrapping my ass off by serious studies; my fate landed me on my dreamland- IIT (Delhi). Currently, Im in 3rd year pursuing Computer Science.

Raj Ne Aapne Moui Ki Ladki Ko Chooda – Part II

Hi friends this is Rahul back again with his story Raj and his sister and how he fucked his bhabhi hard. Hai to jaise kii maine aap koo last story mai bataya tha kii kaise raj ne aapne behen koo chooda aur chudai puri hone se phele he uske behen ki bhiya aur bhabhi aa gae archu ke bhiya aur bhabhi Mumbai mai rahte the, arcu ke bhabhi ek bohoot he modern lady thi aur jab wo aae to pink colour sleevless top aur jeans pehen kar aaee the. Aur ek dam gori aur proper shaped dudh the. Wo bhi aache padhe likhi thi aur unki love marriage the ab kahani par aate hai.

Becoming His Mistress

My wife and I were out with my friend Raja and his sexy wife. We were at the disco and were quite drunk but having fun dancing and drinking. The girls decided to go to the loo. Raja and I were sitting quite close together. He is about 45 and big built, very masculine guy. He is very fond of me though I am much younger and quite delicately built.

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