Pahelvan Se Chudai

Ye kahani ek garib ladaki ki hai. Pushpa ek garib ghar ki ladki thi jiske maa baap kaam karne wale the. Pushpa ko do bahane thi . Ek nanda aur dusri ka nam mamta tha. Dono bahane dhikhne me smart dikhati thi kafi handsam bhi thi.Parantu pushpa dikhne me jada sundar nahi thi. Gali ke ladke bhi pushpa ke taraf jada nahi dekhate the. Pushpa sabse chhoti thi. Puahpa bahut hi chhote kad ki aur dubli patli aur barik ladki thi. Bechari 25 saal ki hoker bhi 2o saal ki lagati thi. Uski dono bahane smart hone ke karan ladke bhi unhi ki taraf jada lagte the. Pushpa man hi man me apneaap ko kosti rahati thi.

Friend Ko Girlfriend Banake Travles Mein Choda

Hello to all my friends. Main arya aapka dost,main iss ka regular user hun aur humesha story padh ke ek baar to muth marke hi sota hun!Main ek avarage looking banda hun ! 5.5 meri height hai ! Mera lund 6inch lamba aur 2.5 inch chouda hai. Abhi apna business karta hun aur maharashtara se hun, jyada bore na karte huwe apni story ko shurwat karta hun. Yeh meri pehli story hai to please agar kuch galti ho jaye to mujhye maaf kar dena aur aapke suzaw mujhye mail karna ! Main 26 sal ka hu aur yeh kahani aaj se 2 saal pehle ki hai jab main call center main kam karta tha, waha pe mujhye ek ladki mili, naam mitalee (naam badla huwa) tab wo mujhse 2 saal badi thi uski age thi 26 aur 5.2 ki height , gora rang, ekdam gol gol boobs jaise ki kisine hath se banaye hoo…Wo ekdam sexy kamar aur wo madmast karne wali matakti gand… Uske sath pehli mulakat achhi huwi aur main usko dekhta hi rah gaya huamre introduction meeting mein! 26 ki umar or 34-24-34 ki figure..Ekdam kase huwe 34 ke boobs hay!! ..

Big Boobie Classmate

This is a fantasy story about how I fucked my big boobie classmate and made her my whore and shared her with my friends. This is my first Indian sex story. So if there is any mistake please forgive me and any advice about my writing are most welcomed. Girls and women near Thanjavur and Trichy may contact me [email protected]

The Party

Wendy and I are both in our late twenties. She’s 5 feet tall, 110 lbs., 34c, light blue eyes, and a natural redhead. Wendy has beautiful soft thick lips; just perfect for blowjobs. Being a Natural redhead, her pubic hair is red too and very soft. We’ve been together about 4 years, married a little over 2 years ago. She’s had a few boyfriends before me, but I could tell she was very inexperienced, sexually speaking.

Wet Dreams Of Being Sucked By Strangers

I am 28yrs old, with big juicy boobs 36FF and very fair skinned. I love the attention I get from men when they find excuses to brush past me, touch my boobs in public and strange men even stick their finger inside me in the market. I secretly love those fingers inside me when I don’t know who is doing it.

Unknown Lady Ko Family Member Banaya

Hello friends rekha here, apne mere bete rohan arora ki stories to padi hee hogi ki kaise usne puri family ko chudak bana diya ek dusre ke laude ka aur iss baar usne mujhe incist kiya ki aap ye stoty likho jisme aapne apni bra panty ki shop kholi or mujhe kesi nayi chuto ko chodne ke liye mila…

Didi Ko Diya Mast Maja

Hi,friend’s kaise hain sab apne meri story ‘jab tutti meri behan ki seal’ read ki iske liye thanks per sabse jada main un frds ka dhanyavad karta hu jinho muje mail kiye or muje agli story likhne ke liye bola un frds ke kahne per hi main apni agli story likhne ja raha hu to dosto jessa ki ap jante hain ki mera name rahul hai or meri sweet nd sexy didi palvi hai ghar wale jab mere mama ji yaha dus din ke liye shadi main gye mene ussi din apni behan ki chut ki virgin chut ki seal todi hum dono bhai behan bahut khush the

Caught Fucking My Pillows

Here I was 19 years old, 57 51 Kgs, brown skin and dark hair, from a small town. I spent time after school exams roaming street with friends looking at girls and waiting or dreaming to have my first go. It was a dream for most and this means had to go out to the city to get into coaching classes packed my bags and left to the city which was 60 Kms away from town and stayed in my aunt’s house.

Sleeping With Wrong Man

Hi I am a fan of ISS for last 5 years and I would like to write a story for ISS. You all defenitely love my story to read again and again and get inspired to write stories like this many more. My mail is [email protected]

Sex with Beautiful Girlfriend

Hi. ISS readers my name is Rocky….I am here to narrate my first sexual encounter with my girlfriend…….after controlling my emotions for these many days……..I am basically from Bangalore. If any hot aunty… Girl wants to have sex with me please mail me along with your response to my story to my id [email protected] So that I can satisfy you. Let me narrate my story…as I said my name is rocky and I did my engineering in Bangalore only….it all happened during my engineering…during engineering as u know now a days trend I had a close friend whose name is Latha .she is quiet a beautiful girl .with 5. 7 inch of height. And she is having a beautiful figure of 32-28-34 she is quiet dusky in color…as we were classmates. So we used to spend lots of time together…u can say we r more close than friends. .but not lovers…that’s for .sure we care of each others… She stays in hostel as she is from HUBLI. I don’t dig your mind deep to tell u how we became friends…so I will come to the actual story… day after finishing our labs in the afternoon .during out engineering we were coming out of the lab. .as usual. When we came near the exit gate of the college, she got a call from her home and she become busy to answer the phone call mean while I went to bring my bike from the parking lot. When I came near to her she told me that her parents called her and told her to come back to their hometown hubli after a weak as some guy is instructed in marrying her….while telling this her eyes where filled with tears. I asked for the reason she didn’t tell me anything and left to her hostel I too didn’t bother about it and went back to my home… In the night when I was lying on my bad I was thinking about the reason of her sorrow, at the same time I got a message from her mobile. She sent a short a message which contains” I MISS U’ I immediately called her and what was the thing after talking for half an hour she again started crying then she told me that she will message me what she think about me. I was very amused to hear but I disconnected bye sating ok….after that we chatted all the night and lastly she admitted that she is love with me form last 1 year. And she told me “I LOVE U ROCKY’ in the morning at you people can understand how long we chatted that night. So from that day onwards we became lovers. We started going out for films, hotels as we did before as friends, now we are doing it like lovers. One day we went to lalbagh (famous garden in Bangalore)… On that day we went their by bus around at12pm after our college then when we entered the lalbagh we searched for a lonely place .after half an hour we found a lonely place where no body around we sat their and when we were talking she casually kept her hand on mine. She was wearing a red t shirt and black jeans. I was in white t shirt and blue jeans. As soon as she kept her hand on mien understood her intention from her eyes, I slightly moved front and I hugged our. That was our first hug as lovers. Her boobs were pressing to my chest it was an amazing feeling. Now slowly I took her face in my hand slowly gave a kiss on her forehead, then on her eyes. Then her nose. Then I came down I kissed her chin. Then now I can see lust in her eyes. Slowly I gave a kiss on her lips. They were very smooth and nice. we started kissing so passionately that we just forgot that we were in lalbagh .we came to realize that we were in garden when some walking people in garden started shouting on us. Now by haring that we got up and hurriedly came out of the garden and took the bus and came away from that place. She was so frightened that she was still trembling to be honest at that time I was too frightened.after that I left her to her hostel and came back to my room. At the night didn’t able to sleep and I called her to her mobile at 11.30 in the night. She picked my call with in one ring and told me that she was waiting for my call. Then we chatted all the night. This time we both introduced to the whole new world of chatting .that is we chatted about sex. were so excited that she wants to have sex with me. so I too said yes hearing my response she called to my cell at around 3am.we did masturbate by talking on phone.oh god what a fantastic feeling to masturbate by talking with some hot girl. it gives you more pleasure that doing it by imagining some body. So next day when we met and confirmed is she is ready to enjoy what she yesterday after she said” I want to feel u”.then we bunked the classes and she informed in her hostel that due to some urgency she in going to her hometown and will be back after 3 days. Then we both decided to go to hotel and enjoy. But she was not ready for that. I was so disappointed but as there is a famous clause was their” LUCK FAVOURS THE BRAVE” in the mean while we were thinking what to do I got a call from my home telling me that some relatives of my mom got an accident it was serious so they want to go and meet them along with my father. They will be back after 4 days as my relatives stay in Mumbai. So after hearing that I was flying in air told this to lathe she was happier than me. So we went to a film .in the theater it was completely empty and we booked corner tickets and as soon as we sat on our chair she just pulled me towards her started kissing me. After kissing for 10 minutes. She hugged me. As we were virgins. We were UN able to enjoy more. She had her orgasm just by kissing and hugging. I too felt so wet in my underwear. So we just held each others hand and watched the film. After film we had dinner in some hotel came back to home at night10pm in the night as I don’t want my neighbors will notice us. So at 10 pm as soon as we entered in our home. I told her to take bath .she went inside and took bath and I was watching TV, when she came came she was wearing a see through sky blue color nightly cant control my self .the next story I will tell you by narrating our conversation. Rocky; ‘‘u r looking so stunning honey.’’ I tried to hug her Latha;”is it u please take your bath after that I will be yours only ” Rocky:” wait I will be back” then I went and took the shower and came back in my night shorts and t shirt with only boxers inside. As soon as I came out of room she was waiting for me in the hall. I slowly went behind her and hugged her gently she was feeling so good Latha:”please rocky not here lets go to bed room” As soon as we went to the room I pushed her on to the bed and hugged her so tightly. She too hugged me so tightly then she said Latha:”I can’t wait any more please kiss me” We started kissing each other just like wild animals. During that I removed her nighty.she was in her black bra and panty and she removed my shorts and t shirt. Now I was in my black boxers. Rockey:”honey u r looking so beautiful “I said that and started kissing her boobs on the bra. She was feeling so good Latha:’pleaseeeeeeee….. Suck them hard rockyyyyyy…… please remove ………my bra pleaseeeeeeee” Now I removed her bra she started to move her hand on my boxers. Now I got up and started kissing her nipples and boobs so hard Latha:”please….suck them. I can’t control….please…..ohhhh…Ummmm”she at one second removed my boxers and now I too removed her panty. Now we were necked rolling on bed on each other. Now I made her to sit in my lap and started kissing her lips so hard then I guided her hand on my cock she was very afraid of its size as my cock in 8 inch long and 3 inch thick. She started making to and fro motion no I released her mouth and told her Rocky;” please take my cock in your mouth and suck it” She refused it but after my pleading she took the head of my cock in her mouth and slowly she liked it and keeps sucking it wildly. At that time I was mooning like Rocky;” please… god suck ittt…..please don’t …stoppppppppp” After about 15 minutes I came in her mouth only which she drunk completely. Then she stood from their and told me Latha;”your cock is too salty but I I like your cum it’s so sweet” Then she planted kiss on my lips…then I told her its my turn. then I made her lye on bed and start kissing all over her face and neck, then start sucking her boobs one by one then came down to her navel please and start licking it she was mooning so loudly Latha;”pleaseeeeee..Rocky do ittt…don’t stoppppppp….ohhhhhhh my godddd….it feelssssss.sooooo goodddd….” Now I came down between her legs and separated her legs and she got completely shaved pussy its black in color now I slowly put my lips on her pussy and even though it was salty buy I like it and keep kissing it. Now I separated her pussy lips apart and inserted my tongue in her pussy…and start inserting my mid finger in too and fro motion she was enjoying it Latha;”ohhhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeee……don’t stoppp….lick my pussy…….pleaseeeee……..rocky I love youuuuuu…..pleaseeee….fuck me with your fingers….pleaseeee.. I increased my tongue and finger speed after about 6-7 min she started mooning loudly I came to know that she was about to come. Then suddenly she started shouting Latha:’pleaseeeeeeee…ohhhhhhhhh.ummmmmm …please…….don’t stop. I am Cummings…cumm….cumm…cumm……coomminggggggg’’’’ And she flashed her juices all over my face. Now she got up from the bed and we kissed again.thenwe hugged each other I told her Rocky;” let’s do 69” she too ready for that after some time now we both got tensed and she said Latha:”rockyyyy lets fuck…….i cant control my self” I too readily agreed and made her lye on bed and I came on her parted her legs and she kept her leg on my shoulders….no I can see her pussy. Now I took my cock in my hand and slowly rubbed it at her pussy she was so excited and lubricated she told me to insert my cock in her pussy Latha:”please don’t tease me put it inside” Now I slowly pushed my cock inside but it was too tight so I pushed it hard then Latha:”ohhhh rockyyyy pleaseeeeee take it outside I canttttttt pleaseeeeee……….take your cock out……….” As soon as I pushed it hard her pussy started bleeding but I started pumping her slowly then increased my speed Rocky:” don’t worry sweettttt heart u will be fine …your pussy is so tight….” And started pumping it it hard Latha:”pleaseeeeeeeee I beg uuuuuu don’t stoppppp tear my pussyyyyyyyyy’…….fuck mmmme fuck me harder…harderrrrrrrr.harderrrrrr……pleaseeeeeeeee.” I too increased my speed she was lifting her ass too .now after 5-7 minutes of hard pumping I was about to come so I told her Rocky:”latha I can’t hold I am cumminggggggggggg……ohhhhhh Ohhhhh goddd……your pussy… soooooo….tightttttt…..” Latha:”pleaseeeeeee……fuck me harder …..Come inside me……I want …to ….have……….your cumm……..inside ……me pleaseee………..” Latha:”ohhhhhhh goddddddd rockyyyyyyyy I am commingggggg….comminggg ummmmm…haaaaaaa” Rockey:”latahaaaa….i am commingggg….ohm…….i can’t….hold…….ohhhhhh” And I shoot my entire load inside her pussy we were slept their in that position by kissing each other……… Till now it was the night of the first day….we had many more sex…Encounters……in the ….next two days…..we had anal sex tooooo….so I will tell u about this in the next stories….. Please mail me your comments….if any aunty or girl want to have sex with me please mail me .i promise I will keep it secrete. So if u want me their in your bed room please mail me at [email protected] now its time to masturbate as I cant control any more…Bangalore aunties…girls…..i am waiting for your replies….please……send me the response

My Name Is Nik And I Am A Cuck

Lonavla.. October was a good time to visit. I had visited my farmhouse quite a few times before, right from my childhood to young days. But this time it was going to be special. Was taking my newly wed wife to the farmhouse for an ecstasy filled night. Made all arrangements there and was super excited about this. We had just returned from our honeymoon 2 weeks back. But that seems a super excited night than the honeymoon ones.

Bangalore Cousin Sister Gets Fucked After A Porn Accident!

Hi friends, I m raj from Bangalore. I am 21 years old guy with 5.6 height, 6-inch long cock. I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories. I am in my 3rd year of engineering in one of the reputed colleges in Bangalore. This incident happened when I was 20. The heroine of the story is Arpitha (name changed) 36-28-32. Her main attraction is her huge tits. Arpitha is my cousin sister. She completed her B.Com and came to Bangalore, seeking a job.

Dominating My Hot Girlfriend – A BDSM Story

Hi, Thank you, Desi Tales for giving me the platform to show that BDSM is not what we think. What we see those are sometimes extreme BDSM or out of Indian Standard. As an Indian and as a Bengali, Love is most precious which I spiced up with a little bit of this BDSM story with my girlfriend. You can say a committed live together relation, we basically love each other and ONE MORE THING IF YOU DONT LOVE EACHOTHER PRACTISE OF BDSM WOULD BE DIFFICULT. Reading this story you would be sexually aroused and emotionally high.

Masi Ho To Meri Masi Jaisi

Hi to all friends myself Vishal (name changed) aur main Kolkata ka rehne wala hoon aur iss ka regular reader hoon it’s a great site for us to read ani one’s sex experience, so dis site rocks is site ki lagvag har story maine pade hai specially from desi incest,teacher, category.

Blackmailing A Female Collegue

Hi my name is Devd, i work in a Mnc. it’s a story how I blackmailed my junior she had some problem understanding some project work and asked me for help, otherwise she could be thrown out of the company. I asked what I get in return, she said anything, I was happy in my mind. So I called her to my room on a Saturday. She agreed I opened the door, she was wearing red t-shirt and jeans and hair open.

Massage Wala

Hello every body main hun Kashif (Kashi) . main aj apke saath apni life ki ik sexy moment share karna chahta hu.mera rang whitish hai.meri Height 5.8ft average look thora shy nature ka hun.

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