My Seal Broken By My Uncle – Part I

By: Hallowin123
Hi readers of ISS, I am hallowin (nick name for this site). I am 40 year old man and I like having sex with younger girls and ladies. I am from Pune, I am healthy and gym going person and have well build body. I would like to share one story of my girlfriend who is very frank to me and tells me everything, we also chat about sex and enjoy sex too. I have 7 inches long cock. I will keep your identity confidential. I will narrate this story as told by her to me. Now about her, she was 19 year old when this incident happened and virgin at that time.
Hi I am Anita I am 32 years now and would like to share with you the incident happened when I was 19 year old. I am from Mumbai, and got admission in engineering college in Pune. I then approached my uncle (my fathers’ cousin). Actually this Uncle I was met in various functions and visited his place few times when I used to attend functions in Pune along with my father. Thus when I decided to take admission to engineering college in Pune my father asked him to guide me to find hostel and admission process etc.
My father also visited Pune with me during this time one or two times. Thus after taking admissions I started meeting my uncle quite often. I am an average built girl at that time and having my figure like 32, 27, and 32. My friend Nisha also got admission in same college so we become the room partner in hostel. My uncle told my father that no need to stay at hostel, Anita can stay at my house etc. But my father and I also not wanted to put him in trouble. So I stayed at hostel.
First year was passed like in fun and I also used to visit my uncle’s place quite often. Till this time there was no interaction with my uncle about sex and he also never looked at me in that manner. But days started passing and desire of some companion started creeping in my mind. My friend Nisha is quite frank and forward girl, she used to talk about boyfriends and sex and she also enjoyed sex once. Because of her sex talks and frank behavior, I also started feeling that why should I try out for some fun. I told her about my feeling.
The conversation went like this.
Nisha: Ohhh finally this moral doll want to have fun ahaa!! Good yaar you will get good boyfriend don’t worry.
Me: But I don’t want to spoil my career for falling in love and with boyfriend.
Nisha: Ohh! You want both its possible don’t worry
I was not wanted to get involve with local boys as I was not sure how trustworthy they will be. On Sunday I decided to visit to my uncle’s place to get some novels and movie CD’s as usual as I used to visit his place on Sunday or Saturday. I went to his place, he is 40 and bachelor and 5’8″. I pressed the door bell and uncle opened the door, he was only on his Bermuda. I could see his well build body, he was surprised to see me and said oh, Anita so early today, come in have sit, I will just come
It seems that he was doing workout, thus his voice was husky. I sat in sofa, soon he came back wearing pajama and t shirt. I saw his bear chest first time today; otherwise he is in pajama and t shirt always. Then uncle asked me about college and my studies. He said that whenever I want to study during exam, I can come down to his place and study in quite environment.
We chatted about one hour, he insisted to take lunch which I denied as myself and Nisha had planned to go out for shopping. Thus I left his house and came back to hostel, during my journey I was thinking about his well build body and talks. I and Nisha went for shopping and we did shopping till evening.
Nisha: So how’s your uncle
Me: ya he is good
Nisha: What is he doing
Me: he is having his own business.
Nisha: Ohh cooll! Hey after dinner I am going to show you something which you will enjoy to see
Me: What’s that
Nisha: Lets finish the dinner then I will show you
We finished our dinner soon and I was very eager to know what Nisha had to show me. So I asked
Me: What you want to show
Nisha: Video clips of fucking
Me: what are you mad, where from you got them
Nisha: From internet
She put on her laptop and opened the first video clip in which one lady was sucking the cock of man, first time I was watching sex video, she then started pumping the cock hard and soon the man started shouting I am Cumming, she then opened her mouth, then the man shoot his cum in her mouth like jet spray, three to four time. She swallowed it completely and sucked his cock till last drop.
Me: eee what’s this, how this can be swallowed
Nisha: Your hubby will ask you to do the same dear after marriage
Me: No way it seems very disgusting
Meanwhile Nisha started other video clip in which the man was fucking lady in doggy style and she was yelling fuck me, fuck me.
The man was fucking her really hard. Seeing that I started feeling wet in my pussy. He also released his cum in her mouth. In third video clip, two men were fucking a lady, one in anus and one in pussy. I was amazed to see that
Me: Oh my god, how she can take two persons at time
Nisha: She is hot bitch, she will take even more
Me: But in anus, its not paining?
Nisha: Initially it pains but after that it’s ok
Me: how you know?
Nisha: I had didlo in my anus
Me: what’s that
She then opened her cupboard and showed me two toys like things having shape like cock.
Me: It’s so big, you are inserting this in your anus?
Nisha: yes dear, you want to try?
Me: I am virgin, don’t want to try such things
Nisha: so you want to try real cock, you must be feeling wet in your pussy na… tell me
And she winked
Me: ya, I am feeling wet, Hey it’s late, lets go to sleep
Nisha: Why so early dear and she squeezed my boobs,
She used to do so when she was feeling horny; I didn’t mind it as I felt good when she did that.
Nisha: I want to see your boob’s yar, please show me they are really firm
Me: You naughty, why you want to see mine
But she caught hold of my t shirt and pulled it up, at night I am not wearing bra so she got view of my well shaped 32D size boobs.
Nisha: Wow it’s like tennis balls dear good, she was squeezing it hard, I closed my eyes and she soon started to suck my nipples. I then stopped her as I don’t want to go further and she was also not lesbian, so she also stopped.
Nisha: Hmmm you are really hot dear
Me: Let’s go to sleep
While in bed again I started thinking about my uncle. His bare chest was coming in my mind. Then thought came to my mind, why not to try uncle? He is bachelor and trustworthy also. But I erased that thought as it will not be possible. Next Saturday there was half day lecture off. So I planned to visit my uncle’s place, and told Nisha that I will come in the evening.
Looking me at the door uncle was very happy, come Anita, what’s up, then I told him that the college lectures are not there so I thought to watch TV, for some time.
Uncle: yes Anita, relax and watch the TV, I have to take bath, I was busy in the morning just came back from friends place.
Me: ok uncle
Uncle went to his room, there were two bathrooms in uncle’s house, one was adjacent to kitchen and another was in master bed room. Although he was bachelor, he liked to stay with luxury and house was having good interiors. The other room he was using as his study room in which there was big table and sofa and one single bed.
The thought of seeing uncle naked while bathing was came to my mind, but I couldn’t dare to go to his room. After 20 minutes I heard uncle opened the bathroom door. I thought he must be on towel, why not give try so that I can get some glimpse of his body. So I went to uncle’s room purposely to ask him if I can use his computer, uncle was rubbing his hairs with small towel and another towel was around his waste.
Me: Uncle, can I use your computer?
Uncle: oh Anita, come sit and he indicated towards bed.
Me: it’s ok, you finish your work, I just wanted to see my mail, so thought to use computer.
Uncle: ya sure, sit down, I will just finish and he again indicated to sit on bed. So I sat on corner of bed. He was rubbing his crotch over the towel to dry it up. I was praying god so that the towel can fell down and I could see his cock. Two times he held his cock above the towel and shakes it. I was looking eagerly at his actions.
Uncle: I will just come and he went to bathroom and put on the clothes and came out. My desire to see his cock was remained as it is. Then he switched on the computer for me and sat in sofa. I thought he must be having some porn material in his computer. So I searched for video files but couldn’t get one. In email browser history also there was nothing.
We keep chatting, I checked my mails and then he prepared tea for me. As usual he asked me to come to stay at his house for one week, so that I can enjoy the quite atmosphere and watch movies etc. I left his home and come back to my hostel room. While coming I was again thinking about uncles actions, how he is controlling his feeling towards women? Or whether I am his niece that’s why he was not showing interest in me, that’s what I was wondering.
Looking at me Nisha said: oh how’s your uncle, why are you troubling the old man dear!
Me: Shut up he is not old
Nisha: oh really! What’s his age then
Me: He is 40
Nisha: ok not so old then
I was about to tell her about my feelings towards my uncle. But the subject changed and she also didn’t ask much about him.
At night she again started her laptop and put on the video clip, in which the 20 year girl was riding on 40 year old mans cock.
Nisha: He must be of your uncle’s age, see how’s he enjoying
Me: oh what a thick cock he is having, I wanted to say something to you
Nisha: what’s that dear any problem?
Me: actually one thing is bothering me, it’s about my uncle
Nisha: oh, what’s that
Me: I started liking my uncle actually
Nisha: what are you mad, he is so older to you
Me: Actually, he looks much younger to his age
Nisha: Interesting, tell me further
Me: when you shown me the video clips, and earlier when you talked about your boyfriend, the desire of enjoying sex crept in my mind, and when I saw my uncles bare chest, I started liking him, then I thought why not to try him to fulfill my desire, I don’t want to get involve with local boys and he is trustworthy also
Nisha: Good, you have prepared well, I believe, and I think I must see your uncle once, what kind of person he is who made a 20 year old sexy girl crazy.
And she started pressing my boobs. I stopped her and asked
Me: What do you think,
Nisha: Well, well, you have to attract him towards you first dear, you are so sexy and hot, but you are wearing Punjabi dress always, try some jeans and tops, give him glimpse of your boobs and waist. So next day we went for purchase of nice jeans and tops which will show maximum of my body. And Saturday I went to uncle house, looking at me, I noticed that for a moment he forgot to ask me to come in then he said,
Oh ho what a change, I couldn’t recognize you one moment, come in Anita” Then I sat on Sofa and he sat opposite to me. Then he asked, you have changed according to this city culture it seems, you are looking so beautiful. Thanks,” I replied with smile, I noticed that He couldn’t take his eyes from my boobs which were half visible from my low cut top.
Then He asked, would you like to have cup of tea? I will just bring” then I said, No uncle, today I will prepare it for you” Uncle said, “No Anita its ok, I will prepare it. Then I said, Nothing doing, I will prepare it for you and moved to kitchen. Then he also followed me to kitchen. He showed me where is tea, sugar is kept. Then I looked at him and asked, “How much sugar, you like and purposely scratched my right boob.
Looking at my boob he said, 2 spoons” and he sat on the chair. Soon tea was ready, he was feeling breathless looking at my boobs. Then I asked, “Uncle how you are passing your time, when you are alone, you must be feeling boar na! Then he laughed and said, Ya I am feeling boar and lonely, that’s why I asked you to come for stay here for one week, so that we can enjoy, something.
I looked in his eyes and said, “Something means? Then he said, “I mean we can go out for shopping, watch movies and have some fun”
Me: Ok, I will think about it for sure, one week, I will come for stay
I was there for another hour and uncle touched on my thighs, back and cheeks while talking and when he cracked jokes. Which he never did earlier, I thought of putting more oil in the fire and said, “Uncle you don’t have any girl friend?
Uncle: No I don’t have then he looked at my waist and said but I feel I should have one.
Me: Ok uncle, I have to leave
Uncle: What’s hurry, stay for some more time.
Me: No uncle, I have some work to do
Uncle: Ok as you wish
When I reached at my room, Nisha was ironing her clothes, then she asked how the visit to uncle’s place was. I told her what happened.
Nisha: oh good, you should have stayed back to your uncles place yar, he must have fucked you in the night.
Me: Yes, but I am still not having courage
Nisha: Don’t worry, he himself will make courage to request you to fuck your ass dear.
Me: He is asking to come for stay at his house for one week
Nisha: Great, we will do one thing, this Saturday, I will also come with you, I will talk in such a manner that he should feel removing his pants.
Me: But how
Nisha: We have to talk about sex and pregnancy, I will start the topic and you just talk in same line.
Then next Saturday, I and Nisha went to my uncle’s place. We also took pair of some cloths, so that if uncle insists to stay at his house we will stay back for Sunday and return on Monday morning. Nisha and me both wore low waist jeans and low cut short top, in which our half of the boobs were visible. To cover ourselves we wear jackets. As we reached at uncle’s row house, we removed our jacket and kept in the sack. Uncle opened the door and he was surprised to see two beauties at the door.
Uncle: Oh Anita, come in, I was expecting you, who is this
He looked at Nisha from top to bottom and locked his view on her big boobs.
Me: Uncle she is Nisha, my friend, we were coming from one function, thought to drop in to meet you on the way.
Uncle: Hi Nisha how are you?
Nisha: I am fine uncle, how are you
Uncle: I am good, I heard your name from Anita, but did not know that you were so beautiful
Nisha looked at me and smiled and replied “Thanks uncle”.
Then we sat on sofa in the hall
Uncle: Have a sit, I will prepare tea for you
Nisha: No it’s ok
Uncle: No, you are my guest today, how I can leave you without offering tea?
Nisha: Ok as you wish and grinned
Uncle went in kitchen, Nisha whispered in my ears, “Hey your uncle is really handsome dear, he made my pussy wet”
Me: I know, do some thing so that he will act differently
Nisha: yes, just let me talk to him
Mean while uncle came with tea and asked what’s you girls are talking about?”
Nisha : Nothing uncle actually we saw something very funny so we were talking about it.
Uncle: Oh what’s that
Nisha: Nothing uncle, can’t explain, you will laugh at us
Uncle: No don’t worry, you can share with me
Nisha: We saw dogs meting on the road side, both were coupled in each other
Uncle: Oh! Its natural, looking at them everybody feels hot, you feel same
Nisha: yes but, why they gets coupled when meting, it’s really looks funny
Uncle: Yes, you are right, actually dogs penis gets expand and locks inside the pussy of female dog
Nisha: oh really, and how it comes out then
Uncle: when the meting is complete dog releases its sperm in female dog’s pussy and then it shrinks and then it unlocks
Nisha: oh then why it’s not happening in case of men? Oh, what stupid I am, sorry I couldn’t hold my curiosity thus asked.
Uncle: It’s ok, you consider me as your friend and ask me whatever you want, in case of men the penis head didn’t expand and thus it didn’t get locked in pussy.
Nisha: oh interesting
Uncle: Yes it is, and it made me horny too
Nisha: How uncle? What happened and he then looked at me and Nisha and pointed at his trousers, there was slight tent in place of his cock.
Nisha laughed and said, “Oh uncle, you are so naughty” and without wasting time she grabbed his cock over trousers and looked at me and said Oh it’s really hard” and started moving her palm on it and said, “uncle you are really hot, I couldn’t control to touch your tool”
Uncle: don’t control yourself, do what ever you want, and looked at me and smiled, I also smiled back and sat next to him
Nisha: oh take it out otherwise it will tear your trousers
Uncle immediately obeyed her as if he was waiting for that and he stand up and pulled down his trousers. His cock sprung in action and it was slightly moving up and down
Nisha quickly hold it and started moving her hand on it.
Nisha: oh my god it’s huge, uncle you are really handsome, Anita hold it don’t shy
Uncle: Anita do whatever you want
I was breathing heavily and can’t believe my self, Nisha guided my hand on his fully erect 8 inch cock, I hold it tight, the moment was come, which I wanted to happen. I wrapped my fingers around it and started moving it up and down on his cock’s length.
Uncle: good, Anita, I love you dear, I was waiting for this long
Me: yes uncle, me too and I increased my speed, his cocks foreskin was moving back and forward and his pink bulb was looking awesome while disappearing and reappearing in and out of skin.
Uncle: suck it Anita
I looked at Nisha she was licking uncles balls, she then hold the cock and pushed my head towards it, without second thought, I opened my mouth and started sucking his pink head while Nisha started licking bottom of his shaft and he was pressing Nisha’s boobs hard. Nisha stopped licking his cock and removed her top and went to his face, uncle extended his hands to unhook her bra.
Uncle: oh my god, you are so sexy Nisha, and he started sucking her nipples.
I started sucking his cock very hard and I was moving my mouth on top to bottom of his shaft.
Uncle: suck it, yes, good, yaaaa, nice
Me: I will make you cum
Nisha: suck him hard Anita
Me: hmmmm, mmm, yes it’s nice
Uncle started giving jerks, and he stand up, Nisha immediately came near to his cock and opened her mouth, I understood that he is about to release his cum, I also took the position and opened my mouth, uncle was shaking his cock hard and held my head close to his cock and within few second he shoots his cum in my mouth like jet spray, three shoots in my mouth and remaining two in Nisha’s mouth, it tasted salty, this was my first taste of cum, some drops felled on Nisha’s cheeks and boobs.
Nisha swallowed it, and looked at me and I also swallowed it. She hold his cock tight and started sucking it hard
Uncle: suck it baby, ohhhh, you both are too hot and sexy
Me: uncle, you have to fuck me today, I am waiting for that
Nisha: Fuck her virgin pussy and ass uncle, she is waiting for it long time
Uncle: yes I will fuck both of you today dear, come Anita, I want to see your boobs
Nisha: Suck her boob’s uncle, she is really hot
Uncle pulled my top and stared kissing me on my lips, while Nisha was busy sucking his cock. Uncle unhooked my bra
Uncle: oh nice, you are having well shaped pair of boobs dear, I want to suck it, he then started sucking my left nipple while pressing hard the right boob.
Me: mmmmm, yes suck it, its feeling great, aaaa, yes
Uncle: I will suck it whole night dear, mmmm, yes, it’s really feeling great
Me: Uncle it’s your, suck it hard, aaaaaaa
While sucking my boobs he slides his hand in my jeans and placed his palm over my panty on my pussy. My pussy was already wet.
Me: ohhhh, yes, I am wet, your cock make it wet
Nisha was working hard on his cock and soon his cock was fully erect. She now started sucking his balls and took them completely
Uncle: oh suck them hard Nisha, Anita now I want to fuck you
Me: yes uncle fuck me hard
Nisha come to my help and unzipped my jeans, and uncle pulled it down. He started moving his palm on my pussy area
Uncle: oh you are really very wet, I want to taste your juice and he pulled down my panty. Nisha was smiling and looking at me.
Nisha: Suck her pussy uncle
Uncle : Yes I can’t wait much, he then laid me on sofa and spread my legs, he started moving his fingers on the vagina lips
Me: hhhhhh, ya, oooo,mmmmm, do it hard, yessss
Uncle: yes dear
And he placed his head in my thighs and started licking my g spot.
Me: ohhhh, mmmmm yhhh, yess, suck it, eat my pussy
Nisha positioned herself below him and started sucking his dick again. Soon I felt that I am releasing my cum
Me: Nisha, I am Cumming, ohhhhhh, mmmmm,aaaa
Uncle was sucking my pussy hard soon I released my first orgasm.
Nisha: Its time to fuck her pussy, she is ready to take your cock
Uncle: yes, I am desperate to fuck her
Uncle positioned himself between my legs, Nisha spread my thighs and hold it in her hand. Uncle started rubbing his cock on my pussy lips.
Me: yes uncle, ohhhh its hot, aaaaa, good
Uncle: yes dear I will fuck you hard
Nisha: Push your cock in her uncle
Uncle hold my waist and pushed my cock hard inside my pussy, I screamed as his cock pulled apart my pussy lips wide
Nisha: don’t worry dear it will be little pain
Uncle started moving his half entered penis in and out of my pussy. He then keep doing it for another minute or so
Nisha was watching his cock while moving in and out and probably waiting for her turn to come. Uncle then pushed his cock hard and it went inside completely.
Me: ohhhh, myyy, gooooood, aaaaaaa
Nisha put her hand on my mouth and indicated uncle to fuck
Uncle: yessss, I am fucking you Anita and he started fucking me really hard.
Me: oh it’s paining, please remove your cock
Nisha: its ok just bear it for some time
Uncle was ramming his cock in my pussy mercilessly as if he is not listening to me. Nisha started caressing my pussy with her palm and then I started feeling good.
Me: yes fuck me, fuck meeee, harddd, mmmmm, aaa, aaa, ooo
Uncle: aaaaa , I amaa, fucking you dear
Nisha: Yes good, fuck her
Uncle: I am cumming dear
Nisha: release your cum in her pussy, she is on pills
But uncle was not listening what she said and I am too was least bothered.
Uncle: aaaaaaaaaaa, yessss
Me: mmmmm, aaaa, ohhhhh and he gave final jerk and shoot his cum in my pussy.
Nisha: good cum hard, release all your cum, Uncle hold me tight and kissed on my lips, we kept kissing for one minute, uncle then wiped the blood oozing out of my pussy with his hanker chief, Nisha pulled his cock out from my pussy and started sucking it hard. Making it ready for next fucking session!

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