I Helped The Helpless Girls And Their Mom

Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.
I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.
Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.
I am a Govt Service Holder but I do not avail Govt Service Quarter. Because in Bangladesh as per Government Rules 7.5% maintenance charge plus entire house rent is deducted from the salary for service quarter and as my salary it becomes an amount of Tk. 15,000. But I pay only 10,000 for my rental apartment. So I never avail service quarter. There is only one problem that every after few years I have to change the apartment as the Govt has no control upon house-owners and they increase the rent as desired and which becomes a burden on the dwellers. As a result I changed my flat in 2006.
I remain very busy, so I can’t be introduced with my neighbors soon. It also happened at the new place and I couldn’t know about my next door neighbor within the next two months. I came to know about them when one day I saw a fairy-like girl with a baby in her lap at the yard in front of the house. The house, in which I hired my flat, had a main gate adjacent with the road. A pocket-gate was to enter and there was a wide space in between the main gate and the building, which was shaded. That day returned from the office when I entered through the pocket-gate I saw the girl there and got a shock. How nice the girl was!
In that night in the dinner table I introduced the subject about that girl and only after then I was informed that the girl was the elder daughter of my neighbor Mr Mamun. Mr Mamun had only two daughters and no son. The older was Brishti, whom I saw earlier was married. My wife regretted about Brishti that she was an intelligent student, but as she was an unnatural beautiful girl, the depraved street boys always molested her on the way of her school. Even some of those boys proposed to marry her and warned that if her parents wouldn’t be agree to give marriage they would kidnap her or throw acid on her face. At last being find no way they tried to give marry her. Brishti was then a student of class nine. Meanwhile they found a marriageable young and without any condition finished her marriage.
Mr Azad, Brishti’s husband, who was serving in Australia, came to see her ailing mother at that time for a month. Suddenly his parents got the offer from Brishti’s parents and they agreed within nom time and the marriage had been done. Mr Azad stayed only three days with Brishti and left for Australia before two years. After nine months of his departure Brishti born a female baby named Dipti. Azad had informed that he would not visit Bangladesh within next three to five years. After marriage Brishti didn’t continue her study and the situation became very critical that a rumor was aired that Azad had marry an Australian lady there.
After hearing the entire story I commented “so the fact is, Brishti has no way in her hand without Azad. She had been married at her early age about 16 years and has given birth of a kid. It would be very tough to give her marriage again, otherwise without getting divorce from Azad it is not possible. So Brishti would have to pass her several years within anxiety, not only she but her entire family would suffer.” I expressed my sympathy and my wife opined that I have told the right.
In that night I couldn’t sleep but in the whole night I saw Brishti’s appearance in my memory. At last I asked myself, “why I am thinking about that girl?” Then and then I got the reply “The girl is immensely beautiful and she is passing her days lonely and there is no possibility to get her husband soon. So I must have to try for getting the chance. In one way she is a married girl and the other is she has given birth a kid, so she must passing her days with sufferings from sexual desire and why I wouldn’t try to betterment for both of us?” I decided that from the very next day I would try to abuse Brishti. There was only obstruction that is the age difference between us, Brishti was then 18 and I was 40 and she called me by ‘uncle’.
Most of the afternoons I met Brishti at the terrace, where she passed idle times with the other children’s playing. Her baby was at her lap and she watching their play. I began to went downwards and enjoyed their play also. I had the main target to make a relation with Brishti. So I began to chat with her about various topics. Sometimes I took her baby in my lap and caressed her. Soon Brishti became very free with me and chatted with me with an open mind. I decided to bring out her mental and sexual dissatisfaction, so I started to chat that way very carefully. Our age difference vanished soon and she avoided calling me ‘uncle’. Brishti was very fair-complexioned and medium figured girl with 36C-28-40 body construction. She was about 5’-3” tall and her long hairs touched her buttock.
Once I asked Brishti -> “when your husband will return to the country”?
She replied in a gloomy voice => “I don’t know”.
-> “Then what are you thinking about your life”?
=> “Really I don’t know, I can’t even think about me and my daughter’s future”.
-> “Your husband is absent for a long time, do you not feel his absence with your mind and body? After all you must have some physical demand and nobody can avoid it. Every adult human being has this demand, particularly who passes through the experience, they suffer most. You also have to meet up the requirements, what do you think about that?”
=> “You are right, sometimes I feel so lonely and physical hunger but I am an unfortunate girl, I have to pass my life such way.”
-> “You are thinking in a wrong way, you are a nice girl. Maximum educated girls in our country do not get marriage in your age. You are very beautiful to look at and you are so charming. Any young guy would want you to marry. Why you will pass your life alone. Be free and enjoy the life, there are so many ways to enjoy, why are you covering yourself inside a hard shell. You are not unlucky at all, you have to do many thing, please listen to me and enjoy your life. Your husband is must not passing his days without lady and he may never come back to you, think that way, why you will act like ‘shati-sabitri’. Please don’t do experiment with your life in such way, if you want, do experiment in other way, that way which is full of excitement and enjoyment.”
She was listening me like an attentive student in the college. When I stopped she laughed and told “I have never thought in that way.”
In the next day afternoon I went downstairs and saw Brishti was standing there lapping her daughter. She smiled string me. I told her to give her daughter to me and while she was transferring her daughter to me I intentionally rubbed her one nipple with my hand. Her 36C cupped round breasts were totally plump, stiffed and supple. I noticed earlier that she didn’t wear undergarments. So I felt the stiffed hard touch with my hand. When I touched her nipple she looked at my eyes and I smiled with lustrous eyes, she also smiled in reply. After that it became my routine job to touch her nipple and slightly press her boobs in tricks and deceptions. Gradually Brishti also wanted to give her daughter in my lap whenever I met her in the afternoon.
Meanwhile my children’s yearly final exam had over and they decided to go for a tour in our native village. Obviously I informed that to Brishti and she asked me how many days I would pass there. I told her that I wouldn’t get enough leave from my office, so I would have to return within two or three days. But my wife could manage a long leave from her office and she would accompany her children there. I will cook my food alone and live alone in my flat, I saw lust in Brishti’s eyes. My sixth sense informed me that something may going to happen. I returned after passing four days in my village, rest of my family stayed there for more fifteen days.
I returned on the Wednesday and met Brishti on the Thursday afternoon and narrated her many new experience of going my native village. She was giggling and I saw her giggling for the first time, she looked more beautiful while giggling. I pressed her boobs with my arm several times while snatching her baby from her lap that the baby was not willing to come to me. I felt the bulging of her fat nipples which were stiffed and hardened. I thought she felt sexual arouse while I was touching her boobs. It was a positive sign to me and my heart was bumping inside my chest.
In the next day, the Friday and the weekly holiday, I had just finished my cooking, my doorbell rang. It was beyond my imagination that after opening the door I saw Brishti was standing there. She had held something in her hand and want permission to enter. I opened the door widely and she entered into my flat. I kept the door opened but she told me to close the door. I asked her about the aim of her coming and she show me the things which was she holding in her hand. I saw that the things were some parts of a machine and she told me to unite the parts. I asked about the parts and she told me that the parts were of a grinding machine and she had detached the parts to clean the machine but she couldn’t unite them again.
The complexity was that, the parts had to unite with two screws at their both ends but at the middle there was a spring and while anyone would try to fix the screw he would have to fix both of them at a time, otherwise the parts separates soon for the hard spring springs it. So Brishti couldn’t unite the parts. I observed the situation and took my tools from the drawer. The screws should have to fix with the screwdriver but if I fixed one end, the other end displaced. I tried for several times but failed. I observed the case and realized that the mission would be successful if someone would hold the both end of the parts tightly with the ground, then the spring couldn’t act on it.
I informed Brishti about the whole situation and told her what she would have to do. Then I set the machine on the floor and told her to hold the both end of the parts with both hand tightly pressing towards the floor. Brishti tried to hold the parts tightly sitting on her foot but the parts sprang out as she couldn’t apply her full strength. When she held the machine I could see the cleavage of her breasts and my heart began to throb. I could see the deep crack from up and she had no bra inside her maxi gown.
Then I collected the parts again and told her to hold again. This time she knelt down on the floor to apply her full energy over the machine. As she stooped forward, the front edge at the throat of her maxi gown, which she wore, swung down and made a large hollow there and I could see her both breasts whole with nipples. What a nice scene it was! I couldn’t move my sight from there and stared at her beautiful plump breasts. The grapes like large, fat and stiffed nipples were brown in color and swelled surrounded with large brown aureole which gave another beauty to the breasts. I was not in my sense then and could only stare at the nice plump breasts. Brishti waited for a while and when she noticed that I was staring through the hollow space and her whole boobs were visible. She noticed my eye-line and understood what I was looking at. She became blushed and asked “what are you looking at?”
I was in unconsciously flabbergasted and murmured “wow! How nice those are, I think those are the roses of heaven.” Brishti pushed on my hand and asked “what is happened? Fix the screw.” I again stared at her nice boobs and then she uplifted her head and the hollow had been closed. I fell the screwdriver on the floor and told “then I will not do anything for you, at least let me see the heavenly roses.” Brishti again blushed and told “do you like these?” I told “immensely, I could die for those.” Then Brishti told me “so, fix the screw and repair my machine first, you would have not to die, I’ll show you later.” I told she to hold the parts again and she bend her body forward again and I could see her heavenly voluptuous breasts.
Brishti’s face was very closed to me, I looked at her eyes and she was staring at me and our eyes contacted. We contacted our eyes for a long minutes and I noticed that her nose-tip was sweated. Drops of sweat are gathered there and it looked very nice. I desired to lick the sweaty nose but I controlled myself and fixed the screw. I tasted the machine and it was okay. Brishti was sitting there and watching my work. After setting up the machine I told her to taste and the machine was working properly. Brishti smiled and told “thank you, I couldn’t fix it without your help. Then I told her “so now pay my remuneration.” Brishti smiled and asked “then what remuneration do you want?”
I looked at her eyes directly with lustrous eyes and told “I want to sniff the best flowers of the heaven, what are bosomed there”, I indicated her boobs. She again blushed and told “I am feeling shy, now I am keeping my eyes closed and you should have to do whatever you want. I stepped towards her and she covered her eyes with her both palms. My body was shuddering in excitement but I tried my best to complete the job neatly. Brishti wore a maxi-gown and some buttons were in front of the gown. I unbuttoned those one by one and spread the front parts of the gown. The nice plump breasts were then stiffed towards me and I could see the nice grapes like fat nipples surrounded by black aureole and at the edge of the aureole there were some granules like prickly heat.
I knew that Brishti wouldn’t impede me whatever I do. So I bend my head downwards and without any hesitation I stretched my tongue and touched with the tip of her one nipple. Brishti’s body shivered and she told nothing. I got the green signal and I soon grabbed the other breast with my hand and began to nibble her nipple with my nail. Meanwhile I took the other nipple into my mouth and began to suck like a baby. I hugged her with my other hand and then she applied her body weight upon me. I opened her palms and removed from her face and then I planted a deep kiss on her lips and then she began to response with my act.
I slipped the straps of the maxi gown from her shoulder and the gown dropped on the floor and her upper body became fully nude, then she was only in the petticoat. I hugged her tightly and her large melons were smashing with my hairy chest. I took her lips into my mouth and began to suck. Her breath was heavy and I felt her warm breath on my face. I then began to lick her kiss her whole face and I desired to bite her nice soft cheeks but she would get hurt. I kissed on her eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and throat. It was very pleasant for me and I was then acting like a crazy man. I squeezed her soft nice plump boobs and then desired to suck her boobs nicely.
So I lifted her body on my hand and I bore the body to my bed and fell on the bed. Then I began to suck one and knead other voluptuous boobs. Brishti began to moan mmmmmm aaaaahhh aaaahhh ooooh hhhhssshh aaaah mmmmm nnnnnnn sssssshhhhh aaaahhh uuuuhhh sssshhhhhaaaa aaasshhhee. I was sucking her nice plump boobs and nipples and cleavage. Then I began to lick her tummy and I inserted my tongue into her deep naval hole and licked there, then I licked her abdomen and reached at the string of her petticoat. I grabbed her pussy over the petticoat and felt the softness of the vigorous pussy and its deep slit. I then untied the string of the petticoat and removed it from her legs.
Brishti’s pussy became uncovered and I looked at it from a short distance and stared for few minutes. I couldn’t move my eyesight from there for its beauties. Neatly shaved, fair-complexioned and with fatty pussy lips that was a gigantic camel-toed pussy. The clitoris was fully absent at the surface of the pussy, Only the fatty lips bearing a deep crack between them and the long crack started with a whirl at the pubic and went towards the crotch and disappeared inside the thighs. I took my face at the top of the pussy and began to sniff the pussy aroma. The sweet sexy fragrance was going inside my nostrils and made me hornier.
Meanwhile, my 8” long and 2” diameter circumcised penis erected and became hard like an iron-mast and it was tingling inside my lungi. I felt the pre-cum dripping from the tip of my penis and drenching my lungi. I sniffed the while pussy with pubic surface and groin and downwards till her asshole and then touched my tongue to lick the nice pussy. I inserted my tongue through the pussy crack and licked nicely. I parted the fatty pussy lips and saw a tiny reddish clitoris hidden inside the pussy crack and the pink pussy canal also was visible. I licked the clitoris and the pussy hole, which was filled with oozing pre-cum and I drank all the brackish liquid.
I was licking the tiny clitoris to irritate and it was stiffing hard and she was moaning loudly. She was pressing my head with her nice thighs and made the friction harder with her pussy and my mouth. She was continuously moaning mmmmm aaaahhhh aaaahhhh sssiii ssshhh hh shhh ssshhhh iiiissshh ooohhhh uuuhhhh ooommmmm uuuurrrcchhh and impatiently swayed her bum and I grabbed her breasts tightly and tried to patient her but suddenly she began to moan louder oooohhhhh oooooohhhhh oooooohhhh ooohhhho oooooohhhh ohoooooohhhhhoo aaaaaaaahhhhhhh iiiiiiissssssssh uuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff and I felt some spasms at her pussy and she spurted her orgasm then.
I licked the nectar oozing through the pussy canal and drank to the last drop and then got up. I looked at her face and then her face was filled with serene. I asked her about her feelings and she told me that “I never experienced this earlier, because the days I had passed with my husband he used me once or twice a night and he went directly to the inserting process, it is totally new to me and gave me immensely pleasure what you did just now.” I asked her if she is interested to lick my tool or not. She informed me that she did not do it earlier but she wants to do that. I invited her to lick my penis and I lain on my back on the bed and my large penis made a huge tent with my lungi. I saw that Brishti was staring at the tent with a lusty eye.
Brishti sat beside me, untied the knot of my lungi and dragged it to uncover my penis. My penis was stiffly stood headed towards the roof. Seeing my steel-hard stiffed penis she told “oooffffsss, oh my god, how large it is!” I asked her “why are you astonishing, have you not seen your husband’s cock?” Brishti looked at me and told “of course I saw that, but that was about half comparing with yours.” She grabbed my penis and her whole palm was required to occupy that. Then she rubbed my penis head with her thumb and applied the oozing slippery saliva at the whole penis head. She applied pressure to measure its rigidity and exclaimed “it’s very hard like an iron-rod.” I smiled and told “I think it could rub the inner side of your pussy nicely”. She pressed my penis and smiled and yanked at me.
Then she stooped her body and took my penis into her mouth, the penis occupied the whole circumference of her mouth hole and she was surrounding her tongue with the bulged neck and I felt immense pleasure for her licking. She began to move forward and backward her mouth and also her hand grabbing my penis. Her warm mouth made me hornier and I also uplifted my waist to insert my dick deeply into her mouth and it touched her throat. I was kneading her breasts and pinched her nipples. Within 7/8 minutes I came to my ejection and shoot my load into her mouth. She sucked the whole load and drank entirely.
Then my penis became limp and I need some time to rejuvenate it. So I again laid her on her back and began to knead her breasts and licked her pussy. My penis rejuvenated within 15 minutes and I invited her to start the real game. Brishti frighteningly asked me “your tool is very fat, would it not hurt me.” I convinced her “oh no, never think that way, your pussy canal is elastic and it will expanded to slip in my penis inside your canal.” She became impressed and then approved me to go for the real game. I sat in between her legs and parted her legs wider. Then I sat on my knees and set my penis head at the orifice of her pussy hole which was well-lubricated with her pre-cum juices. I saw the cavity was filled with the shining pre-cum.
Keeping stuck my penis head with the orifice of her pussy canal I applied some pressure from my waist and my strawberry shaped circumcised pointed penis head popped in and disappeared into the orifice with its bulged neck. Then I stooped forward and grabbed her breasts with both of my hands and gave few heavy jolts. My penis shoved entirely inside her tight pussy and she shouted in exquisite “aaaaaah, it is hurting, oohh ooohh ooohh ooohh, please move slowly, I’m feeling pain.” I halted for a while and then slowly began to move my penis through the well lubricated pussy hole.
Brishti’s cunt was so tight for my penis and the pussy wall grasped my penis heavy tightly and she was shouting with my every move but I didn’t rest her and continuing to run my penis. Gradually Brishti calmed down and instead of shout she began to moan slightly ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh uh uh uh. I then sat on my bum and pulled my penis out and within the second again thrust till its base, I did it for several times. I rubbed my penis head with her clitoris before thrusting in and the friction between the pussy hole and my penis was giving me immense pleasure and I also moaned oh oh oh.
I fucked her grabbing her both the breasts and titillated her nipples with my nails of index fingers. She was creaming in ecstasy and wanted more heavy thrust and swaying her waist impatiently. I then lain on her body stretching my legs backwards and resting my body weight on my knees I was driving my penis with full strength. At that time I was kissing her and sucking her lips and kneading her breasts. The triple action took her to the highest stage of sex and she began to scream oooooooh ooooooh oooooooh ooooooh oooooooh aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm aaaaaaaah aaaaaaahh iiiiiissssshhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhh uuuuuhhhsss uuuuuufffffff.
I fucked her in that position for few minutes and then got up and rolled her body on her left flank and sat on her left thigh. Then I lifted her right leg upwards and hugging the leg I shoved my entire length of my penis into her pussy hole. My penis was hitting with the opening of her womb. She began to screaming louder and louder and threw her leg and I felt some spasm of her inner pussy muscle with my penis. She reached to her orgasm and with great moan oooooooooooohhooohhoooooooooooooohhhhhh iiiiiiiissssssssssshhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuufffffffffffsssssssssssssss she ejected. I drove my penis for about more two minutes and came to the end point of my ejection and at the last moment I yanked my penis from her pussy and ejected my load on her nice supple belly.
After that day Brishti came to my flat and I fucked her till her husband took her to Australia. Dear readers, after that Brishtis younger sister Borsha willingly offered herself to fuck and if you want to know about that please read the story in Part-2. Please feel free to mail me if you have any comments/suggestion regarding the story at [email protected]

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