Fucked My Shy Girlfriend

Hi ISS Readers,
Dear Readers, This is my first and only sex experience happened in my life. I am very new to Indiansexstories.net. One of my friend told me about this site when I was working in USA. After regular reading of many stories on ISS, I felt to write my personal life experience.
I am Ajay (name changed for privacy), 31 Years old. I am originally from Hyderabad. I am 5ft 10 Inches height, fair complexion and good looking guy. I got many compliments for my face features. I am not really athletic but average built. I was comfortable talking to girls as I talk with just empty mind and no expectations of any sort and could carry on conversations. Many girls even complimented me saying I am different guy and they get to know many new things when they do conversations with me, but I never did on romance or sex.
I met my heroine of the story through online dating portal, fropper in June, 2010. I was in USA that time. I came to about this site some website Ads. I registered and started chatting with girls to pass the time. The girls name is Sneha (name changed for privacy). She is 23 years old that time and studying MCA Second year. She is from a town from Haryana but near to Delhi. She said her place is around 75 to 80 kilo meters from Delhi.
We started chatting and after 2 or 3 chats, she shared her picture. She is very fair in color, average features, not so charming, but with very long and beautiful hair. She has very think, healthy long hair below her butts. Her face skin is so smooth and it’s like “Touch Me Not”. She is 5ft 7 Inches in height with good statistics, 34-28-34. Naturally I always hard turn on when I see girls with very beautiful and long hair. Initially I doubted if that pic is really hers. I told her these days girls do not have such long hair. She said she has it. She invited me on webcam. I got shocked to see her. She is damn sexy girl and looks better than her photo.
After few chats regularly online, I understood why this girl is on dating site like fropper. She is from very conservative family and she never had boyfriend in her life due to restrictions of her conservative family. She is also very reserved and shy girl so she could never do friendship with boys who are her classmates. She got her new Laptop in her MCA Second year, Second Semester. She also got her personal mobile in second year, second semester in the pretext of Interview calls. Now, she wanted to create her own virtual online world with boys. She got to know about fropper from her friends. She learnt many things from other girls about their boyfriends and how they enjoy life with them. She also heard the stories of her girlfriends who failed in love and how they lost trust in love. So, she wants to get some decent guys for online friendship. This girl also wants to have boyfriend or very close friend who is a guy but could not realize her dream due to her family conditions. She wants to explore guy things and she wants to hear guy things directly from guys, not from her other girlfriends. So Readers, You might have understood by this time what the girl is looking online.
She is the only daughter to her parents. Her family is not so educated, just had basic education like below 10th standard. Her family members do not even know English. Her father has small shop. She has her own study room and she sleeps there only. She has lots of loneliness in life as she do not have siblings and sleeps alone in her study room.
After she got into fropper, naturally she got so many friend requests from guys. This girl also little innocent when comes to guy matters and friendships with guys. But she has some unknown fantasies in her heart and body. She started chatting with guys who just started talking Sex in the very first chat. This girl rated them as bad guys and ignored them. Finally, She got online friendship with the hero of the story who can carry on very interesting conversations who is me.
When I got friendship with Sneha, I was on Bench for 3 month, (In USA, if software engineer does not have any customer assignment, he will be sitting at home only until he is deployed into some assignment). She always used to come online only at 8 PM Night India Time which is Morning 7:30 AM in the USA. We started chatting on every topic other than romance or sex for the first 10 to 15 days. She was enjoying conversations with me as I was telling something new about different things. She was feeling safe and secured in my company. In just one months’ time, she developed lots of trust in me which nobody can shake. Just like her, I am single child to my Parents. I used to say that I had boring life as I do not have siblings which she also agreed. She stopped chatting with every other boy she met on Fropper. Our conversations went to 5 to 6 hours in just one month time. She used to be awake till early morning 2AM to 3AM chatting with me. Her parents thought she is studying very hard for her dreams.
Now she started sharing everything in her life with me. I have become her mentor, friend, and guide for everything. She will be eagerly waiting for the clock to turn 8PM every day. After10 PM, she used to close her study room door and lock from inside. Her parents sleep in the other room. Slowly we have started talking over phone after one month of our chat. Slowly we started talking like about her boyfriends and my girlfriends. She said she never had boyfriend in her life. I said I had girlfriend before. Immediately she became very disappointed and jealous. She immediately asked me did you do anything with her. I questioned her about what she means by anything. She smiled and she said you know. I said I had girlfriend when I was 10th standard and so could not do anything for which she became very happy. Now she started feeling very possessive about me. Her biggest hobby is trying different Hair Styles with her hair. She loves her hair so much. She used to braid different types of hair style in front of me. It’s just the world of me and her.
While braiding, I used to see her curves and sometimes even she observed where I am looking. Suddenly I have planned trip with my friends to Yosemite falls for camping. And I was away from her for almost 3 days. During this time, she missed me madly and even I missed her. When I came back, she cried badly and she proposed me. She said she loves me so much, But she said she cannot marry me as her parents will kill both of us. Slowly our intimacy started growing beyond friendship. Slowly I started giving her kisses on phone and started talking romance. She also used to kiss me over phone. I asked her body sizes and everything.
She also started opening with her inherent fantasies and dreams. We started talking about sex, private parts. I shared her some online sex video links. After she downloaded the links, we even used to watch together online. One day mid night, we did web cam sex also. I have shown her even my erected penis, which is around 6 inches and good girth. She asked me why your penis is so thick. I replied her some men will have more girth and some men will have more length. But she never showed me her naked body. She always rejected that. One final day she showed her boobs with hair covered on them. Finally she shoved her boobs to me. She finally said she is scared of what she will do with me as I am totally occupied her and I am controlling her whole thoughts. This kind of normal chats and sex chats continued for almost 6 months. She even used to try wearing sari in front of me.
Finally I was told by my employer to go to India as they could not find project for me. I came to India.
After I came to India, We could not chat or talk for first 15 days. She almost went mad for my phone call or to come online. She wrote more than 150 emails in just 10 days. One day she wrote in email she will show her whole nude body but please call me or come online. Then I started chatting with her online and started talking to her. Finally after one week, she said she wants to see me. Even I wanted to see her. We decided to meet near Delhi Airport. She said she has lots of relatives in Delhi so she doesn’t want roam outside. I have booked one luxury suit in very costly hotel near the airport. She came to see me in the morning by 9:30 AM. She told her parents that she is going for job interview in delhi with her friends and will return home in the evening.
After seeing each other we both are very happy. She was damn sexy girl with superb body. We just made handshake and went to hotel restaurant to have breakfast. We were deeply looking into each other’s eyes while having breakfast. She asked me why I was staring at her eyes. I said she is damn beautiful and I cannot take my eyes of her. I asked the same question to her. She just smiled and kept quiet. She came in skin tight jeans and tight kurtha. I can see her boobs protruding out. We went inside the suit and she was really happy to see the hotel room, very luxurious one. We were just talking to her and expressing happiness to see each other. When I am talking she is deeply looking into my eyes and when she is talking I am deeply looking into her eyes. She had braided her hair very beautifully that day. She was playing with her braid due to her shyness and she cannot look into my eyes. We both understand that some romance is going to start between us as we both are moving very comfortably on how to make the move.
She is expecting my move which I can understand from her behavior. I said your hair is very beautiful and I touched her braid. She was feeling very shy. And I touched her head also. She immediately got up from sofa and went to the mirror. And I followed her from behind. She is trying to escape the start of romantic moments between us. When we went to mirror, she is seeing in the mirror and I standing behind her and seeing her. We both are seeing each other in the mirror. She immediately said I will show you different hair style and took comb and unbraided her hair. While she was coming her hair, I went kept my hand on her shoulder. We both are seeing each other in the mirror and she is very shy and smiling. Then immediately I turned towards her and kissed her on her forehead and said, I love you. She was just looking at me. I kept my both hands on her shoulders and looking into her eyes. She is expecting lip kiss, but I am not kissing. I am making her with expectations. By this time, she is already nervous and kind of shivering as she cannot guess anymore on what I am going to do. Finally she removed my hands from her shoulders and turned the other side. Immediately I hugged from her backside.
I hugged her very tightly from backside and I kept both hands around her novel area. I slowly turned her towards mirror, but I am not kissing. I smelled her hair. She started breathing heavily. She was watching me when I smelled her hair and closed her eyes. I made her turn towards me and deeply looked into her eyes. In no time, I lip locked her lips with mine. She immediately wrapped her hands around my waist. Now she rested her both feet on my feet. Slowly she opened her mouth and we are sucking each other tongues madly. We kept sucking kissing and sucking each other’s lips for more than 15 minutes. She is not leaving me when even I tried to break the kiss. Finally I broke the kiss to relax. We both are smiling and deeply looking into each other’s eyes. I said, Finally… and she closed my mouth with her hands and said don’t say anything. And she said you made me wait for one hour after we entered the room for this. Hearing this, I went wild and lip locked her again, but this time I hugged her very tightly. We are even swallowing each other’s saliva. I am getting very strong hard on inside my underwear. His Excellency, His Highness He has become very strong and got into his 6 inches Avathar.
Immediately I could not control and started touching her left boob. She was losing her control and saying, please do not touch boobs. Let’s be in control. I said you are not marrying me naa and I will not get opportunity to do this with the girl I love. She said, please don’t do anything. But I started pressing her boobs which she is not stopping. I turned her other side and started kissing her neck, ear lobe and her back while playing with her boobs. But this time she lost her control and started kissing me back the same way. I slowly whispered in her ears that I want to make love to you. Immediately she stopped everything and ran away from me. She said not to go more than this. Now we both are sitting in the sofa and relaxing our breath. I gave her chocolates I brought for her. She was eating chocolates. I ordered one ice cream to the room as she likes ice creams a lot. We started feeding ice cream to each other and looking into each other’s eyes.
I asked her if she likes to marry me. She said she loves me so much and she wants to marry me, but her family will kill both of us as there is already one incident of honor killing in their relatives. So she said please let’s not think about marriage. We both have become very sentimental and cried. I said her I want to make love to her. She said she also feeling the same but scared of pregnancy. I told her as we are not marrying I will never get the opportunity of making love to you. She said you are man I dreamed first in my life and I also want to make love to you, but I am scared. I told her if she is fine if she don’t get pregnancy. I did not even carry condoms as we have promised each other about not crossing the limits. She said she cannot let me lose my control and she will control herself and control me also. She kept silent and not saying anything. She is not getting convinced. I went to restroom saying let me pass urine and brought him to the original Avathar. Now I am relaxed with my feelings. I came out and told her relax and turned on TV. There was silence for 10 minutes.
She also went to rest room and came out after 5 minutes. After she came out, she went to the mirror and started braiding her hair. I went behind her and took the comb from her hands. Now, she is smiling again and asked me, what and winking her eyes. I hugged her from my back and started kissing her ears and neck madly. I was pressing her boobs also. I was brushing her neck and ear lobes with my mustache. This time she is getting wild more than first round. His Excellency, His Highness, He got again 6 inches avatar and harder than before as first excitement is already liquidated. Now 6 inch hero bruising her butts and she could feel that. It’s only her hair between 6 inch hero and her butts. She took her left hand and kept between her butts and my dick. She is touching my dick and smiling. I could see this in the mirror. I turned her towards me and lip locked again. I made her to see the bulge inside and rested my dick against her vagina area. She saw in my eyes very seriously and closed her eyes. I need make her more excited. So I removed my T- Shirt and Baniyan. She is seeing my bare chest like that and made her kiss my chest. Now she hugged me holding me in her arms and breathing heavily. She smells my body.
I started lifting her top for which she did not resist. Slowly I removed her top. Now my girl is completely with just bra. I unhooked her bra with my teeth and removed from her body. Now we are hugging each other and kissing. Her big boobs are touching my chest. I am pressing her boobs very tightly against my chest. She also put her hands around my waist and pressing her boobs against my chest. Now she started moaning. I started pressing her boobs and sucking madly both her boobs. She started moaning heavily saying ‘ahh, ahh, ahh’. I started kissing her waist, belly madly. Now I turned her back and started sucking her back especially at waist area. Now she has become very wild and completely lost her control. I immediately removed my jeans and underwear. I am completely nude in front of her. I took her hand and made her hold my dick. She got shocked seeing 6 inch monster with large girth. She was holding my dick and pulled the skin back as she has seen porn movies. She said Ajay, I am not able to stand here. Please take me to bed. Immediately I laid her on the bed and sucking her boobs badly and kissing her lips. I put the ice cream on her boobs and started sucking. I removed her jeans immediately.
Now she is almost nude in front of me. I kissed her vagina over her panty. I put my hands inside her panty and started rubbing her vagina. She started making big sounds saying ‘haa, haa,”. Now I removed her panty and slept on her body hugging nude bodies. My dick is touching her vagina while hugging. We just started rolling on the bed as we both are completely lost our senses and exploring each other’s body by kissing, touching, rubbing. Now I got spread her legs and I am seeing her vagina. She looked at me and closed her eyes with her hands. I see her pussy is cleanly shaved and her thighs, legs, hands are completely waxed to remove her hair. I touched her vagina with my fingers and her vagina is completely wet. I whispered in her ears asking why pussy is cleanly shaved. She gave one naughty smile with lots of shy feeling. I asked her if she was expecting sex between us and got prepared. She just answered ‘Yes’ with her eye expressions and simultaneously pulling my ears. I said I understood and now I will do my duty for my level best. She smiled very naughtily and said, slowly in sexy low voice. Immediately I spread her legs and started kissing her vagina.
I inserted my tongue into her vagina for which she moaned very loudly. I started sucking her vagina madly and fucking her vagina with my tongue. I started rubbing her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I did like this for almost 5 to 6 minutes. She had her first orgasm and all her juices are in my mouth. Even though it’s salty, I took that completely as it’s my first experience as well with the girl I loved so much. Now, I removed my tongue, inserted my finger into her vagina. She immediately opened her eyes and seeing me as she expected that it might be my dick. I said her dick will not go so easily, for which she said I know. I put two fingers and started fingering. She stopped me not to finger and she said she is ready for sex. She wanted everything to happen with dick not with fingers. I asked if she can kiss my dick. She immediately obliged for this and started kissing my dick. Slowly she pulled the skin back and kept it in her mouth. She said she cannot. But I know the trick. We got into 69 positions side by side, not on top and I started sucking her pussy. Within a minute, she kept my dick in her mouth and started sucking. She is sucking very madly now. I even stopped sucking her pussy. I made her to sit on her legs and suck my dick. She is sucking my dick very badly and trying to take the dick completely inside her mouth.
After 2 minutes, she stopped and told me she cannot wait anymore. Immediately I brought the towel from bathroom and lay beneath her buts. I spread her legs and took my dick to the entrance of love hole. Now I rubbed my dick against her pussy. She is not able to control and telling me to go ahead please. I tried push inside and it went just one inch. She is screaming with pain and even I am feeling the pain. But she is not telling me to stop, but saying slowly. Now I pushed further and she cannot tolerate the pain and asked me to remove. I already see blood drops on my dick. I again pushed my dick inside and hold her shoulder and lip locked her and pushed hard this time. It’s almost inside and started crying. I see tears in her eyes. I made her relax with dick inside. She was asking me to remove but I kept it. And few seconds, I did my final push and it’s completely inside her pussy. She screamed loudly and I kept kissing her. I made her relax with pain for 2 minutes and now she is relaxed and looked into eyes and kissed on my forehead. Now my dick is in action. I started thirsting slowly and she started enjoying the pleasure. Slowly she started saying fast, fast. I started very more speed and force.
Now she started moaning like anything. I thirsted her for 6 minutes almost and I was about to cum inside. I asked if I can cum inside for which she said yes. I cum inside her and laid on her. After one minute, I lay beside her and both got tired like anything. We both hugged each other and looking each other. I said again Finally…. She closed my mouth again and said it’s been 3 hours since we entered inside hotel room. I expected this to be complete in the first one hour. I asked her you were not ready. She said you do not understand girl and pulled my ears again. Now we both got up and cleaned. I ordered for juice and snacks. We were sleeping nude on the bed and playing with our bodies. She told me I love you and kissed my lips. We had snacks and juice. The time is 1:30 PM. We both went to bathroom to take shower together. She said it takes lot of time for her hair to get dry. We tied her hair in the shower cap and had shower together. We had wild sex in the shower tub and I fucked her almost 8 minutes. We both got tired completely. We came to bed and slept with our wet bodies for almost 30 minutes. We got dressed up and had our lunch in the hotel restaurant. She said she wants to leave by 4:30 so that she can reach home by 6 PM. We had two more rounds of sex in one hour. We did sex in doggy style and sitting in the chair.
We both got dressed up and dropped her near the railway station. We met 6 times after this incident and I will post in next story how we have explored the world of sex.
Hope you have enjoyed my real life story. You can reach me with your comments at [email protected]

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