Special Summer Vacation – Chapter 4

For those of you who have landed here first, and are interested in the background of how the story unfolded please read “Chapter One” and the sequel
From the last Chapter..
She carried on, “I want you Ravi to call Bala about watching the DVD..with Mohan and Vijay. I will call you from Banu’s house (my house) after which you can call. I will lift the phone when Bala is talking. You two excuse yourself with something and let only Mohan and Vijay watch it in Mohan’s house. I will take it from there and let Banu and Hema know about the plan like how Latha found out by accident.”
Ravi said, “Sure Aunty. I will do so like you told me.”
All three hugged us all naked. We kissed like girlfriend boyfriend. Latha hugged me especially, and Jaya hugged and kissed Ravi passionately. We both group-hugged Lali and said, ” Thanks, Aunty. you are our Sex angel.”
Jaya and Latha were now keen to know how Hema and Banu were going to react to their kids watching porn, and if they had the same secret desires that Jaya and Latha had hidden in them, that flowered given the right conditions.Lalitha was going to be the glue to find and out and make things happen.
Inside Ravi’s and my mind, what Lalitha was going to find out was if our moms were similar to Jaya and Latha, and this thought gave us a weird thrill.
Ravi passed on the DVD to Mohan, when the four met in the evening at a culvert on their street. Ravi mentioned that all four should see it and enjoy it like how he enjoyed it with Bala.
Ravi also sowed the seed to Mohan and Vijay ask your moms to go to town since our moms have gone or something so you get to watch it tomorrow without wasting time. Ravi also added telling Mohan, “I would have liked to be present for a second time, but I think you and Vijay should see it like how I watched it with Balu” “You decide if you want to watch it in your house or Vijay’s”
Mohan said, “I will ask my mom if she wants to go to the city. Vijay can you also ask Jaya Aunty if she wants to go to the city for any shopping, so we can watch in peace like how Ravi and Balu enjoyed..”
Vijay replied, “I will ask my mom if she wants to make a trip to the city for any shopping, and just tell her that Latha aunty is planning to go. They will both talk to each other and make a plan to go hopefully.”
The next day, around 8-ish, Lalitha went to Banu’s house, on a casual call.
As planned she called Ravi, who called back and was speaking to Balu, and Lali picked up a parallel cordless phone and called Banu to overhear a conversation.
She then added heads and tails to the story, telling Banu that Mohan and Vijay are planning to watch a porn movie on their large screen TV, etc.
Banu took the bait, she knew that Balu was not going to watch, nor was Ravi. Banu and Lalitha went to Hema’s house to discuss and come up with a plan to catch the boys red-handed. Hema had earlier called Latha and Jaya to mention about some items on sale in T’Nagar and Parrys.
Latha and Jaya had conveyed that they may head out for the day and will be back in the evening. So when Lalitha presented the case, Hema also fell an easy bait. Lali said if she was to be involved she would decide on what to do, and the two agreed.
Hema called Latha to find out when she was leaving for the city, Latha mentioned that it would be around 9 am.Latha and Banu are neighbors, two houses on the street where the road curves around into a crescent. Jaya and Hema are neighbors a couple of blocks away on the same main road, and Lalitha lived a block north of the main road. Give or take within 5-7 minutes walking distance.
Banu was given the task of finding out when Latha left and then call Hema so they can plan to raid Mohan’s house like they did when we were watching in Ravi’s place.
Latha left the house earlier than 9 AM, Hema called Banu, and they all grouped together at Lalitha’s place. Lalitha excused from the two and called Ravi to find out if Mohan and Vijay have grouped up.
She told him that she would call in a couple of minutes after he finds out. Lalitha called Ravi again and got confirmation that they had grouped up.Lalitha came out dressed in a loose almost transparent kurta pajama revealing her curves from the kurta.
Hema and Banu had also come in loose fitting light khadi type kurta pajama with an odhani. Hema and Banu looked like they were not wearing any bras.. or panties.
Lalitha: Hema and Banu, let’s go and see what the boys are up to. I think we have given them more than 15 minutes since Latha left and boys are usually pretty inquisitive and should be up to their mischief.
Hema and Banu agreed and set out on the short walk to Latha’s house.
Vijay came to Mohan’s place earlier than 9 am and was greeted by Latha, who knew the mischief was getting ready to happen. Latha casually enquired to Vijay about Ravi and Balu and was told that they had plans to service Ravi’s scooter and were not available.
Mohan goes to the movie room with the DVD followed by Vijay. Mohan tells him to feel at home. They were both wearing shorts and Tennis shirts. Mohan brings out a couple of cold beers from the fridge and takes out the pack of Trojan condoms and some porn novels onto the coffee table. They lay down a couple of rajai’s so they can watch lying down and shag off when they get ready.
They start to watch the movie, just like how Ravi had perked their interest, the movie sets an interesting theme that they had not realized was possible “swinging”.
The movie starts with a nice story theme and as they are almost into where the intimate scenes begin with the partners switched around. They hear the door bell. Mohan pauses the DVD and tells Vijay it is possibly some sales person trying to sell something. Let’s wait for a no response and they will leave. The bell goes off again. This time he thinks it is the servant maid, who was not informed about his mom’s not at home situation. He waits again, with the door bell going off almost immediately and they walk out to the door. Opening the door they see the trio.
Mohan stammers, “Lali aunty…come in..but mom is not home..”
He sees the other two who he could not see as they were on the other side of the door, and says, “Hema aunty, Banu aunty come in, come in..”
In his mind, he is seeing stars as to why they are here. After a small pause, Lalitha says, “Mohan I wanted to know if this DVD plays on your player..”, and takes out the ‘CONAN the Barbarian’ DVD.
She motions Hema and Banu to stay in the hall. Mohan feels relieved and says, “sure aunty let me check it for you”
Lalitha: “Mohan let me see how it plays on your DVD player it ejects out on ours. I also want to see how Rajesh has set up your movie room” and follows Mohan into the movie room. Mohan like a perfect gentleman open the door and lets Lalitha go in not realizing that they had only paused the movie and not stopped it when they went to answer the doorbell.
Lalitha enters the room, followed by them two, and the door closer closes automatically.
Lalitha: “Holy…Oh.. Boys what are you up to… watching now “.
Mohan and Vijay are out of their wits ends. Their mouth goes dry and they are not able to say anything in reply.
(Lalitha is relieved that she did not have to do much work to catch these guys)
Mohan recovers and says, “Aunty.. Lali aunty sorry sorry aunty please don’t tell Hema Aunty and Banu Aunty. We got tempted to watch when my mom was not here. We all four wanted to watch but Ravi and Balu are not there today.. ” and throws us under the bus.
Mohan: We will do anything aunty please don’t let this be known to anybody else..Please aunty.. Please aunty..”
Vijay sings the same tune in a chorus. Both start to sweat a bit. Lalitha tells the boys, clean up the beer cans and other stuff lying on the coffee table. She takes the remote control and stops the video. The screen goes blank. Mohan and Vijay are now relieved.
Vijay takes the stuff on the coffee table and quickly puts them away on a shelf nearby. Mohan and Vijay say in almost chorus, “Thanks aunty, we will do anything. Aunty please do not let the other know aunty”.
Lalitha: Boys go to the living room and send Hema and Banu inside
Mohan and Vijay walks to the living room and tell Hema and Banu that Lalitha wants them in the movie room.Hema and Banu go to the movie room, followed by Mohan and Vijay.
Lalitha: “I have the DVD to show you..”, and hits the play button, the movie starts off at an intimate scene where there are 3 couples in one room making love and giving oral.
She lets it play for about 15 secs and hits stop. She says, “the boys have been watching this..”
Banu says, “I heard something about this on the phone when Balu was talking..”
Mohan and Vijay are now imagining the unimaginable..what will happen when their mom and dad come to know etc. and walk up to the living room.
Lalitha plays the DVD, they watch the first chapter like how she watched it in Ravi’s place and asks Hema and Banu, “What punishment do you have in mind ?”
Banu and Hema have been primed with the movie they were watching that they had forgotten they came to catch the boys red-handed.
Hema pips, “Lali you said you will determine the punishment.. it is only fair that you do.. we cannot show bias”
Lalitha: OK then you both go to the living room and send the boys, I will call you both afterward.
Hema and Banu left the room to the living room.
“Mohan and Vijay .. Lali is calling you both inside.. please go..”, Hema says in a sheepish voice.
Mohan and Vijay are not in their senses to understand what is going on. Their hearts are beating fast, and they enter the movie room. Lali waits for the automatic door to close and starts to speak,
“Not bad guys you have managed to get a nice porn DVD, interesting you chose a subject we don’t know much about..”
Mohan and Vijay are bit aroused but confused and see stars.
“Come closer”
They move closer to her and like as though raising her hand to slap them, moves her hand and pull their trousers with each of her hands down. Their swimming trunk type elastic trousers slip and fall. She looks at the cocks and says, “Nice..what punishment should you get ?”
Mohan and Vijay are aroused. Their heart rate goes up but in their minds they are confused.
Lali now takes both her hands and slides it on their cocks. This gives them a good feeling and it does not take more than a few strokes before they are up and erect. She takes off her pajama and throws it on the couch. The boys are eager to see the crotch which is hidden by the kurta.
“Take off your shirts boys”
Mohan and Vijay obey like Mowgli hypnotized by the python in ‘Jungle Book’.
Lali dims the lights and goes to the door and calls out, “Hema and Banu come in..”
Lali then tells the boys to turn around. She is standing in between the boys.
Hema and Banu enter the door, it takes them some time to adjust to the lighting in the room.
Lali then says, “I have decided on the punishment. Turn around boys. It’s hot in here”, and takes off the kurtha.
She is wearing a tight fit bra. Hema and Banu are spellbound. Hema says, “Lali.. but.. but.. what is the punishment..?”
Lali goes and brightens the lighting in the room, coming up to the coffee table around which all are standing, keeps her leg on the table, spreading her legs for the crotch to be seen clearly by the boys and then takes off her bra. Her trapped mangoes now enjoy the freedom of free fall and bounce on their stalks.
Lali says, “Well the boys are going to massage us and do all we tell them to do being naked of course..”
This sounded a bit weird for both, their minds were still in the DVD they watched.
Hema resisted, “I am not in for this..”
Banu interjected, “But we agreed to Lali’s decision and I am going by her decision..”
Hema follows, “Then I don’t want to be left out. I agree with Lali’s decision.”
Banu takes off her pyjama and kurta and pulls out her panties says, “It is really hot in here like Lali said..”, and follows Lali putting her right leg on the coffee table for the boys to see her finely shaved pussy and snaps off her bra out letting her boobs free, that has a slight sag but were bouncing like fully filled helium balloons.
Hema does not want to be left out. She takes off her kurta and pajama follows suit bearing herself with no cloth and circles the table to find a good spot and keeps her left leg stretching it a bit to show the slit and her clean shaved pussy for the boys. Her boobs are the best in comparison to the other two.. and she ties her hanging hair into a knot.In doing so, she gives her boobs to bounce. Mohan and Vijay are enjoying this but their mouth becomes dry with all the over-excitement.
Lali: Before we put you boys to work, we are going to have a little fun..Hema and Banu, can you blindfold the boys with your odhani please.”
“Boys no sneaking and cheating… You cannot use your hands for anything. Kneel down so they can blindfold you comfortably”
Mohan and Vijay kneel down. Banu goes to Vijay and puts on blindfold around his head. He gets a good view of her pussy. She spreads her legs to give him a good view and to tease him. Hema goes to Mohan and fumbles to tie the knot. In the process, she almost bumps into Mohan’s head with her pussy close to his nose. She then bends down giving him a good view of her boobs and ties the knot.
Lali: Boys, the first test is going to be to identify who is who..Stand up.
They obey.
“We are going to do something and you have to identify us”
She calls Hema and Banu and whispers softly in their ears. Hema and Banu are silent. Lali says slowly to them, “Ok, I will take the lead..”
She goes to Mohan and pumps his cock. Then she goes to Vijay and pumps his cock.
Mohan says, “Hema aunty..”
Vijay says, “Lali aunty”
Hema is shy but wants to do it and Banu is waiting for a chance to do it. Hema and Banu do their share. The boys guess wrong.
Lali says, “kneel down boys, we will get our pussies to your nose and mouth, you can smell and lick to identify..”
She tells Hema and Banu to take their pussies for them to sniff and identify.
Lali takes her pussy and lets the boys sniff. Mohan and Vijay stick their tongues out to lick the slits but lightly. So do Hema and Banu, the boys guess them wrong. Lali whispers with a wink to Hema and Banu to end this fun.
Lali says, “Boys stand up, extend your right hands. Banu is brave to go first.”
Lali takes Vijay’s hand and puts it on Banu’s pussy. Vijay says it is Banu Aunty’s. Lali takes Mohan’s hand and puts it on Hema’s pussy and Mohan says it is Hema Aunty’s. Lali says, “good job guys.”
Lali says, “Ok Hema and Banu. get your slaves.”
A weird thrill goes through all of them. Mohan and Vijay have some kinky thoughts racing through and so do Hema and Banu.
Banu – Lali, can we remove the blindfold on the boys?
Lali says, “They are your slaves, you decide..”
Banu pumps Vijay’s cock clasping it with her hand. Hema is the hesitant one, and gets courage and follows the same on Mohan’s dick. Both quiver in ecstatic pleasure.
Hema removes the blindfold on Mohan and gives him a good view of her naked self. Mohan is like a dazed bee looking and a strange shiver going through his body as also in Hema’s mind and body. She gets close to him and gets the courage and embraces him.
Lali helps her by giving a group hug and takes Mohan’s hand and puts it in her pussy. Lali whispers in Hema’s ear, “Loosen up and enjoy..”
Banu in the meantime has also removed the blindfold off Vijay and hugs him passionately and they both are in a tight embrace. Banu plants a lip kiss on Vijay and gives space between their bodies.
Vijay puts his hand between the thighs and feels Banu’s pussy, slips his fingers between the slit and sees it is wet, smooches all over her and gently kisses the boobs, and then her navel and sticks his tongue out to lick at the slit.
Banu wastes no time and goes to the couch and sits down spreading her legs to let Vijay explore the underworld.Vijay licks like a puppy that was fed milk in a plate.
Lali sees this and goes under Vijay and sucks his cock. Hema is torn between voyeurism and things she wants to do.It arouses her desire to take things up a level. She takes Mohan’s hand to her pussy and kisses him on the lips. Mohan takes the cue and kisses her back, then smooches on the cheeks and shoulder moving slowly down to the boobs and then her navel.
Hema goes down and sucks his dick which was solid like a frozen ice cream Mohan is surprised happily and then after some time, she stands up spreading her legs. Her clean shaven pussy is a delightful sight, and Mohan goes down locking his lips on the small slit, extending his tongue out to explore the depths. Mohan gently bites the side walls of the pussy flower making Hema quiver.
Lali moves from Vijay to Mohan and sucks on his cock gently. Mohan is completely drenched in pleasures unimaginable.
Banu and Vijay now move to the rajai’s on the floor and do a 69 enjoying themselves. Vijay then says, “I need to take a leak, Aunty..”
They both get up and go to the washroom attached to the room, going together like lovers. Vijay takes a leak that pours for some time and so does Banu, wiping her slit with a tissue. They embrace and kiss each other.
Banu asks, “Eppadi da irruku? Enna pathi enna ninaikire..(How do you like it.. what do you think of me?)”
Vijay says, “Aunty you are a hot lovely damsel. I couldn’t have asked for more..”, and kisses gently on the lips. They hold hands and go out of the washroom.
Banu whispers to Mohan’s ear, “Vaa da enjoy pannalaam (Let’s go enjoy further)”. They embrace and Banu sucks Mohan’s cock a few times priming it, and Mohan sucks on mangoes she lies down on the rajai spreading her legs inviting him to enter the gates.
“Dey condoms enga da? (where are the condoms?)”
Mohan says, “it’s in the shelf”, and gets it. Banu says enter first for me to feel you in the flesh and then I will put on the condom.
Lali is watching. Hema and Vijay come from the bathroom and also seeing this. Hema gets extremely aroused. Mohan enters Banu gently and pumps a few times Banu screams in pleasure. Then Lali helps to fit the condom onto Mohan’s shaft, kissing Mohan on the lips and taking his hands on to her pussy.
She then says, “let the horse go for a ride”.
Mohan is completely in heaven. Banu is enjoying the pumping action, and Mohan takes it slowly making Banu scream. Banu squeezes the dick as it enters slowly, making a communication through the pussy walls to the dick. They pump for about 10 minutes.
As this is happening, Hema also lies down on the floor in missionary position she wants to do exactly what Banu did Vijay enters her wet pussy, making a sloshing sound.
He then removes his dick and licks Hema’s pussy making it water crazily. Lali helps him with the condom. He enters Hema’s gates with a thud this time, making Hema scream with pleasure. The two horses are riding to Lali’s voyeur.
Banu says she is getting ready for a climax and Mohan is also arching his back ready to climax and shoots his warm load that can be felt inside Banu. She hugs him and climaxes with a flood making his hard dick float inside.
“Dey superaa irunthuthu da.. ethana ponnu kooda pani irruke.. (It was super how many girls have you had?)”
Mohan’s mouth is dry to speak. “I was a virgin until now aunty..”
Mohan comes out and lifts Banu from the floor and both go the bathroom to wash up.
Lali is wet watching the action she could not be part of but was one of the reasons for all this action.
Hema the hesitant one is enjoying it to the core, arching her back to the swings of the rhythmic pumping movement.She feels the rod stiffen and also feels an urge to climax.She climaxes with a flood and in a few sloshy pumps Vijay unloads his warm jello and hugs in an erotic passionate embrace kissing Hema’s lips and Hema returns the kiss wildly.
They stay together like two magnets that got attracted to the poles aligned.
After a couple of minutes, they separate and Hema remarks, “Eppadi pudichutha intha mathiri panni romba kalam aarathu? (How did you like it? It has been very long while since I have enjoyed like this)”
Vijay says, “Aunty this was my first .. and I am happy you like it..”
Banu and Mohan return back from the washroom and sit on the couch. Mohan see’s Lali sit on one side and goes to her and kisses her as he knows that she was left out. Lali returns the kiss and he fondles her breasts. Lali holds the limp dick and pumps it slowly. Lali lies in a stretched position on the couch widening her legs exposing her bald pussy that has a nice pussy flow that pops out. The side of her pussy walls are nice and smooth and blend into the hip and thighs.
Mohan takes the cue and goes down kissing slowly down her neck, boobs, belly button, navel and her pussy. He licks the tender flower on the top gently creating a ticklish and erotic sensation for Lali. He then parts the walls and opens the flower to stick his tongue inside slowly and passionately trying to probe the depths.
Banu sees this gets aroused and goes down under Mohan and sucks his limp cock to give it arousal. Hema and Vijay come out of the bathroom hugging and kissing like new found lovers.
Vijay sees the action and disentangles from Hema who feels jealous a bit inside. Vijay goes to the Lali and massages her breasts kissing her on her lips. He then mounts over her allowing her to suck his limp cock to arouse it further.
Hema joins in kissing Vijay on the lips and taking his hands in her pussy.. both enjoying the play and also not wanting to let go of him. (Inside her mind since Vijay is her neighbor there are other plans going in her head..)
Mohan’s dick gets to a decent arousal and Banu is choking and she moves out. Hema wants to also enjoy Mohan, so she goes under and sucks on Mohan’s cock. Mohan seeing this gets aroused even further. Banu goes over to Vijay and kisses him. Vijay is seeing stars and can’t believe this is all happening.
His dick also grows up like a cucumber suddenly gone strong. Vijay gets bold and puts his hand into Banu’s pussy which feels wet. Lali is now in an ecstatic state. They all move out and Lali goes on the floor, Mohan penetrates without further delay pumps a few times before moves out to put on his condom. Vijay does the same.
Vijay enters Lali as his dick seems to have come quickly than Mohan’s. While Mohan is waiting, Hema wants to take advantage and asks him to enter. Mohan enters her with a sudden scream from Hema as it feels so good.
Lali is enjoying the action, and so is Hema. Vijay is seeing this and feels that he should enter Banu. He moves out and Mohan takes over Lali. Banu does not waste any time and lets Vijay enter her. All three go take turns since the boys have offloaded they will have the energy to go one before the load is charged.
Lali now goes and positions herself into a doggy position, with her hands and head on the couch. Mohan enters and services her to her moaning that begins. After 5 minutes Vijay takes over.. Vijay is sensitively rubbed by Lali and arches to offload a small pack that feels warm inside Lali. Mohan then takes over and continues till he also climaxes.
Lali, Mohan, and Vijay go to the bathroom to wash up and they have a group hug. Lali winks and asks the boys how did you like it? The boys kiss her and hug her in turns how are we going to thank you for all this.
All of them come to the couch and sit down, Lali in the middle flanked by Mohan and Vijay and Banu and Hema on the ends, they are exhausted but tingling in sweet pleasure.
Lali says, “Banu, Hema was the punishment for the boys the right one?”
Banu and Hema say, “Lali your choice of punishment was good, couldn’t have given anything better”
Lali continues, “Let’s break for the day. Boys dress up and go to the living room. We need to dress up.”
The boys quickly leave pulling their trunks. Banu asks once the boys have left and closed the door behind them, “Lali, will Jaya and Latha be ready for what we did? Our kids will be glad to do what they did!! It is an assumption but it can’t be far from what I’m guessing because they all wanted to see the DVD”
Hema quips, “I was exactly thinking like Banu”. Lali says, “Do want Jaya and Latha to play like you?”
Lali continues, “Tomorrow I will call you all and we will have a chat..”
Lali and the two leave.
Lali says, “Boys watch the rest of the movie but what happened here today is to be kept a secret from Ravi and Balu”
Mohan and Vijay open the door for the trio to leave and go and get themselves a cold beer to feel good about how a bad situation became absolutely awesome.
Continued in Chapter 5.

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