Behen Ko Bra Aur Panty Ka Bahana Se Choda

Hi! it’s your friend Rajesh shetty and thanks for replying for my previous posts due to which i’m giving you new story and about my sexy sister who got fucked by a bra and panty seller and of course by me too. First i’ll tell you about her and her name is Preeti and she is of 25 years old medium built with well shaped huge boobs and buttocks, once my parents had to go out of station for 3 weeks to attend marriage of my cousin brother who was very close to us.
I had to attend my 12th class coaching my parents left my sister with me. She used to sleep in her room and watch movies and watch a graded movies with loud noise due to which I got disturbed and warned her to tell it to parents. She just came near me and suddenly caught hold my cock tightly and told me that she would squeeze it if I told it to anybody. I kept quiet later after 2 days she had to go out for shopping at 8 pm so she told me to accompany her and I too accepted to get a break from my studies.
She went to get dressed and came down looking like a sex bomb wearing a very tight mini skirt with white shirt when we were walking near the streets. I saw some men staring her boobs when I saw her boobs it were bouncing as she was not wearing anything inside seeing those boobs my cock became erect but I controlled it some men even started to sing vulgar songs seeing her and she just saw them and murmured some scoldings.They somehow listened to it and one of them came near her and asked why did she scold them?
So she replied that I never talk to manner less people. So he got angry and left from that place after some time and a long walk without getting anything to select to shop we were about to return to house and but as we were walking there was a puddle nearby on which a speeding car ran over it and splashed the water on both of us. Those boys whom preeti had scold were peeping out of that car’s window and suddenly Preeti’s purse fell down from her hand as that puddle water splashed on her.
She bent down immediately to pick it up but her tight mini skirt couldn’t control that pressure and tore. She held the two edges of her mini skirt and stood there and became tensed I told her that there is no auto nearby and bus stand is also far. So better we go to some garment shop which is another 15 shops far and buy new garment while saying this I notice her boobs which were neatly seen due to getting wet and told her that her boobs were also visible. So she replied that she didn’t wear bra as she washed all of them on that day and it was wet.
She also accepted that she did not wear panty due to same reason on hearing this I got bit excited and also showed her my tensed face and told her to walk to that garment shop. We both started to walk and after reaching 2 shops she told that it’s no use as everything is getting exposed. I started to look any near by shops and found that we were standing in front of undergarment shop it had a massage parlor on it’s first floor with undergarment shop on the ground floor and both of them were brothers.
So we both planned to buy her bra and panty first and the shop keeper was well built and good looking. He was staring preeti’s boobs and told her that it was closing time and he won’t sell anything at that time. So we both pleaded him a lot as his was the only shop which was having undergarments on lot of pleading she told him that she considers him as a brother and a brother always helps his sister in problem. Listening to her and he told ok and told us to sit inside shop as he did not want to any other enter inside.
So we sat in that shop by then that shopkeeper’s brother had also come inside through the back door and sat with us. That shopkeeper had asked her her size so she replied that she always purchased her undergarment by getting measured as she faced many fitting trouble from changing to one company to another and by hearing this and that shopkeeper told that he did not want his measuring tape to get dirty and asked her to remove her shirt so that he could measure.
So she got shocked and told him to do it without removing her shirt and but that shopkeeper was very stubborn and told her that it is last time he is telling or else she may get lost and by hearing this she told him that she would remove in trial room. So he agreed and showed her the trial room on going inside the trial room she removed her skirt and hung it on a hanger which that shopkeeper kept it near the fan to dry I and the skirt which she was holding was kept near the dustbin.
The shop keeper entered the trial room with a measuring tape by leaving the door open due to which I and the shopkeeper’s brother were watching the assets of that sex goddess I asked him his name so he replied as Ikbal and that shop keepers name waseem. He also told me that my sister was looking good even without clothes. I replied that he’ll be really lucky whoever will marry and have first night with her and we both laughed seeing her naked and looking each other’s face inside Waseem had started to measure her assets by holding it measuring tape.
He told her to stay relaxed as it would vary in measuring her boobs. He told that he’ll rub it and press it a bit to get the proper size of her boobs. So without any hesitation she accepted and let him to do it. He started to press and rub her boobs very roughly making her to shout in pain but he told that if he did this then it would be good for her itself. So she let him to do it for another 20 minutes. She too started to like it and later on Waseem told that.
He will start to measure and but accidently she touched his crouch wiht her butt which made him angry and told her that his pant got dirty and he doesn’t like to wear dirty things. So he told that he would remove his dress so that it wouldn’t get more dirty with out any choice preeti had to accept and when he removed it and he was completely naked with 9 inches huge and very thick erect cock seeing that preeti was astonished and shocked.
Waseem told her that to come out of trial room as it was getting congested to measure in that small place and stood near the door. So she told that she is feeling shy Waseem again got angry telling that now itself you considered us as your brothers and now you don’t trust us. He also told her to tie a cloth on her eyes which would prevent her from getting shy on which she told ok and that sex goddess came out of that trial room naked giving us a view of a lifetime. Me and Ikbal were staring her from top to bottom as if we were going to fuck her like a dog.
She was looking cute and very sexy without clothes Waseem took measurement of her boobs by putting the measuring tape around her boobs and pulling her nipple very hard due to which she felt pain and moaned then he told her to bend so that he could measure her butt and hips as soon as she bent Waseem told her that he had to clean her pussy by inserting finger as the dirty water may remain there by saying this he inserted his middle finger and she started to shout loudly with pain as she was still a virgin blood came out.
Seeing this Ikbal brought her skirt and wiped it and then again Waseem inserted his finger and started to finger fuck her and first she was feeling pain but Waseem did not leave her and later she was moaning with pleasure and her nipples were rock hard. I was enjoying the show sitting nearby and then waseem went near her face as she was bent and he pressed his cock on her face and started to measure her boobs again after measuring and he told that her size was not available at present and he required to bring it from home which was 8 kms far.
So she told that its ok she will be waiting Waseem also suggested to take a masage from Ikbal. She hesitated at first but later an request for 3 or 4 times she accepted then waseem left with a smile on his face and winked at Ikbal told her to sleep on the table on her back. She came and slept. Ikbal told her that he had brought some new oils which would keep her body slim and fit and he went to bring it to upper floor when Ikbal went to bring oil Preeti told that she was very happy to get such ppl for help.
Then when Ikbal had brought that oil he started to apply and rub her body specially on her boobs and pussy. He used to press her boobs very hard and twist her nipples that she would get pain and moan with pleasure and I too was getting excited Ikbal saw my erect cock and told me to join him. I too joined in massaging her and after some time Ikbal told her not to mind and asked her and sister do you finger your pussy? She with out any hesitation told that she does and somtimes uses carrot or raddish.
She also told that once she used a large cucumber and it pained a lot again Ikbal asked when does she fingers and so she replied daily while bathing by then I came to knew that why she takes so long time to bath I was feeling cold as my clothes were wet due to that puddle water. I told it to Ikbal 7 he suggested me to remove my clothes and also told that everybody are naked so he too will remove his clothes as it would get dirty by oil when we both opened our clothes Preeti was shocked to see our cocks erect.
Ikbal noticed her face and asked her massaging her body that had she never seen any cock? So she replied that she had seen but not so huge and thick he asked her that I guess you haven’t even touched it which she told nope. So he gave her permission to touch his cock. She slowly moved her hand and touched his cock and started to play with it and then after sometime she saw my cock and started to play with it too after some time Ikbal started to tell her about sperm and it’s nutritional value.
It’s good effect on skin and some even drink and apply it on their face as drinking it doesn’t because pregnancy due to which she told her him that where will she get sperm from. Ikbal told her that “what are we brothers for? We will give you a sperm massage saying this he started to mastrubate is cock by holding her hand after sometime he told that he required something to mastrubate and asked my sister that can she put it in mouth to get sperm out. So she accepted it and he inserted his 8 inches cock in her mouth.
I started to fuck her mouth vigourously by holding her hair and I was getting more excited and I too started to mastrubate in front of her by pressing her boobs and twisting her tits. She was very much excited that she started to rub her pussy lips seeing this. Ikbal came into her mouth and she tried to move her head but Ikbal held her hair and pressed it against his cock till his cum emptied in her throat. He later removed his limph cock and asked her sorry. She told it’s ok and she liked it too.
By then Waseem had entered and asked did she get massage and was it good? She replied that it was very good and she liked it and she was still rubbing her pussy. Waseem just went near her and asked her if she liked to continue her massage. So she replied that she would like to continue. Waseem told Ikbal to continue as he had some work regarding calculation of the undergarments and removed his clothes completely then sat on his bench with the things he brought
I saw some packs of condom in his hand with the undergarments he brought and also a packet in which some metal sound was produced while keeping on table. Ikbal had started his work. She started to moan loudly. Waseem was seeing her and he was playing with his cock instead of doing his work then I told Waseem to join and he too accepted. Now we 3 started to play with her body roughly and she was enjoying it like a bitch in heat then waseem caught her hair and gave her a french kiss for 2 mins after the french kiss.
He told her to pen her mouth and when she did and he spitted in her mouth and Waseem closed her mouth by his hand till she gulped it down as she had no other option and she had gulped it down then she started to shout fuck me as we were waiting for this. Waseem told her that he was very rough and would fuck her eventhough she becomes unconscious. So she told that it’s ok today I’m your bitch if you fuck me and tare apart I wouldn’t mind so Waseem caught her boobs very hard.
I pulled her so that she fell down from the table and shouted when she shouted in pain Waseem slapped her hard and told her that she was a whore and started to abuse her and slapping her and he then told Ikbal and me to bring the chain which was in the cover and 2 leather belts as he wanted to tame this bitch properly saying that he held her head between his legs and tied her hands behind her back. He also inserted a huge piece of cloth in her mouth and tied the collor with dog belt around her neck.
He told us to beat her ass with the leather belt and listening to this we both got excited and started to beat her and sometimes it touched her pussy too, she tried to move but Waseem was holding her very tightly tears started to roll from her eyes after 5 mins waseem told us to stop and let her loose. She fell down completely and crying but she felt good and removed the cloth from her mouth and shouted sister fuckers your sister is waiting to get fucked like a whore and as hard as a bitch.
So, why don’t you fuck me soon and tear my pussy? Listening to her Waseem told Ikbal to fuck her and so she replied us to use condom but we 3 liked raw waseem showed us the condom packet he brought for us and told us to wear it and we wore it and as I was her sibling both brothers gave me first chance to fuck her and also they wanted to see real sex between brother and sister. I just lubricated her pussy with the oil which Ikbal had brought for massage.
I gave a gentle push on her vagina with my huge cock and seeing this Waseem told me to back as he would make it comfortable to fuck and he was experienced too and saying so and he just with 1 force entered her pussy. She shouted in pain and tried to move but waseem caught her hips and started to fuck her hard. She was shouthin to leave her as it was paining her a lot but waseem did not listen to her and gave her a tight slap saying that randi kutiya saali abhi nahi chudegi toh kab chudegi?
Aaj tu hamari kutiya hai aur hum jaise chodenge tujhe chudna padegi saying this he spitted in her mouth and told her to swallow it and continued to fuck her after some seconds I insereted my cock in her mouth and she started to give me a blowjob by this we came to know that she was enjoying now and seeing this Ikbal lubricated her ass hole due to which she left my cock and shouted that not there as it would pain her a lot. So Ikbal told me to insest my cock and press her head so that she wouldn’t say anything further.
I did as he said and then with a single force he inserted his huge cock in her asshole. She tried to shout but could not tears came down from her eyes due to pain and she opened her eyes broad because of extreme pain. Now waseem was squeezing her boobs and fucking her pussy very hard,Ikbal too started to fuck and I was getting a blowjob after sometime she started to moan due to pleasure and Waseem told me to fuck her pussy as this bitch was ready to get fucked.
So we 3 changed our positions Ikbal started to get blowjob Waseem her ass and I got her pussy and we three fucked her till late night then we decided give her rest while she was taking rest and we 3 discussed that we were not feeling good with condom and liked to see our sperm in her pussy. I got a plan to cut off the tip of the condom and she wouldn’t know and we took out our used condoms and putted it in her mouth and told that she should use it as a chewing gum till we fuck her.
She started to chew it and we took new condoms and ripped its tip,then wore it and started to fuck her by tying hed eyes with cloth. She got doubt then also we didn’t leave her and whole night we fucked her like a bitch. She was not given rest till morning 6 am. She was sweating a lot and waseem told her to drink our sperm and piss. She witout hesitation did those later we were givin permission to leave but when we opened the shutter of the shop a constable saw us and told us to enter inside the shop again.
Preeti was barely able to stand so she came inside and sat down and the constable entered into the shop and closed the shutter. He asked Preeti what was going on. She was quiet and Waseem took that constable to side and told her that I was a pimp who is prostituting my sister and she is my sister who is a prostitute from today. The constable came near me and slapped me and told us that he’ll put us behind bars listening to this. Me and Preeti caught his leg and told him not to do like that and we will do anything.
He thought for a while and told that she should getf fucked by his friends too. So without thinking we both accepted and he told that we have to go to his police station where his seniors had taked leave on that day. We went there and saw 10 friends waiting for us. She started to cry seeing them and pleaded to leave us but the constable warned us that tihs is last time he is hearing this and if he hears this again then he would arrest us for prostitution Preeti was quiet.
We were taken to a large jail where all the 10 constables were sitting and Preeti was made to dance naked after her dance she was told to take bath and come again when she came again she was tied to a hanging pole including her boobs and was fucked by verybody till evening I had given the task of making a video of it. She was getting fucked like a fucking machine without food and water. She was given piss to drink and cum dripping from her pussy on the floor was made to be licked by her at last while we were going I was told to fuck her.
I too fucked her for another 30 mins and she was totally exhausted they left us to our home and told us that they wanted her for 10 days and each night 5 members would come and she has to satisfy them as they said they used to come and fuck her till morning then they gave us those video and left us. Now sometime Waseem, Ikbal and those police men call her for sex and she also aborted the baby which was ours. If you liked this story and want to see her pictures then please mail me to [email protected]

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