My First Job – New Beginnings

The following story is a continuation of a true account, but the names of the characters have been fictionalized to protect their identities. You all must have read all about my interview and how I got the job at XYZ Informatics, Pune. If not please read the beginning at
Now to continue with the story:
For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Rashmi. I am from a small town in Kerala. I completed my schooling and college there. After getting my job in XYZ Informatics, I was given a joining date which was a month later. After reaching back home from Pune, I spent time pondering about the fateful interview day. I relived every moment with relish and was desperately looking forward to my life in Pune.
I kept wondering what new delights were in store for me. I spent the month doing a lot of shopping, preparing for my new life in a new city. My parents were constantly in touch with my aunty in Pune, asking about the city, the company and all the things that parents are supposed to know. But all I knew was I wanted to enjoy my stay in Pune.
Finally, the day came when I was to leave home and leave for Pune. The whole family came to the station to see me off. I was a little sad to leave them behind but my excitement overcame that. The train journey was uneventful and I safely reached Pune on the day before I was supposed to join work. My aunt, like last time, picked me up from the station and we went to her house.
Next morning, I woke up bright and fresh in the morning, took a long leisurely bath and dressed up to go to office. I checked myself in the mirror and found the woman looking back from the mirror to be very alluring. Memories of the interview day came flooding back to me and i found myself blushing, there was a warm moistness between my legs too. I had a light breakfast and when I was ready,my aunt dropped me to work.
As I entered to reception at sharp 10 o’ clock, there I saw Avvy standing at the reception (for those of you who don’t know Avvy, his name is Arvind, he was one of the people who interviewed me – Read this for more info “”) as soon as he saw me, his face lit up and he gave me a big smile. Welcome Rashmi. How lovely to see you.
Looks like you’ve become more beautiful than the last time I saw you, Oh come on Avvy, you’re making me blush. You really know how to make a girl feel special” “Well, it wasn’t flattery. It’s true. I’m sure you’re excited on your first day. Come, let me show you around and Avvy showed me around the office. It was an amazing place to work. The people were really friendly and they all welcomed me into their fold.
The office had a great cafeteria with some really good food. It had a huge library but best of all it had the entire top floor dedicated as a recreation room – table tennis, pool, billiards, lounging chairs, a small gym, a PlayStation console and a small gaming arcade. Next, Avvy took me to meet the team that I would be working with. It was a small team of 5 ppl where I was no.6. Avvy introduced me to them.
They are Rahul, Athira, Sameer, Elizabeth and Jyothi. The team reported to Rohit who was also another person who interviewed me. At the time of my joining, he was in Singapore on company business and Avvy told me that Rohit would be there for a year. Well, Rashmi, its nice to have you join us, hope you are as delighted to be here as much as we are delighted to have you here” said Avvy. “I’ll leave you with them and meet you in the evening before you leave ok?
Ok”, I said “See you later Avvy.” He gave me a wink and left. So here I was at my desk with my new team mates in my new office in an amazing city. I was raring to go. So I understand this is your first time in Pune” enquired Rahul. “Yes, I replied”, I was a little shy to look at Rahul. He was 6 feet 4 inches were well-built, has sparkling white teeth, and had a cute dimple when he smiled.
I was aware that he was talking to me but I was secretly admiring his physique and his looks (I hoped I wasn’t too obvious, but he was hot) so, it’s going to be fun working here” he continued, “the work is not too much, and the hours are flexible. You just have to remain focused for the first couple of weeks and you’ll be fine”, he said giving his wide smile. I immediately felt my knees go weak. He was gorgeous just like a Greek God.
Yo Rahul! Stop flirting with the new chick and let’s go for lunch yelled Elizabeth from across the floor. My face turned beet red and Rahul laughed and replied “Yes Big Mama. We’re coming…” Don’t mind her, Rashmi” he told me. She doesn’t mean any harm. She’s the sweetest one around here and loved by everyone. She just talks that way.” I smiled and said “Ok. Well, let’s go then”. As we were walking towards the cafeteria, Jyothi joined us.
I asked Rahul “Why did you call her Big Mama. She’s hardly a couple of years elder than me. Jyothi giggled and Rahul smiled and replied with a twinkle in his eye “Well, um, you see, she um, she has um, it’s because, hm well. Well, she’s got huge boobs” said Jyothi I mean they’re not just enormous, they’re Ginormous. Jyothi continued, “There’s an inside joke that she can probably breastfeed the entire staff for a year if the cafeteria closes down.
Hence the name, Big Mama I was shocked. Does she know that you guys’re making fun of her? I asked. Rahul replied, “Oh yeah. She’s cool with it. But her girlfriend gets pissed off every time call her Big Mama, Her girlfriend? I inquired. “Yeah Liz’s a lesbian. She’s in a relationship with Monica from HR. they live together” said Jyothi. Ok I said. I thought to myself, these people were very cool about anything. I was fortunate to join such an amazing team.
Lunch was fun. The six of us were joined by Avvy and Monica (Liz’s girlfriend). I just sat there listening to them exchanging stories, cracking jokes and generally having a great time. As we were finishing up, Avvy said, “Well guys it’s been fun. I’m gonna miss you guys. I was confused. What he was talking about, I wondered.  Miss us? I asked.  Well, Avvy’s been selected to head the Delhi branch. Promotion, increment, the works” Athira said. “Didn’t you know?”
Well, she’s new. How could she? Said Rahul Avvy said, “I just got the confirmation this morning. I’m gonna be on leave from tomorrow and I’m leaving on Thursday party party party! the team started yelling together. Sure, sure, ok, Ok” said Avvy on Wednesday, my place, alrite? Now I gotta go and finish up some work. Rashmi, come with me. You need to complete some paper work and some signatures are required to open a bank account and all that.
The rest of you, off you go with that the team left the cafeteria and went to their own work stations. I followed Avvy to his cabin. His cabin was very pleasant and spacious. He closed the door and locked it. He came over and gave me a docket full of papers. “It’s gonna take some time for you to fill it up. Read it all and put your signature ok? I started going through the papers and filling them up and signing them.
He was sitting next to me on the pretense of checking the paper work but I could feel his eyes looking all over me. Memories of the other day flooded me and I felt my face becoming warm. After about 45 minutes, I was almost done. At that moment, I felt his hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked at him. I saw lust in his eyes, but didn’t want a repeat of what happened that day.
I’ve missed you” he said. “I spent the entire month thinking about you. I almost climbed into a train and came to Kerala. Almost and he kissed me. Oh! What a kiss it was. It seemed like it lasted for a lifetime tender and yet so hard. So light and yet so demanding. I melted in his strong arms. And I knew he really meant what he said. His kiss told me a million things that cannot be expressed in words.
Slowly, we broke the kiss. He hugged me tight I never want to let you go, Rashmi”. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. He kissed me again. This time, I could feel the urgency of the kiss. He was simultaneously fondling my breasts through my salwar. I could once again feel the moistness between my legs. He slowly led me to the couch in the cabin and slowly, with a lot of love and care, laid me down on the couch.
In an instant, he was on top of me, kissing me, biting my lips. He slowly removed my dupatta. Next he took off my salwar’s top. He untied the strings of my bottom and carefully took it off. I got up to a sitting position. This time, I was determined to get it right. I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants along with his underwear. His cock was standing erect in all its glory. I didn’t tell my readers last time about Avvy’s cock. It was a beautiful cock.
Fair, strong and about 7 inches long. I licked the head of his cock once and heard him moan. I licked again. There was some pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I licked it off. It tasted a little salty but sweet at the same time. Hmm, that’s a new taste I thought. I slowly closed my mouth around his beautiful cock and heard him moan again. Very slowly, I sucked in my cheeks to create some vacuum in my mouth.
And slowly, very slowly, I started taking his cock in and bringing it out. I started to go down more and more. I choked once or twice and my eyes watered up. But I continued, partly because it looked like Avvy was immensely enjoying it and was moaning and shuddering at the same time. The sides of my mouth were leaking with a mixture of his cock juices and my saliva and it was dripping onto my bra-covered breasts.
Gradually, he increased his tempo. With one hand, he grabbed my hair in a bunch, the other hand held the side of my head. All of a sudden, I felt his cock pulsing inside my mouth and felt something warm fill up my mouth. Some of it went down my throat; some leaked out from my mouth and fell on my breasts and on the carpet. The remaining was in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do;
I couldn’t spit it out on the carpet so I swallowed it. I tasted weird and good at the same time.
Avvy, removed my bra and tugged at my panty. Even though he had cum once, his erection was still there and his cock was still raging. He pushed me down gently and came up over me. Slowly he positioned his cock over my wet, dripping pussy. Yes, Avvy, Yes show me heaven like you showed me last time.
It was all I was thinking and it was all that I wanted for the past few days. I want you inside me, now.” He kept rubbing his cock on my pussy’s mouth but didn’t put it in. “Are you sure you want it? Tell me how much you want it.” he teased. “Please,” I begged him, “please, I want it.”
You want what?”
I want your cock.”
Because, I want you to have sex with me.
Have sex with you? How else will you say the same thing? You know it. Say it.
I want you to Fuck Me! I cried.
Yes Rashmi, I am going to fuck you” And with that he inserted his cock head into me. He slowly started bucking his hips.
Inch-by-inch, his cock went into my waiting pussy. I was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced. “Yes, fuck me Avvy, don’t stop. Please don’t stop he increased his speed and started licking my face and neck as well. I raised my legs and wrapped it around his hips. This gave him further access into my pussy and I started shivering with pleasure.
I rolled up my eyes, my mouth was slightly parted, my neck and hair was drenched with sex sweat, my breasts were bouncing furiously, my nipples stood up and my stomach was heaving. I felt my climax approaching. It was building like a huge tidal wave. Avvy increased his speed some more and was huffing and puffing and I could feel his hot breath on me and his sweat dripping on my body.
My pussy was continuously leaking and suddenly I was hit with my first orgasm. It hit me wave after pleasurable wave. Thunder and lightning is what I thought. I thought the waves would never end. My pussy was twitching and twitching, all my muscles were clenched and I was experiencing pure nirvana. It was the first multiple orgasm I’ve ever had. In between, Avvy had shot his load of cum inside me, but my orgasms were so intense that I barely noticed it. Gradually, I came back to earth. I was exhausted but there was a content smile on my face. I continue to lay there on the couch and wanted to savour every moment of this wonderful experience.
After a while we got up, cleaned ourselves as best we could in the small toilet within his cabin and got dressed. I fixed my makeup and made sure that I looked presentable. My pussy was sore and I had difficulty walking. And surprisingly, it was already 5.30pm. Avvy offered to drop me home. Unlike last time, this time, I didn’t refuse. “So will I see you on Wednesday? Avvy asked.
Wednesday, I asked, confused Party, my place. Looks like you forgot he grinned. Oh that. Sure, I’ll be there Avvy. I’m going to miss you Rashmi. I wish I didn’t have to leave. We reached my house. As I got out, Avvy said, “Bye, Rashmi. Goodnigh  and drove away. I went into the house. After dinner, I went to my room. I had a long bath in scented water. “It’s funny”, I thought to myself, I came here searching for a better life and it looks like I got exactly what I wanted good job, a great team, a good company. I never thought I would get any of these”. I smiled to myself. As I dried myself with my soft towel, I wondered if I deserved it all. Well, I said to myself as I stepped out of the bathroom let’s see what happens next.”
Slowly, I put on my nightdress, lay down on my bed, spread out my hair, turned off the light and fell in to a deep, sweet sleep. I hope you like this story. If you do, please send your feedback to [email protected] I’d appreciate it. Thanks for your time. Next: My First Job – Wednesday, Avvy’s Party

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