Kamma Widow And Myself

I am an educated Tamil lady of Madurai in tamilnadu. We are from poor community and we were living on the mercy of rich families. My husband was a khalasi in south central railway and was posted to Guntur Juntion for employment and I also accompanied him to Guntur in Andhra. We are provided class 4 housing quarters in railway colony. I am a sexy woman and my husband cannot satisfy me in bed. I always need extra sex. One day one telungu lady came to my husband and said that there is a very rich kamma caste telungu lady living nearby needs a part-time servant maid.
My husband asked me to go over her for negotiations of pay etc. I agreed and met the lady and agreed for a monthly pay of 1500 for part-time job. She was an extremely rich lady having more than twelve houses fetching several thousands of rupees. They have agriculture lands harvesting chilies, cotton, paddy, sugarcane, cabbage, turmeric etc.
Their annual income from agriculture is more than 48 lakes besides partnerships in the nearby cold storages, ware houses, rice mills. But this kamma telungu lady is a widow with two grown up sons. Her husband was killed by some other caste people in Guntur longtime back.
I have a lean body with big buttocks and lovely breasts, big in size. The house lady is an excellent beautiful lady with beautiful breasts, eyes, big nose with big and round shaped nostrils, diamond teeth and bulging cheeks. When I went to her she saw my big breasts constantly and agreed to employ me immediately.
I surprised at her looks. After one month she told that her two sons are studying engineering in colleges away from Guntur and visit the house only once in a month. For the first month everything went smooth. I was watching her always at home. I was using their washing machine, mixie etc to make the work fast.
One day she asked me to sleep in the house itself since she is suffering from loose-motions. I agreed. I was tired and went to bed. I was asleep immediately. The house lady is not sleeping but is pretending that she is sleeping. I am lying on my wooden cot. She was lying over her excellently finished luxurious imported cot with foam mattress and pillows. I woke up after a little while. I pretended that I am still sleeping. He did not observe it. She took one of her foam pillow and kept it in between her two legs and thighs and started jerking it. It was creating some pleasure to her.
I also started getting temptation over this. I am normally a craze-for-sex-woman. I constantly observed her movements for some days. One day one night I did not find her on the cot. The zero watt bulb is burning in the bath room. I went to the bath room and found her enjoying sexual pleasure with an artificial penis made of synthetic rubber. She terrified at my arrival in the bath room. But smilingly I said that it is not a crime and instead I also can help her.
Therefore I took the rubber penis into my hand and started inserting it into her broad vagina as if somebody is fucking her. She felt extremely satisfaction and started to catch my two big breasts and started to squeeze them fast. I also could not tolerate the feelings. Her touch over my nipples was excellent. I again and again inserted the rubber penis into her vagina deep and satisfied her very much. She started to kiss my lips like men in English movies.
Then onwards we were constantly fucking each other in front of big and broad mirrors purposely purchased and fixed to the wall in her bed room. Some time we stand in front of the mirrors and kiss each other’s lips, nose, nostrils, cheeks etc. I catch and press and squeeze her very beautiful bulging breasts. She also caught my big and pointed breasts and started squeezing them, several times. All through she was telling that Tamil black ladies are excellent lesbian sex providers to telungu Andhra kamma caste widows.
We were enjoying lesbian sex like that when one day one of her two sons found out me having lesbian sex with his mother. He started to blackmail me and threatened to inform the police and my husband. I prayed for mercy. One night I was asked to sleep outside the verandah.
The mother was sleeping in the bed room. The son was sleeping in his bed room. I was sleeping in the verandah. I felt asleep but purposely I removed my sari front portion and my big and beautiful and bulging breasts were fully visible like two heels. The son’s room was opened. He came out at night 2:30 and found me on the ground in the verandah sleeping with no clothes covering my big breasts.
He shocked to see my breasts openly inviting him. He slowly went to his mother’s bed room and bolted it from outside. Now the mother cannot come out. But she got the attached toilet in the bed room itself. He slowly came in the dark and leaned over me on the floor next to me like a thief. He slowly touched my bulging breasts. I did not care and pretending that I am in deep sleep. He removed the buttons of the blouse. I was still pretending. He opened the blouse and found the big and beautiful and bulging breasts and started to press them slowly. I now got up.
But I did not prevent him. Instead, I took his face in my both hands and started to kiss him again and again with my lips. I kissed his lips several times like English women kissing their English heroes in western movies. All through he was co-operating. Suddenly he became very crazy and started to kiss my mouth into mouth and my nose and the small nostrils.
He started to press and squeeze my big and beautiful and bulging breasts constantly faster and faster and his male-touch over my bulging breasts started giving a high voltage in the body and started to touch his penis by raising his lungi. It was a very beautiful, young, energetic, erected rod like one. He inserted it in my wet vagina and started to fuck me for more than twenty minutes. I felt highly satisfied and he repeated his fucking once again at five in the early morning.
He went and removed the bolt from outside and went into his bed room. I again slept on the floor and started sleeping this time really. At 7 in the morning the house lady opened her bed room and came out and woke me up from floor. She was asking me to come with her and she was holding her artificial synthetic penis in her hand. I understood everything now.
I accompanied her into the bath room and tied the artificial penis to my below abdomen and started to insert it into her widely opened and wet vagina and started to kiss her cheeks, lips, nose, nostrils making some sounds while kissing with a purpose that her son should know that I am engaged with his mother in the bath room and enjoying the lesbian sex and satisfying her from her starving for crazy sex.
After the game was over I cleaned all over her vagina which by now was in the middle of a big-hairy-forest. I applied plenty of water all over there and started applying shaving cream and started to brush the vaginal space.
I took the safety razor and very beautifully shaven-off the hair and now her vagina and vaginal space looked very beautiful, very fresh, and highly appealing for kissing over it. I kissed all over the shaven place in and around the vagina and started to lapping it. It sent her terrific shock and huge satisfaction.
While I was doing I purposely went to her son’ room and collected his shaving cream and shaving brush informing that I am shaving off the huge hair around his mother’s vagina. I also told him that I am not closing the room’s doors and he can secretly peep into the bath room and observe the entire operation. I also found him doing it secretly. After ten days his mother was asked to visit the house of the local teacher for some purpose.
Immediately the son came and said that the mother will reach back only by night at 8 p.m. He took me into the bath room and shown his penis. There is a great deal of black and shiny hair all over like a very big forest, six times more than his mother. I laughed at it. He joined me in the laugh and after preliminary kissing each other etc.
I applied plenty of water all over his penis and around and soaked the place for over ten minutes. I touched the place and found it tension free. I took the shaving cream and applied all over and around and started to shave off the hair very cleanly.
Now the penis and its surroundings are very new, fresh, clean, excellent, satin smooth and his penis is trembling erected straight 90 degree. This time he took my both breasts into his hands and started to squeeze them fast by standing in the back of me. He slowly bent me down-front and squeezed the big buttocks and kissed my both buttocks again and more than twenty times. All through his penis is in 90 degrees.
Now slowly he started to penetrate his fully ejected 90 degrees penis into my anus and started to fuck me from there. This game me a very new and first time sex experience, getting fucked in the anus. He was wearing the NIRODH and enjoyed me many a number of times in a span of sixteen months. I was enjoying their sex as and when I was in need of it.
I was also providing them crazy sex as and when they wanted. By this I came to know that telungu speaking kamma caste widows and kamma caste young men are very sexy and they alone can satisfy their men and women. I was forced to vacate the class 4 quarters since my khalasi husband was promoted as a signal and points man to Cuddapah Station. I left both the son and the mother with deep sorrow.
In fact both were crying without showing to each other at the time of my packing the house holds and loading them in the rail wagon. N.B. My dear male and female sexy readers : please post your broad comments over this story by emailing to my ID: [email protected]

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