Aunty Mrudula’s Domination – Part I

I finished my 12th exams. I went to my uncle’s house for vacation. My uncle got a sudden call for a business tour abroad. My parents wanted me to come back as they wanted me not be a burden to my aunt Mrudula. My aunt Mrudula , requested them for my stay there as she was alone. My parents agreed. So I had to spend 1 month with my aunt. Let me introduce you guys to my aunt. She is a 39 year old, fair, tall woman about 5 8″ and is on the slimmer side. She is a very good lady, very nice to everyone and decent.
My routine used to be like this, play cricket all day in the local ground and come for meals in between. By 6 I would be back home, take a shower and watch TV serials along with my aunt. My aunt would sleep by 10 and from then on I would watch late night movies on HBO, star movies. In 12th class itself I got to know about masturbation. I masturbated only 3 times till then as I was a bit new to it. The local guys in the new town who played cricket with me talked about masturbating to naked girls, actress and porn movies. Thus, I got the idea of visual stimulation, for masturbating.
One fine day, probably after 1 week into my vacation, I remember very vividly that night, after my aunt went to bedroom, I started surfing the TV channels for some sexually arousing content. I got hold of a music channel, running an item song from the movie Dabang. I pulled my shorts down and my dick slowly started to rise up. I know some hardcore people here would frown that I got aroused by the exposure in an item song itself. Well, guys I was still a newbie to this masturbation. I was in my mid teens, you know the age of a 10 class student.
Coming back to the story, in my anxiety and madness I forgot to check my aunt was asleep or not. Though I heard the toilet door creak open, I was too busy and engrossed in my act that I dismissed it unconsciously. I was trying my best to stroke slowly and to last till the song ends. In the final moments, I ejaculated, with my legs stretched out to full extent. My first ejaculation with visual stimulus and it was superb. I laid there for a while, about a min, with my sperm on my stomach and a flaccid penis. I got up, turned around to go to the washbasin which is at the door of the bedroom. I was walking while looking at my flaccid penis, trying to pull that foreskin back.
I lifted my head and alas! What a sight! I froze there like a statue, shocked and speechless. My aunt was there, leaning on the bedroom door, looking coldly, straight into my eyes.
After I came back to my senses, I closed my crotch area with my hands. I had nowhere to go. To wash, I need to go near her and behind me there was the sofa and no other room. I just stood there.
My aunt too didn’t speak. To break that deadlock which lasted about 1.5 min, I mumbled “Aunt”. “Your vacation starts from this minute. You will see a new aunt” she said with a smile. That tone relaxed my nerves for a moment and I looked down to see my sperm trickling down my belly.
“Phat” a chapel landed squarely on my balls followed by choice expletives. She started abusing my parents, grandparents and our family name. I became enraged at that. Family pride was very important to me, and I wouldn’t tolerate a woman insult our family. I knew that my aunt was harassed by my grandparents for not bearing children. And I, being one of the three male grandchildren of my grandpa, automatically carry that name and pride of the family.
“Lick my feet you son of a bitch, I shall make the heir of this family, my slave” she shouted. I soon became aware of her intentions. In the heat of that pain and humiliation, I started to think in a cold, sly and wicked manner. I started deriving pleasure from that licking. A mean, shameless, opportunistic and scruples less side of me surfaced in response to my aunt’s new character. I suddenly stood on one knee, took my aunt’s hand, kissed it saying, “Mrudula Aunty I love you”. She was shocked and taken aback by my statement.” I love you, please love me back, I will do whatever you want”
“Will you lick my ass? Will you lick my armpit? “She shouted. I exclaimed “what aunty!!” She shouted back “What? Is it that bloody family pride again?” I said “No, Aunty, I love you and I shall even drink your urine if you want. You sit on me for 1 month, I have no problem” “Wow! Kiran, what happened to you darling? Are you okay?” she burst out laughing. “”I will, aunty, you are the most beautiful aunty in this world, I shall do anything for you my queen!”I saw some historical romantic movies and said those lines. My aunty, melted at those words, she helped me stand up. She probably was impressed and moved by the infatuation that I showed in my words and in my face. Probably the young teenager inside me and the previous original decent character inside her toned down that ferocity and revengeful hatred that she thought of venting out on me. She suddenly lifted her nightgown and pushed her head against her crotch.
I got the smell of fresh urine. My mouth was in a dark hairy bush. She walked like that with my head in her gown, to the sofa and spread. I had a fascination for thighs. I grabbed her thighs and pressed her thighs against my head. Then I removed my head from the bush and started licking all her soft thighs rubbing my face against them. After 3 min of licking she pushed me back to her hairy pussy. I put my hands under my aunt’s buttocks lifted her up a little and brought her ass outside the sofa. Then I started making tongue strokes from asshole to her bellybutton. I put her gown over my head and without her permission started towards her breasts. I was in frenzy. I started pressing, sucking and kneading her beautiful breasts. Then I went to her armpits and licked them for 15 min while rubbing my hands all over her body-pussy, ass hole, back, soft beautiful stomach, her chest and even her mouth. My hands were roving her entire body.
Then I plunged my head back to her pussy. I put my mouth around her vulva and started sucking the entire vulva with the lips. I made a vacuum around her pussy. I inserted my right hand index finger in her ass hole. The extreme pleasure made my aunt tremble and she was pressing my head with her thighs. Then after 10 min of pussy licking, she had her orgasm. She pulled my head even forcefully while crushing my head with her soft thighs. Some juice trickled out and it was all mixed up in my saliva.
She stopped me and asked me to come to toilet. I removed her gown and we walked to the toilet in the bathroom. She asked me to sit on the western style toilet. Then she climbed on to my thighs taking my head and shoulders for support. She put my head near her pussy and pressed it against it. After a second or two she started pissing onto my face. I immediately opened my mouth and started to lap at her vulva while the jet of piss hit my teeth. After emptying the bladder, she climbed down. I drank some piss. She asked me to stand up, removed the toilet seat and asked me to sit on the actual thin walls of the commode on which the toilet seat rests. She asked me to move back to create a big enough hole in between my thighs. She sat on my thighs facing me, with her breasts touching my chest and asshole straight over the hole. She started to shit and the shit cake neatly fell into the water below. Meanwhile she licked my ear lobes as she shitted. We French kissed and after 0.5 hrs she let out a fart and said she finished it. I immediately got up after she got up and without any instruction bent down before her.” Wash it with water Kiran” she said coyly. I obliged and did the same. We cleaned each other and took a bath at 2:00 a.m.
After that we both went to bed. She sat on me. My penis was erect all the while. She took it and inserted it into her pussy. Then she bent down towards my face and said in a hushed stone, “I shall make you a man”. After that she took my hands, put it on her breasts and started moving up and down. After 3 min or so I ejaculated into her pussy. She just collapsed onto me crushing me with her weight of 65 kg. I weighed 58kgs at that time. “Aunty you are heavy” I said. She gave me a small gentle slap and said “Get used to it; this entire month every night, it shall be me over you. One day your penis will be in my vagina and the other day my pussy will be on your mouth and your nose between my buttocks breathing my ass hole.”
The next morning when I got up my aunt was fast asleep on me. I woke her up and our day began. She stopped me from playing cricket and even barred me from going out of house. I helped her in all the household chores. We were naked the entire time. While watching TV or while sitting, she sits on me. I became her seat. Sometimes, it will be my face. While eating it will always be I chewing and giving her to swallow the food and her chewing and giving me to swallow food. So we swallow the food that other has chewed for us.
For 1 month in every hour, in every activity we combined sex. While talking with neighbor aunty, who is on the other side of the wall, my aunt wears a gown and asks me to hide under it. While she talks, I lick. In this way we enjoyed sex a lot. I got addicted to her pussy. When it was time to go, she cried, apologized for the abuses and kissed me good bye. I bent down, went under her gown kissed her pussy and ass goodbye. I walked a few steps, came back took her inside, made her to ride me, gave a nice wet saliva massage from forehead to toe and reluctantly with a heavy heart bade her good bye.
Now, I’m 18 years old and every year since my tenth class I make it a point to spend at least a month with my aunt. Now, I got a seat in the university and will have to stay for 3 years at my aunt’s place. I will be going soon.

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