Neehans Second Encounter With A Massage Aunty In Treatment Center

I am Neehan from Bangalore. I am regular reader of DT, This is my 2nd time writing my true encounters on ISS. I am an software engineer by profession. I am married and blessed by 3 children. I love my wife and never been unfaithful to her as she is very humble to me and my family. I’m about 5 foot 2 inches tall and of about medium build and medium colour but have very attractive speech to attract any one by words.
I do not use vulgar words and timing and size as no encounter can counts time & size. Passion for Sex takes over everything during the intercourse /affairs.
It happened 3 year back, when I visited treatment center for the 1st time with my 2 of cousin brothers & 2 elder bhabhi’s. My previous encounter was also posted earlier you can refer the details there.
This story really starts, I had opted for full massage and they gave me details and asked males or females. I will definitely select the females they charged 1200 more as they know after the massage what they get in return from the guest. The day was allotted 3rd day (i.e) Wednesday at noon 12.00 AM in cottage No 6. The day came and bhabhi’s were ready to accompany me and enjoy my message. They were deprived from entering and returned back.
Then I was alone and was accompanied by a 40’s old women, My bhabhi’s were laughing and making fun of me, The lady guided me to the cottage and told me to remove my clothes and sleep only on my underwear on the table. I was fully upset and she burnt some fragrance stick & herbs and informed me to relax for 20 minutes, She told me that a massager will come after 20 minutes and will go on for 6 to 7 hrs and no one will enter the cottage and should be disturbed and told me to swithoff the mobile.
I told her to inform my bhabhi’s also that they may be afraid. She showed me the open natural toilet & bathroom with hotwater and told me to have bath and rest on the message table and left the cottage by closing the cottage’s coconut leaf door. There was just 2 small opening on the rooftop for the dim light inside the cottage.
I moved round the cottage and the fragrance was so good and relaxed my mind and was thinking may god send some good aunty or girl for me. I then removed my clothes and had bath and no soap “Only Natural Herbs” in the open skies.
After having bath I was feeling light and putting my underwear came and rested on the treatment table and went to slept. I was woken by a lady massager, I opened my eyes and saw a sexy mallu aunty who was so fair and with right assets at right places which I could not see clearly in the dim light. She told me Namaste, I am your massager in the broken english. I told great and was happy. She told can we start.
I wanted to see her completely so I told her I want to wash my face and went to the bathroom and there was no water there. I requested her to get some water, she brought water and I could se her completely. I just was watching her beauty, she said sir water and she pored water and I washed my face and asked her name, She did not respond, I again told her that you look like a muslim, Is my guess true. With this she laughed and went inside and I followed her. She started preparing the table for treatment. I told her until you tell me your name I will not go ahead. She then told her name was “Nusrath Naghma”.
I gave her the greetings of salaam and asked her why are you working here. She told that her husband is working in Dubai and have to look after her 2 children and he send money rarely once in 3 or 4 months as he is in a small job. How much did she earn for this month she told only 5 massages for this month. I asked her how much do you get for one message she told only Rs. 250. I really got petty on her and told I will pay you for your good message.
She told me as soon as I go out they check and take away the money and handover only Rs.100 from that. I told these people are earning from people and depriving the hard workers. I asked her where outside can I come and give you the money, that will be better near the restaurant. I told I will give you 300 now and will give you Rs 1000.00 outside as my bhabhi or I will pay you while eating in the restaurant. She gave me her mobile no and took mine and wrote it in a piece of paper and kept it safely.
Then she told can we start. She asked me if you are comfortable remove your underwear and put this cloth and sleep on the message table. She then went to a side and removed her dress and wore only and blouse and short petticoat like and returned. I could not see anything while she was changing. She came near the table and I could see her melons were peeping out and I asked her does it matter if by mistake touch any part of her body, She just smiled sexily and patted over my head and told me to sit on a stool and applied some oil over my head and came in front of me and giving me a head message.
As she was doing so her big melons were hitting my head. I asked her that I will fall, can I hold her, she again smiled and kept quite. I held her tummy at some time and her petticoat nada some time. There was a heavy heat raising from my body. She just touched my body and told you body is really hot, what is the reason. I told this is the first time for my message that too with a beautiful hot lady like you, she again smiled and patted on my cheeks and told me to sleep on the message table and told me I will release all the excess heat from your body now. I was ashamed to lie on the table as my manhood was full hard and pointing the roof.
I slept and tried to cover it, but it was of no use. She then came with some other bowl of oil with herbs within it. She started laughing and told what is this. I told Sorry, She told it is common, Just relax. She then applied oil over my body and messaged my solders, chest, neck, hand, palms… while she was rubbing my chest her melons were rubbing over my chest and I was too excited and my manhood was shaking with full eructation. I was telling hah…hah…hah, She then told me to close my eyes and she removed my cloth from below and said you really need a message over here first.
She applied some oil on my manhood and was rubbing oil over balls and giving a full manhood message. I could not control any more and asked her to stop. She said why, I can not control any more. I requested her to cooperate with me so that I may be relived.
After my pleading for some time agreed and informed not to tell this outside to any one. This was the green signal. I cleaned some oil from my hands ,body and manhood and tried to go near her. She stopped me and I did not listen to her. I kissed her over her lips and was running my hand over her melons and tummy. Then I removed all her clothes and was amazed to see such a big melons which were tightly pressed in her blows. I kissed it hard and she was pressing my head over her melons. I continued this till her naval and was rubbing her love point (No hair- She was prepared for this).
Then I could not control any more and guided my manhood and love point I was failing to find it in dark, she guided it properly to the love point and inserted it, it went freely as there was oil on my manhood, she told to clean the oil and then continue, she took a wet cloth and cleaned my manhood, body & hands and also inserted the cloth in her love point and then told to continue. Then I inserted in and it was as normal.
Then we continues and she was also enjoying it, many a times her love point hole would contract and tighten my manhood, I was enjoying it. She is an experienced lady and know how to satisfy a man and get satisfied by herself also. We continued this for some time and at one time she contract so tight and released my manhood that I exposed all my semen inside her and fell over her. We relaxed for few minutes.
She then told me to get up and sleep on the message table and she went and washed herself and came in nude and started message she continued and did the entire body message in front & back. I was feeling her entire bare body message and was relaxed.
Then she came back again to my manhood and giving message. Her every touch made heavy blood flow in my manhood, she pressed both her melons over my manhood and made it stand again. She told come on man again….., I left her to play with it till I was in high point. Then I got up and pushed her against the message table and lifted her one leg and put it on my shoulder and started my action. Both of us were slipping and once she was about to fall. I told her to lie on the floor as before and played my motions.
This time every thing was slipping as oil was there all over us. I just got up and took the wet cloth and just cleaned inside her love point and my manhood and started it again. I lifted her legs above near to her solders and locked it between my hands and penetrated deeper inside and she contracted and released once it is deeper inside. She was also saying you also have good experience in this position and was saying this is the first time for me and you taught me a good technique of insert completely deeper till the end point. Naghma was wise she was good in her technique of satisfying a man in contraction and releasing.
I tried my best and could not come out as my back was aching, She then told me to leave her legs and joined her legs together close to each other by lifting her legs to the skies and told me to continue, She told me not to think of back pain, she will release it within no time with her massage , Now her heat of love point touched my entire manhood and her contraction and releasing technique made me come inside her.
Then I slept sweating next to her. She slept next to me for a wile. She told me to keep her mobile number safely and she will also call me when there is a place outside her native and will meet. She also told that she has her cousin whose husband is also abroad and is much more attractive & beautiful than me. She is also deprived of sex. She does not want her to be put in wrong hands as she stays in her in-laws house. I also want to help her as you are wise and understanding person. When are you coming again, I told most probably next month for my brothers treatment again.
I told her next time you bring you cousin sister and introduce me at the restaurant. You both wear burkha and no one will make out. She said this is the best idea. I told her to join us as I have a independent room and no one will be with me. She agreed and I told her that I will bring her a beautiful gift for both of them, and asked her what do you want. Whatever you wish and got up and gave me a final message on by back and told me to have hot bath and come out.
She helped me have bath with her nudity and later she also went inside and had bath, I watched her while she was having bath. I watched her entire beauty in dying sun light, she told go in do not loose your control again as it is already time. She came in and put her clothes and I paid her Rs. 300 and told her to wait inside the restaurant and give me a call.
She then cleaned the message table and told me sleep and relax as the other lady will come to accompany you and put some fragrance & herbs in all 4 corners of the room and came close to me handed three herbs to keep it safe as it is more powerful for intercourse satisfaction and use it of small quantity with milk 3-4 Hrs before, and left by giving me a deep lip to lip kiss and left the room. I got up and kept the herbs in my inner pocket and returned back to my table and was lying with my underwear and a cloth over it.
After 15 Min an another lady came in and inquired how relaxed are you know. I replied very good and opened my eyes and was stunned to see another hot sexy lady of middle age in front of me.
I told her you are looking hot and sexy. I just smiled sexily and lifted my towel and told me to put on my clothes. She was keeping all the things in order by seeing her tummy, I asked are you also a massager, for this she replied “YES SIR”. I told her next time when I come, can you give me a full message without any hesitation. I will sir, I asked what is your name, she said Smrithi Nair. I then handed her Rs 500.00 she denied and by force I gave it in her hand this is my booking amount for you for the next time and pressed her on a corner and planted a lip kiss on her, she resisted and later told that is not good, I changed my face and told sorry and was about to move, she came forward and kissed me on my lip and said sorry for my behavior.
Then we held tight and lip kissed and I moved my hands all over her melons and he tummy and love point. She told it is time do not loose your control now. She then stopped and told next time you come we will have a full message together. Some one might come, we left and on the way I asked her how to book you here. She told ask then to book Smrithi for message. can I book now, She said “No”, Book next time you come, She asked when are you coming, I told next month. We reached the reception and they enquired and took the feedback about the treatment and support from the messager, I told Wonderful, The lady in the reception sexily smiled and would you like to come again, I told defiantly without a miss with my other cousin & friends.
Then I called my elder bhabhi, She asked how the message was and kindling me. She asked me to come to treatment center as all my brothers are sitting outside. I went there and my brother and bhabhi’s were making fun of me. I enjoyed their jokes. Then I received a call from Naghma, I informed her to sit inside the restaurant and I will be there with in no time. I told my brother and bhabhi’s that I have to pay the balance and will be back. I left and walked straight to the restaurant and ordered some good food for her and I had juice. I paid her Rs 1500.00 and thanked her for making my day special.
Then I enquired about Smrithi and she told that is also very cooperative. Then her face went down. I told why are you upset. You are my best friend now and next time I come first give you a call and you don’t need to go for a message, You and your cousin come directly come to my room at the time I say, I will pay you more than this with a very beautiful gift for both of you that you will remember me when ever you were that, I praise her by saying, You have a real knowledge of satisfying a man, You are the best I have ever met. She started laughing and told you can make any one smile.
We came out and I asked to live her till the gate or bus stand, we were walking, it was little dark and had left the gate and she pulled me behind a tree and planted a deep kiss and we responded, I rolled my hand over all her melons and body and her love point. Meanwhile a bas was coming from far and she told she has to go as this is her bus, she adjusted herself and told bay and told to be in touch and stopped the bus and left.
When I returned near the restaurant, I found both my bhabhi’s were standing and watching me. When I went there they started kindling me and were asking how the message was, ….. bla….. bla… bla…. I told then we will speak later at night at our room and let me have good food, Then we all ordered full meals with good fish curry rice and pomplate fish and some orange juice. My younger bhabhi told an another anzeer milk shake for me. I told I am full for now and cancelled it, She was kindling me by telling you had a wonderful message today, drink it, it will give you more energy.
Then we paid bill and returned to the treatment center, I was feeling sleepy and slept for a while on the wooden chair outside. Then they woke me up at 9.30PM to go to the room. Both of them where again kindling me, poor chap he is fully tired after a full message. We will we go to the room and told buy to my brothers and returned to the room. They asked me to come in their room and explain how the day went off. I told tomorrow. They pulled me in and had to go inside.
I had to explain the full day story and told how good the lady Naghma was and taught then how they also can use these techniques and requested then to go for sleep. They both pulled me and made me sleep with only my underwear between them. They also removed all their clothes with their bra and panty and made me sleep between them. They both were smiling & telling this is also our best entertainment & will not forget for you entire life that we both were sleeping with a single guy in the same bed. Then my elder bhabhi put her hand over my manhood, I told her pls…pls…pls not today I am very tired. Then they both put their legs over me and went for a sleep.
Then from next day we all slept in the same bed and told one bhabi a day from the next 3 days and the other will watch and enjoy and play. Last day for both. They kept up their promise till the last night and on the last they both told me to have sex enhancing halva and go they final round up. Last day morning hours with my elder bhabhi and in afternoon 2nd bhabi , I had to go with both of then as much as I can so that we were to leave in the Night.
I was fully tired and after having food at the restaurant went into the car and slept nicely, I did not wakeup even for the tea, I got up when Bangalore was nearing and asked my brother to stop for a tea and we had tea and I fagged 3 cigarettes’ and washed my face and returned. Then we reached their home at 10.30 AM and went to the top terrace room and locked the door slept till night. I did not getup for food also. I got up at night at 10.30 PM had food at their place and left to my home and again slept till next day morning.
This was the wonderful treatment journey I ever had in my life and will never forget in my life. Thanks to my Bhabhi’s. They had deprived me for 3 long years and finally made it a remarkable event in all our lives.
My Bhabhi’s are the best and I am happy with my Wife, My Bhabhi’s & their 4 friend.
This is long encounter…… .Sorry ……
Email ID your feedback to : [email protected]
The next memorable encounters will be as follows…..

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