Hot South Indian Aunty Seduced And Fucked By Young Guy – Part 2

Hi, this Ganesh from Mumbai. I am here to narrate you my second part of my story with aunty.
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Coming to the story.
After that day, we were getting close to each other. Normally I visit her house at afternoon time. She stays in the same blouse and petticoat but the main disappointment was that she use to cover her body with the towel.
Days were passing. We use to chit chat a lot at her home most of the time and I also have lunch at her home. Sometimes I touch her hip intentionally and tickle her because I have won her trust.
Me: aunty, please remove the towel. I don’t like it or else from tomorrow, I won’t come to your house.
S: why da? You want to see me cleavage ah? (with a laugh)
Me: no aunty, be comfortable and be free. Whenever I come to your home, you are being hostile with me. So..
S: no da, I can’t
Me (in an angry tone): ok bye, I am leaving. From now onwards I won’t be coming to your house.
I left her home.
2 days went like that. I didn’t visit her house.
The third day morning, she called me and asked me to come to her house.
After an hour, I got ready and went to her house. To my luck, she was in a yellow color blouse and yellow color petticoat. This time, she was not covering her body with the towel.Guys, her blouse color was too light so her bra was fully visible. She was wearing blouse slightly at a low level. I can see 50% of her boobs. Omg! My boner started to erect.
I directly went to her and hugged her tightly for 5 seconds. She was feeling shy. I thanked her for not covering her body with the towel. Then she pushed me.
Sheetal: you requested me and I too was not comfortable in the towel da. That’s why I am no longer wearing it.
I again went near her and hugged her and tickled her hip and neck. My chest was pressing on her big boobs. Omg! It was the first time I was hugging aunty like that and my penis started poking her petticoat. She again pushed me back.
S (angrily): what are you doing da?!
Me: I am so happy aunty. Finally, you accepted my request (guys I was too happy that from now onwards I can see her cleavage).
S: ok ok enough, had food?
Me: no aunty; I am so hungry give me something to eat.
S: wait da, I will prepare Maggi we will have together.
Me: ok aunty.
Then we both had breakfast together. We started to do normal chit-chat for some time and I had some work outside. So I went out from there.
Next day morning I went to aunty’s house. She was about to take a bath.
Me: aunty, today you are going to bath early.
S: I have a marriage function in the noon. So getting ready.
Me: uncle also coming with you?
S: no, I am going alone.Why? Are you going to give me company?
Me: no aunty, I am not interested in coming.
Actually, we both were near the bathroom by then. She kept her sari and inners outside the bathroom. She only took a towel to the bathroom.
S: ok da. You wait in the hall.I will take bath and come.
Me: you take bath aunty. I will wait outside the bathroom. I will give you company from outside.
S: ok thanks, da. So what you are going to do next (from inside the bathroom).
Me: just thinking of doing further studies aunty.
We continued talking. Suddenly she opened the door slightly. I was really excited. Her hands came out and she threw her blouse outside and still the door was slightly open. I was trying to look through the opening. Then she threw her petticoat too and closed the door. I knocked the door.
S: what da?
Me: aunty throw your inners too (with a laugh)
S: no da. I am going to wash my inners.
Me: aunty open the door, I can help you.
S: no need, I will manage da.
I was a little happy that aunty was talking openly with me and without any hesitation. The sound of water started coming. I thought she started to bath and after a minute, she opened the door slightly and put her head outside. Her hair and her face were fully wet. Water dripping down from her head. She was looking damn hot.
Me (laughingly): what happened aunty, should I help you to take bath.
S: no da, there is soap and shampoo in the kitchen. Can you please go and bring me that?
I went to the kitchen and came back with the soap and shampoo. She reached for the soap. Omg! Some part of her side boobs was visible to me. My dick immediately sprang into action. She saw my erection and quickly closed the door.
Me: aunty, how much time will you take?
S: I will come out in 5 minutes.
Me: but aunty I want to pee. It is very urgent. Could you open the door and let me in for 2 minutes (actually I didn’t want to pee but just wanted to see her nude)
S: hold it for 5 minutes da.
Me: I can’t. It is urgent, aunty.
S: right now I standing here without any clothes. I can’t open. Control for 5 minutes.
My mood became further horny hearing that. I started to talk naughtily with her.
Me: so aunty you bath without clothes?
S: everyone baths without clothes only. That is not something new, stupid! (and she laughed)
Me: I think the water is too lucky aunty. It gets to touch your naked body.
S: stop dear, don’t cross your limits (and laughed again).
Me: if I was the water, I will definitely touch every inch of your nude body (and laughed).
No response came from her side. I thought she had completed her bath.
S: Ganesh, where are you?
Me: still outside the bathroom, aunty. Why?
S: go to the hall and wait. I have finished my bath. I want to change my dress, so please wait in the hall.
Me: ok, come outside. I am going to the hall. You can wear the towel.
I was waiting to see her in the towel. She came out from the bathroom wrapped herself in just a towel.
Her body and her hair were wet. Water dripping from her hair. She had covered her boobs till her thighs with the towel.
I can see her nude thighs and some portion of her upper boobs. I thought she will shout at me for not going and she will ask me to get out from the room.
But instead, she looked at me casually, took her clothes and started talking to me.
S: so you wanted to see me in the towel and that’s why you were waiting for me, right?
Me (looking at the floor): yes I was waiting to see you in the towel.
S: so how do I look in the towel?
Me: like a sexy model. You look so hot in the towel, aunty.
I went to close and her and started to tickle her waist over the towel. She pushed me saying, “Don’t touch or the towel will fall”.
But I didn’t stop. I tickled her again.
S: don’t touch da! Let me change the clothes. Go and sit outside.
I was staring at her body. Aunty turned to the other side showing her back to me. She was still in the towel. She took her panty and started wearing it.
Me: aunty, why do you have to struggle to wear the clothes with this towel? Wait, I will go to the next room. You remove your towel and then wear your clothes, aram se.
S (laughingly): why da? So you can see my nude back through the mirror.
Me: what aunty? What are you saying? I can’t understand!
S: I know everything da. That day, you were looking at my nude back through the mirror.
Me: then why you didn’t shout at me aunty?
S: you helped me on that day na dear. So it was a small gift from my side. I thought you were enjoying watching my back. So I didn’t say anything. You better sit here only da. I will change the clothes within few minutes, give me company.
She took her petticoat and wore it. Then she removed her towel. Now she was in only with petticoat and her upper body was totally exposed. Yes, she was topless!
Then she covered her upper body with the towel and turned to my side. Damn! I can make out the shape of her boobs through the towel. It was too sexy. She took her bra from the hanger and she turned to the other side again, removed her towel and wore her bra.
With some courage, I went near her. She was facing the wall. I tickled her waist and neck once again and she started laughing.
Me: sexy waist aunty. So hot to touch.
I think she enjoyed my touch. Then she started to wear her blouse. She wore her blouse while I continued to touch and tickle her waist and neck.
She then started to hit me and pushed me back.
S: don’t do that da. I am feeling embarrassed. Let me wear the saree.
We both came to the hall. She started to wear saree as she was going to a function.
Me: ok aunty; I am leaving. Go and enjoy your function. We will meet tomorrow.
S: ok but don’t come tomorrow da. Tomorrow is a holiday for my kids.
Me: ok aunty, bye see you later.
Next two days I was really busy with my work. We both couldn’t meet each other for two days. On the third day morning, I went to her house. She was cooking. I directly went and touched her bare waist and started to rub her waist.
S: where did you go for two days?
Me: I was busy with some work, aunty. And the last two days, I missed you.
S: missed me or my waist? (laughingly)
Me: both! Aunty, did you bath today?
S: yes, in the morning itself.
Me: why so early today?
S: if I take bath late, then you will be there and you will do masti with me, that’s why! Ok, wait in the hall, I will finish my work and then we will chat.
I sat on the sofa watching tv. She took half hour to finish her work. Then she came and sat with me. She was in blue color petticoat and blue color blouse. The first button of her blouse was broken and so more cleavage was visible to me. I wanted to touch her body and so I was planning to play a game with her.
Me: aunty, shall we play some game?
S: what game da?
Me: let’s play hide and seek.
S: ok. Come let’s play.
Me: aunty, first I will tie a kerchief around your eyes and then you have to catch me. On the next turn, you will tie the kerchief around my eyes. Ok na?
I knew this will be the best chance to touch her body. I can tease her by touching her body.
S: ok da, come. Let’s start.
I tied the kerchief around her eyes and we started to play.
I started to tease her by touching her hand. She came and tried to touch me but she missed.
Then I touched her foot and she bent to catch me. Omg! While she was bending, her boobs hung low and I saw her half-naked boobs. She was wearing a black color bra. I made her bend many times and my penis started to erect.
After some time she caught me and it was my turn. She removed the kerchief.
Me: aunty, you are wearing black color inners right na? (laughingly)
S (in anger): how do you know?
Me: when you were bending, I got to know aunty (laughingly). Cool aunty. It is a game, anything can happen.
S: ok come, now it’s your turn. Now see what I’m going to do to you.
She tied the kerchief around my eyes and we started to play again. She started to tease me, she touched my hip, face, neck, leg etc. Unfortunately, I caught her boobs. She was shocked and pushed me. We ended the game there.
Me: sorry aunty, it was a mistake.
She was silent for 2 minutes.
S: ok leave it.
We hardly spoke for the next one hour.
S: so today you are wearing blue color underwear, right ah? (laughingly)
Me: hahahah yes aunty, how do you know?
S: when you was trying to catch me, I got to know.
Me: better you should have asked me directly na aunty. I would have shown you.
With some guts, I removed my shorts in front of her and I showed my underwear to her.
Me: ok na aunty you are happy na now? (laughingly)
She closed her eyes.
S: enough enough.. Now wear your shorts. And why is your brother always erected da? Whenever you are at my house, your bro is erected.
I was totally shocked hearing such kind of questions from aunty. And I gathered some courage and replied,
Me: aunty, I always see your cleavage and you really look sexy in the blouse and petticoat. I try to control but my bro never obeys me. You tell me what I should do.
S: ok. From now onwards, I will wear saree. Your bro will be under control.
Me (angrily): no aunty, don’t do like that. Or else I won’t talk with you.
S: hahaha, just kidding dear.
Days passed. I visited her regularly. Nothing much happened between us. I use to touch her waist and try to hug her. I was addicted to her body but she maintained her limits.
Guys, normally, I shop my clothes, electronic items etc through online. I started giving the delivery address as Sheetal’s house address as I spend most of the time at her place. She always inspects my delivered products to know what I bought from online and then only she would hand over the product to me.
One day, I ordered a pack of underwear. When I entered her house, she was there. She laughed at me, took my underwear and she gave it to me.
S (laughingly): what all you buy from online da? You won’t even leave out innerwears!?
Me: aunty, there was an offer, so I bought. And it is cheap through online. We don’t have to share our size to anyone. If you buy innerwear from the local shop, the shopkeeper will ask your size. So better to buy online. And there is an offer for ladies too on innerwears. So come, let’s order for you also.
S: will it fit perfectly? If it won’t fit perfectly, the money will be waste na.
Me: wait aunty, I will wear and show you. Then you can trust me. If it doesn’t perfectly, you can return the product within 10 days.
S: ok wear and show me your underwear. If it is a perfect fit, then I will also order from online.
Me: ok aunty.
I started to remove my t-shirt in front of her.
S: hey what are you doing. Go to the other room and change.
Me: aunty, anyway you will see my naked body through the mirror. So better I change here itself.
S: ayoo po da. Ok, change here only but turn to that side. I can see your nude back but I can’t see your ‘bro’ and I don’t want to watch your bro.
Hearing these words from aunty, my bro started getting erect in front of her.
Me: see aunty, my bro started getting erect. You have some magic, aunty.
S: turn and change da.
I turned to the wall side and removed my shorts and removed my underwear. Guys, it was the first time I was nude in front of her. Wow, it was amazing and my penis started to leak slightly.
And guys, do you know she did something amazing to me.
She pinched my ass and said, “You have a small ass da..”
I was totally naked that time. I covered my penis with my hand and turned towards her side. She started to cover her face with her hand.
Me: aunty, I am not a girl to have a big ass. But my bro is big. Open your eyes and see (laughingly)
S: turn around first. I don’t want to see your bro.
I turned around and wore my underwear and showed it to her.
S: covering your bro by the underwear itself. I can see that your bro is too big.
Me: see my underwear, aunty. Is it perfect fit or not? Check the material too, it’s really good.
Aunty came and touched my waist to check the fabric material.
S: yes da, it fits perfectly and the material is also good. Now go and change. And try to control your bro. Go and use the bathroom.
Me: why to use the bathroom, aunty?
S: to calm down your bro.
(indirectly she was asking me to masturbate and to release cum. I was also fully out of control and my penis also started to leak. So I took my dress, went to the bathroom and released my cum, changed my dress and came out from the bathroom)
S: see, now your bro is calmed down. Better to do this daily in the morning before come to my home.
Me: aunty, whenever I see your body and cleavage, my penis starts getting erect and I can’t control it. I think my penis wants to see your naked body.
S: my naked body only is for my hubby da. You won’t get any chance to see it dear
Me: aunty, can I ask you one question?
S: yes, ask da
Me: is my penis bigger than your hubby’s penis?
S: I don’t about your exact size da. But my hubby’s penis is also big. His penis size is 6.5 inches dear. And what the size of your penis?
I was totally shocked to hear aunty asking me such a question.
Me: I don’t know aunty, I never measured.
S: ok leave da
Me: ok come, aunty. Let’s order inners for you, how many inners do you want?
S: first order only 2, and I need only upper innerwear.
Me: so you need only bra, ah? Why don’t you want panties?
S: let me check the bra first, order normal pattern. If my hubby gets to know that I am wearing a modern bra, he will shout at me.
Me: ok aunty, tell me your size?
She took some time to reply.
S: 36 da
I was shocked, my mouth opened and I was looking at her boobs.
S: close your mouth and order da!
I ordered two bras for her and within two days, it would get delivered.
Me: aunty, I ordered two bras, it cost 400 rs.
S: ok da.
Then I went to my home.
After two days, I got a message saying my order would be delivered that day.
The next day morning, I got a missed call from her. I got ready and went to her house.
S: Ganesh, yesterday evening the bras were delivered.
Me: oh nice aunty, show it to me.
S: no I won’t. I will check myself first and if it’s not fit perfect, then I will let you know.
Me: this is cheating aunty. I showed my underwear to you and you even checked my underwear. Let me check yours and I will tell you if it is going to be a fit or not.
We had an argument. After some time, she agreed to show the bras.
I checked her bras. They were nice.
Me: ok change your dress, aunty.
S: wait here, I will go to the bathroom, change and then come.
Me: This is not fair, aunty. I changed in front of you. So you have to change in front of me. Turn around and change. At least show me your nude back.
She hit hard on my head, took her bra, turned around and started to remove her blouse. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, and threw it on my face!
Guys, while throwing her bra, she covered her boobs with her one hand and her boobs were shaking. She wasn’t able to cover her whole boobs so she just covered her nipples. My mood was totally changing and I was finding it hard to control myself.
Soon she wore her bra, turned towards me, and showed her body to me. She was looking damn seductive in the bra. She was looking like a hot mallu aunty. Her bra was fully covering her boobs. I can see the gap between both the boobs. I stood up from the sofa, started to touch her bra strap and checked the material of the bra.
S: hey don’t touch my bra da!
Me: just checking the material, aunty. It is nice.
S: ya da nice bra. So does it fit perfectly on me?
I touched her boobs softly. In a flash, she pushed me back.
S (angrily): hey what are you doing??
Me: aunty, the bra fits you perfectly.
S: ya, it is comfortable to wear. Ok wait, let me change.
Me: aunty, don’t change for 5 minutes na. I am enjoying this moment. The first time in my life I am seeing a woman just in her bra.
S:hahahaha. Your wife will show you everything, but I can’t.
Me: don’t show me, but stay in the bra for few minutes. Let’s have some coffee and biscuits. After that, you can change. Please, aunty.
She agreed. She was making coffee for both of us in the kitchen. I was standing beside her and staring her boobs. I kept my hand on her waist, trying to seduce her with my touches.
She bent down to take the coffee powder and sugar. Her boobs were hanging low but the bra was perfectly fit for her. I was trying to see her nipples but unsuccessful.Then we went to the hall and had coffee and biscuits.
Me (laughingly): see my bro, aunty.
S: let your bro enjoy this moment da.
Guys, I was totally out of control and she was also talking naughty with me. I thought of touching and sucking her boobs wildly but I controlled.
Me: shall I take out my bro, aunty?
S: chi no da, don’t do. Ok, wait let me change the dress. I am feeling awkward.
I took her used bra and kept it on the sofa. She turned and removed her bra and started to search her used bra. I did some weird thing to her bra. I was laying on the sofa, I took her used bra and kept it on my penis.
Me: aunty, your bra is here.
She covered her boobs with the right hand and turned towards me. She leaned a little, took her bra with her left hand.
And quickly, I pulled her right hand covering her boobs and just for 2 seconds, I got the chance to see her naked boobs. Omg! Her nipples were brown in color and they were big. I was so horny and I wasn’t able to control myself anymore.
I went to her and pushed her to the wall. She was topless that time and I hugged her tightly. My dick was pressing on her petticoat. She tried to push me away but I was not leaving her. After a minute, I started squeezing her left boob with my right hand. She was still trying to push me away and escape. But her efforts were going in vain.
After few intense minutes, she started to close her eyes. I thought she must enjoying my touch and I placed both hands on her boobs, touching her hard nipples and rubbing her boobs with my hand. I was kissing her neck, cheeks and gently squeezing her boobs for some time. Suddenly she opened her eyes.
She asked me to stop touching her and leave her but this time her voice was very powerful. I took off my hands from her boobs. But she didn’t cover her boobs with her hand this time. I thought I can fuck her today and I was happy that I seduced her finally. But she took her bra and wore it in front of me.
Then she adjusted her boobs in the bra and then she wore her blouse. After that, she went to the bathroom. She freshened up and came out. She sat on the sofa beside me.
S: what you did is totally wrong, and I never expected you will do with this to me.
I was totally confused. Actually, I thought she was enjoying my touches for few minutes but now she is telling the opposite. I laid my head down in front of her.
Me: I am sorry aunty, I couldn’t control.
S: I was so free with you and you tried to take advantage of that?
Me: I am sorry, aunty. I won’t do this to you again, I am really sorry.
S: ok let’s end this here only. From now onwards, don’t come to my home, don’t talk with me ever. After my husband, you are the second guy who touched my private parts. Ok, you can leave my home now. Never ever come back to my home and don’t try to talk with me.
I was totally sad by hearing this, my eyes were filled with tears. I asked for forgiveness and left the place. So I went to my home and cried for some time. I was so hurt.
Days passed and I never tried to talk with her and eventually, I got busy with my college admission.
So guys, I am ending my second part here. Hope you enjoyed this part. The third part has a suspense.
Your feedback made me write the second part. Hope you will email me with your feedback.
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