Devika Becomes Papa’s Wife

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“Beti, what we did was wrong. I was intoxicated and so were you and we could not control ourselves. Sorry, but we must stop it. A father cant make love to his daughter. ” Manohar tried to reason with his daughter Devika, a widow of 33 years. Deep in his heart, he did not want to stop it. The forbidden nature of the relationship excited him greatly. He stared at the big erect boobs of his daughter.
“But why Papa? I love you and how can it be wrong to have sex with someone who loves you? Papa, mother is dead and so is my husband. I love you and your cock. Your cock has given the kind os beating that my cunt has never received from anyone else. Just touch my pussy and see how it throbs” Devika was going crazy for her father/lover
“Because you’re my daughter, that’s why. You must not think about what we did, it is sin. It’s incest. Society does not approve of it”
“Inter caste marriages were considered wrong Papa, but they are ok today.”
“Our religion forbids incest.”
“OK, did not Brahma, lust for his daughter? Even the Gods make love where they wanted. God has created only one difference, male and female, cock and cunt”
He didn’t have a good answer, so he kept his mouth shut.
” But I have fathered you. How can I fuck you?” He said lamely.
She ignored his objection. ” I’m a grown woman. I can decide for myself who I want to sleep with. And finally, I wasn’t planning to tell the whole world about our private lives. I have already bought a house in Banglore where no one knows us. We will live there as spouses. Papa, lets be a part of Nature. Have you forgotten when Rock(our dog) made Dolly (our bitch) pregnant(Rock is the baby of Dolly). How much it excited me when Rock was fucking his mother Dolly!”
“So you’ve thought about us, Devika? I cant think of my sweet Beti Devika as my partner.”
” Papa, answer me honestly and tell me that you don’t want to fuck me. I will bring an end to our relationship. But do you not want to suck on my tits? Do you not want to touch your daughter’s cunt, her choot?”
He looked at her and thought about lying. She must have sensed his weakening resolve, because she unbuckled his belt and placed her hand on his bulging cock. She ran her hand on the length of his cock over his underwear.” Aaaaaaa…..ooooooh..noooooooo….beti naaaaaa” The contact sent a jolt of excitement through him, and his cock sprang into life. “Devika, my darling,” he said hoarsely, “we can’t ever repeat what we did last night.” He knew that his voice was not convincing even to himself as he spoke.
“Yes, we can.”
He was aware of the heat of her young body, the swell of her breasts, her thighs pressing against his own, her hands on his cock.
She said as she realised he could not turn back. “I want to do everything with you.”
Manohar darted a glance at her heaving bosom and placed his trembling hand on her flesh.
“Yes, Papa, everything,” she said. “I want to suck you. I want you to eat me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you come inside me.”
“Devika!” he croaked, “do you have to use language like that? Do you want to talk dirty with your father? It makes me sound like daughter-fucker”
“Nothing can be dirty in love, Papa, can it be?” she asked. Then she said. “I want to suck on your big cock. I want you to eat your daughter’s cunt, choot as you called it. I want to feel your Lund inside my Choot. I want to feel your jism in my cunt. Is that wrong or dirty, Papa?”
He swallowed hard.
“I’ll say say and do what you like,” she said. “I’ll say whatever you want, as long as you fuck me.
Her fingers round his erection felt so good, so warm, so… right. He felt a thrill of excitement. Devika saw a change come over her father’s face and she pulled his pants down, making him shed his underwear and his hard-on was in her hands. She stroked him gently. Her hand was warm and soft. With her free hand, she managed to pull off her T shirt, skirts and her panties. The scene of his naked daughter on the sofa made his mouth water.
He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He wanted to fuck her, his daughter too seemed to have the same thought, because she didn’t make a move to change positions. Instead, she played with her pussy while she placed her mouth on his cock.
Her face was flushed and he undid her hair. Se looked beautiful. She closed her moistened lips, tasting his wonderful cock.
“Mmm,” she breathed. “I like it when you push your lund in my mouth. I can’t wait to feel your hot monster inside my choot.”
She teased him. “Is this wonder cock for me?” She ran her hands over his shaft and then fondled his testicles. Manohar pulled her closer and pulled her bra completely off her lovely breasts, cupping them lovingly. He lifted her mouth to his lips and kissed her.
When she finally broke the kiss, she whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”
She squeezed his dick. Then she gently pushed him on the fofa. When she was done, she pulled his hands to her breasts. Her nipples grew stiff as he tweaked them.
“Oh, that’s nice, Papa” she said. “I like your hands on me.” She closed her eyes and stroked his erection. They lay side by side on teh wide sofa like that for almost a minute. “Do you want to use the bed? The bed you shared with mother? Replace me with mother in bed, Papa. Treat me as you treated mother, your wife!” she said at last.
“OK Beti, lets go to bed. Do you want to fuck me here?” he said.
He watched her bare ass as she walked from sofa to his bed. On the bed she lay naked as she was born and his eyes were drawn to her pussy. She reached between her legs and ran a finger along her slit. He was hard. She spread her legs.”Do you want me to lick your choot, beti? I know you love it. I love it too. But why dont you bend before me on hands and knees, like a bitch? And I suck your cunt like a dog. Think of me as Rock, my Dolly darling!”
Devika knelt before her father on the bed and put her hands on the bed rest while he bent like a dobg behind her, his hands on her inner thighs. Her skin was soft and smooth. He inhaled the smell of her wet cunt. Then he flicked his tongue over her slit and tasted her choot. She gasped and her belly timgled.
“Oh, Bhagwan,” she hissed, her hand went back and her fingers combed through his hair. She hissed again, as he licked her satiny cunt.
He cupped her ass and kissed her everywhere. He circled her clit with his tongue and she cried out softly.
He licked and sucked until he felt her pussy was weeping with excitement. Then he inserted a finger into his daughter’s cunt. Her hips bucked, but he continued licking. She pushed him away.
“Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me, please. I want to come with your lund inside my choot, Papa.”
She lay on her back, her thighs spread and she caught his cock and rubbed the pink head over her cunt. Then she moved her hips up and his cock was inside her hungry pussy.
He was inside his own daughter again! He was fucking her again.
“Oh, Bhagwan,” she gasped, “fuck me Papa.”
The words rang in his ears. Heat and moisture surrounded his cock. Devika was urging him on and he began thrusting his cock into his daughter’s cunt. His hips slapped her raised thighs, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Then she lifted her breasts. Her nipples bounced with each thrust. He lowered his lips and captured one. She hissed as he nibbled gently.
She pulled his face up and kissed him long and deep, her tongue sparring with his.
After a moment she broke the kiss and groaned as he filled her again. “Fuck me, Mannu” she panted. “Come inside me Mannu. Fill me with come, you bastard.” He was shocked to hear his daughter’s words. His dead wife used to call him “Mannu” and now his daughter was calling him by that name, on “Her Bed”.
He pushed himself up and concentrated on fucking her. She begged him to fuck her faster. He was going as fast as he could”Harder, Mannu, fuck your wife faster, harder, Zor se chod Mannu(Mannu fuck me hard)”.
He felt a rush of heat and moisture as her pussy clenched him. Her eyes rolled back. He kept pounding into her. His own climax was close, and his balls felt tight with the need for release. He groaned.
“Oh, Beti! I am cumming….Ohhhhh God I am cumming inside my Devika, my beti, my wife” He screamed. Her pussy tightened round his shaft.
With a final lunge, he buried himself as deep as he could and felt an explosion of pleasure. The sensation spread his entire body. He clamped his eyes shut. Beneath him, his daughter heaved in the final throes of her own orgasm.
His dick went soft in her cunt, and she made a moan as it slipped out.
She smiled. “I love you Mannu, my husband, my master!”
“I love you too, Devika, my wife!.” They had become married couple.
Next day when he returned from work, his daughter was dressed in a red sari, and a matching blouse which clung to her ample boobs. She had dinner ready, and she’d set two places in the dining room. She even had candles and a bottle of wine.
“I thought we should celebrate our marriage, Mannu,” she said as she came into his embrace and kissed him on the lips.
“Celebrate what?” he asked as failed to understand the cause of celebration.
“We are celebrating our wedding night tonight, husband. I just want you to fuck me like your new wed wife.” He wanted her to stop this new husband and wife thing and she put him to a stop with “We’re lovers, fuckers, are we not, Papa?” she said.
“Yes we are lovers. I mean we fucked.”
“I love you. You love me. I want to fuck you. You want to fuck me. That sounds like wife and husband, Papa.”
She began serving their dinner. “Now, let’s eat before it gets cold, Mannu”
He ate mechanically. She set her wine glass down and turned to Manohar. “I want you and me to get a little drunk tonight so that you can take me as your wife. I have already dressed like a wife. Wont you fill my Maang with sindoor?(hair parting with vermilon).”
He looked at his daughter confused: “Why?”
She smiled. ” I want to make me your wife, thats why, Mannu. We’ll have to be careful till we move to Banglore, but you must treat me as your wife.”
He gulped his glass down and went in and brought a plate of sindoor and put some of it in my maang. I bent like a traditional Indian wife and touche dhis feet
He made another round of drinks for both of us and said”You want more…? I am goint to celebarte our wedding night the way I did with your mother. She was a godess!”
“Mmm hmm. Well your new wife is not a goddess, but she certainly a real bitch in bed. Lets make another drink, you seem to excite me a lot more with wine inside me. My cunt is all tingling for your cock, lover” she said. Then she drew her wine glass and emptied it while Manohal refilled them. She began to undo her sari as they carried their plates back to the kitchen.
Manohar’s erection turned into a full-blown hard-on and there was a bulge in his pants”Oh, God, Mannu, I so can’t wait to fuck you with your cock. Wine has made me horny for your cock” With that, she pressed her ass against his erection and rubbed his hard-on through his pants. He put his arms round her waist and cupped her ass from over her petticoat as she bent on the sink. ” Ohhh Mannu, I love your hands on my ass. Hey my naughty Papa, whats on your nasty mind. Dont you fancy assfucking your wife on her wedding night?” She whispered in his ears,” Lets go to our wedding bed, let me show you some thing LOVER.”
Once in the bedroom they began kissing deeply, their tongues searching each others’ mouths. Devika was as usual was getting hot, touching his cock. She began whispering, “fuck me HUBBY.” Manohar was much more aroused due to the forbidden relationship that he had entered with his daughter.
“So you like to be Papa’s wife, Devika?” He asked.
She whispered, “yes Papa, I want to surrender my whole self to my husband.”
“You want to be in my control tonight?”
“Oh yes Mannu. You know I’ll do anything for you.”
Tonight she wanted anything and everything from her new husband, her darling Papa to posses her completely. “Tonight you’re going to do everything.”
“Like what, Papa?”
“Let your husband decide for that. No more questions.”
“Oh, come on Papa. Tell me. Tell me please. Your suspense has made me soooooo hooooot. Seee my cunt is weeping for your cock Papa”
He began running fingers lightly over her hair and down her face. He kissed her hard forcing her head back against the wall, driving his tongue deep into her mouth.
” Devika, my wife, it is your duty to surrender yourself to your husband. Do it now. I want your lovely ass as wedding gift. Papa wants to fuck your ass so hard tonight. Papa wants to make you his a dirty little whore.”
“Take me as you want, Husband, please, Devika is Mrs Manohar from today”
The father said in a commanding voice “Now get down on the bed and show your lovely ass, my wife.”
” Very sensible, my daughter. Get on your knees, let papa see his wife’s ass!!”
“Oh Papa, please, take my ass gently! Please dont hurt me”
Manohar stared right into her eyes when he spoke. “You’ve always liked being my wife, always acting like my wife, taking your mother’s place in her bed. Well tonight you’re going to be treated liek your mother. I’m going to show you how I treated your mother in bed. I own your cunt, your asshole, your mouth, your throat, all of you belongs to me. And right now… I’m going to fuckyour asshole and thats how I fucked your mother. Thats why we never had the second kid. I loved her ass. Now get down in front of me on your knees.”
Devika, under the effect of wine bent as ordered. “Move your knees apart, Beti” he hissed. Now your ass is totally exposed to Papa.”
He grabbed a bottle of lubricant applying it on her ass and started working his finger into her asshole. Then he inserted a second, then a third finger into her anal hole. “Nice and tight, just liek your mother” He commented. Devika was aroused , “oh Papa, what are you going to do to me? Fuck me. Fuckkkkk my ass… are teasing your daughter…Take me”
Devika felt her tight little puckered hole being stretched beyond limit but she did not care. Devika wanted to have her father as her husband and she would do anything for her husband. “My God, what a nasty little bitch is my Beti? Your ass is so tight. Do you love Papa’s finger inyour ass, beti?”
“Ohhhhh…Papa…Yessss… it….fuck my ass…ohhhhh bhagwan….fuck meeeee papa.”
Then he added a third finger in her asshole and moved his hand faster. She cried out, “oh Mannu, that hurts. It is too big for me. Please Papa, stop!”
He slapped her ass hard with. “Stop making noise, you little cunt.You agreed to give me your ass, did not you?” Manohar kept fucking her ass with her fingers. “Oh my God, what are you doing to me, fuck me with your cock you bastard, fuck me,” she moaned in pain and pleasure.
Manohar had to obey his anal wife now. He positioned himself behind his daughter’s buttocks. “Now, Beti Devika, Papa knows your ass must be filled. Be for my cock, Papa is going to fuck you now.”
His cock was rock hard and he placed the head of his cock right on his daughter’s asshole and in one swift movement pushed it all completely. His cock ripped into her ass fully entering deep in her ass.
“How’s that feel, Devika, my wife? Like Papa’s hard cock up your ass?”
He started moving back and forth, fucking her ass. Sudden assault did not let her utter anything”God, your ass is tight. Ohhh Beti, I am fucking my wife’s ass again” He was moaning. “I’m going to fuck your ass, you bitch. I’ll show you what assfucking is all about.” He was delirious with passion.
By now Devika had begun to enjoy her father’s cock in her ass as his hand touched her pussy. It was wet with juices. “What a tight fuckin’ cunt you are Devika.”
Devika pushed her buttocks backwards at his fucking cock,” Papa, keep touching my cunt too, your daughter loves you cock in her ass and hand on my pussy. Fuck me like you fucked my mother, tell me who is better fucker for you Mannu. Are you happy now yo take my ass?. Bugger me, Papa, fuck my ass”
He continued fucking his daughter’s asshole till he emptied his balls into her ass. She too, tensed as orgasm hit her body. His hands held her hips as he forced his cock into the deepest part of her ass.
He pulled out and shoved his cock into her mouth “Suck my dirty cock, Devika Tell me how you like being Papa’s anal wife. C’mon tell Papa”.
“Oh Papa, I am yours now. It doesnt matter if I like or not but I love everything that belongs to you, my FUCKER, my Papa. I’m just a fuckslut. Let me suck your cock clean. Please Papa. I have to taste my husband’s cock.”

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