Kalandi – Part II

At Her place: As agreed upon I waited for her at the same spot and she came there with other three friends and they all were excitedly discussing about how thy faired in exam. She waved at me and after a quick conclusion and many byes’ came and set in the car. As we drove off I asked as to how was has today’s performance. She had done very well and was very happy. I asked about her plans now that she was a free bird; she said first thing in her mind was rest and long sleep.
She said she was too tired after so many months of hard work and would not even like to think of anything else. As we neared the spot where I picked her up every day she gave me directions for reaching her place which was just nearby. Upon reaching her Government Quarters Colony, she asked me to park my car at a spot and then alighting from the car she said “Please come.”
Then she ran ahead and knocked on the door of one Ground floor flat and quickly fetched keys and then again asked me to follow her as she quickly climbed the stairs to First floor.
As I reached the first floor she had already unlocked the door of one of the four doors in the wide corridor. She swung open the door allowing me to enter and as she too entered her home the door the close behind us. We entered the neatly and simply decorated drawing room. She directed me to a sofa and then excused herself for a few minutes. She immediately rushed back and offered me a few magazines which she pulled out from under one of the stools.
She returned from the wash room in a few minutes mopping her washed face with a fresh towel and sitting on another sofa near me she smiled and asked so how do you like my house? And without waiting for my reply she asked as to what would you like to have ? My Dad will be back tonight and mom will return in evening by five in evening she confided. What can I offer you Uncle to drink, I can prepare tea for you if you like or some soft drink or juice must be ready in the Fridge.
I said laughing “Ok ok, I will respond one by one….”
“Your house is very beautiful ,,,,just like you,,,, charming,,,,”
“And will not have anything….What about you? You must be hungry; you have your meal and I will leave to meet again some other time. I will love to be your friend an Old friend for a lovely young girl…
She protested “No, no Uncle, you must have something at least. And I am not hungry, I am just tired will like to have some good sleep till my mom returns.” As I was trying to get up she held my hand and pressed me back to the sofa and she got up and ran to the kitchen. She returned with two small glasses of Orange juice. One she gave me and another she set with for herself. As I had some juice she told me that you are a nice person and she like to talk to me. She felt very comfortable being with me.
I said I too like you very much. And putting the glass down on the stool I got up to leave. She also got up and she was so near me that I hugged her from the shoulder. She also responded by snagging into my side and said “Oh Uncle what is the hurry please stay for some more time” I said “I am not in hurry at all, but you are tired and I will prefer that you take your sleep and I don’t want to bother such a lovely friend of mine.” Saying this I hugged her again and this time brought my lips to her forehead and planted a tender kiss there.
If I can be of any help, I can keep a watch as you sleep or give you a tender massage to relax you to sleep hahahahaha” She said “Oh dear Uncle, you have helped me so much and how can I ever imagine that you are bothering me?” “Anyway, have a look at my house before you go.” I continued to hold her close to me at her shoulders and we started walking together. She showed me her parent’s bed room, the guest room, kitchen and finally her room. It was small but neat and had books on table and bed. I exclaimed.
“Oh so this is where my lovely friend sleeps!” And while saying so, hugged her so close that her small breasts almost touched me.“Someday I will teach you how to give massage” “It is very good for body and mind, very relaxing and therapeutic, you know? Do you know how to give a good massage?”“ I asked her as my hand holding her from shoulder was slowly caressing part of her hand and some part of her back.
She said “No.” “I don’t know any such things.”
I then brought her before me with both my palms resting on her shoulders hands fully starched. Gazing lovingly into her eyes I said smiling.“Now that we are good friends, can I expect a nice gift of friendship from you? Will you give me a nice hug?” Saying so, I gently pulled her to me. She very easily came and I folded both my arms around her.“Ohhh Kalandi I am so happy to be your friend, I am so happy to have met you.” I said. I was very excited by now and was having a strong erection. I could feel her small breasts pressing into me as my hands were caressing her full back gently pressing her into me.
Her hands were naturally around me but they were not neither pressing me nor pushing me. Her head was snagging my chest and I could feel fingers of my right hand slowly touching deep into her arm pits, nearly touching the small base of her budding breasts. I allowed my left hand to caress her full back just short of touching her buttocks from behind. After one stronger hug I said, “I feel like devouring you alive!!You are so sweet. Can I?”
Ok now one another hug from behind before I go” I said and gently tearing her away from me I swung her around so that she was facing away from me. I again folded my arms around her. This time both my palms were pressing her into me just below her breasts. Now I could feel the swell of her budding breasts at the edge of my palms. I had a strong urge to take them both into my palms. But I was not sure of the response and the consequence. My heart was throbbing fast and in just few seconds my palms were roaming on her soft belly.
I was gently pressing her into me and my erect penis felt the round of her buttocks and I was even sensing the crack of her ass. I planted a small kiss between her neck and shoulders.
I again said, “I am so happy.” “Will you prefer to spend some more, not just some more, a lot of time with me?”
She said “Oh sure. “
I asked “When?”
She said “Whenever you wish “You can call me up” “My number is xxxxxxx, what is yours?”
I released her from my embrace and gave her my cell No.
I said “You are so charming and so tempting that I don’t feel like leaving you at all”. “But will have to go”.
“Uncle, please stay for some more time” she said.
I replied. “No, dear don’t tempt me more.” “It is good for our friendship that I leave now”. “
But promise me that we will meet soon, and spend a lot of time together?”
She said “Promise”. “I will call you, when free.”
I said “Ok bye dear”, and as she was about to open the door, I placed a figure on her lips and taking it back I kissed my own figure.
“Next time please give me a nice kiss.” I said and weaving to her walked away.
I was almost bouncing with excitement at the prospect of meeting this lovely girl again and that to soon!!!

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