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Room Mate
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This story starts with an intercourse between myself and Geeta. And in next parts Geeta friends and neighbour married aunties involved in sex with me and how we made our wild dirty erotic fantasies come true. Further parts involve group and fun sex adventures.
Hello every one. I am Vivek Preetam, software employee working in MNC and just got transferred from Hyderabad to Chennai. I am about to reach Chennai Railway station and story starts from there.
I just reached central railway station in Chennai. I just started walking to catch a bus to reach OMR road. When I walking on platform heard some one calling my name and when I just turned around there I have seen my college mate calling me and walking towards me. We both are surprised seeing each other after some years of seeing each other. Her name is Geeta and she is my classmate. We talked about our career and our life.
And I came to know that she is also working in the same MNC company in which I am working but she is working in Chennai from more than a year. I felt very happy as at least have a known person Geeta here . After we had some lively discussion about our college days and current life I told her I need to search a room for my staying. She told it will be difficult to get a house for rent in Chennai without brokers. Moreover brokers will charge at least a month of rent as commission. Adding that she told She is staying in a two room house which shared by 2 other girls. But they are just married with in last 4 months and both vacated room and currently only Geeta is staying there.
That’s a two room house with interconnecting doors between two rooms. But, she is planning to move to hostel from next month as it will be expensive for her staying alone. She is not happy to move to hostel as food especially will not be good in almost all hostels and moreover they are mostly congestive. She proposed an idea that I can stay in one room if I am willing to and she can stay in the other room without going to hostel. She told she can speak to owner if I am willing to stay. I gleefully accepted the offer and straight away She called her house owner and informed about me. Owner is fine with that and hence we started to her house. She helped to carry my baggage and we reached her home in 2 hours(too much traffic and OMR road is very far from central).
After reaching there we got fresh up and chitchatting about college days and shared some funny moments. Within two days we are mingled each other. We started sharing food and starting preparing food in her room for both of us together. I already had a TV so ordered a new DTH connection and fixed in my room. In few days our daily routine is having food in her room and then we will come to my room and watch TV sitting on my bed. One day while watching TV she dozed off in my bed. She slept on that day beside me on my bed. From that day onwards she used to bring her quilt and pillow when she is coming to watch TV in my room. Sometimes she will go to her room for sleeping and sometimes she used to sleep beside me on my bed. We both become comfortable sleeping in same bed like this. Till now I am not having any sexual intentions towards her. But further incidents changed my intentions on her completely.
Geeta has a very good physique, she is fair girl and very curvy hip but a decent or bit small sized boobs. She is having a wavy hair and very sexy voice which compliments her figure.One day while watching TV I am lying from top of the mattress leaning my head on the wall. She is lying from the middle of the bed and facing TV away from me. She is lying beside my left thighs a bit distant. There is a Telugu comedy movie going on and she is laughing heartful by rolling. She is wearing a tight night pant and bit loose T-shirt. This is her usual dress at room. She is lying on her right shoulder.
As the T-Shirt is bit loose while watching TV I observed there is a view of her cleavage from top. In fact I able to see the entire gap between her boobs and had a glimpse of area below the boobs as well. I am seeing her boobs jumping towards my left thigh when she inhales breathe and I observed a mole on her left boob towards gap between boobs. That scene is entirely erotic and I am unable to control myself and my dick started rising slowly.
Now for some hilarious scene in TV she is laughing. While laughing she turned towards me as a sort of appreciation for the scene. But the first vivacious thing she saw is my rising dick and her eyes fixed for a fraction of seconds on my crotch area.Now she just seen her posture herself and observed her top view of breasts is exposed to me. She just turned towards TV and after few seconds she adjusted her T-Shirt and moved a bit nearer to me. Still there is a slight cleavage is visible to me.
She seems understood this and adjusted her T-Shirt again. She moved further closer towards me and rested her head on my left thigh and continued watching TV. I cannot understand her intentions if she is angry or just ignoring this or not. Now cleavage is not at all visible. Her head itself is obstructing the view. This is completely unexpected and I am not sure if she did this just to cover her cleavage or not. But her mood does not change as she still enjoying the movie laughing heavily as before.
After a few minutes she kept her palm on my left thigh and she rests her head on her hand. And she rotated perpendicular to me showing her back to me. We continued watching TV and when doing moving her fingers on my thighs some times as just like adjusting herself. But she almost reaching area just below my balls at times. With this my dick is fully erected now and formed a big tent in my pant and it’s just brushing her head.
But she is not bothering with this and I thought she is teasing me. This is too erotic to resist but I am enjoying this intimacy between us. Then I kept my palm on her head to just see if she reacts for anything. But nothing happened. Now I am caressing her head and fondling her hair to just see her next reaction. Still there is no response from her. I want to take advantage on this situation. So I started massaging her head just above the ears .This is just to seduce her.
She started responding by holding my inner left thigh tightly and her thumb just touching area below my balls. Then I moved my fingers behind her ears. With this she just moved her head a bit above and now her forehead is touching my erect dick. She gave a clear intention with her deep gasps that she is enjoying. This gives me courage to proceed further. Taking this as advantage I moved my palm on her neck and feeling her skin and now I heard a slight moan from her. I am rubbing her collar bone area and at times I moved my hands just above her cleavage. But I am not hearing any moans as if it seems she is controlling her moans. But I decided to exploit this situation fully.
While I massaging her collar bone area she holds my left thigh tightly. I removed my hand now on her neck and with this she loosened grip on my thigh. Now kept my hand just below her left under arm and moved my hand further to touch area just beside her breast from side for the first time.
I proceeded further and touched the base of her boobs from side. Now she just released a deep loud moan from her. Now I kept my right hand on her boobs and holding her boob base and started fondling and kneading them.With my left hand holds the nipples and just dragging them up. Now inserted my right palm inside her top and holding her boobs and moved left hand and hold her butt feeling her slender soft flesh over her night pant.
Now moved my left palm inside pants and feeling the butt cheeks over panty. With this she moved upwards further and rested her head on my stomach and kept her palm on my erect dick. But still she is not showing her face to me. She is just rubbing her head madly over my dick because of the attention her boobs and ass is getting.After rubbing her butt cheeks inserted my palms inside her panty and feeling her bare ass . Her ass cheeks are very soft. She is doing hissing sounds and holds my dick over my pants and kissing my balls now. Now I inserted my fingers in her ass crack and felt her ass hole. When I just touched her ass hole she gave a jerk and kept my dick in her mouth still over pants.
She is making my pant fully wet with her saliva. She is fully uncontrollable and leaking her saliva on my pant.I felt little wet at her ass hole and poked my index finger over her hole and tried to push in . It is very tight and not lubricated to insert finger. In mean time she dragged my track pant down and kept my balls in her mouth. She started sucking holding each testis at a time. She is dragging my balls upwards and rotating her head and doing an expert sucking. She then holds one testicle in her mouth and closed her lips and then moving lips as if adjusting her lipstick and tongue is circling round the testicle giving me tremendous pleasure. I moved fingers towards her pussy and observed her pubic hair is fully wet.I moved my fingers in her pussy and juices are already flowing as if she cummed numerous times already.
Now I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and stated moving my fingers to and fro and at the same time up and down as well. With this she is releasing huge moans. Now she took my dick in her mouth and inserted it till it touches her inner tongue. She holds my dick between tongue and her upper mouth and dragging it forcibly and sucking very hard. I am continuing to and fro motions in her pussy with fingers and I am observing her pussy lips started contracting.
I understood she is building some good orgasm. But I slowed fucking to just delay her orgasm and make her enjoy this pleasure more time. I stopped fucking briefly and I extracted her pussy juices and tasted that and some I applied on her butt hole. I started lubricating her ass hole with that. Again I started to and fro motions in her pussy and this time inserting thumb in her ass hole at the same time. Now she increased her moans and it just looks like as if she is crying. With other hand I hold her left boob and started kneading it. Her nipple looks dark pinkish in colour and its erected and its half of inch length. I hold her nipple between thumb and index finger and pressing and rotating it. She is shouting and moaning quite loudly and she is leaking her saliva on my penis while sucking. Her saliva is dripping on my balls and from there onto bed sheet. She is using saliva as lubricant and started rubbing my penis with hands. After rubbing with hands she kept tip of my dick on her mouth and started sucking dick aggressively.
I keep on finger fucking her pussy and ass hole at a time and massaging and kneading her boobs at the same time. I felt her pussy muscles contracting again and approaching her orgasm slowly. We moved to 69 positions and I kept my penis on her face and tip touching her lips. She is lying under myself now. Now I moved my hands onto her boobs and started licking her pussy and ass hole. I am extracting pussy juices with my fingers and then inserted in her ass hole.
I felt of licking her juices and started licking my fingers. The pinkish inside of her ass hole is too erotic to see. It’s too difficult to resist and hence entered my tongue in her ass hole and started licking the rim of her hole. Started rimming with my tongue on her ass hole. Frankly to say I don’t know how it tastes, but, it’s very exciting smelling the girl’s ass hole odour mixed with her pussy juices and licking it. Now I started observing her pussy labia very closely and my hot breathe on her pussy seems excites her very much. She started giving very slow deep long moans. I kissed on her pubic hair and started licking that hair. Then started licking her pussy lips and from the ass hole to her clitoris. I am repeating this to and fro moments for some time. Every-time when my tongue touches clitoris knob she is jumping and pulling my head on her pussy further.Now, I am licking vigorously and poking my tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucking her. In between poking my tongue in her ass hole as well.
Third time now her pussy muscles contracting and orgasm is building. I am working with her clitoris now, licking, poking and chewing that Nob very lightly with my teeth. Now I am able to feel that her vaginal walls are tightening. I am working her ass hole with my index finger and pussy with lips.
She is moaning loudly ‘aaaaahhhh’ ‘ooooooouuuuuummmm’ ‘aaaaahhhh’ ‘ooooooouuuuuuuuu ‘. Her pussy is almost pouring as if she is peeing. She is rotating her ass and keep on pushing my head on her pussy. She is lifting her back from bed when I am licking. I am poking my tongue on her clitoris and hold her clitoris with my teeth. Then I started chewing her clitoris gently with my teeth while fucking her pussy and ass with fingers. She continuously moaning ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuoooooo and a huge shriek followed with a loud moan aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh followed by huge gush of her pussy juices come out from pussy and spread on my face.
She reached her orgasm now. He pussy walls are contracting and expanding continuously. Now we turned such that she is top on me and her pussy over my face and my dick below her face. Her pussy is dripping her cunt orgasm juices drop by drop on my face. I am feeling her pussy pulse moments with my tongue and then trying to swallow as much juices as I can. Her pussy lips keep on pulsating for more than 10 seconds. Her pussy juices are warm and salty in taste. Then she lifted her hands and released my head and she closed her eyes now still breathing heavily. And to my surprise she started peeing slowly. But I am not feeling anything awkward. And don’t want to disturb her mood now. In fact I started playing with her pee flow by just obstructing her pee hole with my tongue. She is giggling with this. Now I turned up and kissed her on lips and she is licking my tongue and lips lightly. We kissed for 5 minutes at least feeling each other mouth and exchanged our saliva. She tasted her own pussy juices while licking my face.
Now she looked very relaxed and her eyes are half closed and still giving very low moans. She now moved her palm towards my abdomen and then onto my dick and pushing skin up and down. Now she turned to give me blow job. She rested her ass just below my neck giving good view of her ass hole. She took my dick in her mouth and holds the testicle sac into her hands. She is taking dick very deep in her mouth and holding each testicle with each hand and dragged away from each other. Her warm saliva is flowing from tip of my penis till testis and then to my ass hole. She is dragging my balls up and down then sideways simultaneously licking my penis giving me tremendous pleasure. Now she just started licking just above the testis at the root of my penis. I never seen any girl licking there in any porn. But this pleasure is mind boggling.
Seeing her ass just in-front of mouth makes me mad. I just started playing with ass hole by inserting my index finger and then twisted it inside. All this makes her very aggressive in her licking.She just did the same with her index finger in my ass hole and sucking penis from tip to the root. I continued playing with her ass biting and sucking her ass cheeks still twisting my index finger in her arse hole. Probably all these making her rest less and she did one unexpected thing. She farted when I just removed my finger from her ass and giggling. She then started licking my ass hole and trying to insert her tongue as deep as possible. She just held the skin between my balls and ass hole with her teeth and started dragging. I just letting her giving sweet surprises one after the other. Now she did the same kinda dragging with the skin at my dick base.
All these naughty doings from Geeta makes my dick expand to its extreme and a strong orgasm started building inside. She now just giving proper blow job and her hands are busy caressing my balls and my ass hole. All these at the same time giving me tremendous pleasure and I am approaching orgasm. When doing this we just rolled onto the floor and she continued her sucking. I observed her body reflexes. Whenever I am removing my finger from ass or when i just dragging her clitoris she is sucking very vigorous and aggressive. I am making her aggressive and she sucking very very hard all through my penis. I am moaning very loud now and some shivers are started flowing all in my spine.
My penis is fully erected and very hard when I am approaching orgasm. She understood this and continued sucking very hard and finger fucking my ass hole simultaneously. I am on the verge of great orgasm and moaning very loudly and huge shake all over my body and with huge grunt my penis exploded with huge gush of cum which jumps and hit on her face. I just ejaculates five pulses of cum all hit on her face eyes and nose and lips as well. She just take my penis now in her mouth and swallowing my cum and slurping as if she is using my dick as straw to extract cum from my body. I felt shivers all over my body almost 15 sec and and tear drops are flowing from my eyes. Now She just kept my dick in her mouth stopped sucking. But she just releasing her warm saliva intentionally on my dick and to my balls. This saliva warmness makes me very relaxing after very steamy orgasm. Her warm breathe on my crotch area is so nice and she is doing this exceptionally.
This is just beginning of the story. Next part includes how other friends of Geeta and neighbour married aunties involved in sex and the sex games like truth/dare and some adventures in public they played.
Any female married or unmarried who love to do video sex chat or interested to have sex is warmly welcomed. I can be the guy to help your erotic dirty or taboo passions come true. And I will be in the receiving end as well as I am looking for such company from any female.
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