My Confession – Part II

We slept late around 10.30 I got up and found him still sleeping, I gave his penis a gentle squeeze and said”Chal ab naha dhole, breakfast banati hoon” and I rushed to bath room ” later I cooked food of his choice and was ready for him again, I was wearing only a nylon nighty and nothing inside. I called him for lunch, he came up behind me and grabbed my boobs poking his dick in my back and hissed “ab kaparde hahin pahnene doonga apko, ise utaro “and he pulled my gown off forcibly and threw it away,
I found myself standing there all naked, for a moment I felt shy and vulnerable but his hard cock rubbing on my hips was enough to drive me crazy with lust and forget everything else “Ye Kya ab too majhe aise hi rakhega, koi aa gaya to “I objected feebly .”to ap jakar kaprde pehn lena” by now one of his hand was already on my pussy and by other hand he was twisting my left nipple around, sending waves of heat through my loin.”khana to khale ”
Nahni mein to ye Khaoonga” he slid a finger in my pussy and then withdrew and licked it “Chachi yaar kya tasty hai ye ,mmm.” Gandi hai Chchord use’ Pehle Lunch kar le ” He sat on dinner table and pulled me on his lap and we ate slowly enjoying, feeding each other lovingly. Rajiv kept fondling me all the while, by the time we finished our lunch we both were horny, as I got up from his lap I saw his hard on, I reached for it and gave it a gentle squeeze and almost ran to the kitchen to avoid him grabbing me , after cleaning the kitchen quickly,
I reached back to the bedroom, there he was, laying all naked and playing with his dick, I almost jumped on him, kissing and groping like mad, till we were breathless and panting. I started massaging his dick roughly while he was feeling me all over , my boobs, my thighs ,belly, since my boobs were still aching from last night’s heavy and rough squeezes they had received so I begged him to be gentle but on the other hand I found it quite exciting and pleasurable,
I have been needing it hard and rough for a long time now, after a while he got down from me and turned me over on my stomach, I said “kya hai man bhar gaya pussy se ” Nahin per apke hips bahut khoobsoorat Lagte hein mujhe, bahut hi sexy hain ,ji Kar raha hai Kha jaoon.” To Khale kaun rokea raha hai Tujhe” He started gently, initially moving his hands from my waist then over my hips side wise then all over, went down my thighs then back again, spreading them apart sliding down a finger till it touched
My ass hole, he rubbed it and l flinched, nobody had ever done that to me before so I tried to close it but he persisted and pried my ass open then he brought his mouth near it and spit on it and continue rubbing his thumb on it, I was quite apprehensive which made me try and close my ass hole tightly, he said “Chachi daro mat maja ayega apko bhi””Dard hoga yaar ” Nahi hoga Chinta mat karo , Main bahut dheere dheere maroonga” Kuchch tel wel Laga le yaar !!, ye tu Anal sex kyon karna Chahta hai, Tujhe natural jagah mein maja nahi ata ?”
Mein ap ko puri tarah apni banana chahta hoon””kya abhi bhi kasar rah gayi hai ?, peeche dalne se mien teri ho jaoongi ye tujhe kisne kaha “”log Kahtein hain aisa “”Kon Kahta hei””Vimal Kah raha tha” I could not suppress my Laugh” That Stupid looking friend of yours “”Stupid to hai per Kam ka banda hai, apko pata hai Uska sabse bada hai pure college mein””achcha Tujhe kaise pata? college mein yehi kar te ho kya Sara din “Ragging ke time Par jab Sab ko nanga kiya gaya tha tab dekha tha”ab to tera close friend hai wo ”
All that discussion had me made me comfortable, his hands were working on my asshole and buttocks all that while, naturally making me more excited but I was still apprehensive about pain, sensing that I was getting hot, he became bolder and soon his movements were becoming rougher and wilder ,he started squeezing my butt harder ,pressing, stabbing, needing, he parted my Legs and slipped in between, soon he was kissing, licking, biting my ass cheeks like crazy, for few moments I had to bear pain and discomfort which was quickly turning into heat and juices between
My legs even those rough bites by him were sending waves after waves of pleasure through my spine and I had started loving it forgetting all about possible pain I was about to receive. Suddenly I heard my own gasp as he inserted a finger in deep, I squirmed slightly, he continued moving it in and out. Then with one hand he parted my ass cheeks and with other applied a blob of Vaseline at the opening, cold vaseline felt good in my burning ass hole, I said “yes, achchi tarah laga lena main pehli bar kuchch dalwa rahi hoon isme”
Main bhi pehli bar mar raha hoon chachi, don’t worry pyar se maroonga ap ko bilkul bhi dard nahi hoga”
Then he forced the finger in even deeper “ooooefss I cried ,dheere dheere ” He kept pushing it deeper then started rotating it ,then finally withdrew it and put some more generous amount of vaseline on it and pushed a finger in , rotated it and pushed another finger in, this time it pained a lot more and I screamed “oooo!!! ruk ja !! ruk ja!! Lagti hei yaar!! ,kuchch aur chickni cheeze Laga” aur kya Lagaoon “after a while he said ” Chachi Egg bahut chickna hota hai wo thik rahega
He then got up and went to kitchen and returned with egg in a bowl, he again slid back between my parted legs and rubbed my buttocks with both hands then parted them and poured a generous amount of egg on my ass crack which quickly flowed down he collected it with his fingers and pushed a finger in “um m this was easier much better.“Thik hai Chachi?” he asked”Hann ” I sighed He could now easily move his finger in and out and I loved it so I asked him “Aja ab thik hai, Us pe bhi achchi tarah laga Le aur Aja ”
I parted my buttocks apart for him and waited anxiously and excitedly, then I felt the round blunt knob pressing against my sphincter, as it tried to enter my tight unused hole, pain begin to increase and I gasped painfully “ooo!!! Ruk Ruuk lagti hai yaar” shuddering on bed, Instead of stopping he increased the pressure causing me a sharp pain, I let out a ” oooiiiiiishh! basss rukkkk my left hand automatically moved to his slick dick as I grabbed it and hold on to it tightly preventing it from going in further and pushed Rajiv off me, then I reached my hole, feeling it for any possible damage,
Rajiv was quite excited and as he tried to push me back into the position, I shouted on him ” Kutta hai sala , jan nikalega meri, thorda ruk nahi sakta kya ” after a while I took the position again, this time Rajiv was more careful not to rush things and I also kept holding myself much longer, but pain increased again and became unbearable and I almost cried “Ooohhh bus kar nahi jayega!!! bahut mota Hai yaar tera !” but he persisted then suddenly grabbing me forcefully by my waist gave a forceful push causing me sharp jab of pain,
I could not take it anymore and tried to dislodge him again using all my strength, his rude way of penetrating me had ruined my mood completely, but he was too excited to control himself so he sat up in urgency and jerked himself off all over me in no time at all , I thanked my stars, relaxed, thinking he was not going to do it any time soon and started cleaning myself, Rajiv protested pulling my arm “ap kahhan ja rahi ho abhi dalwaogi nahi kya”Nikal to gaya tera aur kya karega ab” abhi ander kahan gaya hai ”
Dalna to ata nahi hai tujhe bas pharde dalta hai ,us din pussy phard dali hoti aur aj ye, Mujhhe nahi dalwana ab “chachi please ,thorda to dard hogahina pehli pehli bar, please bas ek bar “he kept pulling me down , surprisingly my pussy felt hot and wet, tingling on its own and siding with Rajiv .I allowed myself to be pulled down on bed again “Ye last try hai gaya to gaya nahin to bas, Okay ?””okay per ap bhi try karna “”Aur kaise try karoon “”ap gand tight mat karna fir aram se chala jayega”
I shook my head, lie down and waited for him as he shook his cock to hardened state again, he applied that egg in my ass again, slowly this time and after applying it on his cock he started to lie down over me, I reached back and grabbed his dick guiding it and holding it hard so that- he could not push it in too hard. He parted my ass cheeks apart and I connected his dick to my ass hole, excited but apprehensive, as he started to push ,I gasped, my head up, eyes wide, mouth open “dheere raje dheere ,. Ummm ,oooahhh Oh bas ruk jara ”
“Chachi jara relax to karo aap, tight kyon kar leti ho he sounded irritated “aur dheerese Bahar ko push karo” I tried and relaxed my whole body ,he kept the pressure on ,as I relaxed a bit l also let go of my hold on his cock a bit and it slipped in, popping my sphincter muscle and lodging its head in , pain peaked and with a low scream I involuntarily increased the hold on his cock even more, preventing any further descent, slowly I relaxed little more and we both stayed as it is for a few seconds gaya ?”
Rajeev asked kissing my ear Lobes and still holding my ass cheeks apart”han, bas aise hi ruk thordi der,aur nahi dalna bahut dard ho raha hai””ap apna hath to hatao, aram se chala jayega ab ” I slowly removed my hand from his dick, he also slid his hands away from my ass to my boobs and squeezed them hard ,then he placed his lips on my ear lobes and started sucking them and murmured ”Chachiji aj to apki khoob gand marroonga meri jan bardi tight gand hai khoob garam ho rahi hai”
I did not say anything this was the first time he was using dirty Hindi words to describe our act ,I felt little low but sexy, and could not decide whether to encourage or discourage him, but my hot and flowing pussy settled the issue for me as I replied ” Phard mat dalna too meri gand ” he responded by increasing pressure on his dick and sending it deeper in me “pahrdoonga nahi meri jaan””iissss dheere raja Lagti hai , aise to jaroor phat jayegi”
He forced it deeper and deeper till his balls were resting on my ass ,then he begin moving it in and out slowly ,I had relaxed now completely and to my amazement had started receiving pleasure out of it ,he perhaps sensed it and asked “chachi kaisa laga, maja aya ? ” “han aise hee mar dheere dheere ” He continued nibbling my ear lobes and squeezing my boobs enhancing my pleasure, I parted my legs further apart and lifted my hips higher to give him more access I was now enjoying it thoroughly despite the pain it, was different totally different,
I slid one of my hands to my clit and started rubbing it. Knowing that he had come a little while back and was going to take long time before ejaculation, I adjusted myself for better comfort and a long ass fucking session. He was enjoying it thoroughly, varying his strokes and direction , moving his hands every where some times he gave me short and quick strokes sometimes long and deep, I was all the while fingering my clit building my own orgasm slowly.
Naughty boy, khoob maje le raha hai !” I said in low gasping voice.Apki Gand hai hi aisee chachi jaan, jisko mil gayi wo to aise hee maje lega, bilkul jannat hai jannat” Rajeev replied in my ear, breathing heavily and then he pulled it almost out keeping just the head in then lifted himself up on one hand, applied some more of that egg on his dick with other hand, then placed both hands on my sides and gave a full length, full force jerk. His balls hit my hips hard with a “phatt” caused a jab of pain in my ass and forced me to slid on the bed and forcing a scream from me” aaaaaannnn!
Kkkameene mmmarega kyaaa ! isssss, hat uuper se nikal ise bahar “ I tried to turn but he held hard “bas bas ho gaya ab nahin karoonga ““ kya ho gaya ? phardnee hai kya?”“ Apki chheekh sunane mein barda maja ata hai”“ Achcha to knife la ker phard le meri , hat Ooper se, kutta kahin ka ! but I just squirmed not really trying to dislodge him, “ Abki bar agar jhatka mara to mein uth jauungi, kar lena fir maje”I warned him “sorry chachi , ab nahin karoonga , ap batao ki kaise dhakke maroon chhote ya barde ?”
Long and slow” I replied matter of fact, He obeyed and begging to withdraw till only head remain in and then went in slow till the end and kept it presses hard inside then again and again, my pain begin to ebb and orgasm building as I resumed rubbing my clit. Within minutes I was coming closer and begin to gasp , moan and rub my clit faster and faster, this was very different as pain in my ass mixed with pleasure erupting from clit felt amazing , darker and richer and bone deep.
Involuntarily I was moving up to meet his strokes and writhing on bed like never before, his strokes were getting harder and faster and we were panting ,it went on for sometime I don’t know how long , Rajeev was murmuring obscenities in my ear and asking me to repeat them, aur land dal , mar le meri gand, phard dal meri gand apne land se etc. it felt so natural , I did not hesitate using those words , I was surprised on my own behavior, but I was lost in my own pleasure when I heard Rajeev asking “chachi ander hi chchord raha hoon
I just shook my head in agreement and begin to rub my clit harder, He grabbed me forcefully and pumped in harder and faster, sliding me all over bed I kept holding whatever kept in my other hand to keep from sliding , suddenly I felt his cock swelling and becoming thicker then the first spasm came and Rajeev pushed it with his entire force inside me and I clearly felt first shot his warm fluid showering my guts, this acted as trigger and I started to come too spasm, crying, panting and writhing on bed aan!! aan!! aan!! aan!! aan!!
He kept pumping for few more seconds and then laid down on me, panting like dogs. chachi jaan yaar apke hips Per dhakke marne mein bahut maja ata hai!!!! , kya maja Aya bata nahi Sakti!, apko kaisa laga?”Amazing yaar aj to tune swarg dikha diya mujhe ,Shuru mein to dard Se jaan si nikel gayi Thi, aisa Laga ki ab phati ab phati per jab ek bar pura chala gaya to fir maja aya ,Per bichari pussy ko to kuchch nahin mila” ab to ek bar roj Gand marne dogi na ap ?” han per tu ab mujhe chachi na bulaya kar nam liya kar mera
Kyon” tu to ab mera khasam ban gaya hai isliye , achcha nahin lagta bhatije ke sath aisa kam karke guilty hoti hai” Chachi darling usi mein to jyada maja hai , jab chachi ki gand marta hoon aur choot chodta hoon” I did not reply , he was right chal ab nikal ise bahar aur Utar neeche ,ab kya dAl ke hi Parda rahega” Abhi nahi ,bas thorda der aur ‘ We stayed in the same pose, he kept kissing , fondling my breasts and rubbing my clit till he started getting hard again inside me.
Wow! What a feeling a cock growing inside you is so wonderful I enjoyed it, then he stared moving it in And my ass hole felt as if on fire with pain. Rajeev , Reje ab nahi hoga mujhse , bahut dard ho raha hai” Chachi please”“ nahin Raje ab bas , ab kal nahin hoga kya mein bahut thak gayi hoon yaar”“ Achcha kal marwaoogi na”“ han”He got down from me , withdrawing his rock hard cock with a POP sound and went to bathroom , I reached back to find my other hole completely dilated.

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