Mom Fucked By Her Son And His Friend

The alarm rang at 5 am.I slept with my head resting over Visu’s (my son’s) chest.I slept nude hugged my lovely son like his wife.He slightly open his eyes and wished me,
“Good morning amma alias pondaty”
I smiled and kissed his lips and said, “good morning purushaa alias magane”
Then I got up and searched my panty but I didn’t find it.
“Vidu ma jatty podame po apa dan unga nighty material ku unga soothu shape azhaga theriyum”, Visu said in a sexy tone.
I laughed at him and went to the bathroom, washed my face and of course, my pussy because it was sticky due to last night’s session.While going to the toilet, I felt a little pain because I got fucked in my ass for the first time.
When I came out, Visu threw my night robe to me.I wore it and I looked at the mirror. As it was a partywear material, my nipples were clearly protruded through the robe.The robe covered my entire lower body up to my feet.But if I walked a little bit faster, anyone can figure out that I was not wearing a bra or panty.
Then I went to my hubby’s room.I slightly took a peek inside the room where my poor old husband and my younger son Siddharth were sleeping.Then I called our watchman Thilagar through the intercom and asked him to bring the milk.
Soon he pressed the calling bell.I again corrected my dress so that my nipples wouldn’t be visible much.I walked a little slower because otherwise, it would reveal my lower body without panty.
Since our house is a duplex there will be some distance between the door and the calling bell.I opened the door and I walked very slowly and cautiously in front of him.
“Ena madam romba meduva nadakreenga.Ena achu udambuku.Faca la innum ivlo thookam epavum romba fresh a varuveenga.En madam not la thungaliya”, he asked innocently.
I was shocked and said, “Hmm ama thilagar knja udambu vali vera onnum ila.Tablet potuta sari agidum avlodan.”
“Thilagar garden la iniku thanni vitrunga marandhudama k”, I said to him.
“Ok madam.Vegetables ,paal la iruka madam ilana sollunga.Vangitu varen”, he asked.
“Ila ellam iruku thilagar”, I said and walked inside.
I just looked the calendar and I remembered my first night with my son Visu.It was July 18. Then I went to the kitchen and started cooking for the breakfast and lunch for Siddarth.One by one, they woke up and they started getting ready for their business. Visu came inside the kitchen and caressed my ass and inserted his hand through the robe and touched my pussy from behind.
“Dei Visu elarum muzhichutanga, siddharth ulla vandhuda poran poda thangam amma enga poga poren unaku than na”, I said in a low voice.
“Hmm k ma na innikum leave potuduren.Una vitutu poga manase ila.Tomorrow college poren”, he begged me.
“Rascal.It’s k.Iniku mattum dan.Nama not la jolly a irukalam da.Ne olunga padippa mudi.Then we have fun all day.K va.” I said to him romantically.
While having breakfast, I asked my hubby for permission.
“Enenga naan dan inime Visu room la dane padthukka poren.So en dress and things a la avan room ku shift panikatuma”, I asked politely.
“Seri seri epdi thaniya mathiduviya”, he asked.
“Thaniya epdinga its impossible.Na vena Visu a iniku oru naal leave poda solidren so avanum naanum sendhu shift paniduronga.”, I said.
He nodded his head and by that time his office car honked the horn in front of our house.He then left in that car and went.
I could hear Visu and Siddarth were talking about my shifting decision.
“Maatuniya inime ne late not browsing movie la pakka mudiyaade amma un room la padukradunala hahaha.Saavuda”, Siddarth teased Visu innocently.
I smiled and continued preparing lunch for Siddharth.After some time, he also left.
Thilagar called through intercomm and said, “Madam sir neenga unga things and dress la thambi room ku shift panrada sonnanru.Edavadu help na kupidunga.”
“Visu irukan kuda theva na ungala kupidren thilagar”, I said and hung up the intercom
I locked up the door and started shifting.Visu remained in his boxer and I remained in my night robe.In between, we kissed and caressed each other.I shifted my entire closet to Visu’s room on the 1st floor.After arranging, we had a quick session of sex in his room and took bath together.So from that day, we started living as a living-together couple.Daytime, he went to the college and at night he fucked me in his room.Sometimes he used to take pics in his mobile while fucking, caressing, stripping, etc.
Two weeks passed by.I was watching tv in our house.Everybody including Visu wasn’t at home. I started feeling nauseous suddenly.After some time, I felt dizzy.
After a while, I doubted the reason for my illness.I need to know for myself without anybody else knowing.Since I didn’t know driving, I can’t take our car.So I called Thilagar to book a taxi for me immediately.Within 10 mins, I could hear the taxi sound.I got in and went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test kit and returned home.
Without even changing my dress, I immediately went to the bathroom and I tested with it.Omg, it was positive.I was pregnant.Now I was carrying my son’s baby in my womb.I was shocked.I didn’t know what to do.Due to love and lust towards my Visu, I made love with him.I just thought I was old so I can’t get pregnant at the age of 40. But I was wrong.So I immediately called Visu and asked him to come home early.
Visu came and asked me why I called him.
“Visu, amma onnu solluven ne cool a irukanum k va”, I said in sober state.
“Sollnga ma ena vishyam”.
“Visu ne appa aga porada.Amma pregnant ayiten unnala”, I said holding his hands.
He was shocked and said, “Epdi ma ungaluku. Aagadu nu sonnenga”
“Apdi dan da nenachen but conceive ayiten”.
“Irundalum en chella amma enala pregnant agirukennga I love you so much”.He said and kissed me.
Then we slept till the evening.Siddharth came and after sometime hubby also came home.We acted normal.
One week later, I went for a convention of my ladies club.There I got a lot of friends including doctors.I got a Dr friend name Sagunthala. My club partner Amudha introduced her to me.
So I approached her and told her about my condition.But I said that I got conceived from my hubby but he didn’t want to know about this because he may get angry.I asked her to abort my child.She agreed.
After 2 days I went to her clinic and got aborted successfully.From then, I started taking anti-pregnancy tablets regularly because I and Visu had agreed not to fuck with condoms.
Months passed by.
Our relationship continued nicely.We got attached to each other day by day.
We used to increase our sexual pleasure every time we had sex.We practiced every possible sex positions but some I could not do because of my age and body physique.I liked our quick sessions when my hubby and Siddharth were awake.Quick assfucks and blowjobs in the kitchen while I was cooking.Those were wonderful moments in my life.Sometimes Visu used to take pics during our sessions and I used to give nude poses for him.
But after a while, he used to delete every pic which he took during our foreplay and fucking sessions in his mobile.Among his friends, Arun is the closest friend to him as his family and ours were friends for nearly 2 decades.So we used to go to their house and they used to come to ours periodically.
One day Visu went to his house as usual.There Visu got a technical problem with his mobile memory card.So he removed it from his mob and he gave it to him to fix.Since he used to delete all our private photos, he boldly gave that to him and left.This guy Arun was a Trichy student and also a computer techie.
He used to hack many people’s emails and F accounts very easily.At that time he was even learning to hack mainframes.Two days later Arun came to our house. It was 3 days prior to Christmas holidays.Hubby had gone to the office as usual and younger son Siddharth went for special class.He came with Visu’s memory card.
We had lunch and after that, we sat on the couch and chatted.At that time Arun suddenly kept the memory card on the table, looked us and smiled.
“Hmm seri aunty ethana naala idhu panreenga sollave ila pathingala”, he asked
We got confused about his words and asked what is he talking about.
“Ena machi ne kuda idha enkita irundhu marachuta pathiya.Irundalum ne koduthuvachavan da.You are the most luckiest person I have ever seen machi” he said to visu
Still we didn’t understood what he was talking about.Visu asked him to say clearly.
He took his phone and started displaying my nude photos and our private sex sessions photos.Seeing that we were shocked.I kept my hands on my head immediately and started crying.Visu was speechless before his best friend.
“Auny aunty podhum azhudhadu.Ini azhudhu onnum use ila.Summa sollakudadu neenga 40 vayasulayum semaya irukeeenga ponga.Neenga sleeveless podum podhu,low cut blouse podum podhu la enaku ullukulla engayo mood erum ana Visu amma nu adakiduven.Chumma Visu oda mem card repair panalam nu recover software la pota neenga underground la bayangarama vela seireenga nu therinchukuten.”
“Wow cha unga udamba pathale ungala anubavikanum pola iruku aunty.”, he said that watching one of my nude pic.
It contained all our private pics, blowing Visu’s dick, tasting Visu’s cum,visu’s cum facial on my face. He recovered everything and displayed it in front of us.
“Ena aunty ipdi panitu irukeenga, ena prob ungaluku uncle kuda edavadu sandaya.Why visu”, he asked me.I said my entire past to him and why I ended up with visu.He listened to all things I said to him.Visu was totally upset and he didn’t even speak a word.
“Seri k let it go.Inga paarunga aunty nan unga kita edum vera onnum expect panala.Just ore oru vishyam dhan.”, he laughed looking at us.
“Ena Arun venum unaku”, I wept before him.
“Ena aunty theriyadha maari kekureenga neenga Visu oda panrada inime enkudayum pannanum avlo dan”, He said in a casual way.
We kept silent as we couldn’t answer him.Myself and Visu looked each other and kept our heads down.Visu couldn’t even speak a word.
“Na solla vendiyada solliten aunty nalla yosichu 2 days la cal pani unga mudiva sollunga.Machi amma kita neyum eduthu pesu.You guys got 2 days.OK I am leaving now bye aunty.Bye machi”, he said and left our house.
We were grounded by Arun’s activity.After he went we remained silent in the hall.It was Siddharth’s arrival time and so in order to break the silence, Visu switched on the tv but we didn’t watch it.Siddharth came and after that, my hubby came.We started to act normal till we entered our room at night.
Everyday after we enter our room we used to lock it and I would change into sexy like removing my nighty and remaining in bra and panty or camisole and panty or wearing only bra or panty or sometimes in the beginning itself we turn nude.
But that day, after we went into the room, we locked it.I was wearing a sleeveless kurtha and pants.I just simply sat on the bed. Visu was leaning on the wall sadly.He started crying and said, “Amma ena konnudunga ma enaku manipe kidayadu.Enala dan Arun ku namma vishayam therinchiruku.So I am responsible for this ma.Please kill me”
I also started crying and went near him and hugged him and said, “apdi sollada Visu unna konnutu na mattum uyiroda irupennu ne nenaikriya.Unkita epa na enaye kudutheno anaike enaku purushan aagita.Ne sethupoita naanum un kudave vandhuruven da visu.”
After that, we both cried.We consoled each other lying on the bed, hugging each other and slept.The next morning, as usual, I carried out a everyday housewife’s routine.Visu went to college.The whole day I was thinking of Arun’s words.In the evening everybody returned from their places.Visu was still in a sad mood.
After dinner, me and Visu went to our room in the first floor.He changed to a boxer and I removed my nighty and bra in front him to change his mind and changed to a nightrobe and panty. I sat near to him on the bed.He said that Arun had asked about her decision in the college and to respond before his deadline.
While saying this, suddenly Arun texted him asking about my decision.Visu kept his hand over his forehead and sat silently.I grabbed his cheek and said,
“Visu ne ipdi sogama irukradu enala thanga mudiyala da.Pls.”
“Ena ena ma panna solra Arun ungala kekuran ma aduvum en kan munadiye ungakuda padukannum nu solran ma.Avan solrada seiyala na kandipa nama pics a net la edulayavadu vitruvan ma.Avna pathi enaku theriyum”, he said in a sober voice.
“Inga paaru Visu yosichu oru mudivu edu ne ena sonnalum amma un mudivuku kattupaduven”, I said to him.He thought for 10 mins and said,
“Amma namaku vera hope ila ma.Idhuku nama yaaraiyum support ku kupida mudiyadu.Thirudanukku thel kotina maari ayiduchu namma fate.So nammala velila pona namma relationship nammala dan maraikka mudiyum.Particular a ungalala dan ma.Arun oda neenga padukradu thavira namaku vera solution e ila ma.”
He said this with tear in his eyes.
Then I went to the bathroom, washed my face and looked in the mirror and thought about what Visu said.I came out and said to visu,
“Visu ne sonnadha na nalla yosichuten nama ku vera solution e ila.Unaku na amma matum ila unaku na thaali kattada pondaty um kuda.So un mudivuku na kattupaduven.Namakku vera vazhi ila dan visu.(I gave a huge breath and said) seri k amma avan kuda padukren.Visu.”
I whipped my tears and also whipped Visu’s and said
“Amma m sorry ma ungala naane tharavaathu kuduka vendiya nilama vandhuduche macha.”, he said staring at the floor.I hugged him and said,
“Dnt wry da thangam nammaku veri ila dan Visu amma kum vera sollution ila da.Avanuku phone pannu visu.Sollidu na k sollitenu”, I said.He dialled Arun’s no and gave it to me because he can’t say this to him cause he don’t want to say himself.I put into speaker and the phone ringed and Arun picked up
“Arun na deiva aunty pesren”
“Oh sollunga aunty ena oru surprise neenga pesureenga”, He said.
“Ne keta maari na unkuda sex panren arun.K va”
“Oh wow,,knjam izhupeenga nu nenachen paravala because na unga 2 perukum vacha condition apdi.Aunty nalla yosichuteengala pechu maara mateengale?Oru time mattun ungaloda padukraduku ila aunty.Epavume aunty enaku epala thonudho apala aunty.Adhukku k dane”
“Hmm k.Un ishta padi nadandhukiren ne kekra apa un kuda sex panren.”I cleared my voice,looked Visu’s face and said
“Wow.Then k aunty nama time waste panna vendam iniku dec 23 sunday.26th anniku mrng 9 o clock sharp a unga veetula irupen.Uncle iruka maataaru nu theriyum siddharth um engayavadu tution ku poiduvan.Pogala naalum avana anaiku full day engayadu friend veetuku anupidunga.Visu kandipa irukanum because avan munadi dan ungala na fuck panna poren.K va” he said
“Hmm seri.Siddharth a nalaike banglore la avan athai veetuku anupidren.So unaku enda prob irukadu.”I said
“How sweet,one more thing neenga anaiku na varudukula breakfast la saaptutu neat kulichi nalla traditional a neenga marriage function ku pora maadri nalla silk saree katikonga.Thala neraya poo vachukonga.Nalla gummunu irukanum aunty seriya”–he said
“Hmm seri ne sonna maariye na ready ayikuren.Ne enga vishayatha.”I said
“Ohoh aunty na sonna meeramatten aunty.Yarkitayum sollamaten.Adan na ketada neenga kudukum podhu unga la na en kaattikuduka poren.Neenga en friend oda jolly a enjoy pannunga.Ade samayam enodayum jolly a irundirunga.K va.” he said
“Hmm k arun.”I said and hung up the phone.And I leaned over Visu’s chest.He hugged me and planted a kiss on my head and we both slept that night.
Two days passed by and dec 26 came.I sent Siddharth to banglore to sister in law’s house.Hubby went to the office as usual.Like Arun said, myself and Visu finished our breakfast.I took a bath and wore a nice silk saree and some jasmine flowers on my head.Visu said to me that I fit exactly as Arun said. Second after second, I got nervous.
Finally, I could hear Arun’s bike entering our compound.He wished our watchman thilagar and he marched to the doorstep.
Visu opened the door and locked it after he entered the hall.He searched for me and I appeared before him.He was astonished by seeing my appearance.I could see the complete lust in his eyes.His eyes were grazing all over me.I felt shamed and bent my head.
“Aiyo aunty evlo azhaga irukeenga theriyuma wow.40 vayasulayum ivlo azhaga sexy a irukeengale.I am very lucky aunty”, he said out of ecstasy.
“Seri machi ne apdiye ungadutu paaru.Na ipdi couch la ukardukren.”, he said to visu.
After hearing this, Visu calmly went and sat on the chair.He asked me to stand before him.He came near to me and kissed on my lips.I held to my saree out of shame.Then he also went and sat on the couch.
Arun: k aunty ipa neega apdiye unga dress a onnu onnu meduva kazhatunga.
Me: Arun pls inga venam.Room kula polame.
Arun: inga paarunga aunty solrada seinga.Dnt talk unnecessarily.Come on avurunga.
I removed my silk saree and gave it to Visu who was sitting and watching all these.Now I was in a blouse and petticoat.
Arun: wow aunty unga boobs blouse potte ivlo perusa iruku.Hmm k ipa unga blouse ah kazhatunga.
I removed it and stood before him wearing a white designer bra and petticoat.
He was eating me with his eyes.Then he told me to remove my clothes one by one.Finally, I stripped everything and stood nude in front of him.I tried to cover my pussy with my hands.
Arun: eduku aunty maraikureenga.Innum ena koocham kaiya edunga aunty.Aiyo aunty idhan enaku first time oru lady a nude ah adhum ivlo pakkathula pakradu.Ungala ethana varushama enaku theriyum ana ungala ipdi pappenu na dream la kuda nenachu pakala aunty.Seri aunty en kita vandu nillunga.
I went near him and stood naked.He stood close to me and asked me to remove his clothes.I removed his dress.Now he was also nude.After that, he again sat on the couch.His dick was in fully erect.
Ena aunty na azhaga sexy a irukena.Actually enaku idhu dan first time oru pombala munadi nude irukradu.
Then he touched each and every part of my body with his hands. My head, eyes, neck, boobs, nipples, hip, stomach, pussy, thighs.Then he turned me and touched my ass and he stretched my ass with his hands and touched my asshole.
After that, he started licking my body.I was burning in a complete shame.Visu was sitting on the chair and he couldn’t do anything.Arun sucked my nipples and squeezed my ass with his hands.Then he sat on the couch and started licking my pussy. I burst into tears.
“Aiyo kadavule.Na ena panuven.Enaku ivlo periya thandanaiya”, I cried in shame.
“Cha.Inga paarungaa aunty inime azhu oru use um ila.Ozhunga coop pannunga.”, he said while licking my pussy.He took my hand and kept on his head and asked me to caress.I shut my mouth but I was still crying.Down there he was in ecstasy.He licked my pussy to hell.Then he turned me and stretched my ass cheeks and licked my asshole.
As I turned and faced visu, he started crying heavily.I could see my son Visu sitting and watching me licked by his own best friend.Every inch of my body was coated with Arun’s saliva.He then stood up and smelled my flowers and slightly bit my neck at the same time, his dick was against my back and his hand was in my pussy.
“Hmm aunty seri vanga unga room ku polam”, he said and took me to Visu’s room upstairs.He also called Visu and follow us.I was still crying but I never made any sober sound.After we entered the room, Arun told Visu to sit on a chair and asked him to watch.
Arun:”Aunty kaal a virichu padanga.Innum knjam neram nakkuren.”
Me: I stretched and looked the roof above us.And said, “Hmm.Poduma arun”
He nodded his head and started licking my pussy.Damn, he was good.But rather than crying, I could enjoy much during that time.For 20 mins, he was licking.I kept on looking the roof and cried while he licked my pussy.
Then after some time, I changed myself that here after crying won’t do anything so it is better get used to it. Then slowly I lifted my head and watched Visu and then caressed Arun’s head. I buried his face deep inside my cunt.I was starting to feel horny and horny every sec.I could sense some oozings from my pussy.He licked that too.
Arun:”Wow aunty indha maari pussy la irundhu juice varada ipa dan first time paakren.Wow youuu are soooo sexy and horny aunt.Dei Visu thanks da un amma vaye enaku gift a koduthaduku.”, he said licking my juices.
I started moaning slowly.After a while, he started finger fucking my pussy.I could the chucking sound from my pussy.Now and then, I saw visu.He was watching me getting eaten by arun.Then Arun got up and lied over me and he was gonna push his dick hard into my pussy.
Arun:”Aunty this is it.Na unga pussy kula visa poren.May be seekaram vandhalum vandhudum because enaku idhu dan 1st time so adjust panikonga seriya”
Me:”Hmm seri.But meduva pannu arun”, I said after clearing my voice and in a sober tone.
He inserted his dick and started jerking into my pussy.I turned my head towards Visu and wached him with guilty.He looked at my eyes and tried to control his tears and he kept down his head.Suddenly held my cheek and turned my face towards his face.He was pounding me heavily.I bit my lips and held the bed’s leg.
Me:”Huuhhuu aiyyoo Arun pls ula vite aaganuma.Pls vendam Arun aunty kula vitudada da”,I begged him by looking his face while getting drilled.
Arun:”Chumma irungannga aunnty ddddooontttt talkkk jusss kathungaaa”, he said in a tight tone and he kissed me on the lips.
Within 3 mins of jerking, he ejaculated inside my cunt.I could sense a hot sperm jet into my pussy.After ejaculating he lied over me and breathed heavily.I too was breathed heavier than him.
Me:”Aiyo Arun ipdi ena thappu mela thappu panna vachitiye.Aiyooooo”, I cried when he was lying over my boobs.
Arun:” chee vaaya moodunga.Mood ah spoil pannadeenga.” He pressed his hand over my mouth and said in anger.
I swallowed my cry and kept quiet.He then asked me to lie with my ass facing him. I turned back and lied in such a way tat I was facing Visu and Arun was over my ass.He started drilling my ass with heavy force.I was looking into Visu’s eyes with tears and pain.My hip was in so much pain because of his force.My Visu couldn’t do anything.After a while, Arun sudden took his dick out of my ass and made me sit on my knees.
Arun: “aunty common neenga blowjob la pannirupenga.So en cum a unga vaaila adikanum vaaya thoranga”, He said holding my head in one hand and his dick in another hand.
Me:” inga paaru Arun pls venam.Move away.Pls vendam no idha maatum ena seiya vaikaada arun.” I said by closing my mouth with my hand.
His dick was touching my forehead and my hand.He was jerking his dick slowly.He pulled my hair suddenly slapped and forced me to suck his dick.Visu suddenly got tensed and got up and walked near to the window and looked through the window and said in agony, “aiyo amma avan kekra maari seinchu tholainga.Enala avan ungala adikrada enala pakka mudila.”
I turned and looked at him.He was seeing through the window.I then made my mind, wiped my tears and opened my mouth.He inserted his dick in my mouth and he moved my head by holding my hair to and fro with his dick inside my mouth.
He insisted my Visu to look at me sucking his dick.He turned and looked me.Within secs, Arun splashed his load into my mouth and face.He told me to taste it and swallow it.I did exactly he said.
Till evening, he fucked me nearly 3-4 times.At 4 pm, he got finished with me and got dressed. I went to the bathroom and took a quick bath and wore a bra and nighty and came to the hall and all of us sat on the couch.
Arun: “Hmmm.Maraka mudiyada naal aunty iniku enaku.Inime adikadi varuven iniku murandu pidicha maari pidikaadhinga.K.”
By saying this he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed my boobs.
Me: Arun engala pathi thayavu seinchu plsss.Ne epa venalum va but uncle iladapa va.I’ll cope.
Arun: k aunty na kelamburen namma oru naal threesome try panalm aunty.Na porn video la parthuruken.Neengalum pathrupeenga. He said and left the house.
After hearing this I got shivered and kept silent.Visu then came near me and hugged me and said, “Amma nammakkaga neenga ivlo periya sacrifice seinchurekeenga.I am sorry ma.”
Me: “Inga paaru Visu naama onna sandhosama iruka na ena venalum pannuven da thangam.Inime avankita murandu pidikradul aenda use um ila.Avan solra maari nadandukalam”.
I said to Visu because I slightly turned horny when Arun said that we could try threesome one day.
To be continued.

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