Love & Lust Leads To Sex

Hi this is Jose from Kerala. After writing my first story in ISS(Love & Respect Leads to Sex) I got several responses from the readers. Some people asked about Reema, some told me to write more about our relationship, some people asked whether I am having any other relationship,…. like that. So I decided to answer all these questions through ISS.
It was the first & last time with Reema, as I got a job in Mumbai after that incident(also her husband now settled in Kerala). So this time I will be narrating another incident. You can mail me your responses on my e-mail ID: [email protected]
In 2007 October I left Kerala, as I got a job in Mumbai. It was
the first time I was going outside Kerala, so my family members where in tension. They told me to stay with my cousin brother (actually I was not interested in that). I was planning to stay with my friends who were working there, but finally I had to agree with my family.
I have not interacted with my cousin brother after my childhood, as he had shifted to Mumbai in 1994. He is married & his wife is a Keralite, born & bought up in Mumbai. Her name is Sandhya & I only met her during their marriage party in Kerala, but didn’t interact. Now they have a child going to KG’s & they are settled in Mumbai as my brother is doing business over there.
I was not feeling well in my mind during the journey, as I have to stay with people whom I haven’t interacted much and also away from home. At the station my brother was waiting for me & the way he welcomed me made me feel comfortable. At home bhabhi had made some Kerala dishes specially for me. She told me to make myself fresh & take the meal.
It was a 1BHK flat and I liked the way they arranged their flat.
Their child’s name was Adith, 2 years at that time. Adi felt
comfortable in my company & I spent time with him to make myself happy. I had one more week to join the company, so the next day onwards I started travelling across Mumbai to meet my friends & also to be familiar with the city.
I didn’t talked too much to bhabhi, because my Hindi was poor at that time; also she was weak in Malayalam. In the evening I will take Adi to the park & sometimes she may also accompany us. She will ask the meaning of some of the Malayalam words & me in turn tried to learn some Hindi from her.
I joined the company & got busy with my work. I got some time only in the weekends to spend with Adi. One year have gone in that manner, and then I got a job abroad in the middle east. It was an urgent requirement & I had to leave Mumbai in a hurry.
I had 3 months of training in Saudi Arabia, and it was a tough time. The country still in the stone age, with no freedom for individuals. All woman have to wear burqa & you are not supposed to look at them.
The life over there changed my thoughts. The desert was making me thirsty. Till then Sandhya was just my loving bhabi. But day by day I was getting attracted to her. She came into my dreams & I was thinking about her perfect shaped body.
Love & lust increases when you don’t see eye to eye. Once you interact regularly both love & lust gradually reduce. It was true in my case. I was thinking about the ways to get her on bed. Once I came back to Kerala, I was eager to meet Sandhya. I told mom that I have to go to Mumbai to meet my old friends & also to thank my cousin brother. She told it is a good idea to remember old friends & relatives once you go up in the career.
I informed my cousin brother about my trip & he was happy to hear that. While sitting in the A/C compartment, I was just thinking about how to get her on bed. Once I reached the railway station my brother was waiting there & he hugged me tight. I became the same old guy once I reached their home & the thought of having sex with my bhabi made me uncomfortable. She was so happy to see me back & asked about my life abroad. I told her that it is not as happy as Mumbai. She asked why? & I replied it is just because you are not there. She gave me a naughty smile.
The next day morning me & brother were reading the news paper. Then she came to sweep the room and I noticed her loose top. The thought of looking at her cleavage while she bend down was making me hot. I looked at my brother & he was busy reading the business page. She was not paying attention to both of us, so I looked at her cleavage passionately while she was sweeping. After finishing her work she came to me & took the entertainment(gossip) page from my lap & sit beside me. Her soft ass rubbed against my thighs. I didn’t moved as I knew my brother is busy.
By 8′0 clock she send Adi to school & my brother was getting
ready. I was making my plans. I asked him, can I go for a shopping in the afternoon with bhabi? He laughed & told that I won’t be happy once I see the bills after her shopping. Me too joined him & told that I will take care of it.
I knew that she was a movie buff & loves to go for shopping. So I was making my plans accordingly. Both of us had lunch & she was excited like a young child waiting to go outside. By 2′0 clock she got ready and she was looking good in her black jeans & sky blue kurtha.
I told her that we can go by taxi, but she replied that no need to waste money; we can go by train and can spend that money in shopping. I agreed with her. Once we reached the mall she was looking here and there in confusion, without knowing which section to go first.
I told her that first we can look out for some dresses for her. I
walked with her to the ladies section. I was getting hot walking
beside her & smelling the fragrance from her body.
I took some kurthas for her & told her to look at me. I put one
kurtha on her front & checked whether it was matching. Actually my intention was to touch her boobs with my fingers. I told her that it is not matching & took another one. This time my fingers pressed against her nipples & I made her feel that it was quite natural.
I took three different colours & asked her which one you liked? She replied that she liked all the three, but we have to think about budget; so you take the pink one. I told her that no need to think about money, you can take all of them. She was happy to hear that.
Then I told her to select some matching jeans for the kurtha. She was looking for the jeans on the rack & her ass was facing towards me. Then an idea came to my mind. I moved towards her ass, slightly liftedher kurtha & looked at the tag on her jeans.
She turned back and asked, what are you doing? I told her that I was just looking what size jeans you need. She told me that it is a public place & you should not have done that. I say sorry & she told me to take it easy.
I was just thinking how she accommodates her ass so tightly in a 32″ jeans. My tool was still hard touching against her soft ass. I bought her 2 pair of jeans & asked her, do you need any under garments. Actually I was shivering while asking her that. On any other situation, I will not ask her that question. But this time I was mad about having sex with her.
She thanked me for remembering about them. I wanted to know what size bra she was using, so I just followed her. But she told me to go to the gents section & get some dress for my brother.
My brother was right, I was not that much happy when I got a bill of around 25,000/- after her shopping. She was looking at my face when she saw the amount. I smiled at her & paid the bill. When we were walking towards the road she told that she never had such a big shopping.
I told her that now we can hire a taxi. She stopped me & told, you spent so much money in shopping, now we have to save some money. I was just thinking about getting all this money back from her body. She called one of the boys working in my brother’s office & told him to get all the bags at home in his bike.
She turned towards me & told that now we are free & we can go by train. While walking to the railway station she was eagerly looking at the movie posters on wall like a child. I was reading her mind & told her that we can go for a movie tomorrow. She was in heaven & told that you understands me better than your brother.
The trains were full as it was evening & we had to go down Mumbai. Once we reached the platform one train was just started moving & I told her to get in, otherwise the rush may increase. She had no time to go to the ladies compartment. So I told her to board the train with me.
I told her to get into the first class compartment & followed her. While boarding the train she just slipped & I supported her ass from behind while standing on the steps. During the peak hours the only difference between 1st class & 2nd class is the money you pay for the ticket. Rush is same in both.
Everyone in the compartment was looking at her (I won’t blame them; If a Goddess come in front of you, you will definitely look at her). I was thinking about the train journey’s in Kerala. Some guys will start(act) sleeping if a beautiful lady come & sit beside them, so that they can touch her without any problem.
Here also the situation was not different. Some guys acted like there is too much rush & tried to move towards her. She was standing with her back leaning towards the wall & she was not comfortable as guys tried to press their body against her.
She moved towards me & her warm assets were touching my body. She preferred to touch my body rather than being touched by the strangers. She looked into my eyes for help & I put my right hand around her to protect her.
I should have touched any part of her body at that time without any protest. But I knew that this is the time for her to feel my affection & caring towards her. My right hand was placed in her left arm pit & my hand rubbed against her left boob quite often due to the shakes in the train.
After three or four stations the rush come down & it started
raining. Both of us got seats side by side & our thighs were rubbing against each other. She was in a happy mood & talked about lots of things. I was listening to each & every word uttered by her and watched her eyes, lips & teeth while she was talking.
Once we reached our station there was heavy rains. Rain in Mumbai is unpredictable, once it comes the entire traffic is fucked up. I tried to get a rickshaw but none was available. It was only a 10 minutes walk into our flat, but due to the heavy rains it was impossible.
We were standing at the bus stop in front of the railway station waiting for the BEST bus. Normally there will be one bus in every 10 minutes going through our route, but due to the rains the buses also delayed.
Finally a bus came & it was full. We had no other options, so both of us get into it. In the bus also the situations were similar. So she told me to stand beside her. Her body was wet & it was making me hot.
I was standing behind her & my hard tool was pressing against her back. Thanks to the sudden break from the driver, I almost kissed her back neck & the fragrance from her hair made me warm.
We reached the flat around 8:00pm. Adi was angry because he was waiting for his mother for hours in the near by flat. Bhabi already told the aunt in that flat to take care of Adi in case we comes late. That aunt take care of him well as she don’t have children, still he was angry.
She lifted him & walked towards our flat. While walking behind her I noticed the shake of her ass. She tried to console him & told that Jose uncle will take us for a movie tomorrow. He was getting OK slowly, so she turned towards me and told that we can take him too for the movie as tomorrow is a holiday.
I was only planning to go for a movie with her & didn’t expected Adi. Still I agreed with her. I knew everything was going according to my plan & the things happened beyond that(the train & bus) too was in my favour. So if I take him to the movie, then also something special will be waiting for me.
She has given the key to me & told to open the door. As she had lifted Adi, her kurtha was lifted up & I got a good view of her beautiful navel. The water drop sticking on her navel was smiling at me. I told her that you have to take care as your body is fully wet, otherwise you may fell ill. She thanked me for my caring towards her.
The next day we went for the noon show. She was in red sleeveless churidar & looking gorgeous. It was a romantic Bollywood movie & she was enjoying the movie. Adi fell asleep after half an hour, so she put him on her lap. Actually he was sitting in the seat between us.
Once she kept him on her lap I changed my seat & sit near to her. I moved my fingers through Adi’s hair, actually I had to rub against her soft thighs. She didn’t have any problem as she was keen on the movie, also she thought I was playing with his hair (although I was playing with her thighs).
During the interval I told her that we can go out & have some
snacks. She told that Adi is still sleeping, so if she stand up he may wake up & start crying. If he starts crying we will not be able to watch the whole movie. She was so interested in the movie, so she told me to bring ice cream & popcorn.
I bought two Choco bars & one popcorn. I had enough money still I bought only one popcorn as I had other plans. I had to feed her the choco bar as both her hands were under Adi’s body. While feeding some cream slipped from her lips & fell over her cleavage.
The first thing that came to my mind was licking that cream. But I controlled myself & wiped it off with a napkin. I took my hand kerchief & rubbed over her cleavage. She felt uncomfortable & somehow managed to pull her right hand (that was supporting Adi’s head) and took the kerchief from me.
The movie started & she gave me back the kerchief. I smelled it as it was rubbing against her sweet boobs for the last five minutes. I passed the popcorn to her. She took some from it & gave back to me. This continued until the packet was empty & each time I passed the packet to her, I rubbed her left boobs with my right hand.
When the popcorn was finished I found no reason to touch her body. So I put my hand over her shoulder & enjoyed her bare skin as she was wearing a sleeveless top. When the movie was finished both of us got up & walked towards the exit.
I told her to wait so that the rush will come down. She was
standing in front of me & my eyes locked on her well shaped ass. Once she started walking my heart was beating in chorus with the dance of her ass. I was eager to touch them. So I told her that there is dirt on her back & patted over her ass.
Once we reached home, she gone to the bath room to take a shower, I just keep on watching TV as Adi was sleeping. Once she finished her bath I entered the bath room to take a shower. I removed my dress & put them on hanger. Then I noticed her dress hanging there.
I found her bra & panty underneath her dress and took them in my hand. I moved my fingers over them & smelled them. I don’t say that it was a fragrance, but that odour was making me warm. Then I heard a knock in the door.
I told her to wait a minute & put her clothes back in its place. I opened the door wrapping a towel over my waist. She came inside took her clothes and looked at me. Her body was still wet and I was able to see the curves of her body. She smiled at me & gone out.
The next day was Saturday, so I decided to visit my friends. Two days I stayed with them & came back on Monday. Once I came back my brother asked me when I have to go back. I replied that today I have to book the ticket online. He told me to stay for two more days as he will be going for a business trip for two days.
Actually I was laughing inside, but I told him that I have to call my mom. I told mom the reason & she told me to help my bhabi as nobody will be there. Then I informed my brother that I will stay for two more days. He thanked me & told to take care of the thieves.
I was waiting for such an opportunity to end this cat and mouse game. I have touched almost all parts of her body over the dress on different occasions. But didn’t get a chance to enjoy her well shaped white body thoroughly. So I decided to utilise this chance.
Sandhya asked me about my friends during the dinner. She asked me whether I have any girl friends in Mumbai. I told her that the only girl who is a friend of mine in Mumbai is you. Then she asked me whether she is a friend only. I replied that you are my lovely bhabi & beloved sister. My brother was happy to hear that.
The next day early morning my brother went for the trip handing over all his assets to me. I was waiting for Adi to go to school so that I will get her alone at home. By 8′0 clock he went to school & I feel restless how to start my plans. I became nervous so I decided to watch the cricket match on TV.
She started cleaning & told me to change my position so that she can clean the TV room. Then she started cleaning the Kitchen & I continued watching the cricket match. After two minutes I heard a big noise & a cry. I saw her lying on the floor on her back & crying like a child.
I wanted to laugh loudly (actually that scene reminded me some comedy sequences of movies). But I controlled myself, consoled her and asked what happened? She told me that she was trying to clean the top shelf standing near the sink, then she slipped & fell down.
I sat down, placed her head on my lap & given her a glass of
water. Till then I was her loving brother, but I knew my dick getting harder under her head. So I told her that she may take rest, lifted her head & stood up.
I put both my hands through her arm pits & tried to lift her. Her boobs were pressing against my chest & I was trying to control the devil inside me. Once she stood up I told her to put her left hand over my shoulder so that I can lead her to the bed room.
Her left boob pressed against my side & I put my right hand over her ass to support her. She was leaning towards me as she was tired & her soft body was making fire in my mind. I knew she was losing control, so I put my right hand through her arm pit to held her properly.
My fingers were touching the base of her right boob & somehow I managed to lead her to the bed. She was laying there on her back & I knew she was suffering from pain as her left knee and thigh hit against the sink.
I put my hand over her thigh and just pressed here and there.
While I was pressing just above her knee she started crying & told me that is the area which I hit against the sink. I tried to lift her pant so that I can see that area & put some medicine.
But her pant was tight & didn’t moved beyond her knee. So I
decided to remove her pant without asking for her permission. I put my hand over her waist & started untying her pant. Till then she was laying with her eyes closed, but once I touched her navel area she opened her eyes & asked what are you doing?
I told her that I was just trying to put some bam over her knee so that the pain will come down. She told me that no need to do it & she will be ok in a few minutes. But I knew that she was suffering from pain, so I sat beside her & started massaging her thighs over her pant.
She knew that I was trying to help her and didn’t protest. At
first I don’t had any bad intentions, but after massaging her thighs for five minutes I was slowly loosing my control. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed & she was looking like an angel. Her boobs stood straight & they were moving up and down as she was breathing.
I moved my hand up to her ‘V’ point over her thighs, and my hands were moving further after each massage. She told me to stop massage as my hands were restless for the past ten minutes & thanked me for helping her. She told me to have my lunch & to give her one pain killer so that she can sleep well.
After lunch I kept on watching the cricket match as India were chasing with Sachin in prime form. After half an hour I went to the kitchen to take some water and I peeked into her bed room as the door was half open. She was laying on her side with her ass facing the door.
The shape of her ass was clearly visible as her top was moved up. On any other occasion I should have gone back & enjoyed Sachin’s batting. But this time my mind was fifty-fifty. Everything happening here are in my favor & if the almighty had decided that I have to enjoy her, then what else I can do?
I walked towards her bed without making noise, even though I knew that she will not wake up due to the effect of the sedative. There was enough space on the bed for me and I lay beside her with my front facing her back. Lots of times I dreamed about fucking her ass, so I adjusted my position to place my tool on her ass crack.
Both of us were having dress and I had to lift my body slightly with the support of my right hand to position my tool properly as her ass was broad. I put my left hand over her navel to get a grip. I lifted her top using my hand and twisted my finger over her navel.
Then I moved my hand down towards her pussy & tried to untie the knot on her pant. She had tightened it after my earlier attempt (before massage) to open it. So I decided to insert my hand into her pant. Her aranjanam (waist ornament) & the knot on her pant denied me entrance to her forbidden place.
So I cupped her pussy over her pant and tried to find out her pussy lips. My hard tool was pressing against her soft ass & I felt like playing with a feather pillow. I started kissing & licking on her back neck, suddenly I heard a knock on the door and all my spirits come down.
I adjusted her clothes & bed sheet, looked in the mirror to make sure I am alright. One guy was waiting outside the door to change the LPG cylinder. I have given him 500/- Rs after changing the cylinder & he told he don’t have change. I told him to keep the balance with him as I had no mood or time to talk to him.
I locked the door, put the window curtains and walked towards the bed room making sure nobody is watching. I saw her laying on her back with her boobs projecting upwards like to mountains. Her right hand was placed over her stomach and left hand on bed on her left side. I was losing my controls and made myself naked and approached her bed.
I kissed her feet & all over her leg over her pant towards her pussy. While kissing over her pussy I came to know that she had cleaned her heaven 3-4 days back as I felt small hairs over her pant. I lifted her top & kissed over her navel. I put my tongue into her deep navel & what a feeling it was.
Her right hand blocked my way to explore her boobs. So I kissed her boobs over the top and spotted her nipples with my tongue and twisted around them. licked on her neck and through the curves of her face. I kissed over her lip and slowly laid above her. My tool pressed against her pussy and I was feeling her soft boobs on my chest.
Finally I jacked off and I felt myself guilty of what I have done. I went to the attached bath room and made myself clean. When I came back I noticed white juice over her dress. I took a napkin and cleaned over her pussy and put it in waste basket. then I noticed one drop on her thigh & wiped it with my hand.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. I thought I have been caught. But she smiled at me & asked “are you still massaging my thighs?” I told her that I just came to her room to check whether she is alright. She thanked me for my affection and caring towards me. She told that she had pain here and there on her body as if she had completed a war.
I knew I have made a great escape and kept quiet. Then I noticed that her stomach is fully exposed up to her chest as her top was lifted. I adjusted her top without looking at her body. She thought I was really innocent. She was feeling comfortable in my company and I helped her to sit properly on the bed.
I told her that it will be better if she takes a shower in hot water as she has pain all over her body. Then I arranged her oil, towel & switched on the water heater. She was sitting on the bed & was trying to remove her pant. She felt it difficult as she had pain on left leg. So she called me & asked to help her.
I was more than happy to hear that, thinking that I will get a chance to see her panty. She untied the knot on her pant & told me to pull it down. Once I started pulling her pant she covered her waist with the towel denying me more pleasure. Then she walked towards the bath room. Her butt was projecting more towards me as she was limping.
I continued watching TV and then Adi came back from school. I helped him to change his dress & served him milk and snacks. He took the remote & started watching cartoon network as usual. Then Sandhya came outside the bath room without wearing the pant of churidar.
Her body was still wet & giving me a clear view of her curves. Thank Lord! Adi is less than four years old to enjoy his mothers beauty. She sat on the chair putting her leg on the stand. She told me, ” Jose are you kind enough to massage my legs?” I told her to wait & took some balm from the shelf.
She lifted her top exposing her soft thighs & put her right hand over her thigh so that I won’t explore her panty. I put the balm on her thigh & started the massage. I started slowly and made it harder so that she will feel better later. She was extra conscious about her dress & didn’t move her hand.
Finally she had a yawn & she took her right hand to cover her mouth. Banking on that half chance I moved my hand & lifted her top. Now I was getting a clear view of her panty. It had some designs and small holes, which helped me to almost visualize her pussy. I was getting fire in my mind & decided to enjoy her body.
So I told her that I will massage her body as she is suffering body pain. She told me that you may massage my legs if you are willing. I was waiting for that. So I took some oil & applied it thoroughly on both her legs. I told her to lift her top otherwise it may get wet.
She lifted her top up to her belly exposing her panty. I took her right foot in my hand & started the massage. I moved my fingers under her feet to tease her. I paid attention to all her fingers & nails, as I knew that she may be having some sensitive spots over there. I was right and she slowly came into the mood.
I massaged her legs and slowly moved my hands towards her inner thigh. How soft they were! While massaging her thighs I moved my hands upto her panty and brushed against her pussy with my fingers. Finally I got some courage and put my right hand over her pussy. Then she came became aware of the situations & told me that she had to change the dress and make the dinner.
She walked towards the bed room lifting her top as there was oil on her thighs. Seeing her dancing ass from behind, I decided to fuck all her holes that night. I was just dreaming about her, then Adi called me to play with him. He lost his interest in the cartoon & wanted me to play ‘kallanaum policum’ (Thief & police) with him.
We started playing. He was the thief & me police. He started running & I chased him. He ran towards the bed room & opened the door. She didn’t closed the door thinking that nobody will go there while she changes her dress. He tried to hide under the coat.
When I followed him I saw her standing in front of the mirror, with only having her panty and checking whether her breasts are in perfect size & shape. I was stunned seeing her in that state. She tried to hide her assets, but i got a got view off them as she was standing in front of the mirror. She was looking for her dress around & didn’t find them as she was panicked.
I thought for a second: whether to attempt a rape or be her loving brother. Then I chose the second option & took her bra from the bed and given to her. She tried to wear it i, but was unable to put the strap of the bra as she was in hurry. I helped her to put the strap, but she turned towards me & asked, what are you doing here?
Then she got angry with Adi as he had caused all these scenes. I felt bad in my mind because she got angry with me without any reason. I just tried to help her. Then her sweet boobs came to my mind & I thanked Adi in my mind for giving me such a visual treat.
I started watching the TV, but my mind was somewhere else. So I walked towards the window & just stood there looking outside. After some time I felt somebody touching my back. I turned back & saw her. She was wearing a light rose colour nighty. She told me sorry, I said it is ok without looking at her face.
Adi started playing football and she stood behind me as she knew I was not ok with her. Adi kicked the ball on her body. She took the ball and threw on my back. I took the ball & threw on her body. Both of us became interested in this game and threw the ball on each others body.
Later she took a pillow and hit on my back. I took another one & hit her ass. Then she hit me on my chest and I was about to hit her boobs, but she tried to block it. Both of us lost balance and fell on the floor. I was laying above her feeling all her warm assets on my body. When I tried to stand up I saw my rosary got twisted with her necklace.
I started untangling the chains very slowly as I wanted to take revenge on her for getting angry with me, by touching her body knowingly. My fingers where pressing against her boobs. By then my tool became hard and started pressing against her pussy. Adi was just standing there and watching us.
She felt uncomfortable as my hard dick was pressing against her. Some how she managed to slide her body and lay on her side. I untwisted the chains & stood up. I walked away from her without paying attention to her. I knew that she may need my help, but wanted her to call me for help.
She called me from behind, “Jose, will you help me?”. I asked her ” Can I touch your body?”. She knew that I was still having anger towards her and told me to take it easy. I put my right hand over her hip and my left hand into her right arm pit pressing against her right boob. She didn’t protest and I lifted her slowly.
When she walked towards the kitchen, I pressed on her ass with my right hand saying that there is dust. Then we had dinner. None of us talked during dinner. I was just thinking about enjoying her body that night since it may be the last chance for me.
After dinner she started washing the dishes in the kitchen. Adi was sleeping on the sofa. I decided to approach her. I walked towards the kitchen and stood behind watching her perfect curves. I clamped behind her ankle between the thumb and index finger of my right leg. I moved my leg upwards slowly.
Then moved her anklet to and fro with my fingers and asked her how is your left leg? Is it still having pain? Her silence gave me some courage and I hugged her from behind lifting her nighty with my right leg. My tool was pressing against her pussy. Suddenly she pushed me back & told to stay away from her.
I felt disappointed and walked towards the window. I stood there without knowing what to do. Each time I get into the mood she spoiled the party getting angry with me. then she came into the room & told me that she is going to sleep. I told her good night looking outside the window. I reminded her to took Adi to the bed room as I wanted to sleep on the sofa.
Then I felt something pressing on my back. She was hugging me from behind. She told me that tonight we will sleep in bed room & Adi will sleep in sofa. I couldn’t believe what she had said, then she hugged me tight from behind and told me to lift her to the bed room.
I told her to put her hands around my neck and to lift & place her legs on my thighs. I was getting hot as her boobs and spread pussy were pressing on my back. I lifted her and walked towards the bed room. I put her on the bed, her legs were split due to the sudden action. So I just moved her nighty and kissed on her pussy.
She locked my head there with her legs. Then she slowly lifted my head and kissed on my forehead. She licked over my nose and bite on my upper lip. She parted my lips and started sucking them. I felt as if in a dream and slowly came to the mood. She stretched her tongue out and told me to suck it.
It was a new feeling for me and I understood that I was sitting in front of a sex Goddess and she will teach new lessons to me. She twisted her tongue inside my mouth. Then she told me stretch my tongue out. She touched my tongue with her tongue and our tongues twisted each other like snakes.
Both of us were enjoying that and then we started the french kiss. We kissed passionately and exchanged our fluids. Then she licked on the lower part of my face and on my neck. She unbuttoned my shirt and moved her fingers on my back while kissing on my chest.
Her nails made marks on my back and her tongue draw pictures on my chest. It was the first time I realized that a women can give such pleasures to a man. She put her tongue in my belly button and twisted it. She slid my pant down and my tool projected upwards as I didn’t had any underwear.
She told me to lay on my chest and removed her dress. She pressed her boobs on my back laying above me. She teased me by rubbing her nipples on my back and the small hairs on her pussy where pressing on my ass. I was slightly irritated by that, but slowly enjoyed it.
Then she told me to lay on my back and walked towards the drawer. She took a strawberry flavored condom & put it on my hard tool. I knew that she likes strawberry ice cream, but never thought of such condoms. Then she started eating my dick.
She sucked it, bite it, licked it and done whatever came to her mind. It was a pleasure with pain for me. Her fingers were squeezing my balls and moving over my stomach. She sucked it passionately and I moved my fingers through her hair. I was reaching the heavens and pulled her head towards me. Finally I jacked off and she cleaned all the cum with napkin .
Both of us were laying on bed fully nude and my dick came down. She moved her fingers over my chest and asked me,” Is it your first time?” I told her that it is the second time. Then she asked,” Who was that lucky girl?”
Me: ” You know her better than me”
Sandhya: “Who?”
Me: ” Reema”
Sandhya:” Really?”
Me:” Ya, it happened”
Sandhya: ” Who is better, me or she?”
Me: ” It s a tough question. Both are good. But Reema was a homely girl, I had to dominate her. But you are a sex Goddess, you taught me knew things!”
Sandhya: ” Which part of my body you like?”
Me: ” I like your entire body. But your ass attracts me first, then your boobs”
Sandhya: ” Don’t you like my pussy?”
Me: ” I can’t see it from outside!!”
Sandhya: ” Naughty. Do you wanna see it?”
My tool was getting hard by then and moved my hand towards her garden. But she turned her back towards me & told to enjoy her ass as I likes it the most. Her boobs and pussy were pressing against the bed, so I had no way other than enjoying her back.
I took her feet in my hand and patted under her feet. I moved my hand over her legs & kissed her back thigh. Then I licked on her thighs towards her ass. Her ass was soft like butter and I was tempted to eat it. I kissed, nibbled and licked it in circles. I put my finger into her ass crack and moved it towards her pussy.
I had a small beard as I had shaved two days back, so I rubbed those small hairs over her ass to tease her. She really enjoyed it and spread her legs, which helped me to put my finger in her pussy. It was tight although she had been married for last five years. I moved my finger through the sides of her pussy and it was wet.
She started moaning and I slightly lifted her body and made her sit on my lap. I supported my back with a pillow and sat on the side of the bed with our foot touching the floor. She guided my tool into her pussy and her soft ass was pressing on my stomach. I kissed on her shoulder and back neck lifting her hair.
I caressed her boobs and moved my finger around her nipple throung the areola. I locked her nipple between my fingers and pulled it. I kissed her arm pit from behind and moved my hand over her stomach. I put my finger inside her deep navel and twisted.
She rocked forward and backward on my penis supporting her feet on the floor. I fondled her face & breasts and stimulated her clitoris. She turned her face towards me & we kissed lip to lip. Now her movements became fast and finally I exploded.
Both of us lean against the bed as we were tired. I fondled her boobs and patted her navel. She made some sounds and uttered some meaning less words. She hugged me tightly and was breathing heavily. I knew she was having her orgasm and continued stimulating her. Her nails made marks on my back and she bite on my lower lip and finally her juices came out.
The next morning both of us wake up after 7′0 clock. We were nude and looked each other. She was looking like an angel and I kissed over her lips. Then we heard Adi crying, she pulled me back and told that we are late, Adi has to go to school at 8′0 clock. We put our dresses; she went to the kitchen to make the break fast & I helped Adi to get ready. It was a wonderful sex experience I had in my life and I think all of you have liked it. You can give me your feed backs on [email protected]

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