Ramu – The Other Man

The following story is a real event detailing the life of Anita who e-mailed me with this story. The story will be dictated in the first person as Anita and all conversations between characters will be in English after I had graduated in science I was immediately married to Anil who was 29 at the time a bit older than me as I was only 21.
He was from a distinguished family in the Pune district and was a civil engineer by profession. Most of his direct family lived together with him as a joint family which included his mother, father, his elder brother and his wife and their two children as they were a very wealthy and influential family I was told that I would not be allowed to work on my own because of this.
I had spent a lot of time doing nothing life had become very boring as I had nothing to do and since Anil was busy all the time he was around much to pay any attention to me. One day right out of the blue Anil decided that he would start rearing cows for their milk as a side business I never knew what had brought this on and I had never asked him about it but because of this now I had something to do every day I was very happy.
I with the help of Arthi the house maid we had then. She was very helpful as it was very hard for one person to manage 15 cows but one day Arthi mother-in-law had fallen ill and she had to leave for her village to take care of her but all was not lost as her husband Ramu had come to the rescue. He would replace Arthi and work in her stead. This had me a little uncomfortable at first because I didn’t want a man living alone near me when my husband was away but I still gave him a chance.
I was very glad that I did. Ramu turned out to be a very good servant. He was also very respectful of me he would never look at me with any malice or lust. He would always get up early every morning till late in the evening. He had been living in a newly built shed near the cowshed. He would keep the cows and their shed very clean. He took his job very seriously. Now a few months had passed and the house had become empty.
Anil’s parents were always out in religious journeys and his brother and his wife had moved to a different city with their children because of a job posting and Anil as always was working all the time because of this I was alone with Ramu at home when the other servants left but I was never afraid because I had faith in Ramu that he was a decent man and I knew I could count on him to protect me if anything did happen. Now Ramu was 22 years old and I was 27 and Anil was 35 because of the huge workload he had lately Anil had become quite the drinker.
He would come home very late if he did come. Our sex life had dwindled down to nothing. We would hardy touch each other and I was very lonely. I was also in my sexual prime and because of this I was horny most of the time and used to walk around the house with a moist unsatisfied pussy. Now Arthi had come back from her village to work instead of Ramu but I convinced both of them to work for me as I valued Ramu very much.
A few weeks later I was having dinner with my son after we were done he went to bed and I went outside for some fresh air when I noticed some voices coming from the shed. I just got curious and went close to the shed and peaked inside. What I saw there completely shocked me Arthi was lying down on the mattress and Ramu was on top of her pumping her with his rod. I went back to my room and started fingering myself. That was the night I had an orgasm in a long time.
The next day I started noticing Ramu’s body a lot whenever he was working I would stare at him and start fantasizing doing things with him that my husband wouldn’t do with me by this time in my marriage there was no sex my husband was still working a lot and this led him to start drinking which did nothing to improve things. A few days later as I was inspecting the cowshed I saw Ramu wasn’t there I tried looking for him and at last found him he was taking a bath near the shed he lived in.
I tried peeking in thinking this would be a good way to take a good look at his penis but unfortunately he was positioned such a way that I couldn’t get a good look. But I did get an eyeful of his body which I had come to notice was very muscular and thin. I now had decided that I would be enjoying that body I would spend hours clinging to that body having wild passionate sweaty sex and be satisfied as a woman. No longer would my pussy would be wet all the time.
Soon after that I started helping Ramu with milking the cows every morning. I would be holding the jar below while he was milking the cows and most of the time I would let the pallu of my sari drop and let him get a good look at my ample cleavage by now his wife had left for her in-laws as she had become pregnant and I knew this was my chance. It was the day of Diwali and as a tradition I used to get up early in the morning and take a long bath. I use a scented powder called the utna.
I wore a chiffon sari especially for that day. My husband had a huge party last night with his workmates and came home at 2 extremely drunk and out of his senses he quickly went to bed and wasn’t going to get up any time soon. I went to the cowshed and Ramu had just woken up and was getting ready for a bath. He was surprised to see me and asked me why I was there. I said that I was there to give him his utna for his bath.
He took the utna from me and said that he was very grateful but I said that I would help him put it on his back as he wouldn’t able to reach there. He hesitated a little at first after I pressured him a little he agreed. The place he took a bath was next to the cowshed there was a big rock in the middle in which he used to sit and take a bath. I told him to sit down on the rock and take off the towel he was wearing.
I took some water in a jug and put it on his head and started washing him then I went to his back and started massaging him I then out my hand on his chest which was full of chest hair. I put the utna all over his upper body and washed it off. I could see his dick getting hard from his back. I told him next to get up and I would wash his legs. Upon hearing this he said mistress how can.
I let you touch my feet that would not be right on my part but I wouldn’t take no for an answer and ordered for him to get up now he had no chance but to listen to me. He got up and I started washing his feet then went to his knees and then his thighs. I could see the bulge in his underwear. Now I asked him to remove his underwear but he was too scared to say no or remove his underwear so without asking him.
So without listening to anything he was saying I just removed his underwear. His dick was standing at 90 degrees. I could see the jungle of hair above his penis. Then I just took his penis and put it in my mouth and started sucking on it as much as I could till there was no reaction from him so I kept sucking his cock for about ten minutes and then finally got up and kissed him. Now his hands were around me and I could feel my breast crushing against his chest.
Because he was wet I got wet as well and as I was not wearing a bra my blouse had become completely see through. He could see my nipples. Now I had broken up the kiss and I took him to the shed where I had seen him fucking his wife. He had now gotten a bit of courage and started undressing now I was in my petticoat and blouse which was completely wet and had become see through. I told him to lick my pussy and he said yes.
He got down under my petticoat removed my panties and started licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I could feel his tongue over my clit and I almost let out a scream because of the simulation to my pussy. Ramu was continuously licking my pussy and lapping up my love juices after a few intense moments of oral pleasure I exploded in an orgasm all over his face and after he cleaned his face I told him I had enough of his tongue and now I wanted his big cock in my slutty wet cunt.
He was more than happy to oblige to this order. He got his dick in between in my legs and thrust his dick in quick. Because of this I let out a great big moan now we were fucking like wild animals on the bed making groaning sounds. He was fucking me as fast he could the wet sounds of our bodies connecting were surrounding the room. I was squealing out because of the pleasure his big dick was giving my cunt. He was now calling me a slut and all kinds of name and it was turning me on even more.
We kept on going like this until I had a few more massive orgasms and finally he came into my pussy and went on shot load after load of his thick semen into my cunt and I came again during this and I finished up with giving him a blowjob and swallowed another load of his cum and then I quickly realised that we had fallen from the bed onto the floor and I was a complete mess so then I went back into the mansion and cleaned myself up and while Ramu took another bath after I got ready I went to my bedroom to see that my husband had woke up and I wished him happy Diwali. Please send me your feedback on [email protected] all ladies can send me their dirty comments I will try my best to reply.

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