My Wifes Audition for TV Serial (Part 2)

The moment his fingers touched Gauhar’s pussy, she came to her senses and immediately realized that she was not wearing a panty and she looked up at us and saw that Rohit, director and Javed were all looking at her mound. She understood that she was giving a free show of her mound to everyone in the room. As if in an involuntary reaction, she immediately closed in her thighs to prevent people seeing her mound. But she had forgotten about the 14 year old boy’s hands that were on her pussy and due to the closing action of her thighs; Ramu’s hands got gripped into her pussy.
Even then Ramu was keeping his cool and continuing wiping her pussy with his hands. My wife realized that this boy’s hands were inside her pussy and she had to again spread her legs wide and removed his hands from her pussy and then closed back her legs. During this, again the free darshan was given to all. The boy acted surprised that she threw away his hands and said,
“Didi, it is very wet there. Lots of sweat. I will wipe it”. He was telling the wetness of my wife’s juice as sweat. My wife simply bowed her head and didn’t even bother to respond to him. Her legs were firmly crossed. It looked like my wife was about to lose her temper. She was angry with herself for allowing so many men see her mound and allowing a 14 ye old boy feel up her pussy and she was about to show her anger on the boy. The director understood the situation immediately. He immediately rushed near my wife and said,
“Arey Ramu, that wetness is different. You go!” and pushed the touch up boy away. He then turned to my wife and said,
“ Whore , just by kissing you have become so wet is it?” in a mocking way. He expected my wife to blush and give her usual timid smile. But the fact that so many had seen her pussy and worse they had all come to know that she was oozing cunt juices made my wife very embarrassed and she would have felt like simply walking out the whole damn thing. Seeing that my wife did not respond with the usual blush, the director understood that she was tensed. He proceeded to convince her.
“Arey Gauhar,why are you upset? Such things happen. Do you know the famous Hema Malini. I was an assistant director in her movie. There was a scene where she had to climb a tree wearing a sari. I had to stay under the tree to prompt the dialogues to her. As I looked up to prompt the dialogues, I realized that she was not wearing any panty. I could clearly see Hema’s pussy. I was very young then and the sight of this dream girl’s pussy was just too much. I forgot to prompt her dialogues. Hema looked down at me and realized that I was looking at her pubic mound. She simply told all her dialogues herself without any prompting and after the scene she called me privately and told, “Sorry Bhaiyya, I forgot to wear a panty and distracted you!” There was no trace of shyness in her voice that she had shown her pussy to me. She was very cool. Such professionalism you should also have!” So saying, he touched my wife’s hair in very fatherly way and my wife would have really been touched by this affectionate display of this strict director. She just placed her hands on his shoulders and started crying. The director hugged my wife and rubbed her back soothingly.
“It’s alright Gauhar! It’s alright!” he kept telling. After crying for a minute, Gauhar regained her poise and sat upright. Seeing that the director was also back to her normal self. He pinched her cheeks naughtily and said,
“Sali ka chut dekh kar yeh budda ka lauda bhi bada hogaya!”(Seeing this whore’s cunt even this old man’s dick got bigger) and pointed at the erection at his pants. Everyone laughed except me. My wife too gave a faint smile and I could even see traces of pride that she had given an erection to an old man.
The director returned to Rohit and started giving instructions. Shyaam came back within a few minutes with a new set of panties and my wife went in to the adjoining room and returned quickly wearing one of them. She must have also had a face wash as the tears were gone from her face and her childish face looked as radiant as ever. That is the specialty of my wife. One moment she will look like a voluptuous sex bomb and next moment she can look like an innocent homely housewife. Anyone looking at her shy childish face now cannot believe that this is the same woman who had spread her legs and showed her cunt to all the men in the room.
She walked like a radiant princess and straight away took her position in the bed. It was just then that I decided to go to the adjoining RTO office where I wanted to enquire something about renewing my driving license. I went to my wife and told her that I will be back about an hour or so later. She gave me a look as though she was frightened to be left alone in this room with these people. But I told her that I will try to be back within an hour and left.
When I was walking along the corridors only I realized that I had not brought my original license and so I had to go back. When I entered the audition room again, this time the lighting was very dull and I silently went to a corner chair and sat. I noticed that Rohit was sitting by her side. But Javed was still making some last minute changes in the lighting. So Rohit and Gauhar were engaging themselves in a friendly conversation. I noticed that my wife had not noticed my coming back into the room again. Though unintentional, I thought that I got an opportunity to see how my wife behaves when I am not there. I started observing how Gauhar was moving with Rohit. For the initial few seconds Gauhar was slightly uncomfortable and was not seeing Rohit eye to eye because the thought that only a few minutes back, he had seen her hairy mound must have flashed in her mind. But
Rohit very carefully avoided any reference to that and he was talking to her very casually.
“Didi, you look so young in this dress……in fact younger than my college girls!”
“Don’t flatter me Rohit” my wife blushed.
“No, No Didi, I am telling u the truth. If you walk into our college with this mini, people may think that you are a student of first year only! I am telling u that for sure!” when he said sure, just to stress his point, he pressed his hands on my wife’s mini. Half his hands were in contact with my wife’s mini and the other half on her thighs.
My wife was too pleased with this comment and didn’t mind his placing his hand on her thighs. Since the director was still not satisfied with the lighting, Rohit went on to tell an adult joke to her. I saw that my wife was really enjoying the joke and laughing. She even moved more closely to Rohit so that she could hear the jokes clearly. Rohit took this as a positive sign and casually put his left arm around my wife’s shoulders while his right hand was still lingering over her thighs. I guess the next joke must have been explicitly vulgar…..because I could clearly hear Rohit say the words cock and cunt many times in the joke. My wife enjoyed that joke too. I saw that she was no more embarrassed with Rohit and was comfortable with him to discuss sex jokes with explicit words.
Rohit sensed this too and he said to her,
“Didi, you have got very good boobs!” while saying this he looked at her cleavage that was exposed by the mini.
“All woman have it!” my wife was just bowing her head but she managed to answer him nevertheless thereby encouraging him to talk about her body.
“ no no didi, these ones are real special. Look how big & firm they are. Nobody will tell that you are married!” He went on.
She asked Rohit,
“why, what difference will marriage make?”
“ no no, its just that your boobs would have been pressed many times, sucked and all that. So they will lose shape. That’s why?”
“Who told you if all these are done, then they will lose shape?” my wife asked.
“ that is what they generally say!”
“That’s wrong. You see me….” My wife blurted out and then she realized what she had said. She bit her lips.
“Didi, it means your husband must have done lots of boob sucking and pressing then……” Rohit was asking her a very intimate question. My wife bowed shyly but she nodded her head affirmatively. Slowly, Rohit’s left hand which was on her shoulder came down further and was nibbling at her exposed cleavage.
“You like it Didi?” Rohit was probing further. My wife still could not meet him in the eyes but mumbled a yes. This time Rohit’s fingers slowly went on top of her breast over her mini and gently cupped them. My wife did not resist at all. She was closing her eyes and enjoying the breast cupping that Rohit was giving her. Rohit was balling her breast with increased confidence. At the same time, he kept talking to her also…..
“Now, we are having a kissing scene isn’t it?, how do you like to be kissed?”
My wife must have been taken aback by this question. She has not even discussed with me things like how to kiss. I have never once asked her whether she liked her boobs being sucked. But here she was discussing it with a total stranger. She remained silent. Rohit helped her by giving some choices…..
“Didi, shall I bite your lips or lick them?” Now my wife had to make a choice. She said softly,
“Don’t bite….!”
“Ok didi, I won’t bite, I will lick your lips ok……. I love putting my tongue on your soft lips and then lick your tongue also. Your lips are so sweet Didi. I will suck your lips also OK” I could see that Rohit was telling it in a very seductive way and while saying, his right hand which was on her thighs gently went underneath the skirt and he was mildly rubbing her thighs too. His left hand was gently balling her boobies. I could see that this sexual talk had its effect on my wife and I could see her taking deep breaths.
Just then the director said.
“Ok, we are ready!”
He called “Camera, Action!”
Rohit immediately started executing whatever he was planning with my wife during their talk. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her lips. Within a few seconds, he started licking her lips. I saw a change in my wife too this time. She too kissed him passionately and she also boldly extended her tongue and licked Rohit’s lips. Both their tongues were alternatively going into each other’s mouth and it was difficult to tell whose tongue was where.
Javed also was facing the same problem. So he must have told the director. Immediately the director called “cut”. The director went near Rohit and my wife and adjusted their faces such that their faces were sideways to the camera. He then asked them to kiss. As usual they were kissing each other very intimately but nothing was seen from outside. The director was not satisfied with this. He asked Rohit to get up and he himself sat next to my wife.
He then kissed my wife on her lips. Because, it was a sixty year old man and that he didn’t look that good enough, my wife was not very inclined to kiss him. But her fear of the director made her sit there and receive the kisses. The director held my wife’s head and tilted it expertly so that the camera could clearly see what was happening. Then he put out his tongue and slowly licked my wife’s lips. His tongue was running through her lips as if he was licking some jam.
He then ordered,
“Gauhar, put out your tongue!” Gauhar did as she was told. Then again in open view, he met her tongue with his tongue and played with it. After having demonstrated how to lick my wife’s lips clearly, he told Rohit to do as he had done and came back.
This time Rohit did exactly as he was told and camera could capture the meeting of my wife’s tongue with Rohit’s tongue very clearly. Then Rohit slid my wife on the bed and started kissing her from her feet. He went up slowly and kissed her knees and thighs. He gently raised her skirt and planted kisses just near her white laced panty. He even licked the insides of her thighs. My wife bit her lips and was enjoying the tongue caressing of Rohit in her thighs. Rohit then took his face further up and brushed his face on her breasts.
Since in the already shot mother care scene, he had put his head on her breast, this time also he stuck his head in between my wife’s big boobs and my wife automatically encircled her arms around his head and pressed them against her boobs. Rohit kissed her cleavage and licked the ridge between her boobs with his tongue. He then went up to her face and kissed her lips. The director said “cut”. Rohit was about to get up.
But the director said,
“ No Rohit, you remain where you are! Once I come near and tell you, you can continue from there onwards” He then proceeded to discuss the camera angles with Javed leaving my wife lying on the bed with Rohit on top of her. Seeing that the director might take some time, Rohit again started discussing with her something intimate. I could see that in the position that they were lying, my wife’s’ skirt was raised well above and her panty was exposed and Rohit’s cock (inside his pants) was just pressing against my wife’s panty. I even saw that while talking to my wife, he was slowly moving his hips so that his cock brushed against her panty.
It was clearly evident that once again he was discussing about her sex life as I could see my wife lower her head shyly. Rohit’s face was so close to my wife’s face and sometimes his lips brushed against hers also. The sight of my wife lying there with her skirt raised and her panty exposed must have been very tempting for anyone and I could see that the touch up boy immediately went near my wife and started touching up her legs. My wife couldn’t even see him because Rohit was on top of her but by this time she was very familiar with the touch of this 14 yr old boy, she didn’t even raise her head to see who was rubbing his hands on her legs and thighs.
Rohit too slightly spread his legs and exposed my wife’s legs to accommodate this boy’s touching up. Even as Rohit spread his legs, I noticed that he did not move his hips away from my wife’s and his cock was still pressing against my wife’s panty. With Rohit on top of her and Ramu rubbing her thighs my wife must have looked like a seasoned whore to anyone and Shyaam who was watching all this found it too very hard to resist.
He just went up to my wife and sat by the side of the bed. He took her hands in his hands and kissed it.
“You look so great Gauhar, too sexy, just too good! You acted out this scene very well” he kept saying and would have planted at least 20 kisses on her hands. My wife simply blushed. Seeing that my wife was not treating him as an intrusion, Shyaam felt encouraged and he turned to Rohit and said,
“ Rohit, I saw that you were sucking her lower lips. Why don’t you try sucking her upper lip alone….? See; let me show you…….” So saying, Shyaam bent upon my wife’s face and kissed her and sucked her upper lips alone. Rohit too got the hint and once Shyaam removed his lips from my wife’s lips, Rohit sucked my wife’s upper lips and asked Shyaam,
Is it like this?”
Shyaam and Rohit kissed and sucked my wife’s lips alternatively for 4, 5 times.
My wife was just lying there allowing her lips to be licked at by 2 strangers.
“While kissing, why don’t you put a hand on her boobs sideways like this and press them together so that the fleshiness of Gauhar’s boobs gets exposed well through this top cut of the mini.” Shyaam kept his hands on both sides of my wife’s boobs and pressed them. Rohit too followed suit and they took turns at pressing my wife’s boobs. My wife had by now reached a highly charged state and she was eagerly responding to their kisses.
At one stage both Shyaam and Rohit were extending their tongues in front of my wife’s face and my wife met both their tongues with hers. She was feeling extremely hot and her cunt juices were flowing out of her panty too. The boy who was touching up her thighs and was fondling her very close to her panty line saw that juice was flowing out and he started rubbing the juice on her thighs. My wife was too engrossed in licking both the men’s lips and tongues that she failed to notice that Ramu’s hands was gradually entering her panty and was slowly trying to explore her mound.
While trying to rub my wife’s panty, the touch up boy’s hands came in contact with Rohit’s cock which was pressing against her cunt and he rubbed both my wife’s cunt as well as Rohit’s cock. This cock rubbing had a great stimulating effect on Rohit and he forcefully kissed my wife and bit her lips. When he had bit my wife’s lips in the morning, my wife was new to all this but at this moment she was in highly passionate mood and she put both hands on Rohit’s head and sucked his lips with great passion.
Rohit was pleased by this and once she released him, he said,
“Thanks Didi!” Watching this, Shyaam was stroking himself in his pants. When Rohit and Gauhar broke their kiss, Shyam asked “what about me?” My wife looked at him as if what he wants. Shyaam was sitting sideways near my wife’s hands and he gently took her hands and placed it on his bulging cock. My wife started to strike it while she again tongue kissed Rohit.
Suddenly Shyaam must have remembered something and said,
“Gauhar, you are so good! Why don’t we sign the agreement today itself ?” Since my wife was too deeply involved in licking Rohit’s face she failed to hear this. Shyaam turned to me and called me nearby to discuss about agreement. I went and stood near the bed where my wife was oblivious of my presence and she was running her tongue wild on Rohit’s ears and face. She was also fervently stroking Shyaam’s cock.
Despite my wife stroking his cock Shyaam very professionally asked me, “Avin, shall we sign the agreement today itself?” I thought that things had gone too far and decided that there was no point going back now. I said “OK, we will sign it today itself!” On hearing the voice of her husband in such close quarters, my wife gave a jerk and withdrew her face from Rohit. She also stopped stroking Shyaam and turned and looked at me. ”Avin, when did you come?” she blurted out. Though my wife could control herself and withdraw on seeing me, Rohit was by now too deeply passionate and he kept licking my wife’s face while she was talking to me.
Shyaam’s cock too was by now enjoying the soft stroking of my wife’s hands and he too promptly took back her hands and placed them on his cock and started rubbing her hands against his cock. My wife was highly embarrassed to face me in this position. Imagine facing the husband with a guy lying on top of you and licking you and a guy is being stroked by you and a boy who is sniffing at your cunt, must have been really awkward position. But still my wife managed to say,
“Avin, practice is going on till lighting arrangements” she managed to say.
Just as she completed the sentence Rohit ran through his tongue on the cheeks of my wife. My wife looked at me with her eyes showing real fear. I too had reached my breaking point and was about to shout at her “You horny bitch!” when Shyaam noticed the angry expression on my face. He told me,
“Avin, shall we put in the agreement all these 50 lakhs or shall we show a less amount in writing. Otherwise you may have income tax problem you know!”. Once he mentioned that 50 lakhs, I came to my senses and immediately said in a soft voice,
“ya ya we will show only less amount in the agreement.” Shyaam said,
“That’s right. I must tell you Avin that your wife is co-operating with us excellently. Why don’t you appreciate her for that?” While he said this his hands were still rubbing my wife’s hands on his pants. I turned to my wife and gave a very nice smile and said,
“That’s very good darling. I am glad that you r co-operating!”
My wife gave a relieved look and she said to me,
“Thanks Avin ”. Before she could complete the sentence Rohit had kissed her on her mouth and my wife too, with the relief that I have no objection, took part very eagerly in the kiss. I even saw that, Shyaam had removed his hands and my wife was by herself stroking him. I went back to my position in the corner of the room and resumed watching the whole thing. Watching my wife’s whorish display in such close proximity had given me an erection and since in this corner , no one could see me very clearly due to poor lighting, I gently started stroking myself watching Rohit lick my wife and Shyaam getting stroked.
By this time the director and Javed had made all arrangements and the director announced ,
“Alright, lets start!” I was surprised that he or Javed didn’t even bother to comment on the mini orgy that was going on during the break and I guessed that they must be used to such orgies by heroes and heroines during shootings. Immediately, Shyaam left the place. The touch up boy quickly removed his hands from my wife’s panty and went up and wiped her face and went to the corner. The scene resumed. Rohit continued his licking and sucking. My wife too acted very well. The passionate scene was shot for some ten minutes. The director was shouting from the background,
“ Lick her lips!”
“Haan, put your tongue inside!”
“ Saali, why are u keeping quite, u too suck him!”
“Rohit, press that randi’s (whore’s) boobs!
“Sali, turn this side and show ur cleavage to the camera!”
“Put ur hands on his head while he is licking you!”
“Lick that Randi’s face Rohit, let her face be fully covered with your saliva!”
“Sali, spread your legs a little. Javed, zoom on her panty.”
“ Now go up, zoom on her boobies. Sali ki choonchiya bahuth badi hain. ( The breasts of this bitch is too big). Let the whole world see how much big breast this whore has got!”
Already Rohit and my wife were giving a great passionate display. With such expert guidance from the director, the scene became very erotic.
“Rohit, camera is on her boobs. Put your tongue there!”
“Gauhar, press his face on your boobs. Let his tongue lick your total cleavage.”
“ Now, go for a face close-up Javed…..!”
“Hey Rohit, slightly lift your head. Let the camera focus on this Randi’s face”
Rohit who was intimately kissing my wife lifted his head. My wife didn’t like this intervention. Her face was showing disappointment.
“Hey Gauhar, your face should show enjoyment” The director was yelling at her. But when Rohit was doing all the kissing and fondling, my wife’s face was very passionate. When he stopped, it was very difficulty for her to show that emotion. After all this was her first day at acting. She tried to twist and bite her lips and all that but the director was not very happy with her expressions.
He shouted “ Randi, Don’t show your childish face! Everyone here knows that you are a top class whore and u can take all the cocks here. Show your horny expressions!” But still my wife could not satisfy the director.
The director decided that he had to act .He walked near her and sat by her legs. He asked Javed to focus only on her face. Then he did a much unexpected thing. He coolly inserted his hands into my wife’s panty and touched her naked cunt. From the position of his hand, it looked like he had inserted his finger into her cunt. It would have gone in very easily since by now everyone could see that cunt juice was flowing out of her panties along her thighs. He started fucking her cunt with his fingers. My wife gave a gasp “Ahhhhhh” when he inserted his fingers but once the director set himself into a rhythmic motion, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the finger fuck of this sixty year old man. The director rounded his finger and changed angles and was expertly finger fucking her.
“Ahhhhhhh Nooooooooo,………!” My wife was shouting and enjoying herself and Javed’s camera was taking in all her horny expressions. After that close up was over the director pulled his fingers from her cunt and to my shock openly put it into his mouth and sucked her cunt juice which was sticking to his fingers.
“Sali ki chut juice masth hain. (The cunt juice of this bitch is tasty). One day I have to allot for licking her cunt alone. Now there is no time!” he didn’t even bother that I was there in the room when he said that. He also proceeded to explain how he learnt this finger technique.
“Standard technique! Always works. I have tried it with Jayaprada, Meenakshi Sheshadri and all. Almost all whores fall for this. Only Randi who is an exception to this was Shabana Azmi.”
He paused for a second and then said
“To get the expression out of that whore, finger fuck wont do. You have to lick her pussy!”
Then he went back near the camera and gave instructions for continuing the scene
After the finger fuck of director, my wife was looking restless. She resembled a horny bitch now. Once the director told “Action” this time, I could see that my wife was biting Rohit’s lips vigorously .She had put her hands on him and was hugging him tightly . She even slid her hands down and pressed Rohit’s ass against her hips. As the scene got hotter, I could see that she was repeatedly prodding Rohit’s buttocks and pressing as if to signal that she wanted a fuck. But the scene was being shot and obviously Rohit could not oblige her. But by this time, my wife was totally out of her senses and was in a height of passion. The director calling her repeatedly “randi” and “Sali” also must have played in her mind and she started almost behaving like one. When she found that Rohit was only petting her breasts and kissing, she looked like as if she was craving for a cock. But this young college boy was really no match for my wife and it was becoming very clear that it was my wife who was controlling the action in the bed.
At one point, my wife became very horny and she pulled Rohit’s head to her face and bit his lips with passion. Rohit’s lips were pulled by my wife’s teeth and he even gave a shout “Ah”. But my wife still did not stop. She was also gyrating her hips so that her panties rubbed against Rohit’s cock. The situation was clearly going out of control. Sensing this, the director immediately said “cut.” On hearing the cut, Rohit must have been very much relieved and immediately tried to get up. But my wife forcibly pulled him back to her and kept licking at his face and ears and only after director shouted,
“Hey Randi, Leave him!” she came to her senses and withdrew her hands. Rohit literally jumped out of the bed and went straight to the toilet. The wetness in his pants showed that he had ejaculated within his pants because of persistent hip rubbing by my wife. This time, my wife’s face showed more anger than shame. From morning, the repeated fondling and kissing had made her very horny. All she needed now was a good fuck and she was angry that she was not getting it now. Sensing my wife’s anger, Shyaam did not go near her this time. But the touch up boy Ramu had a job to do. During this erotic scene shooting, since my wife had been very active, she was sweating like anything now and so Ramu had to go near her.
By this time my wife had got up and was sitting at the edge of the bed. Ramu stood next to her and started wiping her face and neck. My wife’s face showed that still she was very-very horny and she started looking at this young boy with lots of lust. She herself pulled his hands towards her breast and when Ramu was as usual lingering on the edges of her cleavage, she pulled his hands into her bra. Ramu looked around and saw that everyone was busy. So he too took the chance and put his fingers inside my wife’s bra and kneaded her fleshy breasts. But my wife was not satisfied with this light kneading. She wanted her breasts to be crushed. She herself put her hands over Ramu’s hands and pressed it. She led his fingers to her nipples and said in a soft voice.
“Ramu Bhaiyya, Zara idhar bhi karna!” (Ramu, Please do it here also!”)
Ramu was too shocked but he obliged my wife by saying,
“Ok didi!” His fingers were now into her bra and they were twisting and turning my wife’s nipples. My wife gave an erotic sigh and closed her eyes and enjoyed this nipple twisting by this 14 yr old boy. Ramu was by now having an erection and since he was wearing only trousers, his cock had shifted towards one side and was peaking high. Since his trousers were loose and he didn’t wear any underwear, his cock could be seen from beneath. My wife opened her eyes and because she was sitting and Ramu was standing by her side, the first thing she saw was Ramu’s naked cock trying to come out of his trousers. She could also see a glint of pre cum in the tip of the cock. On seeing that precum, my wife licked her lips. I must tell you here that my wife has never sucked me. Though I had requested her some times, she had always refused it saying that such things are not done by chaste family women.
But now, I saw that she was ogling this 14 year old boy’s tender cock with lust and licking her lips. This sight made me too hot and my stroking of my cock gained pace. My wife looked around and saw if anyone was watching. As usual, Javed and Director were arguing over some camera angle in one corner. Shyaam and Rohit had left for a smoke. She then looked in my direction and saw that I was watching them. Our eyes met for a few seconds.
My wife saw that I was stroking myself on seeing her. She saw the erect cock in my hand and she saw the to and fro motion of my hands. My wife stared at me blankly as if she was hesitating what to do since I was watching. After almost a day full of fondling and kissing, she appeared to be a bitch in heat. She took a decision that even if her husband was watching, her passion was too much to resist and her hands gently slid along Ramu’s trousers below.
She put her hands through the lower portion of his trousers and exposed his cock openly. Now his cock was in open air dangling just in front of my wife’s face. Again my wife looked at me for a second. Then she turned to Ramu. She slowly moved her face towards Ramu and planted a soft kiss on the tip of his cock. She then slowly let out her tongue and licked his cock in small circles. Initially she licked the sides and then she licked the tip also along with the precum. Ramu gave an excited sigh. Having tasted his cock, my wife was convinced that cock sucking wasn’t as bad she had feared and in fact this cock should have tasted good in her mouth. So she was into full fledged sucking. She sucked him for about a minute and when she had brought his cock to about 12 inches, she withdrew her mouth. She lifted her skirt above her panties and slightly pushed her panty to one side. She again gave a chut darshan (cunt view) to this boy and said,
“Bhaiyya, zara apni didi ko chodo na…..! Dekho Didi kitni garam ho gayi!”
(Brother, Please fuck your sister, see how hot your sister has become) and gently took his hands and placed on her mound. Ramu could immediately feel both the wetness and hotness of her mound.
“Bhaiyya, chodo na muje!” (Brother, fuck me!”) I was shocked to see my wife use such words, that too to a young boy who was half as old as her. I realized that my wife had become too desperate now. By this time Shyaam and Rohit also had returned but were just standing in a corner and watching this amazing scene of my wife begging a 14 yr old for a fuck.
For Ramu, all this must have been too much. After all he was just 14 and this experience of a heroine sucking his cock and spreading her cunt and asking him to fuck him must have been a new experience for him and he had become too very emotional and didn’t know what to do. My wife mistook his silence as if he wants some more cock sucking and she dutifully licked his cock for some more time. This was too much for Ramu and just as my wife withdrew her mouth from his cock, Ramu ejaculated. The drops of his cum just missed my wife’s face. The whole scene of a 14 year old boy ejaculating in front of my wife’s childish face made me real hot. My wife looked like a cheap whore when those cum drops of a low class touch up boy flew near her face and I found that this was too erotic for me and my cock was throbbing like anything.
My stroking increased and I too ejaculated. My wife looked annoyingly at the semen drops that flew from the cock of this boy. My wife could not have her fuck again. She was very disappointed. Instinctively she turned and looked at me and saw that I was also enjoying an orgasm and this must have infuriated her further. Everyone seemed to enjoy an orgasm except for my wife.
Just then the director approached my wife and saw what had happened. He glanced down and saw that Ramu had wet the floor and told Ramu
“Hey boy, woh tho Randi hain. Kuch bhi karegi. Kisiko bhi chodegi! Magar thum behave karna chahiye na!”
(She is a prostitute and she will do anything. She will fuck anybody. But you have to behave yourselves!)
Ramu repeatedly kept telling “Sorry Saab! Galthi hogaya!”
The director must have taken pity on him. After all who can resist such a beauty like my wife spreading her cunt and sucking cock! The director said matter of fact,
“Ok, clean this mess!”
Then he went to Gauhar who was still in an agitated state after having missed a fuck with the boy. He gently placed his arms around her in a comforting way and said,
“Ok Sali. Very soon we will fuck you like a real bitch. Today we will stop this audition and continue with the shooting tomorrow!”
He turned to Shyaam and asked him that when the distributor’s meet was. Shyaam told it was on the day after tomorrow. The director turned to me and said, we are planning for a small party for our main distributors that night. You can bring your wife and we can introduce our new heroine to the distributors they can even taste her. I nodded my head. Then he turned to my wife and helped her get up from the bed. My wife who was expecting that another scene would be shot and somehow she could get Rohit fuck her this time was disappointed that the audition had come to an end.
The director understood this and gave her a friendly hug. He said to her,
“Are meri sweet randi, I know how u feel! That’s why I have got a gift for you. He then put his hands in his pocket and took out the car keys of a Honda City. He kissed my wife on her lips and said,
“Sali, this car is for you ! Because I know how hot you feel, I have arranged a car driver also!”
He then called out
“Daniel, come here……” and next moment a well built Six feet tall Negro walked into the room. He was dressed in white and white in a driver’s uniform. He obviously did not wear underwear and his penis had slid to one side of his pants. My God, it was almost touching his knees. Daniel went and stood dutifully in one corner.
The director pointed towards Daniel and said to my wife,
“He will be your personal chauffer!” I could see that my wife was ogling at the crotch of this Negro and when she saw that this Negro was quite well hung, I could see that she was again licking her lips.
The director pulled my wife towards him and put his hands into her skirt. He pinched her cheeks and said in her ears softly,
“He can drive anything you want him to! He will be your slave” He gently licked my wife’s ears after saying this.
I could see that my wife was too very overjoyed upon this new development. She was looking at Daniel as if he was a toy and she was a baby who can’t wait to play with it. The color returned in her face now and she was back to her cheerful self.
The director turned to me and put his arms around my shoulders. He took me aside and said,
“I am telling you from my personal experience . I have worked with many actresses. They are all Randis. And your wife also has become a Randi today. So you alone cannot keep her in control. It’s better to keep a guy like Daniel by yourr side to satisfy her if things go out of hand!”
By this time, I was too shocked and didn’t say anything.
My wife was now telling good night to the director. She herself went and hugged him and gave him an affectionate kiss .The director also hugged her affectionately.
“Thanks for the special gift!” My wife said to him.
“Enjoy kar, Sali” the director said . He pinched her cunt and said,
“Sali ka chut masth hain. (Bitch’s cunt is very good). But shave and come for next shooting. Otherwise in swimsuit scenes, your bush will also be seen. Then everyone will fall flat like our touch up boy looking at your hairy cunt!” everyone including my wife laughed at this joke. Then Gauhar went up to her co-star Rohit.
She playfully put her fingers on his hair and said,
“Hey Boy, you could not even hold your dick for some time. Youwet it so soon .Am I making you sooo hot and you call me Didi…Anyway better luck next time Bhaiyya!”
Rohit smiled and accepted her wishes.
She went to Shyaam too and kissed him and squeezed his cock with her hands. Javed himself came to her and knelt in front of her and raised her skirt, gently pulled her panties and planted a soft kiss on her cunt. My wife took this kiss on her cunt gracefully and moved ahead. Just as she was about to leave the room, she remembered the touch up boy Ramu and called him towards her and fondly hugged him too. She even slid her fingers into his trousers and gently squeezed his cock. I could see that some of cum that were still on his cock came on to my wife’s hands too. But she didn’t seem to mind squeezing his wet cock.
I said to her softly,
“Gauhar, shall we go!”
She said, “Ya Avin ji, just make sure that Daniel is there!”
My wife’s audition was successfully over……
P.S: I wanted to write a story which did not have a fucking session at all but yet very erotic. I think I have successfully held your interest till now. Thanks for the patient reading. Love you all

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