Priyanka’s Virginity – Part II

Hi readers, this is Atul once again with a new story after quite some time. I must thank to all those readers who gave me overwhelming response for my previous stories. One night I was all alone in the home surfing the various chat rooms. My parents were out of station due to death of one of our relative in native place.
While surfing the net, I found one chat room where lot of gals were chatting on and I also entered in that chat room. I was there for about 1 hour and started getting bored of the same routine chats. I was about to leave the chat room when a girl named Priyanka (name changed) entered the chat room. We exchanged the few words and then decided that we will go on to private chat box.
Accordingly, we logged in on gmail chat and started chatting with each other. She was 22 yrs old and just completed her B. Com. exams. We then exchanged our photographs with each other. Oh my god, she was very sexy. Not so beautiful but her parameters were so provocative that I instantly got hard on. We then chatted for some time on general topics and then she opened the topic of sex.
She asked me how many girlfriends I have and I said none. She don’t believe that and told me that you boys are always lying with the girls. I said that there is no question of lying. I had sex with so many girls but no one is my gf. We just mate on chat box and progressed ahead towards sex. She said OK. Then I asked her about her family and she told that she is the only child of her parents. At present, both are away on a business tour and she is all alone in the house.
We continued our chatting and she started chatting some horny stuff. I immediately came to know that she is horny and would like to have sex desperately. But I did not show any hurry in telling her that I wanted to have sex with her. Slowly I also started some horny stuff and suddenly she asked me my mobile number. I gave it to her and within no time, she called me on my mobile.
As I presumed, she was totally horny and was talking real dirty stuff on the mobile. I asked her whether she is interested in enjoying with me and she said yes. I took her address and fortunately, it was about 15-20 minutes run from my house. I asked her that there is any problem if I come to her place and she said NO. On the contrary, she was to suggest the same thing to me. I told her that I will be there in next 30 minutes and we kept the phone.
I then logged off from the net and dressed myself as I was completely naked at home. I then put the Charlie perfume and took my car and proceeded towards her home. I reached there in just 15 minutes and knocked the door. She was eagerly waiting for me and she opened the door very quickly. She was in a skirt and t-shirt. Not very beautiful but her assets were awesome. around 34-24-36, and she had something in her eyes. A lust to experience the pleasure.
I entered in her house and immediately she closed the door and hugged me from behind. she was about 5′7″ tall so she could leak my neck. She was holding me so tight that her boobs were pressing against my back and my already hard on tool was even more harder like a iron rod. I then turned towards her and put my lips on hers and she eagerly opened her mouth and let my tongue go inside. We sucked each other’s tongue in that standing position for about 5 minutes.
Once her first heat got little bit subsided, she told me to come to her bedroom. I followed her to her bedroom. It was a 3 bedroom luxury flat with nice expensive interiors. Her bedroom was also lavishly decorated with a big double bed.
She literally pulled me to her bed and closed the bedroom door. I was still wondering whether it is a real thing or I am in the dream. I turned towards her and what I saw was amazing. She had parted her skirt and t-shirt and was completely naked stunning at the bedroom door.
She came running towards me and we both fell on the bed with she is on top of me. I asked her whether she is still virgin. She said yes and I wanted to brake it with some descent guy like you. I told her OK. She was totally restless and I could feel that she could not wait for a long.
She just removed my t-shirt and jeans in one go and I was also in by underwear. She then turned towards my bottom half and removed the underwear as well in a go. Now both were stark naked in front of each other. The dim light in her bedroom falling on her beautiful body and glooming her sexy assets.
She straight away came over me and started kissing me passionately. I also started responding her with the equal passion as it was uncontrollable for me as well, looking at her passion. I started squeezing her left boob and took right one in my mouth and started sucking it and bite the nipple. She was moaning loudly, oh ahh uuumm aaaahhhh, don’t leave me, fuck me. Take away my virginity, tear my pussy apart with your big cock.
I then made her lay on her back and started sucking her nipples. Those were erect by now. She had a wonderful brown colored areolas with pink nipples, which were proudly protruding about 1/2 inch. I slowly started sucking those. At the same time, my one hand was caressing her butts and pressing them hard.
Slowly my right had started to move on her ass crack and I slowly brought it towards her pussy crack. She had a nice shaven pussy with little of pubic hair. The moment I put my fingertip on her clit and pressed it, she gave away a loud moan ooohhhhhhh darling, don’t tease me, fuck me, fuck me hard.
My tool was also now oozing the pre cum and was as hard as iron rod. Her pussy as well was completely wet and pre cum was flowing from it on her thighs. I started leaking the pre cum from her thighs and slowly moved towards her clit. I leaked her clit and the entrance of her love hole. I slowly opened the pussy lips with my fingers and what a scene that was.
A complete virgin pink colored pussy glowing in the night lamp with pre cum oozing from it. I started leaking the pussy hole and she again gave away a loud moan and pushed her pussy towards my face. At the same time, she tied her both legs at my waist and started giving upward jerks.
It was really unbearable for her and she was completely restless. It was a right time to enter into her virgin pussy. I slowly put tip of my cock on her pussy hole and took her lips in my lips and gave a small jerk. She was in pain as it was very tight and my cock was quite big for her virgin pussy. But she could not scream as our mouths were locked.
I then waited for some time and then gave another jerk and some of my 8″ long dick went inside. Again she was in obvious pains and trying to get away from me but I held her tightly below me so she could not move. Once I felt that she is bit ok with, again I gave another jerk and my 3/4th of the cock was inside her pussy tearing her hymen and blood started to drip out of her pussy. Immediately I pulled up her t-shirt from the bed and kept it below her butts so that the bed sheet would not get spoiled.
She had tears in her eyes but could not scream as we had still our mouths locked. I then released the kiss and she started to beg me to remove my cock from her pussy. I told her that don’t worry darling, you are no more a virgin now. My cock has already tore off your hymen and now onwards, you will not have pains but will enjoy the heavens.
She was still in the pain and could not speak much. I didn’t move but at the same time my 3/4th cock was in her pussy. After about 10 minutes, she was feeling comfortable and her vagina muscles started girpping my cock. I knew that now its the time and gave a final jerk. She screamed a loud, Atul, remove your cock. I could not take it. But I was in no mood to listen to her.
However, I did not move as well. Now my entire 8″ cock was inside her pussy and her t-shirt was completely red with the blood. I waited for another 10 minutes and then asked her whether she is ok. She in pale voice said yes. She also told me that she was not knowing that this much of pains she will have to bear before fucking.
I told her that it is for everybody, even boys when they lose their virginity. We have a vain which is keeping the cover tightly on the tip of the cock broke away when we do the sex for the first time and girls got a diaphragm, which is called as hymen, which tore off.
Listening to this, she was bit relieved and after some time, she gave me a smile. I understand that now she is ready for the fuck. Still I asked her do you still want me to remove my cock and she blushed and said NO in a loud tone and told me to fuck her hard.
Once I got OK from her, slowly I started pumping in her pussy in & out and she was also now started enjoying the thrusts. At the same time, she tied her both legs around my waist and started giving upward thrusts. Now I was in my full mood and started ramming her pussy harder and harder and she was moaning, aahhhhh oouh oooooooh godddd uumm fuck me bastard, fuck me hard.
I was now literally ramming her pussy and the husky sound of fucking puucch puuuchh was prominent, which made me even more hornier. I was now literally ramming her to and fro and she was also enjoying it. In the meantime, she tighten her grip on my waist and I came to know that she is nearing her orgasm.
I continued ramming her and she cum very heavily with a big moan aaaaahhhhh. Her juices were coming out of her pussy and making the t-shirt below sticky. But I have not done yet. I was now literally dealing her virgin tight pussy and after around 20 minutes of continuous fucking, I neared my climax. I told her and she told me to leak it on her body.
Listening to this, I started ramming her more forcefully and within no time, my balls were heavy and ready to fire the cream. I removed my cock from her pussy and directed towards her boobs. With great flow, it spread all over her body, even on her mouth, nose, chicks and eyes as well.
She took hold of my tool and started jerking it till the last drop drips out of it. I then literally fall on her and we both were heavily sweating. At the same time, our bodies were glued with my cum. We lay like that for another 15 minutes and then separated.
She now took hold of my cock and started sucking it. I also leaked her pussy and cleaned it. Then I moved above and leaked all my cum which was showered on her body and she also done the same.
She looked so satisfied and hugged me tight and told me that Atul, you are the man I was looking for. She was waiting for this from the age of 18, when most of her friends already had a taste of that pleasure. But she was a bit choosey and do not want it from any tom, dick and harry but a nice and descent guy.
She told me that she is totally satisfied the way I treated her and gave her the pleasure. She also liked my big cock and the whole night she was playing with it. That whole night, I stayed with her and she didn’t let me sleep for even a single minute. We have done the sex that night for 3 times. I could have done it for one or two more times, but since it was her first night, she was bit tired.
In the morning at around 6:00 AM, we went to washroom and took the bath together. While taking the bath, I explored her pussy one more time in a doggy style. She was completely satisfied. We then parted at around 7:00 AM with a promise that we will meet again. I told her that next time, I would like to fill her all the holes and would like to explore her ass. She said yes and then told me that anything for you.
She then gave me a nice kiss and I left her home. In my next story, I will narrate the ass fucking of Priyanka. Any horny lady, widow, divorcee, aunty need my help, just let me know on my email id [email protected] A complete satisfaction and secrecy is guaranteed.

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