Sex With My Good Friend

At that time I was going steady with my first girlfriend Seema and we fucked on a regular basis at my house in the afternoons almost two to three times a week in various different positions. When we were not fucking I used to go to my college and attend classes. Babli was a classmate and a good friend of mine who was also going steady with her boyfriend; and I presumed that they also fucked because she also used to be absent for a few days every week and I teased her and she used to blush.
But she was a sporting girl and enjoyed the teasing and in turn she also teased me about my girlfriend and the times we spent together. It was an open secret between the two of us and we occasionally shared anecdotes and stories of our respective affairs with each other without embarrassment. When we talked we often held each other’s hands playfully and I used to stroke her palm and wrist which she enjoyed. But I never did this in front of other friends but only when we were alone at some corner at the college campus.
There were many in the college who thought we were having an affair but we were nothing more than very good friends. I had never seen her boyfriend and she had never seen my girlfriend; only heard about them. Babli was a robust girl with a broad hip and big breasts and a slender waist. Those were the days when girls wore saris and babli looked lovely in cotton saris. She wore the sari below her navel and when she walked her buttocks swayed and the boys used to go crazy.
Occasionally, when we were alone chatting at some corner of the college campus, she let drop off her pallu accidentally and I used to be treated to a glorious view of her deep set cleavage. She kept on talking as I stole glances at her breasts and then she would suddenly pull up her pallu and cover her breasts and smile at me, “what are you looking at?” “nothing,” I replied. “don’t be stupid; don’t steal glances like a kid; if you have to see them stare at them straight,” and then she would purposely remover her anchal and once again I used to be treated to her big breasts that were so lovely; but this time
I didn’t turn my eyes and continued to stare at them as she continued to look at me and smile. Then she would smile at me and ask me, “are they better than your girlfriend’s?” I replied jokingly, “how would I know until I see your breasts fully?” These were little flirtatious games that we played without any inhibitions and we were frank about it. I even knew when she used to have her periods and the sanitary napkins she used and the color of her panty that she wore on any given day.
One day we were sitting alone at a corner and chatting and I blew out smoke from my cigarette that struck her face. She blew away the smoke with her hand and reproached me playfully for blowing smoke on her face. I immediately replied, “but when you kiss your boyfriend you love the smoke on his breath. Don’t you?” She blushed like a new bride and looked down on the ground. “how do you know?” She asked me. I replied, “my girlfriend likes the smell of tobacco on my breath. I know. So don’t act coy.
Okay?” “you seem to know a lot of thing,” she answered. I replied, “of course I know. I know what your boyfriend does to you.” “what do you know?” She seemed surprised. I continued, “well, he likes to drape you in the sari in the traditional Bengali style, doesn’t he?” “oh my god, how do you know?” I continued, “then he asks you to take off your blouse and brassiere and pull the anchal over your head like a village belle and kiss you all over softly on your eyes and face and mouth.” “oh my god, how do you know all these?”
I replied, “because I do the same with my girlfriend. But tell me doesn’t he drape you in the traditional bengali style of sari?” She replied, “yes he does. He freaks out on seeing me like that.” I replied, “a girl looks so sexy like that, without the blouse. It’s only natural. I just wanted to confirm.” She asked me, “what do you do to your girlfriend?” I replied, “i order her to take off her blouse and brassiere and wear the sari in the traditional Bengali way and she looks so lovely like that, without the blouse…” “then?”
She asks me. I answered, “you tell me then what do you do?” She was blushing. I continued, “well I will tell you what you do then. After you have taken off your blouse and he has kissed you all over he asks you to get down on your knees.” She kept on blushing. I continued, “then he orders you to take him in your mouth, don’t you? Or you don’t wait for him to ask, you straight away take him inside your mouth while he stands and strokes your hair and looks down upon you…”
She could not take it anymore, “oh please stop it, stop it please.” By this time she was throbbing all over and her pallu had slipped from her breasts while I stared at them. Her big breasts were heaving and there were sweat all over her face and neck and breasts. “don’t you want to hear what I do?” I asked her. “tell me,” she replied softly. “i lay her on the floor and remove her anchal from her breasts and suck and kiss her soft breasts to my heart’s content while she groans in pleasure.
I pull up her hands over her head and smell her clean shaven armpits and lick them… she shudders in pleasure as I dart my tongue over her under arms… she feels ticklish… then I kiss down her belly and lick her navel while she holds my hair. Then I get up and turn her around, her face towards the floor now, and pull up her sari up to her waist and look at her broad ass. Then I pull down her panty slowly and look at her bottom. Does your boyfriend do that?”
She blushed, “yes.” “does he then kiss your bottom?” “yes.” “does he bite your buttocks softly?” “yes.” “does he then turn you around and spread your legs?” “yes.” “then he spreads your vagina with his fingers and inserts his fingers inside and begins to stroke you… sometimes he takes out the finger from inside your vagina and puts it inside his mouth and licks it… then he lowers his head and begins to kiss you there and run his tongue on your clitoris…” “
Oh yes, yes he does.” “then you begin to groan in pleasure and pull his hair and he flicks his tongue over your clitoris and gives you a solid orgasm. Doesn’t he?” “yes, he does, he does…” “then he pulls off the sari from your body and pulls of the strings of your petticoat and you lie completely naked on the floor looking at him with longing…” “oh yes, yes, yes…” “then he takes off his own clothes till he is also naked and enters you softly and begins to make love to you softly and he speaks sweet nothings to you…” “oh yes, yes, yes…”
By this time she has held my hand tightly and we had drawn close to each other. I could smell the sweat and aroma of her body. Her cleavage was exposed and my dick was hard like a rock with all these sex talks and both of us were throbbing. We were silent for a while as she continued to breathe heavily and held my hand. I stroked her hand and palm and gathering courage, ran my fingers over her arms till I reached her shoulder.
Then I ran my palm over her neck and brought it down to her breasts and suddenly grabbed her breasts. She let out a moan. I inserted my hand inside her blouse now and grappled her breasts. Her nipples were erect and I held them between my fingers and pinched them slightly. She let out a moan again as I began to squeeze her breasts. She put her hand on my pant and squeezed my dick and I bent towards her and kissed her on the mouth.
This was getting risky; anybody could see us but we were in full heat. Suddenly she declared, “not here, please. Let’s go somewhere else…” she pleaded. So I took out my hand from inside her blouse and got up and she pulled up her anchal and covered her heaving breasts. The time was ripe and we needed to fuck badly somehow and I could not let go off the moment. So I suggested that we go over to my house and she readily agreed. We took a taxi and necked all the way to my house like two lovers.
I let myself in through my personal key and got inside my room and as soon as we were alone we clasped each other and began to kiss… I pulled off her sari and she pulled of the buttons of my shirt and before long we were naked, staring at each other’s naked bodies in admiration. I had till then never seen a naked girl apart from my girlfriend and what I saw in front of me took my breath away.
She had a glorious classical Indian figure, much better than my girlfriend who was a little plump in the belly and short stature. Babli was like robust village belle with long hair that fell down to her buttocks; she had broad hips that was meant to rear children; she was tall and stately and dusky and had big shapely breasts with pointed nipples and a huge fucking ass that all the boys in the college lusted.
I turned her around and looked at her bounteous ass and ran my hand over it and traced my middle finger softly over the crack of her ass. She was absolutely uninhibited. She took my dick in her hand and began to stroke it as I kissed her on the mouth and fondled her big breasts and sucked her erect nipples. She knelt down on the floor and took my dick in her hand again and looked lovingly at it. She took me inside her sweet mouth and began to blow me as she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and looked down at her…
After sometime I took it out from her mouth and told her, “not like this.” I laid her gently on the floor and started kissing her again on the mouth, to her neck, then her breasts, bit her nipples softly and went down her stomach till I reached her deep set navel. I darted my tongue into her navel and she shivered in pleasure. Then I brought my mouth towards her pubic region – it was clean shaven – and I spread her legs and stared at her cunt. I could smell the familiar smell of the cunt juice but somehow this smelled different from my girlfriend’s.
I lowered my head on her cunt and began to suck her there and run my tongue over her clitoris and she throbbed in pleasure as she pulled my hair and began to groan. I gave her a solid orgasm as she cried out… then I got up and we got into the 69 position; I licked her cunt while she licked my penis and scrotum… she was wet all over and I knew she was ready for a royal fuck because she had started groaning again… but before that, I gave her another orgasm with my tongue…
I pulled out from her mouth and took out a condom from my drawer and she pulled it over my penis expertly and spread her healthy thighs. I slowly got inside her. Then we started our royal fucking and I began to pump her with all my heart’s content and kissed passionately and licked her breasts and fondled and grappled them and bit her nipples. We were like two dogs in heat and I started to sweet talk in her ears – “oh my darling babli, I like it – I like it.
Do you like it too?” And she answered, “yes my darling, I like it too; it’s so familiar yet so different; you smell different… do it… keep on doing it please…” and I kept on kissing her and fondling her and she kept on moaning and she clawed my back and clutched my buttocks and I pumped away inside her like a stallion till we both came amidst her shouts and groans and I fell on top of her, completely exhausted… what a lovely fuck!
She was a completely different experience from my girlfriend who was softer. This girl was like an Amazonian goddess meant to fuck all mankind. We did it three times that day. The second time I turned her around and propped a pillow under her stomach to raise her buttocks and did it to her in the doggie style so that I could hold her glorious ass and stare down at it; and the third time she did to me from the top while I laid down on the floor, her big breasts hanging teasingly over my face while
I darted my tongue over her erect nipples and nibbled at them. She raised her hands to tie her long hair into a bun because it was falling over us and as she raised her hands I looked at her healthy deep set armpits and admired them. There were faint traces of hair on her underarms which was a new experience for me. After we were through and we were lying naked beside each other and she held my dick in her hand and stroked it, she suddenly asked me, “don’t you shave here?”
I was surprised. “why should I shave there?” “doesn’t your girlfriend have problems licking you there with all these hairs? Why can’t she shave you?” Then she raised my arms and stroked the hair under my armpits and flicked her tongue over it. I felt ticklish. She asked me as she stroked my armpit hair, “what about here?
Does your girlfriend like all these hair?”I replied, “okay, next time I will tell her to shave all the hair from my body so that you can lick me without any hesitation.” She replied, “you should. I shave my boyfriend’s pubic hair and armpit hair. But we are not going to meet after this. It’s not fair what we did today. But I don’t regret.” And she kissed me on my lips. I was surprised but I didn’t say anything. This experience was too sudden and unexpected and I couldn’t have asked for more….. and had more….. if u r satisfied or unsatisfied mail me….. [email protected]

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